Youth Hockey Pants: An Ultimate Buying Guide

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Youth Hockey Pants


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When it comes to gearing up for the game, youth hockey players understand the importance of having the right equipment. Among the essential items that contribute to both safety and performance are youth hockey pants. These specialized pants go beyond just providing a uniform look on the ice; they offer vital protection and comfort to young players as they glide, pivot, and maneuver during intense hockey matches.

Designed with the needs of young athletes in mind, youth hockey pants are crafted to withstand the rigors of the game while ensuring a snug and ergonomic fit. From reinforced padding in key impact areas to adjustable features that accommodate growing bodies, these pants are an integral component of a player’s overall hockey kit.

Ultimate Guide To Buying Youth Hockey Pants

Due to the importance of suitable hockey pants for a player, it is vital to choose the best to give maximum protection. There is a need to scrutinize the characteristics of each pant before settling. Here are some things that you will need to take into consideration when shopping for the best youth hockey pants:

1. Price

When choosing Youth hockey pants, it does not necessarily mean that the most expensive is the best. This is because not every player will need the most expensive pants. Each Youth player will need pants that can protect them at the level at which they are playing. The pricey equipment is made of advanced technology to provide maximum protection that plays competitively. Others playing for recreational purposes can settle for less pricey pants so long as they suit their needs.

2. Fit/size

When buying Junior Hockey Trousers, it is vital to consider the Size as hockey pants come in different sizes, and every player has their way of wearing them. Some companies are known for making their pants with a loose fit; while there are others are known for making theirs fit snugly. Snug pants are the best as they won’t restrict movements.

3. Weight

When choosing the best youth hockey pants, consider light in weight; this is vital because the lighter the pants, the lesser the fatigue. Heavy pants also tend to hinder mobility. Though this should not compromise safety and durability,

4. Protection

When shopping for the best youth hockey pant, the protection it provides to a Youth player is the first thing that should be considered. Hockey pants are made to protect the hips, thighs, spine, and kidneys as opposed to the traditional ones where the concentration was on just the thighs and hips and no protection on those other parts. The thicker the pants are, the more protection they provide and the heavier they will be.

5. Style

When choosing the best youth hockey pants, consider one that appeals to the youth player’s eye. Youth hockey pants nowadays come in various colors and designs. Though protection is the most important style also should not be overlooked.

6. Fastening

Before settling for Junior Hockey Trousers, you should be aware of how the player would like to hold up their pants. Since these pants are made with a loose type of fit, it is vital to keep them in place. These can be done in 3 ways using drawstrings, suspenders, and belts; choose one according to the preference and taste of a specific youth player.

Components of a hockey pant

To understand well how to look for the best youth hockey pants, you should be aware of the parts that make up hockey pants.

• The lower back and kidney protection: This part sits above the hips and wraps through the entire pants. Some pants are made with some extra piece of protection that extends up higher on the lower back.

• The high protection: This part runs from the waist covering the entire hip bone. This part can be adjusted with a belt to give a proper fit.

• Upper leg padding: These parts are meant to protect both the hamstrings and the quad muscles. More of the material is concentrated on the quad as opposed to the hamstrings.

Measuring and sizing of Youth Hockey Pants

Hockey pants come in different brands, and each will have different fittings. Sizing Youth Hockey pants the right way is imperative because the young players are just trying to learn the sport, and pants that don’t fit well can hurt their progress in learning to skate. The most important part that should fit besides the others is the waist area. The pants should also be long enough to protect the area above the shin guards.

The sizing of youth hockey pants comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large. The small-size youth hockey pants are for those players who measure 3’3,” and “3” 7 and have a waist that measures between 20″ and 22.

Youth Hockey Pant Sizing

Youth hockey pants are essential for young players just trying to learn because hockey pants that aren’t fitting correctly can hurt the progress in learning to skate! If a youth player’s hockey pants are a little bit, that should be fine as long as the waist fits correctly and they are long enough to protect the area above the shin guards.

