Best Hockey Bag: An Ultimate Buying Guide

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Best Hockey Bag


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Are you a hockey enthusiast who would wish to transport his paraphernalia smoothly from one area to another? Have you been seeking the most suitable products to dedicate to these jobs? We are pleased to let you know that you have just arrived at the right place. Here, we are going to review the Best Hockey Bag as well as all kinds of bags you might find useful and suited for your courses.


As our starting point, we examine and review 15 of the best hockey bags that money can buy you at the moment. To come up with this list, we looked into the leading manufacturers and the special qualities that set these pieces of equipment apart from the others.

#1: ARMY CAMO Military Tactical Wheeled Deployment Trolley Duffel Bag

In a nutshell, this is a heavy-duty military bag that is suited for many other outdoor purposes as well. These include trekking, running, hiking, and of course camping.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Large Capacity Luggage

Its luggage chamber does have a truly large capacity that is capable of holding a vast size of the load. Moreover, the interior is highly compartmentalized for the sake of easier storage and retrieval of the gears.

Maximum Versatility

Using this bag, it is possible for you to tackle many storage and allied needs. These include working, sportsmanship, and a host of other outdoor applications.


  • Contains many small pockets for maximum storage of gears.
  • Its handles are reinforced for ease of handling.
  • Makes a perfect gift for the male child.


  • Too bulky to clean easily.

Product Link:

#2: Howies Hockey Tape Puck Bag Carrying Case

Have many pucks to carry around as you move about your hockey games? Get your hands on this one whose carrying capacity stands at the whopping 50 pucks.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable Nylon Shell

A durable Nylon shell stands out as the premier part and component of the bag. It is strong, resistant to wears, and durable enough to allow for long-term engagements.

Reinforced Polyethylene Bottom

At its bottom is the reinforced Polyethylene material that also comes equipped with some drain holes. These enable the smoother dissipation of the interior moisture that may compromise the hockey gears.


  • Has a large capacity of about 50 pucks.
  • Possesses spaces for your other gears besides hockey.
  • Its shoulder is padded for an added degree of comfort.


  • Quite delicate and in need of constant repairs.

Product Link:

#3: A&R Hockey Stick Bag

The A&R brand is the one to go for if you are largely intent on using the same to work in areas that are damp and experience heavier amounts of precipitation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

600 Denier Polyester

At its core is the water-resistant 600 denier polyester fabric makeup. The fact that it resists water damages makes it appropriate for use in areas that are on the whole quite damp.

Appropriately Integrated

The interior chambers of the bag are appropriately integrated to hold a diverse amount and nature of loads. Common examples of these are the goalie sticks and the player sticks.


  • The brand is truly reputable in the long run.
  • Its exterior features a nice Navy Blue color.
  • Truly reliable in the long run.


  • Demands too much care and attention.

Product Link:

#4: STX Ice Hockey Premium Player Bag

Seeking the best hockey bag that can or is to take you longer and further? The quality of such a bag no doubt has to be premium. How about placing your bet on this one for a start?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Polyvinyl Construction

Making it largely capable of managing long time usage is the heavy-duty and waterproof polyvinyl construction. It is strong enough in fact to withstand the harshest weather elements.

Ventilation Panels

A series of ventilation panels do exist round and about the bag. As you may have realized, they serve to facilitate the smooth flow and exchange of the air into and out of the bag.


  • Allows for prolonged and repeated usage.
  • Requires fewer incidences of repairs and maintenance.
  • Unlikely to pose premature damages to the interior paraphernalia.


  • Way quite weighty for an ordinary user to lift.

Product Link:

#5: Disney Frozen Elsa & Olaf 28 Inch Junior Hockey Bag – Blue

Planning to go out for hockey when it is wintry? We would wish to draw your attention to this particular bag. It is strong, thick, and better placed to withstand the harsh cold.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exclusive Color Combination

By and large, the item comprises an exclusive color combination that makes it also capable of discharging excellent aesthetics to the person who beholds the same.

Excellent Features

Many excellent features also form a vital part and aspect of this hockey bag. These include robust straps, Polyester material makeup, and two-way zippers.


