The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Air Hockey Combo Table

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Air hockey combo table


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The Air Hockey combo table or multiple game tables can be a perfect idea, especially for people looking into adding variety to their game but have limited space. While there are various Air Hockey Combo tables in the market, you should look for a table that has a variety of games and is durable.

The advantage of an Air Hockey Combination table is that it has various games which users can choose from and who doesn’t like variety? The table can come with games like Air Hockey, Table tennis, and Billiards, among others. Getting more for the same price is always a good deal.

If searching for the best Air Hockey combo table, then you are in the right place. This article gives an insight into the brands and the games they come with, their pros and cons, and detailed features. The features will help make comparisons, so you can settle for the best that suits your needs when thinking of buying. Manufacturers design some Air hockey Combo tables to best suit little children, while they design others to be a good fit for adults, teens, and even older children.

Top 10 Air Hockey Combo Table

1. MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set – Available in Multiple Styles

This Air Hockey Combo Table from MD Sports is our top choice. It combines various games and is an all-inclusive table.


1. The air hockey combo table has a dimension of 24.5″ W x 54″ L x 35.25″ H and weighs 80 lb.

2. It is a one-size multi-game combination table for all your game needs. We loaded the table with games, including air hockey, table tennis, football, and pool.

3. The table is a solid build which makes it suitable for competitive playing. The manufacturer made the table using premium materials such as ABS, PVC, MDF, metal, and some solid wood. The surfaces of the table are also durable and very quality and can withstand wear and tear for a long time

4. The table set comes with two hockey pushers, pucks, football attachments, billiard ball set, one ball rack, one felt brush, table tennis balls, tennis net, one ball rack, 2cues, two chalk, and others.

2. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 7-Foot Pokey Game Table

This table is our number two pick; the Air Hockey Combo table comes as a complete play package with a variety of games that you can imagine like air hockey, billiards, and table tennis, among others.


1. They have in-built storage for hiding game supplies and accessories

2. They incorporate an Exclusive GLD latch system

3. They come with accessories and a complete game kit like pushers, pucks, billiard balls, and pool cues.

4. They have a 110V air hockey motor

5. The tables feature a tri-fold tabletop technology that can easily switch from one surface to another.

3. Rack Triad 7-Foot 3-in-1

This type of Air hockey combo table is the most versatile multi-table that gives its user the ability to switch from one game to another in just seconds.


1. It is a 3-in-1 multi-game table that features air hockey, billiard, and table tennis.

2. The tables have a dimension of 8x44x32

3. The tables come with complete premium accessories sets

4. Manufacturers use heavy-duty materials to make them sturdier.

5. It has a lifetime warranty.

4. Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table

This is also another top Air Hockey combo table; this table lets you enjoy air hockey and 13 other games, including Chess. Billiards, bowling, foosball, tennis, shuffleboards, checkers, Backgammon Yahtzee, pokers, Dominoes, basketball, and Pinochle.


1. We build them with solid legs and include adjustable levelers.

2. The builders use quality materials to build them.

3. They built the table surfaces for professional playing.

4. They come with accessories

5. ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

This Air Hockey Combo table from ESPN is also another combo table to consider seriously. This table features a combination of both air hockey and table tennis. It is a great table for family and friends’ tournaments.


1. It is a two in one air hockey combo table ping pong and air hockey)

2. Has a LED scoring system, integrated sound effects, and push control buttons.

3. It comes with complete game accessories.

4. The tables are available in six different styles

6. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 6-Foot Flip Game Table

This Air hockey combo table is a smaller version of this brand. It is made for limited indoor spaces and compact rooms. The 3 in 1 let you enjoy three games: air hockey, billiards, and table tennis.


1. It features a revolutionary design

2. The surface for all three games is optimized to suit the respective games

3. These tables make use of a powerful electrical motor

4. They have an extra glossy surface which has amazing graphics

5. They are made of a Tri-fold tabletop and exclusive latch system set.

6. They come with complete accessories sets


  • They have a latch system that makes it easily adjustable.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • They can be stored and placed in a compact space.


