Rolling Hockey Bag: An Amazing Guide

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Rolling Hockey Bag


Hockey is a unique sport in that the player requires a lot of playing equipment and wearing gargets. It is therefore essential for this player to look for a bag. This bag must be in a position to accommodate all this equipment. Among the other factors is the type of bag, quality of the material, compartments, and durability.

Top 10 Best Hockey Bags With Wheels

1- Grit HTFX Wheeled Bag

It is a wheeled hockey bag with a size of thirty-three by seventeen by seven. This bag is highly versatile as a powerhouse when it comes to carrying equipment needs. It moves even in the rough terrain at ease. There are embedded handles on top of the bag that you can utilize to haul the load around to whatever destination.

This bag can accommodate even the hockey sticks in the blade ports at the sides. The ports keep the sticks secure through a locking strap system keeping them secure and snug. It is a feature incredible for individuals who want a bag option all in one.

The interior has ample rooms for all kinds of equipment purposed for maximum organization. A mess bag is removable for sweat-laden and wet equipment storage direly needing drying. The bag keeps things smelling fresh and clean due to its ultimate ventilation design.


  • Ample design tower.
  • The size allows hockey stick accommodation.
  • Offers ordinary duffle carriage.
  • Many compartments.
  • It comes in ten different colours.


  • Expensive.

2- VIC Wheeled Hockey Bag

VIC wheeled hockey bag serves a dual purpose of the backpack and wheeled bag. It measures thirty-four by twenty by sixteen in size. This is a good option for youth looking for options that are versatile in which quality is good. It has a large section of interior suitable for shoulder pads and pants. The few compartments at the front are perfect for Band-Aids, hockey packs, and essential medications. Two sections at the side of the bag are specifically designed for bladed hockey skate storage. The process of potential hazards is avoided.

The four compartments provide adequate storage in this excellent hockey bag. It allows you to move the gear from one compartment to another. The inbuilt extended telescopic handles allow the in-built wheels to perform your heavy lifting. For rough terrain, you can use straps of the shoulders built into the bag’s framework.


  • Adequate storage room.
  • Compact design.
  • Backpack design of popping eye.
  • Dual purposed that is the backpack and wheeled bag.


  • Expensive.
  • The plastic wheel that with time does not hold up.

3- Amazon Basics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Wheeled Duffle Bag

It is black-hued and a bold-looking grey bag coming in three sizes. Thirty-seven, thirty-two, and twenty-eight point five-inch size. It gives you an opportunity to the size overall, which is a wheeled type of bag. It provides adequate storage space for your hockey equipment.

The material making it is one hundred per cent polyester for the surface or top areas. The sides are ripstop lining made. Ripstop Fabric touts the robust manufacturing method of the high-quality firm and tough products withstanding any abuse. Their design is in a way that synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are designed at various intervals. In case of a tear on a particular fabric square, the synthetic fibres, which are interwoven, protect the fibre from tearing more. This maintains the integral structure intact of the bag.


  • Warranty of one year backed by Amazon Basics.
  • One hundred per cent polyester made.
  • Many storage compartments.
  • Large capacity interior.


  • The handle is telescopic and thus can easily rip off.
  • Not a hockey bag dedicated.

4- Gothamite Rolling Duffle Bag

This is a wheeled hockey bag measuring forty-two by eighteen by eighteen. This bag is dual-purpose. It has duffle bags, which are multipurpose for generalized bags. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate all of your equipment and any essential item. It is tough and made with interiors of polyester. This protects tears from sharp edges. It is one hundred per cent waterproof, keeping you safe from snow, rain, hail, or sleet.


  • Designed on three wheels.
  • An excellent option for general travel and hockey gear.
  • Frame easily collapses.
  • Designed of rigid polyester material.


  • No specific feature related to hockey.

5- JAMM Sports 26″ Multipurpose Cargo Carry Hockey

This is one of the best multipurpose-wheeled hockey bags. Its size is twenty-six by fifteen by fourteen. Therefore, it forms the best budget for the junior player due to its small size. It has an elegant basic design, which is black as designed outside. It is made of lightweight material. The bag contains two basic adjustable straps for carrying the bag around.


  • Cheap.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Navy and black coloured.


  • Minimalistic for advanced players.
  • Best suits youth only.

6- CCM 380 Deluxe Wheeled Equipment Bag

This bag is made of polyester material which makes it light, manageable, and durable. It contains two skate pockets on each side to protect the edge from boot damage. Spacious enough for towels, gear, jerseys, and any other item you desire to carry around.


  • Durable.
  • Large size.
  • Skate pockets.


  • No complaint.