  • Good materials constitute this bag.
  • Available in a great shape and weight.
  • Easier to carry around thanks to the padded straps.


  • Catches dirt a bit too easily.

Product Link:

#6: Travelway Group International Inc. New Warrior W20 Wheeled Ice Hockey Player Equipment Bag

Intending to haul a large piece of hockey equipment? You may have to contend with this one. It has a large pocket that measures around 38 inches to allow for the attainment of this end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Strong and Powerful

When all is said and done, the bag is really strong and powerful. Hardly does it sustain premature damages like many of its peers ordinarily have to. Then again it is water-resistant.

U-shaped Zipper Opening

Its zipper assumes the U shape and hence allows for easier opening and closure of the bag. You won’t hence have to struggle to have your way as is the case with the other bags.


  • Its handles are sturdy and reliable to make use of
  • The wheels are sturdy and hence enable seamless transportation.
  • Allows for smoother access to and retrieval of the contents.


  • A person with smaller hands will find it somewhat discouraging

Product Link:

#7: Desheze Sport Duffel Bag Ice hockey Gym Bag Kids Travel Bag Weekend Bag

Like to travel a lot? You might want to choose and incorporate this bag as part and parcel of your itinerary. It is also optimized for the matters of regular travels thanks to its compact nature.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Lightweight Gym Bag

Other than hauling the hockey gears, the bag may also be used in the gyms and for other sporting related applications. Its weight is light enough to allow for seamless handling.

Double Zipper Design

Also coming along is the double zipper design that facilitates the smooth opening and access of the interior contents. You will also experience a smoother switching of the interior gears as well.


  • All its critical parts adjust and detach for easier handling.
  • Serves as a messenger and a handbag as well.
  • Strong enough to handle all the outings and other allied issues.


  • Highly prone to wear and tear.

Product Link:

#8: NDKMEHFOJ Hockey Puck In Fire And Water Sports Gym Bag

Sometimes, carrying your gears using these bags is never really easy. You have to struggle a lot to be able to achieve that end. Thankfully, you now have the best hockey bag here that is really optimized for the simplicity of carrying.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Large Capacity

Its interior storage capacity is large enough to allow for the accommodating of similarly large volumes of the load. You may also carry along your personal clothing attire as you move about your business.

Separate Dry Compartment and Wet Pockets

Also existing in the bag is a separate dry compartment that attaches to some wet pockets. They provide additional space for the containment of the extras and gears that you need along the way.


  • Imbues exceptionally high levels of comfort when worn.
  • Versatile enough for the many allied tasks and purposes.
  • Has a waterproof lining that resists all forms of possible water damages.


  • The interior compartment is not heavily segmented as it should be

Product Link:

#9: LEVEIS Rink Ice hockey player Sports Duffel Bag

Mainly play ice hockey? Here you have a great companion! This bag is strong, heavily optimized to deter the risks of water damages, and is also strong enough for rigorous workouts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Comfortable Carry

For all practical purposes, this bag is a comfortable carry in the sense of being comfortable to handle and haul to the precise destination of eventual usage.

Sturdy and Durable

Additionally, the bag is also sturdy and durable enough to take you further and longer. The extensive use of high quality Nylon cloth to make it up is perhaps the core reason underlying this.


  • Comes in an ideal size for your leverage and offering.
  • Incorporates all the trappings and the resources you might need along the way.
  • Useful across numerous scenes and settings.


  • Limited to ice hockey alone.

Product Link:

#10: AISSO Duffel Bag for Women Men Grunge Hockey Puck Stick and Gate Sports Gym Tote Bag

Fewer bags of these kinds are really suited for use as carry-ons by air crafts. Thankfully, you have a friend and companion here that is appropriately suited for that specific circumstance of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Structural Makeup

Overall, the bag does exhibit some exceptional structural makeup. It does bear a side pocket, smooth metal zipper, an inner pocket, and one main zipper pocket, to name but a few!

Soft-padded Handle

Next comes the soft-padded handle that enables smooth transfer of the gadget to the required place of eventual usage. Due to the softness of the handle, the same might never really imperil the comfort of your hands.


