Hockey Locker Rooms: The Ultimate Guide

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Hockey Locker Rooms


Are you looking for an unrivaled team room? Nothing could beat the comfort, convenience, and flexibility offered by hockey locker rooms. Whether you need somewhere to relax or store your sweaty gear, this will be the right place for you. As long as you choose the right one, you will have no reason to worry. Here are a few insights into this.

What is a Hockey Good Locker Room?

A perfect locker room is one that meets the needs of its users. It should provide enough storage, security, privacy, and convenience. Most often, the following elements will suffice in highlighting an efficient locker room.

Impressive lock hardware

Most people will choose between the hasp and electronic locks. While electronic locks are pricier, they assure you of unrivalled security. These locks will be the best for NFL locker rooms. Besides, you can leave the keys to these locks at a central place for convenience reasons.

• Design

The design of the hockey locker stalls need to allow members to move freely. Its spaciousness and comfort should be at the very best. Accessibility will also be a priority. Above all, a good locker room enhances privacy and security. Its arrangement should have a small space for people to gather and a large, enclosed area for the players.

• Amenities

Enough amenities within a locker room ensures that players enjoy unmatched comfort. The amenities in these locker rooms vary, mostly based on the budget and the audience. Some of the top amenities to have in a top-notch hockey locker room are whirlpools, steam rooms, and saunas. Tanning rooms and private changing rooms could also come in handy.

• Display and Lighting

Nothing could be more impressive than a locker room with bright yet calming displays. Its role in improving ambience is unrivalled. Besides, enough lighting ensures that the players move around with much ease. This way, they do not need to worry about their safety anymore.

• Comfort

The comfort provided by hockey locker stalls is worth emphasizing. This room needs to give the players the support and convenience they deserve, from its benches to its spaciousness. There also needs to be a shower for the players.

Top Ten Hockey Locker Rooms

Here are the best ten locker rooms you could choose.

i. University of Dakota

Its LED lights make it flashy, highlighting a sense of elegance. The University of Dakota’s locker room boasts a futuristic design, enough space, and modern facilities. Its entryway pays homage to some of the past players. It comes with more than enough amenities and ultra-modern staples, showers, and benches.

ii. University of Denver

Home to the Denver Pioneers hockey team, this place exudes an unmatched level of energy. It comes with colourful displays around the room, giving the entire space a relaxed appeal. The locker room has a dedicated section for past players, too, showing how much they value them.

iii. Edmonton Oilers

From its modern facilities to its impressive display units, this is the place to be. Its spaciousness provides you with the comfort and convenience you deserve. Its top-quality shower rooms allow you to relax before or after a game. Besides, players, trainers, and coaches all have their spaces. This place is rich in amenities, including ultra-modern showers, supportive benches, and saunas.

iv. Hockey East

Home to the Boston College Eagles, this locker room has one of the best interior decors. Its design features LEDs that keep the place properly lit and elegant. What is more, you will fall in love with its padded seats, flatscreen TV, and hanging logo. Hockey East pays homage to its former players, thanks to its comprehensive alumni network. Its multiple amenities will also strike you.

v. Minnesota Gophers

You can barely overlook the beauty highlighted by this place. Its spacious room and padded seats allow you to enjoy unrivaled comfort. While it is not the most modern facility, its open-space concept will enable players to get together, whether to celebrate, know each other, or consult.

Minnesota Gophers locker room has one of the best community spaces too. Its leather seats provide unrivaled comfort. The displays around its walls help provide a better ambiance.

vi. University of Notre Dame

If you are looking for the cleanest hockey locker room, this is the one. It boasts a dedicated professional cleaner who vacuums its carpet often. Its maintenance team ensures that this space remains in tip-top shape. Its chrome-plated lockers are a marvel to behold.

vii. Benilde St. Margarets

Its interior design is striking and a little imposing. It flashes elegance and class, thanks to its impressive LED displays. This locker room breaks away from the circular or oval shape, taking a rectangular design. This floor plan provides players with more space and comfort, mostly because players can easily move around.

viii. University of Alaska

Home to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks, this locker room highlights luxury. It is rectangular, and its lockers are widely spread and accessible. The team’s logo at the center of the room makes it one of the most admirable spaces. Besides that, it exudes a relatively relaxing vibe. Its LED display can only make things better.

ix. Oshawa Generals

Here is a Canadian hockey team that boasts the patriotic colours of the US. Its locker room is such a marvel to behold, thanks to its elegance and spaciousness. Its centre logo covers the entire room, making it a unique design.

This locker room comes with relatively dim lighting, assuring you of enticing interior décor. Its displays help portray the success the team has shared over the years.

x. Dartmouth College

There is no denying that this is a top institution, and its facilities need to be top-notch. Fortunately, its locker room does not disappoint. Once you walk into this locker room, you will readily associate it with Star Wars. Its accenting lights provide an unrivaled sense of comfort. Its displays highlight modernity, and it shows the past heroes of the team too.