7- Bauer Vapor 1X Locker Bag

Has fabric polyester, which is suitable for easy drying, is lightweight, and durable. It contains many compartments changing it from a regular bag to a portable locker. The compartments also facilitate easy undressing or dressing gears due to their spot. It designs with skate pockets that are ventilated for quick skates in dry times. This brand contains comfortable straps in case you decide to carry the bag. It comes with versatile multipurpose wheels suitable for moving any terrain.


  • Contains many compartments.
  • Very durable.
  • Well, aerated.


  • It is not large enough to fit on the hockey stick.

8- BSN Sports Deluxe Wheeled Equipment Bag

BSN is roomy equipment with a shell made from heavy-duty polyester material. The design handles a heavy daily workload without weakening. It contains loading bags on its side zips for closing at the top. This facilitates easy and quick access to any item. The oversized features pocket on every additional storage equipment. It can store smaller gears and other valuables.


  • It contains wheels and shoulder straps.
  • Durable.
  • Usually offer fantastic value.


  • Ideal for the senior players.

9 The Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Bag

This bag features a wheeled backpack with the main compartment sizeable enough. Contains other small zippered pockets at the sides spread out around the whole bag. It has internal handles, which are extendable along with a smooth glide. This structure is in line with the wheel skate design that eases transportation. It is made of lightweight, strong polyester.


  • Different compartments.
  • Resistant, sturdy, and easy to roll.


  • Suits senior players.

10- Adidas XL Team Wheeled Bag

This is a vast Adidas bag for the ideal transportation and storage of hockey equipment. The handle of this wheeled bag is hauling webbed padded for extra comfort. It has removable nine-inch straps that facilitate shoulder carriage if need be. The bag is made of one hundred per cent polyester, which reduces the tearing and wearing out of the bag.


  • Very spacious compartments.
  • It is strict with a rigid foldable bottom.
  • Durable.


  • No complaint.

Rolling Hockey Bag

Rolling involves either pulling or pushing a hockey bag. Many of the wheeled hockey bags occupy a lot of space. The rooms have narrow entries to allow huge bags. The hallway contains high traffic leading to the locker rooms. This is where you will find some teams getting in while others leave. Therefore, the environment is very cramped. Imagine a four-year-old kid-rolling hockey bags and thus being stuck in the doorway.

Consequently, I would prefer a medium-sized suitcase that the kid can carry as well as roll. It should also fit under the bench in the small locker room. An additional barrier in the confined space makes the room look messy. Make an option of a traditional wheeled bag, advising the kid to carry it. They will complain at first, but if it contains whatever the child was wearing on the ice, it will not have overworked them. Many hockey parents tend to be protective of their children but do not take it too far.

How Do I Choose Between A Wheel Bag and Backpack for My Hockey Equipment?

The wheeled tower hockey bag provides the perfect organization for the hockey player’s equipment. This tower comes with storage shelves for all the equipment you have or desire to put in. However, they are very massive to fit in the locker room doors or small car doors.

In case you usually travel on the motorbike to the hockey field, this is the best option you can take. They are more compact than the carry or the wheeled hockey bag, fitting easily in any position. This brand holds sticks in every game due to the slots. They evenly distribute the weight on both shoulders, preventing pain in the shoulder, unlike the standardized carry bag.

The backpack provides the best option compared to the wheeled bag. It helps you move at ease in the congested hallway to the locker room and fit well in the doors.

Which Hockey Bag Size Do I Require?

If your child requires a hockey bag, you face the question of who will be carrying the load. Many hockey parents tend to be very caring and concerned about their children. If the bag contains what the kid put on while playing hockey on the ice, advise them to carry the load. They will complain at first, but it is a vital commitment part of the sport.

The bags on junior, intermediate, and senior standards are available out there. Buying for your child a bag requires you to consider whatever is going carried in the bag. Also, consider interior compartments for socks, pucks, and spare change. Look for the pocket dedicated to the skate for the separation of straps and cloth from sharp blades, tapes, and water bottles.

The Pacific Rink Junior Player Bag is the best for the youth player. This is the best option for the tired of wheeled hockey bags dragging on the ice and being stuck at the rooms’ doorways. The bag is large enough to accommodate all of your items.

Hockey bags come in different sizes. The size that you require depends on your age, amount of the money you have, and the type of bag you want.


Many hockey bags in the market come in the intermediate, youth, junior, or senior standards. An adult player does not necessarily use more equipment than the youth players, but the sizes are more extensive. While buying a bag for your child, consider the junior bag instead of determining the size.