  • Boasts of some unique printing patters for added aesthetics.
  • Suits the gym applications as well.
  • Makes for comfortable carrying and handling.


  • Slightly pricey and out of the reach of many deserving people.

Product Link:

#11: Imobaby Duffel Gym Bag Hockey Puck-in-Fire and Water Sports Travel Shoulder Bags

Searching for a bag that many people are to use? This best hockey bag might as well be the one you have been seeking. Its straps do adjust to enable as many people as possible to make great use of the same at a time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Twill+ Sponge Material

The twill and the sponge materials are extensively used to make it up. They are both waterproof and light enough for you to easily haul the bag to the required point of use without too much ado.

Reliable Smooth Zippers

To open and close the bag, you shall rely on some smooth zippers that are on the whole quite reliable to tap into. Additionally, the zippers make room for secure closing if and when need be.


  • May be carried by hand, cross-body or the shoulders.
  • Its straps are wider and comfortable in an equal streak.
  • Fits many kinds of users and wearers.


  • Calls for complex operational procedures from you.

Product Link:

#12: MUOOUM Canada Skull Crossbones Hockey Sports Gym Bag

Could it be that operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? If you do, this is the bag to pick and use for the job. It possesses some exterior handy pockets that allow for smoother and quicker access to the interior contents.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Water-resistant Canvas Bag

When all factors are put into consideration, this is a water-resistant canvas bag that stands taller to all the risks of possible damages by water and other moisture elements.

Metal Zippers

Its opening and closing mechanism comes in the form of metal zippers. These zippers also give the bag some sleek appearances that enhance the décor of your room’s interior and the areas where you mount it.


  • The shoulders detach to enable smoother handling and operations.
  • Great for those hockey activities that entail lots of travels.
  • Enables faster access to the interior contents.


  • Not a high quality product.

Product Link:

#13: Gothamite 36-inch Rolling Duffle Bag

Needless to say, it may not only be that the hockey gears are the one you haul from one area to another one. You definitely have other issues that you would wish to tackle ‘under one roof’ with a universal bag of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Large Capacity Universal Use

When all is said and done, this bag does have a large capacity and is also suited for universal usage. Go for it for all of your luggage handling and other accompanying incidences of usage.

Premium Quality Duffle Bag

Only a set of premium quality items and substances have been used to make the bag up. Thanks to these premium materials, the bag is appropriately suited to take you longer and further.


  • Imbues some modernistic designs.
  • Easier to store and retrieve.
  • Collapses to enable seamless handling and transportation.


  • Care and maintenance regimes are somewhat complicated.

Product Link:

#14: Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag, Black, 40-Inch

It is no secret that the Rockland brand is outstanding and highly reputable. Is it not also amazing for you to tap into its outstanding nature by picking and making use of this hockey bag?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Telescoping Handle

Standing taller among the many benefits that this bag potentially brings along is the telescoping handle. So long and accessible is the handle that it may reach those areas that are located afar off.

Sturdy Inline Wheels

A set of sturdy inline wheels do exist to anchor the bag and enable seamless transportation to the designated locations of use well. By virtue of the sturdy nature of the wheels, expect the bag to also minimize any fall-offs.


  • Great for the matters of regular travels.
  • The handle retracts to enable smooth engagements.
  • Stows away conveniently when you no longer have to use it.


  • Be prepared to spend a lot to acquire it.

Product Link:

#15: Howies Hockey Tape Puck Bag Carrying Case – Holds 50 Pucks

Most bags allow the contents to spill off when transported to the designated area of subsequent usage. To prevent this from happening, we ask that you use this best hockey bag that closes at the top.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High Tenacity Nylon

A set of high tenacity Nylon has been employed extensively to make the bag up. Being strong and agile, this material also makes for the longevity of the bag in enduring many spates of damages.

Built-in Drain Holes

Located at the bottom of the bag are some drain holes. They serve to cool the beverages that you stash in it and hence make your whole life better and more comfortable.


  • Lasts fairly long enough.
  • Reinforced for added agility when in use.
  • The shoulder is padded for additional comfort for you.


