Raven Hockey Sticks

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Raven Hockey Sticks


Hockey brands used to concentrate on making hockey sticks for adults. Besides, they would cut these sticks and give them to kids. However, as time elapsed, these brands understood the difference between a kid and an adult. This led them to commence manufacturing minimal hockey sticks that suit the kids.

As much as these sticks were small, they were not outstanding for kids since some of the crucial aspects that could enhance the stick design were not considered. The hockey stick’s design determines your performance, and sadly if the stick does not have a suitable design, you are not likely to experience outstanding performance.

Thanks to Raven Hockey for manufacturing the best hockey sticks for beginners and kids looking forward to enhancing their game. Moreover, Raven company aims at weight as well as the appropriate height. In case you have no idea about Raven hockey sticks, this article will give you an insight into some of the best raven hockey sticks in the industry today.

Top Five Raven Hockey Sticks Reviews

#1. Raven Edge 20 Youth Hockey stick

This one of the best Raven hockey stick for the kids from the Raven brand. It is an essential hockey stick because it bridges up any given gap between the full-length hockey stick and the youth hockey sticks. Furthermore, this enables it to offer maximum performance as well as value. Bear in mind that it incorporates 3k carbon, which gives it more durability. Likewise, it features a matte grip finish to offer you perfect puck control whenever you are shooting. It is ideal for underweight kids of the age between 4 to 8 years.


  • It bridges the gap between full-length hockey sticks and youth hockey sticks.
  • It guarantees you maximum performance.
  • Features 3k carbon, which grants it more durability.
  • Matte grip finish for a perfect puck control when shooting.
  • Ideal for kids.


  • None.

#2. Raven hockey stick junior/youth 20 Flex

This product is suitable for kids aged 5 to 7 years old. They must have gained to shoot using the youth stick before they proceed using the junior raven hockey stick. Bear in mind that the raven hockey stick junior has 47 with a minimal flex rating. Furthermore, this makes it outstanding for kids who require a long hockey stick. However, it is not ideal for players who weigh below 50 pounds since its flex is too low to fit the player correctly.

On the other hand, it is only the only hockey stick with a low flex that can perfectly fit players under 52 tall. It guarantees you a warranty of 60-days, and it features 3K carbon, blade, and matte grip. In search of the best raven hockey stick for kids, opt for this product for maximum performance.


  • It is an excellent product for kids.
  • It offers you a warrant of 60 days.
  • It features a matte grip, blade, and 3k carbon, which makes it deliver maximum performance.
  • It is a top-quality product.


  • It is not an ideal product for players who weigh below 50 pounds.

#3. Raven Hockey EDGE 50, 3K Carbon Shaft (Matte Grip), 25X Blackmond Dual-Core Blade

It is a genuine intermediate/junior hybrid. EDGE 50 is more extended than the standard junior stick. Furthermore, it has a lower flex rating compared to any given intermediate stick in the industry. It is a perfect hockey stick for kids under 120lbs and ranging between the age of 5 to 7. This product has a unique shaft diameter thicker than the junior shaft and thinner compared to the intermediate stick. Additionally, it incorporates the hybrid-sized shaft, enabling you to use a shaft, which is gradually bigger, instead of opting for the intermediate stick. It also offers you a warranty of 60-days.


  • It is a top-quality product.
  • It features a unique shaft diameter.
  • Guarantees you a warranty of 60-days.
  • It works as advertised.


  • None.

#4. Raven Hockey Ninja III, 30 Flex (C88, Left)

This product is ideal for players who are 57-inch tall. Bear in mind that this Raven hockey stick has a narrow shaft to enable you to excellently control your puck and cut the inches from the typical junior club. Moreover, this will maximize stiffness, which will, in turn, impact shooting and passing. On the other hand, its flex is lower enough to fit players weighing below 80 pounds. Most parents love buying this stick for their kinds because it comes with a warranty of 60 days. In the search for the best raven hockey stick for kids, consider Raven Hockey Ninja III, 30 Flex because it comes with excellent features, which makes it outstanding in the industry.


  • It contains a narrow shaft to enable you to control the puck properly.
  • It is worth the value.
  • It offers you a 60-day warranty.
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver around with.


  • None.

#5. Raven Ninja III Junior Hockey Stick 20 Flex

In case you need a raven hockey stick for your kids who are under 52 tall. You need to consider Raven Ninja III Junior Hockey Stick 20 Flex because it is the shortest junior blade/shaft combination you can find in the market. Additionally, it is 47 long. This hockey stick features a narrow shaft, which allows you to control the puck correctly. It also controls cutting inches off the typical junior stick, maximizing the stiffness that negatively affects shooting and passing during playing. Raven Ninja 20 comprises a low flex which is suitable for kids weighing under 50 pounds. It guarantees you a warranty of 60 days and delivers extraordinary performance. Make it your priority, and experience absolutely zero disappointments.


  • It features the shortest junior blade & shaft combination.
  • It has a narrow shaft to enable you to control the puck correctly.
  • It is worth the value.
  • This product works as advertised.
  • It is an excellent product for the kids.


  • None.

Buyers Guide

Before you buy the Raven hockey stick, you must go through the buyers’ guide. This applies to both beginners as well as professionals in hockey playing. The factors below will enhance your knowledge of buying the best hockey raven hockey sticks for your kid.

Hockey Stick Flex

Ideally, it would help if you chose a hockey stick with the appropriate flew. Furthermore, flex determines how your stick is stiff or flexible when you apply force. You must know that some sticks can be easier for you to bend than others. In case you pick a raven hockey stick with excellent flex, you are likely to maximize the overall shot velocity since the flex guarantees you the slingshot impact. On the other hand, there is absolutely no wrong or even right flex since this differs among players. A high flex number indicates less bend or the stiffness of your stick. If the number of flex is minimal, it is likely to have numerous bends, and the stick will be softer.