Look for advanced features found in the standard bag. These features are the available space in the interior and the separating straps. These straps assist in separating the sharp objects from the cloth. Look for a bag that has pockets at the outer sides for miscellaneous items like water.


You need to know that the size of the hockey bag determines by the price. In most cases, a good-quality hockey bag is quite expensive. However, there are various perfect sizes for you to opt for that fit all of your gears in the market.


A wheeled bag provides a rolling feature from one place to another. These bags are heavier, bulkier, and firm to place in place compactly. Duffle or carry bags are the traditional bags that most sportspeople, including hockey players, usually use. This bag comes with zippers and two handles. The backpack poses a more natural carriageway of the gears. It contains wide straps that evenly distribute the weight on both shoulders.

What Size Hockey Bag Do I Need?

As you pursue hockey life, you will face moving from one place to another with your bag. Therefore, manufacturers usually offer various styles just for you. However, the question is, what size hockey bag do I need? Well, you require something big enough to accommodate all the essential equipment. However, avoid the big enough bag to cause you the grief of getting stuck in the narrow doors of the locker room. Therefore, when you desire to get the best hockey bag, seek a balance between function and convenience.

In case you want to purchase a hockey bag for your kid. It would be best if you were who will be carrying the load for him or her. I hope to train your child on being responsible for bringing their belongings. At this point, their commitment to hockey sport will be improved. They will also be in an excellent position to know that your role as a parent or guardian is only to pay for the game. If the bag contains what the child was wearing on the ice, they can manage the weight.

What Do Need to Consider When Purchasing A Hockey Bag?

There are various quick and easy points to consider when purchasing a wheeled hockey bag of high quality.

1- The Types of Hockey Bags

The following are the main types of hockey bags that you can easily find out there.

a. Traditional Bags

They are large bags with a carrying handle, which are very popular and available. They are more affordable than wheeled models. However, they require severe muscles due to their design.

b. Wheeled Bags

They have the same design as the luggage bags. They are the best for long-distance travel. The hockey with wheels rose slightly at the bottom to facilitate the wheels’ easy movement along with the terrain.

c. Backpack Bags

They are the same as carrying bags. However, the structure in backpack school bags. They have dual adjustment straps to allocate the weight evenly and adequately. This makes the bag comfortable, thus moving at ease through the narrow way to the locker room. The brand is robust and durable, containing wheels.

d. Hybrid Hockey Bags

You may find a mixed hockey bag of the above options. A wheeled hockey bag containing handholds or straps built is a good example. This eases carrying over the terrains, which are rough for the wheels to handle.

e- Wheeled Duffer Bag

This bag provides the best solution to the simple organizational structure convenience. The bag has very many pockets for packing and organizing your things. The separate compartment does excellent packing, especially while sharing the load with a partner. They usually come in various sizes creating room for you to make a choice.

2- Construction Material and the Durability

The robust material creates the best option when deciding on hockey bag purchasing. This ensures that the bag does not tear or rip accidentally. Materials that are tough and light form the best standard option while purchasing the bag.

Ensure numerous compartments in the chosen pack. This eases gear sorting in the end. The lighter the weight of the bag, the more comfortable it is to adventure around. Besides, lightweight improves the management of the pack. A polyester is an excellent option for material selection.

Various hockey bags are made of waterproof materials that enhance your equipment in good and safe condition. In sleet, rainy, or ice conditions, the waterproof materials enhance the secure storage of the gears.

3- Size

This is another hockey aspect to look at. Make sure that you buy something that will facilitate stuff in all your gear. It should also allow easy removal of the pack to avoid damaging the equipment.

4- Cost

Good-quality hockey bags can be a bit expensive. However, this does not mean that it must be the case always. There are many affordable choices if you are willing to take the effort and time to search them out. Just make sure that you consider the type, brand, and advanced features.

What is the importance of the hockey Bag Having Compartments?

This is an essential factor to consider while buying a hockey bag to organize your equipment well. This arrangement is significant, especially while sharing the load with the partner. The compartment provides reaching the gears at ease when you require them.

Which are the Additional Features vs. Minimalism?

Minimalism involves ridding of the excess, thus concerns the basic things that you require.

  • Hockey scissors and tape
  • Skate laces
  • Honing stone
  • Skate guards
  • Repair kit of the hockey helmet
  • The skate replacement blades
  • Hockey pucks
  • Water bottles
  • Equipment care for the hockey
  • Personal items of hygiene and shower shoes
  • Microfiber cloth and the anti-frog spray
  • The spare towel
  • Food

FAQs: Rolling Hockey Bag

Q: Does the hockey bag come with a Warranty?

