Women’s Hockey Pants: Ultimate Choice for Girls

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Women's Hockey Pants


Most women hockey players find it challenging to get hockey pants. In case you are a hockey player, you might have experienced such an incident in your life. However, you should not be worried anymore because this review has you covered, and it will offer you an insight into the best women’s hockey pants.

Top 7 Best Women’s Hockey Pants

#1. CCM WSI Women’s Pants

This product is the best women’s hockey pant since it holds an exceptional quality. These pants feature a 1-inch extension, stretch fabric via the middle front to the back, and a thigh zipper. Furthermore, it might not be suitable for thin and tall players since it is not cut as they might require. However, these pants fit most of the players correctly. Thanks for these features for making these pants outstanding. If you search for the best women’s hockey pants, consider these pants for a remarkable performance.

#2. Tackla W880 Women’s Pants

These pants are a little broader, unlike the normal panties. Ideal, they are the best choice for stockier players, even though the two-belt system makes them perfect for anyone. Moreover, they have a durable design and the potential to fit you properly because they come packaged with a two-belt closure system and 420D nylon. This offers it a perfect fit around your waist as well as the hips. On the other hand, its padding is less protective than Tackla’s unisex pants. It might not be easy for you to get the right size because they use the European sizing system, but they are excellent pants.

#3. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Women’s Hockey Pants – Womens

The BAUER VAPOR X800 LITE WOMEN’S HOCKEY PANTS are an affordable option for most hockey players. They are undoubtedly the best when it comes to delivering maximum performance because they guarantee you excellent protection as well as an improved fit. Its spine protection utilizes Hyperlite HD foam, especially in an integrated spine pad. Besides, it offers you kidney protection from an ergonomic MD foam pad plus a molded PE. Likewise, their hip pads feature a tapered design from molded PE protection. They have an adjustable belt, one-inch extension, side release buckle, and skate lace closure. Additionally, they have an improved fit and mobility since they incorporate 4ood nylon.

#4. Vapor X2.9 Pants Senior

In search of the best women’s hockey pants, opt for VAPOR X2.9 PANTS SENIOR. Ideally, they are suitable for skilled players since they offer 100% protection and an excellent fit. Furthermore, it provides you remarkable benefits, which makes you deliver maximum performance whenever gaming. Bear in mind that the pattern of this product is refined to move with your entire body. These products feature an engineered design for outstanding mobility balance. They also offer you sufficient protection and comfort since they comprise a tapered fit in their hips and the X-LITE SHIELD Spine. With this product, you can move freely within your heavy-duty nylon shell of 420D.

#5. Supreme 2s Pants Junior

These pants incorporate IX foam pod protection, especially in the tail ad area. Similarly, it features a zippered extension fit, which generates a 1-inch extension length. SUPREME 2S PANTS JUNIOR delivers excellent performance because they feature a thermos Max + liner, making players feel comfortable and cool throughout the entire scheduled games. They come in different sizes, and you can easily find your size. Make it your choice and experience incredible performance with absolutely zero disappointments.

#6. Bauer Nexus N9000 Women’s Pants

In case you are heavy build or average in height, opt for Bauer Nexus N9000 Women’s Pants. They have sturdy construction with 840D nylon and feature 1-inch extension, stretch fabric, and zippers. Likewise, they also have a traditional fit, unlike other products. However, they are a bit bigger in the waist. Therefore, thanks to these products feature for making it gain popularity in the market. Suppose you need the best women ants for playing hockey. Choose Bauer Nexus N9000 Women’s Pants for maximum performance. Additionally, they will leave you 100% satisfied.

#7. Quicklite 290 Pants

The QUICKLITE 290 PANTS feature a modern design, which guarantees you a more tapered fit as well as the snug. They incorporate a dry foam technology liner and modern stretch lycra zone at the back and have one length adjustment. It is a lightweight pant with a less and customizable bulky fit. You must know that a pro 4000 nylon plus a breathable polyester construction reinforces help to minimize durability and weight.

Top 5 Best Women’s Ice Hockey Pants

#1. Bauer Vapor X-W (Ice Hockey Pants-Women’s)

These pants have been designed to properly fit the women’s body while generating maximum protection and generating full coverage. The hip and inseam areas of these pants are adjusted to contour to make your body feel comfortable during the entire duration of gaming. They feature thick foams and molded plastic to generate top-notch protection, especially in full impact areas. Furthermore, the molded HD spine has a flex design, which helps the protection contour to your lower back to maintain protection during movement. On the other hand, it comprises a robust 840D nylon shell, making it more durable and long-lasting.

#2. CCM Jetspeed FTW (Ice Hockey Pants- Women’s)

You must know that CCM Jetspeed FTW contains an innovative design a professional level input of women hockey players. Most women love these pants because they are manufactured by women and for women. Additionally, the ice hockey pants for women are perfect for any given women’s physique. You only need to ensure that you utilize the stretch back panels, which enable your pants to pull on or off easily. They have an internal belt that is adjustable with a skate closure system to ensure that the panty is secure around your waist whenever you are gaming. CCM Jetspeed FTW offers you 100% protection in your entire body parts. The spine D30 adds exceptional impact protection.

#3. Stark Nc7-Mfg Ice Hockey Pants-Women’s

With these products, you do not have to worry about ill-fitting gear. Moreover, most women hockey players will tell you that they dislike hockey pants that do not fit them appropriately, specifically those made for men. Therefore, NC7 hockey pants are Made for Girls (MFG). They have a design that suits the female body model with no compromise on style, protection, feel, or even fit. These pants have total potential to fit the female body type and guarantee you longer thigh protection and a wider hi to waist ratio. Besides, they are lightweight and allow players to play to their best of their ability.