  • The table is expensive.
  • The small tables might not be suitable for adults.

7. NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

This NHL Power play Air Hockey Combo Table is a great addition to a rec room, man cave, and game room.


1. This air hockey combo table features an automatic LED scoring technology

2. The sleek sound system maximizes the design of the table.
3. Glaze-Tek coated the table surface to make it scratch-resistant. They also added cabinet coating to give it shine and resistance against wear and tear.

4. The tables come with complete accessories necessary for playing

5. The legs of these tables have levers for balancing


  • Their surface is scratch resistance.
  • This is easy to assemble and set up.
  • It has leg levers which makes the tables easy to adjust.


  • The table is costly.

8. Hathaway BG1131M Triad 3-in-1 48-in Multi-game Table

This is also a likable air hockey combo table, featuring a compact and very stylish package; this table is a great addition to family fun.


1. The manufacturer made the tabletop of lightweight material.

2. It allows its users to enjoy three classic games, which are Tennis. Air hockey and pool.

3. The leg levers are independent and the tables have cross support.
4. It has a 180-day manufacturer warranty

5. We built this table with high-quality solid materials to ensure that it lasts for years.

6. It comes with the necessary accessories like pucks, paddles, strikers, cues, and balls.

9. Fat Cat Original 2-in-1 7-Foot Pockey Game Table

This is a simpler Air hockey combo table version but is still from the Fat Cat Original brand. Despite only having two games, awesome features load the table.


1. They come with four ultra-impact pushers and pucks

2. These tables come with fingertip guards and other performance accessories

3. The tables are constructed with quality materials

4. The billiard table surface is made of tetolon green felt cloth, rubber bumpers, and drop pockets

10. Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table, 7-Feet

This is our last pick; this multi-game table is made to ensure that the family experience maximum fun. It is an Air hockey table that can be flipped over to play billiard.


1. It is built with quality MDF which high density

2. These billiard and air hockey tables are wrap-resistance and solid

3. The billiard table is covered with red nylon, which gives it a smooth and consistent roll

4. This air hockey table is built with glossy white PVC.

5. The table comes with complete accessories sets.

6. They come with an air source

Air Hockey Dining Table Combination

There are various combination tables, and others even feature a dining table. This is a great deal because you can flip the tables and enjoy a meal on them comfortably after putting away your gaming elements. Some even come with benches for sitting on during meals; amazing, is it? Here are some of the brands that make Air hockey dining table combinations.

1. Combo 7′ Cherry Air Hockey/Table Tennis/Dining Table w/Benches

This Air hockey dining table combination delivers three different uses in a handsome style. It is easily convertible from a dining table to table tennis or air hockey table.


1. The tables are made with a very slick play surface

2. These tables come with an electronic scoring system and an air blower system.

3. The driftwood, which is purposely made as a dining table, comes with two soft padded bench style seats which provide a comfortable seating arrangement

4. The table has a dimension of 84-in L x 47-in W x 32-in H, and the playing surface measures 76.25-in L x 39.25-in W.

5. The surface is made with light cherry wood melamine rails, and at the corner, they have black castings.

2. Premier Air Hockey Table W/Dining Top

The Premiere air hockey dining table combination is one kind; it features storage that also holds the dining table.


1. These tables are constructed with a unique metal X base which increases their stability

2. The table has convertible table covers, which allow for multi-functional uses.

3. The table has adjustable leg levers

4. These tables are made with dual embedded abacus scorer

5. The table surface has unique graphics on the playing surface

6. These tables also come with accessories like mallets and pucks.

7. The table’s corners are coated with steel corner protectors and also powder-coated steel pedestal legs

8. The table has dimension of (L x W x H) 87″ x 47″ x 31.25″.

9. They weigh 187 lbs.

3. Hathaway Driftwood 7′ Air Hockey Table Combo Set with Benches

This Multi-functional Driftwood air hockey dining table combination is another in this category that comes with a dining table.