The warranty of the hockey bags comes against the artistry and the defects of the manufacturer. Under regular maintenance and use, this warranty lasts for ninety days period. This warranty starts from the date the client purchased the bag. The warranty, however, applies if the load is used for the intended purpose without any alteration.

Q: What is the Best Way to Clean a Hockey Bag?

Hockey gears are very smelly and sweaty during the game. Keeping the gears in the bag for reusing gives an odour. This might make cleaning the bag impossible due to sweat accumulation. However, following the basic household procedure, hockey bag cleaning is possible. Often clean the bag to prevent it from getting a permanent locker room smell.

Q: What are the specific steps to follow when cleaning a hockey bag?

1. Empty all the equipment from the bag. Wash the bag with hot or warm water, if possible, laundry detergent. Spray using antifungal cleaner and then wipe with a damp clean cloth.

2. Spray antifungal cleaner on the wet, clean bag. Scrub the inner sides of the bag on every bag compartment. Ensure that you clean all the pockets and corners toughly.

3. Hang the bag with the opened zippers for ventilation and drying for twenty-four hours.

4. Spray the antibacterial spray removing the odour inside the bag.

5. Ensure that the bag has thoroughly dried before clean gear refilling.

6. Washing the Bag in a bathtub

The safe and the best cleaning way of your hockey bag without causing damage. It takes you about or less than thirty minutes. Fill the bathtub halfway with hot or warm water. Add a quarter cup of laundry detergent to the water. After the detergent has thoroughly mixed, put the bag, in and allow it to sit for at most thirty minutes. Rinse the tub, rinsing excess detergent in water at room temperature. Hang it for drying when you are done with the cleaning with all the zips opened. Repeat this process often depending on the frequency of using the hockey bag.

Q: Does the hockey bag get clean on a Washing Machine?

The hockey bag is washed in a washing machine like any other hockey gear. The only problem is only with the spin cycle. In case you have a bit of a nice kit, which is high-ended, there are the padding types of your equipment that do not benefit from the liquid ride carnival. The padding can bend and warp, causing it to lose durability and strength. If you feel like not washing the bag in the bathtub, the washing machine gives you an option. Although the gear takes a frequent bath on the ice, it still requires cleaning at some points.

A Wrong Myth on Cleaning a Hockey Bag

This is a myth also known as a swimming pool myth. I used to try this myself sometimes back. It states that you throw the bag for thirty minutes in the swimming pool. It says that the chlorine will rid of the odor for thirty minutes. The process does not work anyway. The bag discolours while exposed to these chemicals and the smell remains. The chlorine is capable of transferring to your skin when you sweat as you carry the load.

Q: What is the right Hockey Bag Storage?

Always ensure that you store the hockey equipment in the garage for easy access or to avoid injuries. The correct organization assists in-room management enhancing neatness, cleanliness, and spaciousness.

Q: Why Do I Need A Hockey Bag?

The fact of hockey life requires you to move the bag from one place to another. The manufacturers offer various choices for you to make a choice. When looking for the hockey bag, is the best, consider the function and convenience. In our case of hockey, take something spacious enough for easy packing and organization of the items.

It is crucial to have a bag for your equipment to be stored in good condition. Some hockey bags are made of waterproofing materials; thus, the gears are preserved from harsh climatic conditions. While skating during the winter, hockey gears become wet. Therefore, throwing them in the bag is essentially made of nylon or polyester. The polyester takes moisture to your body as you carry the load. Good hockey bags should have a feature mesh that assists in drying your gear.

Q: How Do I Preserve The Hockey Bags And The Equipment?

The house might be eye-catching, with stylish wall art-enhancing interior design. Hanging tools on the garage wall is a standard garage structure maximizing the space. This strategy suits the storage of the kids’ hockey sticks.

Open Cabinets’ Installation for the Wrinkle-Free Uniforms

Stuffing uniforms in cramped spaces and drawers reduce wrinkles. Try to hang them on the various tall open cabinets instead. In the dampness of the uniforms, the free-hanging due to adequate air circulation enhances sufficient drying.

Q: Do All the Hockey Wheel Bags Come With 2 Wheels?

Most ordinary wheeled hockey bags have two wheels. These wheels aid in the easy rolling of heavy luggage. Some of the wheeled hockey bags are firm enough to stand upright on their firm.

Final Thoughts

If you are currently an ice player, the requirements are the girdle, inline skates, chest protector or the padded shirt, pants, helmet, elbow pads, shin guards, sticks, gloves, and mouth guards. There are many internet hockey pro shops and store that gives you a wide range of customer service. While purchasing a given gear, consider the material from which it is made, guarantee, size, adjustment straps, and comfortability, among other factors.

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