  • Comes with almost no pucks.

Product Link:


We now belabor the top three best hockey bags with wheels. These are optimized for the matters of easier transportation to the designated locations of eventual usage. By possessing the wheels, they are also easier to take to the designated locale of use just fine.

#1: Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag, Black/Blue, One Size

Do you intend to haul a piece of heavy luggage along the way? The best hockey bag with wheels of your choice and subsequent liking has to be spacious enough to haul and handle a similarly higher quantity of luggage. How about making good use of this one?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Spacious Main Compartment

Its core is a spacious main compartment that serves to accommodate the heaviest and the bulkiest amounts of load. What’s more? You may also use it to haul another load beside the hockey equipment.

Smooth-rolling Wheels

A set of smooth-rolling wheels round up the list of the many goodies that the item potentially brings along. They are smoother and hence allows for the easier transportation of the item to wherever and whenever you might need to.


  • Quite reliable and spacious at the same time.
  • Comfortable and convenient enough for regular travels.
  • The interior is compartmentalized for the purpose of holding your many gears well.


  • Takes up huge storage and mounting spaces for you.

Product Link:

#2: Adidas XL Team Wheel Bag

The Adidas brand has carved a niche as being a very strong and reliable manufacturer of sporting items. By choosing to work with this specific best hockey bag with wheels, you stand a chance of reaping the self-same awesome benefits that the bag does bring forth.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

XL-sized Main Compartment

Its main compartment is extra-large and hence capable of holding the highest volumes of load available. It also negates the need to carry multiple storage and transportation items as you move about.

Haul Handles

Existing to make your haulage even more comfortable is the set of the haul handles. These are padded for added comfort and also remove to allow for smoother care and maintenance on your part.


  • Lasts longer than many other bags of its kinds.
  • Its wheels roll smoothly to enable seamless transportation.
  • Gives you plenty of room for branding and embroidery.


  • Is not machine-washable and hence difficult to maintain.

Product Link:

#3: Travelers Club 36″ 3-Wheel Rolling Expandable Duffle Bag, Blue Option

As the designation of this best hockey bag with wheels implies, it is great for the matters of regular travels. Consider hence laying your hands on it to travel around easily and conveniently whether on-road or via air.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

“U” Shaped Opening

A ‘U’ shaped opening exists to enable smoother access and retrieval of the contents that are tucked in it. For this reason, it does not in any way impede your smoother movements and engagements on the whole.

3-wheel System

At its base is a 3-wheel system that anchors the item and at the same time provides the support you need to carry the gears to the remote locale easily. Being three, they are stable enough to forestall any trips or fall-offs.


  • Has a pretty large volume capacity.
  • Its handles are padded for the sake of added comfort for you.
  • Expands and collapses at the same time.


  • Contains fewer interior compartments.

Product Link:


A goalie hockey bag contains those pieces of gears that are intended for the prevention of the scores. It is spacious, highly specialized, and tough enough to stave off premature damages. We now round it up with the best hockey goalie bag. Take a look at the top bag of this kind at the moment.

#1: CCM Hockey Pro Wheel Goalie Bag 44″, Black

Of all the sum total benefits that the best hockey goalie bag may yield forth, it is the fact that it lasts the longest that stands out. To allow for this, the bag features stronger makeup and is also less inclined to the risks of damages.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty Tarpaulin

Setting the bar high is the heavy-duty tarpaulin that adorns the makeup of the bag. The tarpaulin is made of 1680D polyester that is strong, resistant to wear and tear, and is also waterproof.

3 All-terrain Wheels U-opening

All its wheels are stronger and highly resistant to the various agents of wear and tear. Consider the wheels hence able to last longer and perform well regardless of the occasions where they are deployed for use.


  • Its grab lines are reinforced for added strength and performances.
  • Some pockets exist at the sides to enable seamless access to the interior contents.
  • Comes about in convenient packaging and size.


  • Catches dirt and predisposes its users to the respiratory illnesses.

Product Link:

When you need to carry a lot of equipment

Having one of the best hockey bags on your side takes a lot of worry off your mind. Not only will you be able to transport all your gear at one time, your equipment will be safe inside.