1. These tables are made with MDF material with clean lines that are in Driftwood melamine, thus enhancing the table look

2. The Driftwood material can easily be converted from a Dining table to a full-blown competitive air hockey table or table tennis

3. Their playing surface is super slick and has an air blower system that delivers accurate air

4. The Driftwood air hockey dining table combination comes with two soft padded bench seats for comfortability.

5. The seats come in duo as they also have storage for accessories keep. They also installed hydraulic EZ lifters, which makes it easier to open and close.

6. The tables have a dimension of 84 “L x 47 “W x 32 “H while the benches have a dimension of 67 “W x 12-5/8 “D x 19 “H.

7. They have a unique in-rail electronic scoring system for display.

4. Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table with Air-Powered Hockey and Table Tennis

This Air hockey dining combination table can be a perfect addition to fun games in your rec room.


1. The tables are constructed from wood and feature a polycarbonate playing surface.

2. These 3 in 1 table comes with air hockey, table tennis, and dining space

3. The dimension of this table is 84″ L x 47.25″ W x 31.5″ H with a weight of 462 lbs.

4. You can either flip or remove this dining top to instantly convert the table into a game table.

5. The tables come with accessories.

6. The table also has two seats which also can act as storage space

Full-size Multi Game Table

Unlike the standard or small-sized air hockey tables, this full-size multi-game table is bigger and mostly suitable for adults. Let’s at some Full-size multi-game tables:

1. Espn Multi Game Table 4-In-1 Swivel Combo

This is one of the best full-size multi-game table brands in the market. The multi-table features four games on a single table.


1. It features a unique swivel design that allows it to swiftly move from one game to another.

2. The full-sized table is perfect for kids, teens, and adults

3. The table comes with accessories

4. It has a built-in storage space

5. They come with rechargeable hover hockey pucks

6. The table is made of PVC, MDF plastic, and metal

2. MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set – Available in Multiple Styles

This 12-in-1 combination table is just a masterpiece from MD sports. Besides having a range of games, it is also a full-size multi-game table. The games available on this piece are air hockey, archery, bag toss, checkers, Chess, backgammon, ping pong, and dice, among others.


1. These tables have a dimension of 22.75″ W x 48″ L x 32″ H with a weight of 50.69lbs

2. The table is built with high-quality materials which are durable to last for a long time.

3. This table comes with all the accessories necessary for all the other games

4. The table is also affordable despite having all those games.

5. The table is a newly introduced hover foosball.

3. Hathaway BG1131M Triad 3-in-1 48-in Multi-game Table with Pool, Glide Hockey, and Table Tennis for Family Game Room

This piece from Hathaway is also another addition to our list. It has amazing features and is 3-in-1.


1. They have durable tabletops and are lightweight and are easy to remove and store

2. This comes with accessories like pucks, balls, Cues, paddles, and strikers

3. They have a 180-day manufacturer warranty

4. The table can easily be flipped from one surface to another

4. Berner Billiards 6 In 1 Multi Game Table in Walnut

This table from billiard is also among the full-size multi-size game table on our list. Billiard is also known for making quality air hockey tables


1. It is made of an MDF play surface and red cloth

2. This includes accessories like pool balls, cue stick, and plastic triangle

3. It has dimensions of 69 3/8 “L x 33 7/8 “W

4. It is constructed from MDF material with white laminate and features an electric air-powered quality fan.

How To Select A Multigame Table With Air Hockey

When selecting a multi-table, you should conduct some research to ascertain the available choices in the market. Not all multiple –Game table has Air hockey, Here are some factors to consider when choosing a combination game with Air hockey:

• Size of the table

This air hockey combo table has different sizes full, regulation size, and mini-sized tables. Choose one depending on the space available in your rec or game room. The size settled should fit properly in the room and leave some space where the players will move freely.

• Game combinations

Different games have different game combinations like billiards. Ping pong, table tennis, pool, and others. Mostly, a combination game that has air hockey mostly has one to two games. When choosing a multi-table with air hockey, ensure that the other game it comes with is also your top choice to make it more fun.