Types of Hockey Lockers

Hockey lockers will often vary with the materials used to construct them. Usually, these products could be made from wood, rubber, or recycled plastic. Here are a few insights into what each option brings to the table.

• Wood

Wood lockers are enjoying surging popularity, thanks to their durability. These lockers come with several high-end settings. Mostly, they provide a classic appeal, ensuring that the room has a relaxed atmosphere.

Wood lockers provide timeless beauty and a natural style. This material is ideal for enhanced customization, allowing hockey teams to use the finishes and styles they prefer most. Its suitability for flexible décor makes it even better. Above all, it is easy to maintain.

You could also consider laminated wood. It assures you of enhanced durability. Its susceptibility to water damage is also significantly reduced. As long as the water does not permeate in between it, you have no reason to worry.

However, wood is porous, making it susceptible to water damage. Unless the wood is treated and laminated accordingly, it is likely to rot and expunge foul smell. Nothing could compromise comfort more than this!

• Dual-Layer Vulcanized Rubber

This option is eco-friendly and suitable for longevity. Its role in enhancing timeless style and color in the room is astounding. Usually, you will choose from a wide array of colors. This myriad of choices allows the teams to pick options that match their team colors.

Its hammer-tone texture ensures that the chosen locker is non-slip. Besides, it is strong enough to withstand constant abuse and can serve multiple people at once. Vulcanized rubber provides you with enough robustness and durability.

This material assures you of enhanced safety levels. It is not porous, meaning you do not have to worry about water damage. Its role in improving hygiene and ease of maintenance is thanks to the anti-microbial and anti-fungal features.

However, this option could be a little too pricy. Take the time to compare the prices and choose whichever suits you better.

• Recycled Plastic

Aesthetics and performance are the two things every builder looks for when building locker rooms. That is what you get from recycled plastic. This material is a perfect choice for small and large locker rooms, thanks to its enhanced flexibility. It is also much easier to customize.

Recycles plastic boasts incredible performance and moisture prevention. Its ability to resist water damage makes it a suitable choice for health reasons.

• Metallic Locker Rooms

Sometimes, durability is all you could ever want. In such instances, metal lockers will be worth considering. With steel around the locker room, you are sure of a relatively calm and relaxed atmosphere. However, you will need to choose a coating to add to the steel. This way, you can add a little aesthetics to the room.

Metal lockers assure you of unrivaled durability. However, they are vulnerable to bends and dents. Any rough handling could cause extensive damage and a compromise to the aesthetics. Besides that, these lockers are not suitable for relatively wet environments. That is because they are likely to get rust.

• Phenolic Lockers

Phenolic lockers are made of layers of paper and synthetic resin. These materials undergo extreme temperature and pressure, ensuring that they become hard enough. Notably, their durability is worth appreciating, as they guarantee you value for money.

However, this option is not eco-friendly. The materials are barely recyclable, thanks to the harsh chemicals used in the process. They do not assure you of constant colour throughout too.


HDPE plastic lockers are slowly emerging as distant favorites. Thanks to their moisture impermeability and non-porous nature, this option is worth using in a relatively wet environment. With HDPE plastic materials, you are confident of no rust, corrosion, or even delamination.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance option, this will be the right choice for you. Its durability and less susceptibility to dents and bends assure you of less repair and maintenance costs. Its resistance to abuse will strike you. While it could be a little costly, this option provides you with value for money.

Hockey Locker Rooms: FAQs

Q: What does a locker room mean?

A locker room is a room designated for changing clothes. It provides storage for clothes and other sporting equipment.

Q: How much does it cost to build a locker room?

The cost of building a locker room will often vary with the size, materials used, and the amenities you want to include. Building a locker room could cost anywhere between $32 and $80 per square foot. IF you are looking for a high-end locker room, the cost will be about $60 to over $80 per square foot.

Q: Which material is best for a locker?

There is no one-dimensional answer to this, thanks to the varying preferences people have. Mostly, one will need to choose from plastic, metal, or wood. Wood provides you with the best aesthetic appeal, durability, and a sense of style. On the other hand, you could rely on metal for unrivalled durability. Plastic comes in handy for anyone looking for eco-friendliness. Feel free to compare and pick an affordable option for yourself.

Q: How do you know a locker is right for you?

Various aspects go into purchasing a suitable locker. From the materials used to the price range, you need to be sure of what you need. However, the goal is to get something that addresses your needs, provides durability, and enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal. That means you need to pay attention to the size, customization, number of units, and security provided.

Q: Are female reporters allowed in the locker room?

Typically, locker rooms are open to journalists before and after the game. This arrangement implies that players have to give up a little privacy in return for media attention.

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