Your kids will not be able to enjoy playing hockey without the appropriate length of the hockey stick. However, it depends on the position you like taking when playing. Ensure that the stick 1-2 inches above or below your chin. Bear in mind that a shorter stick is excellent for puck handling but cannot offer you a powerful shot. Likewise, long hockey sticks allow you to develop and achieve a commanding slap shot with minor effort.

Blade pattern/curve

This rolls down to a personal preference, and you can opt for heel, mid, or toe. The hockey stick curve and pattern allow you to deliver outstanding performance. It is not easy to choose the blade pattern/curve in today’s hockey stick, as you could find in the past years. Currently, curves and patterns come in different sizes and shapes. Due to this, you might not find it easier to choose the curve. It is excellent to select the blade pattern/curve on three primary factors: face angle, curve depth, and curve type.

Stick shaft finish

Many stick shafts have two finishes that are different, either clear or grip. In case you add the grip coating on the shaft, it can give you maximum control over your stick using the end hand. Before you buy the stick, make sure you examine the stick’s shaft finish and how it can help you.

Price range

Your budget determines how much you might be willing to use on your raven hockey stick. Furthermore, many raven hockey sticks come at a different price range. If your budget allows you to invest in a quality product, better go for them for maximum performance and durability. Therefore, the price range determines which product you are likely to end up with and how long it is expected to serve you.


In terms of durability, you must also consider the material used. However, wood can tear and wear quickly. To find the best raven hockey stick, you must choose a long-lasting product, which can deliver maximum performance.

Raven Hockey Sticks: FAQs

Q: Does a hockey stick have a warranty against breakage?

Yes, composite hockey sticks probably have a warranty of 30 days against breakage from the exact date you begin your purchase. However, the wood hockey sticks do not come with any warranty.

Q: What model of player should use the lower lie?

The lower lie is beneficial for players who skate close to the ice to maneuver easily.

Q: Is a hockey stick sizing by age group?

Yes, hockey stick sizing is by age group, and it depends on age, weight, and height. It is ideal to have a chart, which will guide you through the process of hockey stick sizing.

Q: When is a hockey stick declared illegal?

An illegal hockey stick violates the rules outlined regarding the curve, width, length, and material of the shaft, as well as the blade of your stick. Bear in mind that the blade of your raven hockey stick should not go beyond the length of 12 ½ inches as well as the width of three inches.

Q: How long should your hockey stick be?

Your hockey stick should be approximately 1-2 inches above or below the chin. Bear in mind that shorter hockey sticks are usually excellent for puck handling. However, it might not offer you a powerful shot. On the other hand, extended sticks enhance your reach and help you to develop a slap shot that is commanding without any hassle.

Q: What lie should your hockey stick be?

The shaft number determines the lie of your hockey stick. Furthermore, it ranges between 4-7; if the number is high, the lie is likely to be more upright. On the other hand, the lower your shaft makes the puck be from your body.

Q: Is the lighter hockey stick better?

Many players love lighter sticks since they are simple to move and handle around on the ice. Other players opt for more weight because it helps build up your strength, and it can be more challenging for your opponents to handle the ball. If you want more power in your shots, it is ideal that you use the heavier stick.

Q: Why are hockey sticks too expensive?

Most hockey sticks are expensive because of the material used in manufacturing. Furthermore, the advanced composite hockey sticks are made from Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and graphite.

Q: How can you choose your raven hockey stick?

When choosing your hockey stick, there are certain factors you have to consider, such as the flex, length, blade pattern/curve, shaft finishing, rice as well as durability.

Q: Can hockey sticks be the same?

Multiple hockey sticks came in a single size and could fit all. In case you need it to fit you better, you had to make changes, such as bending, heating, sanding, and cutting into a shape and size that suits you better.

Q: Which countries are the best in hockey?

Many countries participate in hockey, but few have emerged as the best countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, Finland, and Russia.

Q: Is fighting allowed in hockey?

Hockey is a professional sport that entails fighting, but technically, it is against the playing rules.

Q: What are the three types of curves?

  • Heel curve
  • Mid curve
  • Toe curve

Q: Which factors enable you to differentiate the shape curve of your hockey stick?

  • Face angle
  • Curve depth
  • Curve type

Q: Which type of hockey stick is suitable for playing hockey?

The size, as well as the fit, plays a vital role when it comes to the right hockey stick for gaming. It is also influenced by the players playing position, playing style, height as well as weight. Furthermore, this rolls down to a personal preference.


Purchasing the best raven hockey stick for your kids can be pretty tricky, but with this article’s guide, you can easily find the best that works excellently for kids. Ensure that you are certain about the product you want to purchase to allow your kids to experience maximum performance.

1 thought on “Raven Hockey Sticks”

  1. I bought three Raven Ninja III 30 flex sticks for my eight and ten-year-old kids. The U11 is a goalie, so he gets occasional recreational use and has not had an issue. The U9 broke his first stick after three months of pretty typical use. The stick was in great shape and he only weighs 60 lbs. It broke low on the shaft without warning as he was leaning on it while taking a knee down. At that point, he started playing with the second one I had bought him for future use at the same time. That stick snapped in a similar location after only a handful of ice time, at which point the stick looked like new. My son plays hard but takes care of his equipment. Raven offered to replace the first one at cost (out of warranty period), but that is more than half of MSRP, and too steep a price for a stick that I fear will simply fail again.

    Multiple kids on my older son’s U11 team have broken multiple Raven Ninja III 30 flex sticks this year. It seems like there is a quality/reliability problem with these sticks. Everyone has since switched to different brands, and I can’t recommend these stick to anyone based on our experience.


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