Hockey Equipment Dryer: Essential Things You Must Know

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Hockey Equipment Dryer


In the fast-paced world of hockey, where precision and performance are paramount, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition is a top priority. Enter the hockey equipment dryer, a technological marvel designed to safeguard your gear from moisture and odor. By employing innovative drying methods, these devices extend the lifespan of your equipment, prevent bacterial growth, and maintain peak performance. This introduction explores the significance of a hockey equipment dryer, highlighting its role in preserving your investment while maximizing your prowess on the ice.

Wet equipment not only drags down your game, but it also gives you an irritating smell that your teammates wouldn’t appreciate. That’s why it’s very essential for your hockey equipment to fully dry out before playing on your next game.

Besides that, ensuring that your equipment is clean and dry is another positive towards increasing its durability. But due to the comprehensive unit that is the hockey equipment, some find it hard to fully dry it before the next game. This is where the hockey equipment dryer comes in to enable the drying process and make it more effective.

Hockey Equipment Dryer

This equipment dryer has a combination of features that can dry your equipment within a short period. It features heat and vented air that not only dries out your hockey equipment but also makes sure that your equipment is rid of any smell.

Moreover, the rack is also helpful in clearing harmful bacteria on your equipment for an improved lifespan. It’s an aluminum rack designed with many racks to fit all your hockey equipment for drying.

With this tool, you’ll always have your hockey gear wear fresh and readily available to be used in the next game.

Guide to Getting Rid Of “Hockey Smell’

As mentioned earlier, no one likes a teammate who smells like they haven’t showered in over a month or so. That’s because the combination of sweat, leather, and plastic in a hockey game results in a very awful smell.

Hence, you need to practice proper equipment hygiene to avoid being listed as one of such teammates. That said, the following guide will help you get rid of that irritating ‘hockey smell’ after every game.

Washing Gear

This should be the number one move in removing that irritating odor caused by sweat and bacteria build-up in hockey equipment. Most hockey equipment managers point out that they wash things such as gloves after 2-3 days to achieve optimal freshness and cleanliness.

Although not all hockey equipment is washed regularly, things like socks, skates, and helmets get cleaning services at least every month. Besides the smell, washing the hockey gear also prevents the risks of infection caused by bacteria build-up.

Because hockey is a contact sport, things like cuts and abrasions are inevitable here and there. The worse thing is if the open wound gets into contact with bacteria or dirty gear wear. That’s why it’s necessary and essential for hockey equipment to get cleaned regularly.


After cleaning your hockey gear, ensure that it receives optimal aeration to fully clear out any underlying moisture. You can do this by hanging the pre-washed equipment on a dryer or using fans and dehumidifiers to get rid of any moisture.

Remember, it’s moisture that causes the bad odor and bacteria build up in hockey gear. So, proper aeration is essential in maintaining clean and odor-free equipment.

New Gear

Getting new gear often might be a capital-intensive experience, especially if you aren’t a pro who’s getting good money from playing. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your head up to tackle any changes.

That’s because your stick might easily break and leave you with nothing to play with if you don’t have a replacement backup. Also, it would be best to purchase backup shin guards or elbow pads and a pair of skates for when you outgrow them.


Sanitization is also another way of ensuring that your socks and gloves stay clean and odor-free at all times.
Using an ozone treatment machine can achieve this by killing the microbes in your hockey gear that cause the bad smell.

Home Treatment

There are also several remedies for smelly equipment that you can use at home if you don’t have the time and money to employ the NHL treatment methods. You can wash certain parts of your gear in a washing machine but exclude your skates and helmets. Ensure that you use plenty of soap and only use cold water.

As for the excluded skates and helmets, take out the inner removable materials in both of them and air dry them. Finally, use a disinfectant to wipe any hard plastic that the gear has to remove any bacteria.

Hockey Equipment Dryer Rack

This is an innovative product that will certainly give you great value for your hard-earned cash. It is simply the most effective hockey drying rack on the market. Its construction utilizes heavy-duty and highly durable materials designed to ensure long-lasting quality.

You can rest assured that its high-tech painting prevents rusting of this equipment. The all-metal powder coating ensures optimal stability. With this hockey equipment dryer rack, you have a plethora of choices for storing your hockey equipment. It has multiple bars and ten heavy-duty clips that are sufficient for all your equipment.

The engineering ensures a proper fit for everyone, whether adults or youths are using it. You will just have to trust that it will hold everything for you. It is an incredible tool to have. Assembling this equipment is quite easy and you need not have any special tools.


High-quality build meant to last long

Easy to assemble

Fits all hockey equipment flawlessly

Great value for your money


• Many not properly handle very heavy wet equipment

Hockey Equipment Dryer: FAQ

Question: What Hockey equipment should go in the washing machine?

Answer: Apart from your skates and helmet, every other part of your hockey equipment can be washed in the machine.

Question: What are the required equipment’s for playing ice hockey?

Answer: A full set of hockey gear should have a mask, neck-guard, mouth-guard, elbow pads, shoulder pads, pants, athletic cup, skates, gloves, a stick, and shin guards.

Question: How do I get the smell out of my gloves?

Answer: You only need to wash them regularly alongside your other hockey gear. Also, you can add vinegar for killing the bacteria causing the odor.

Final Verdict

That’s our comprehensive guide to getting rid of the hockey smell on your equipment. The information is also essential in helping you enhance your equipment’s lifespan.

With a fresh and odorless hockey unit, you won’t have to worry about the odor or contracting infections. The focus will now be on the game and achieving your winning goals.

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