The most difficult part of buying a good hockey bag is making the decision on which one to buy. These bags come in all sizes and shapes and some even double as a duffel bag.

To get the best hockey bag around just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to find your way to one of the best hockey bags you can buy.

Best Hockey Bag Buying Guide

Types Of Different Hockey Bags

Hockey bags come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many to choose from that your selection will depend on your personal preference, your age and how much hockey equipment you own.

Then there are the wheeled and non wheeled models. Most of the younger kids prefer the wheeled bag. The reason for that is their arm strength is not where it should be and the equipment does get heavy.

For younger players it is much easier and safer for them to carry their equipment by dragging the bag on its wheels. Most older kids prefer the non wheeled bag and the reason for that is that those bags take up less room.

They are easier to pack and besides, their own players and the players on the other team may tease them for not being strong enough to carry their hockey equipment. Then, non wheeled bags are easier to get up the stairs as well.

Then you want it large enough just in case you start adding more hockey gear to your collection.

What Hockey Bag Size Do I Need?

To find the right size of hockey bag, you should look at the amount of equipment you need to place inside of it. There needs to be room for hockey pants, shin and elbow pads, jocks, skates, socks, gloves, helmet mouth guard, practice jersey and more.

Then you need to ask yourself if you are going to be adding any equipment to your already large pile of hockey attire you must wear. Mouth guards are small so they will fit in anywhere. Do you need to add in a neck guard, helmet cage, shoulder pads, water bottle, pucks and other accessories.

Once you answer those questions, you should know what size of hockey bag you will need. If you are a younger player, you may not need as large of hockey bag as the older players simply because your equipment will be smaller in size.

You may also have less equipment to carry. To get the right size of bag look at your hockey equipment needs. Goalies will need extra large bags if they plan on putting their leg pads in their hockey bag along with the rest of their equipment.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hockey Bag

When you are considering choosing a hockey bag, size is not everything. There are other factors involved that help determine which bag you will buy. Here are some of those factors

  1. Construction material will the material hold up to a lot of hockey wear and tear or will it fall apart right away. The material should be strong and durable.
  2. Quality the material used to make the bag should not tear at any place including any zippers that are on the bag. Check to make sure
  3. Colorsnot so important but make sure the colors are not of your opponent’s team. you do not need to make enemies of your teammates. your own team colors or black are usually the best and safest choices.
  4. Handles– these too need to be strong as they have to pick up and carry a lot of weight. You don’t want them tearing off at the wrong time.
  5. Wheels or no wheels solely up to your preference. If you choose wheels make sure they are strong enough to handle the weight that will be placed on them
  6. Odoryou want a construction material on your hockey bag that does not absorb and emits those sweaty and other foul odors that come from a hockey uniform or its equipment before they have been washed

Hockey Bag Buying Guide

#1. Size

As we stated earlier, the size of hockey bag you will need will depend on your size and the amount of equipment you have. it is always best to go with a size or two larger just in case.

#2. Type

This is strictly up to you and the rules your coach or league may have about hockey bags. But you can go with any type you want including having wheels or not. this choice is solely up to you and any rules that may govern this area of hockey

#3. Price

The most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not always the worst. Hit somewhere in the middle and you should be able to get a good quality hockey bag that fits your budget

#4. Materials used

This one has already been mentioned but it deserves a second mentioning. It is that important. You do not want to be spending more money after your cheap one fell apart.

Usually, the higher the cost the better the quality except when buying name brand items. Double check the materials, the zippers, the pockets, the handles and the wheels to make sure they can do the job for a long time.

#5. Durability

This is next to quality as hockey bags take a pounding and need to hold up to that rough treatment. The more durable the bag is the less you have to worry about it. Plus, the longer it will last.

#6. Combination

This could be for security reasons. A combination lock is always handy to have. But this may be more for double duty and your hockey bag can serve as a duffel bag when on camping trips, vacation and other travel activities you may have planned. By having a combination bag, you get more use for your money.