#4. True Ax9 Ice Hockey Pants- Senior

The TRUE AX9 ICE HOCKEY PANTS- SENIOR has the maximum potential to withstand substantial impacts on the spine, kidney, and hips. This because it features TRUE’s AEROshield system for protection and the ABSOR Foam technology. These products are lightweight and feature a flexible design that enables them to deliver incredible performance. They have an optimized fit, which is built to offer you comfort. Additionally, they have an inner lock belt system, a pro-level nylon shell of 840D, plus three overlay materials. Therefore, thanks to these products feature, for making it deliver maximum performance.

#5. Bauer Nsx Recreational Ice Pants – Youth

In case you are a young hockey player, this product is excellent for you since it offers lightweight protection. Its protection is based on vital areas such as lower thighs, tailbone, his, spine, and kidneys. Furthermore, in each of the areas mentioned above, they have hard plastic combined with a thick foam to add more protection and comfort. It also has a skate lace system and a traditional nylon cinch belt to maintain them secure and tight around your waist.

Women’s Hockey Pants Buyers’ Guide

Most women hockey players are on the lookout for the best hockey pants suitable for women to enhance their performance in hockey. However, they are not familiar with the factors they should consider to get the best pants because the market is flooded with numerous pants designs. Below are several factors you should consider when searching for women’s hockey pants:


There are three primary parts of the hockey pants: the inner liner, padding, and outer shell. The traditional hockey pants combine all of them into one garment. Therefore, you can choose to buy the shell as well as the girdle separately. For maximized mobility, the shell is usually made of stretch materials and nylon. The padding is made from many foams and is divided into the entire pant to engulf vital body parts. Thus, when buying your hockey pants, ensure that their construction gives you maximum protection


It would help if you considered your style when it comes to choosing your hockey pants. This means you can opt for a snug fit, boy, or classic impression. Ensure that the pants you choose can offer maximum protection and suit your style.


Your play style plays an essential role in the model of pants you need to purchase. In case you are a beginner, you might not require curve composite, a FleXorb smart foam, or a PowerLite technology. However, pants with good tailbone padding might be excellent for beginners. Professional players can go for advanced pants with extra padding and advanced foams.


The size of your hockey pant matters because it offers you comfort and safety. Therefore, the pads need to be positioned on vulnerable areas of your body and be in alignment with the shoulder pads and shin guards. Ensure that you choose pants that fit you properly for maximum safety.

Women’s Hockey Pants: FAQs

How big should hockey pants be?

The waist area of hockey pants should be tight, but not too tight. Besides, the bottom of the wear needs to be on top or in the of your kneecap.

Do hockey pants have the same model?

No, hockey pants do not have the same model because some feature adjustable lengths and enable the extension, especially on the upper area, such as the spine protection situated at the back. On the other hand, some models contain inner belt locking for personal fit to varying players.

What model of pants do professional players wear?

Professionals wear different pants; most of these pants come from Warrior, True hockey, CCM, or even Bauer. These pants are manufactured with varying technology, such as 37.5 technology, 400D nylon, seven +foam impacts, and memory foam.

What should you wear under your pants?

Appropriate underneath tools are essential to enhance movability; these gear include hockey socks, jockstrap, compression garments, base layer pants, and hockey shoes.

What kind of pants do NHL players wear?

Short hockey pants form part of the complete full-body tool worn by ice hockey players at all gaming levels.

How do you break in the hockey pants?

The best way to break in your hockey pants is through wearing and using them naturally. Within some time, it will break-in. In case you need quick results, you can opt for taping or skate ovens.

How does a hockey panty shell work?

They ensure that your entire panties are correctly inline and the girdles are not slipping down when gaming.

What is a hockey Breezer?

Hockey pants are usually knee to waist protective gear for roller hockey players and ice hockey players. These hockey pants are also called breezers.

How far should your hockey pant go?

For sufficient protection, your pant should be long enough to cover your knees, especially when bending. Furthermore, above your waist, it should extend to your lower rib cage and the end of your shoulder pads.

What are the types of hockey pants?

There are two types of hockey pants, primarily: traditional hockey pants and Girdles.

What should you consider when buying women’s hockey pants?

It would be best to consider several factors when purchasing women’s hockey pants, such as aesthetics, style of play, fit, and budget, among many more factors.

Which are the best hockey pants?

The best hockey pants usually roll down to a personal preference and how best they are likely to deliver maximum performance. However, it is ideal that you choose a product with outstanding features and deliver excellent results when gaming.

What is the comparison between girdle and hockey pants?

Girdle fits you tightly, such as compression shorts; they must also be engulfed using the shell while hockey pants are loose and tightly fit you around your waist. You can hold them up using the suspender.

What brands are famous for hockey pants?

The most famous brands when it comes to the manufacturing of hockey pants are warrior, Bauer, and CCM.

What are hockey’s pant components?

  • Hip pad
  • Quadriceps pads
  • Kidney pads
  • Tailbone pad


In case you had some difficulty finding the best women’s hockey pants, this review will help you land on some of the excellent products in the industry. Furthermore, do not go for pants that hot, instead choose panties that offer your kidneys, spine, tailbone, and hips 100% protection whenever you will be gaming. The checklist above will guide you.

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