• The scoring methods

Another factor to consider is if the Air hockey combo table has a manual or electronic slider scoring option. Those with an electronic scoring system are expensive as compared to those with a manual one. Both types have a share of their pros and cons.

• Blower or fan

While not all air hockey tables require a blower or a fan, having one can significantly impact gameplay and prices. Even without them, players can still move the puck. We recommend choosing an Air Hockey combo table with a blower for the best gameplay experience.

• Source of power

A multi-game that has an electronic scoreboard and other parts that use electricity will need a power source. This can either be electricity or a battery. One that uses electricity is better than one that uses a battery because you will use many batteries if playing frequently. They are also risky as they can run out during games.

• Leg Levers

Tables with levers are preferable to those without; the levers guarantees that the table will always be on a level even when placed on an uneven surface. Even if your home’s playing surface is level, it’s a good idea to opt for a table with leg levelers, even if it will incur an additional cost.

• Puck size

The tables that require a large puck size are those regulated tables by the USAA. So, when buying Air hockey combo table, it is imperative to look at the puck size as also those with small packs are suitable mostly for kids below the age of ten.


1. What is an Air hockey combo table?

These tables are also known as multiple-Game Air Hockey tables because they have various games, unlike just an air hockey table with a single game.

2. Which is the best multi-game table?

There are many multi-game tables in the market, but the best brand for air hockey is MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set.

3. What is the best multiple air hockey table to buy?

When buying a multiple-game table, it narrows down to personal preferences because the tables have different kinds of games, so when choosing, choose one with the games you prefer.

4. How much room will you need for an Air Hockey Combo table?

Most of these combo tables are small in size, and if you are looking for one to use in your man cave or rec room, go for the standard sizes as they won’t take much room, unlike the full-size air hockey table. Space will depend on the dimensions.

5. What is a full-size multiple game table?

A full-size multi-game size will be much bigger than the standard ones, and they normally have the following dimensions 84″ L x 44.5″ W x 32″ H.

6. What is the cost of a good Air Hockey combo table?

The price will depend on the brand, there are many tables, and each has a different price.

7. Can I put a multiple air hockey table outside?

Each brand of these tables is indicated whether they can withstand the outside environment or not, so if looking for an outside air hockey combo table, ensure that it is indicated to be suitable for outdoor use.

8. Does an air hockey combo table need to be plugged in?

Most air hockey combo tables have motors that need electricity so that they can be functional.

9. How long will an air hockey combo table last?

An air hockey table last will depend on various factors like handling, mantainence, and frequency of use.

10. What should I do to keep my air hockey table slick?

Clean the table at least once a week using alcohol on a paper towel, or clean cloth to remove all the dirt. Avoid using silicone or wax, as these may plug up some holes on your table.

11. What is the use of the circles on an air hockey table?

These lines are used to help the players know where to hit their puck to go into the opponent’s goal.

12. What can I do with an old air hockey combo table?

An Air hockey combo table that is no longer being used should be donated or disposed on an Eco-friendly way.

13. How do I find quality multiple air hockey tables?

Air hockey combo tables from different brands have different features and qualities, so when looking for one, look at the materials used in making those tables.

14. How many games does an air hockey combo table have?

This purely depends on a user preference; some have as few as two games while some have even close to twelve games.

15. What materials are used in making air hockey combo tables?

The air hockey combo tables are made of different materials like plastic, metal, and even wood. Tables that are made with the best materials will always come at a cost.


There are many multi-game tables brand tables in the market; each has different types of games ranging from air hockey, ping pong, slide hockey, table tennis, darts, slide hockey, pool, and many others. If you want to buy a multiple-table with air hockey as one of its games, it ensures you inquire first as not all multiple tables have the game.

Also, all different brands have made tables with different combinations. These tables are a great addition to a family fun time, and instead of just settling for a table with just one game, why not go for one with variety? The more, the merrier.

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