#7. Care

This is also important. the material should be easy to launder, dry and keep clean. That saves on expenses and keeps your bag around the house when you need it in a hurry. Also, as we said above, make sure the fabric does not absorb foul odors. If it does, your own teammates may not get too close to you

#8. Warranty

Check to see what the return policy is on hockey bags. This is important to know as you do not want to waste a lot of money by buying an inferior bag and not being able to return it

Ice Hockey bag buying guide

Everything that would normally fall into this category has already been stated. Ice hockey bags are no different from any other hockey bag and you have to take the same precautions when searching for one of the best hockey bags around.

You can get ice hockey bags in traditional style, a duffel style or a back pack style. The last one helps spread the weight around your body so you do not get worn out any faster than you should.

There are also wheeled and non wheeled versions and which one of those you choose is up to you as well. You will have a lot of freedom in what kind of hockey bag you buy so make the most of it and get the one that suits you best.

The main key is to make sure the bag is big enough to handle your skates and other hockey equipment. You do not need to carry two bags when one large one will do. Also, nylon material is the go to fabric for hockey bags.

it is good material and the way to know that you got the best nylon fabric is to look at the durability scale. Hockey bag material is rated on a scale from 100 to 1000 with 1000 being the best and 100 being the worst. Go for the higher number.

Best Hockey Bag Accessories

There are no real hockey bag accessories. Hockey bags are hockey bags and they do not need accessories to help them carry your equipment. However, you can get a lot of hockey accessories like face masks, stick handling training equipment, rebounding foam, water bottles and more.

Your bag should be big enough to handle that added equipment or have enough pockets to organize them away from your regular hockey gear. Plus, your hockey bag should have room for hockey tape, hockey scissors, pucks, and other hockey necessities.

What accessories you buy and put in the bag is up to you. Just make sure the bag is strong enough to handle the extra weight.

Best hockey bags: FAQs

#1. Does every hockey player need a bag?

Yes, they do. It is quite awkward carrying all that hockey gear in your hands. Plus, the bag keeps the gear safe when it is tossed around for transporting to the ice rink and back.

#2. Are all hockey wheel bags coming with 2 wheels?

No, two wheels just happen to be the easiest to maneuver around. There are 3 wheeled hockey bags but they are not as popular as the two wheeled options. We have not seen any 4 wheeled hockey bags yet but give it time, they may be added to the list.

#3. What are hockey wheeled bags made of?

The upper parts of the bag are made with the same materials as non wheeled hockey bags. You can have both nylon and polyester fabric or just one or the other. The wheels should be made of heavy duty plastic to make sure they are strong enough to handle the weight.

#4. What is the price of a hockey bag?

The prices range from a low of $79 to about $200 depending on the store you buy it at and what materials it is made from. Do some shopping around to get the best quality at the lowest price possible.

#5. What sizes do hockey bags come in?

They come in all sizes and some come with exterior pockets to make sure you have the space you need to organize your equipment and get to it fast. If you do not have a lot of hockey equipment it is best to go with a smaller bag. it will be lighter and easier to carry.

#6. What are the best brands when it comes to hockey bags?

Some of the best brands also make other hockey gear like sticks and gloves, etc., CCM, Bauer, Jamm, Warrior, Mylec are just some of the top brands you can buy. There are also good off brand hockey bags that can be found in different retail outlets or marketplaces.

#7. What other hockey gear should I have in my hockey bag?

You should have extra pucks, hockey tape, a couple of water bottles, , skate guards, shin pad tape and any practice equipment you need to sharpen your game.

#8. What is the best hockey bag to buy?

The best one you can purchase would be the one that holds up the best and holds all your equipment comfortably. As long as it meets your needs, it is the best

Getting the right size of hockey bag is the most important issue. It is right next to durability and quality. By following the above information, you should find the best hockey bag for you.

All you have to do is make sure the price is right.


We bring an end to us peek into the best hockey bag there. Having done the much we can or should, we defer the matter to you now to implement the issue. That cannot mean anything else save for you to purchase at least one piece of equipment from the list above. It is advisable for you to take too long to make your mind up as these items are hot on demand. Go for it with the utmost confidence!

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