Field Hockey Socks: Your Ultimate Choice

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Field Hockey Socks


While considering purchasing the hockey socks, you must go for something to facilitate warmth to your feet. The socks chosen must keep your feet dry, promoting a good performance on the ice. Various hockey socks are designed to be waterproof, while others are moisture-wicking and breathable.

Top 5 Field Hockey Socks

1. The Hockey Knit-Senior/Junior Sizes

The knit hockey is the top quality of socks, which you will get at much ease in the hockey pro shops. This brand comes in the colors of hockey uniforms with various solid practice socks. They are made of polyester blend or cotton material. Their ankles are elasticized; thus easily fit any size of an ankle. The can wash in the machine. They made for hokey from Canada.

2. The Hockey Woven Mid-Calf Socks

The brand is the best quality performance socks. They are half cushioned socks greatly looking and deliver securely fitting in any shoe, sneakers, or skates. The compression arch pad provides a breathable fit and super comfort to your feet. They are made in a moisture-winking form of technology. Their ventilation and keeps your feet dry compared to cotton socks.

They maintain cool skin by excess moisture reduction, thus eliminating odours in the game process. This brand is the best in gym lifting, regular practices, house lounging. This brand provides you with the best comfort that you deserve.

3. Chalk Talk Sports Hockey Half-Cushioned Crew Socks

This brand gives you a great look providing a secure fit in any shoe, sneaker, or skate. Your feet contours enhanced by the arch pads of compressions, giving you a super breathable fit and comfort. This allows you to focus all of your energy on gliding across the ice. They provide maximum ventilation due to their fast-drying nature. The socks keep your feet cool by quick perspiration movement away from your skin, preventing moisture accumulation, thus eliminating odour. While carrying out your regular practices, carrying out lifting at the gym, or just lounging around your house, this sock provides the comfort that you deserve.

This sock gives you a great look delivering a secure and reliable fit in skate, shoes, or sneakers. They come with an arch compression pad on the feet contours to provide a very breathable and comfortable fit. This comfort facilitates adequate energy focus on gridding on ice. They provide drying on your feet by removing excess moisture, and thus, the feet are free from odors. They provide the best in your daily activities.

4. Pear Sox Pro Weight Solid Color Hockey Socks

This brand gives you the softest option of socks. The sock’s design with a thin, ultra-soft, and comfortable blend of cotton

5. Hockey Socks Knit Senior or Junior Sizes Multiple.

The brand comes in many color options. The materials that make this sock wicks the moisture stretches, thus featuring a breathable design. They come in junior, seniors, and multiple sizes.


Q: What Size Hockey Socks Do I Need?

In the size determination, use fabric tape to measure your leg length. This length should be between the mid-thighs to the anklebone. In case the measurement taken falls between two sizes, take the larger size. Wrap the socks properly with tape; to the garter belt, attach the wrapped socks. You can also fasten the fabric on the tabs on the hockey shorts of jog to maintain the socks in their rightful place.

Q: Do You Wear Socks over Field Hockey Shin Guards?

The current hockey socks are very different from the skate or traditional hockey socks. This is because they are open-ended and do not cover the feet. Their design runs from the hockey pants’ bottom at the thigh mid-level up to the ankle. Besides the hockey socks, athletes prefer wearing skate socks to cover the best part of the feet. The hockey socks are vast compared to the traditional socks due to their fitting over the thick shin guards. The width of the hockey socks increases according to the socks size to accommodate large shin guards effectively.

Q: How Do You Size Field Hockey Shin Guards?

Shin guards that fitted well must sit securely at the center of your ankle and the knee. It must be in a position to cover everything at the top of the skate. A very long shin guard pushes the movement of the skate upwards. Very short shin guards make noticeable gaps that occur between the padding of the shin and the skate. Too short pads of the shin are not good ideas.

Q: Are Slip-In Shin Guards Better?

Yes. It is always essential to determine whether the shin guard is good. The game simulation of motion does this determination of the effectiveness on new. If the shin pads are good, they feel tight and secure on your legs.

Q: How Do You Wear Shin Guards Like A Pro?

It is essential to consider what you are supposed to put on your shin pads. In case you desire to wear it on the skates’ top, you have to go for the very large size of a shin guard. Putting the shins over the skate is the recommended way. The following steps are essential while wearing a shin guard.

  • Put a pair of socks or thin rash guards to guard your feet.
  • Open the guard of the shin.
  • Ensure that you fully pull shin pads over the guards
  • Put on your hockey shoes or the cleats.
  • As you stand, make several steps.
  • Make the necessary adjustment if need be.

Q: How Do I Choose Hockey Shin Guards?

The first way to make sure that the shin guard fits well is by taking the measurement actual shin length. Use a tape measure to determine the distance between the mid kneecap and your ankle while standing. These measurements are done while you have the skates put on.

Final Thoughts

A hockey player needs to put on hockey socks. Manufacturers give you a wide variety of socks that offers you the comfort that you deserve. While buying any of the hockey materials, consider the durability of the material durability used in making the product. Ensure that the gears are put on well to reduce the chances of injuries.

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