The last type of hockey pant sizing in youth sizes. These are for the youngest players, and they also come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. The youth small-sized hockey pants are for players who are 3’3″ and 3’7″ with a waist between 20″ and 22″.

The medium-sized, medium-sized pants are for players who measure between 3’7″ and 4’3″ with a waist size that ranges between 20″ and 22″.

The large-sized youth hockey pants are for skaters between 3’10” and 4’6″ with a waist size of between 22″ and 24″.

Finally, the extra-large skaters are for youth players whose measurement is between 4’2″ and 4’7″ with a waist that ranges between 22″ and 24″.

There is a difference in the height of tall these youth hockey pants, so when choosing, make sure you pick the correct size.

How to measure the waist for youth hockey pants

It can be pretty easy to make a mistake when picking hockey pants with the required waist measurement. Here is how you can measure it, especially when buying online. All that will be needed for the measurement is soft tape to use for measuring.

• To measure the waist’s circumference using a soft tape, first measure the position above your hips. To get an accurate measurement, you can use a second person to help or do it yourself.

• Secondly, measure the distance from your hips up to the top of your kneecap while on your feet. This can also be easier and more accurate if done for you by a second person. This will enable a person to get the best youth hockey pant.

Different types of fits that youth hockey pants have

There are three different fits with Youth hockey pants depending on various brands. These are:
Wide fits: This is a more traditional fit, and mostly the pants are designed to give the best protection. This is common in lines like CCM super tracks.
• Snug fit: This is also known as anatomical fit; this is normally close to the body but still gives great mobility and flexibility to a player.
• Mid Fit: This fit is somewhere in between. it can be either wide or snug. The right fit of hockey pants will, though, depend on what makes you comfortable. The fit is also a great determinant for the best youth hockey pant.

Top 10 Best Youth Hockey Pants

1. CCM Tacks Youth Hockey Pants AS1 Hockey Pants

CCM Tacks Youth Hockey Pants tops our list for the best youth hockey pants, made for elite players who need maximum protection and wonder top choice for many. Here are some of the characteristics that make these youth hockey pants outstanding.


  • The Anatomical fit of the CCM Tacks Youth Hockey pants gives comfort and great balance. It is also made with a pro 400D nylon which makes the light pants weight but is still very durable.
  • The tacks are also featured with a thigh guard, which is molded with PE and HD foam providing a player with pro-level protection at an affordable price. It also has adjustable spine protection on the pant’s back, which customizes each player’s fit.
  • Featured in this pant is also a D30 reinforcement and a JDP molded plastic ideal for absorbing impacts, thus keeping the spine and kidneys safe. The hip pads on the CCM tacks are also well-designed and can take a beating without a player getting hurt.
  • The pants weigh around 2 pounds and allow customization options like an extension of the length by an extra inch with a hidden zipper.


  • The pants are reasonably priced
  • These youth hockey pants are multifunctional, comfortable, and well-balanced.
  • The pants provide a high level of protection for the lower body.


  • The downside of these youth hockey pants is that they are heavier as compared to other hockey pants though they are the best.

2. Youth Bauer Nexus 400 Pant

The Youth Bauer Nexus is the second on our list, and for some good reason, though they are not cheap, they offer the most excellent comfort and are very durable. Some of the features of these pants include:


  • The pants are made of high-quality materials like 400 denier nylon, polythene inserts, and MD Foam construction which provides comfort and is also very durable.
  • These are also lightweight as they weigh only 0.9 pounds with a length of 14’2′ and width of 11’9′.
  • The pants are available in two various colors and have stretchable gussets and suspender buttons.


  • The pants are durable and made of quality material.
  • They are light in weight and thus provide ease of movement for players and flexibility.
  • They are comfortable and provide maximum protection.
  • They are incorporated with a fast strap technology.


  • The only drawback of the Youth Bauer Nexus 400 is that they do not provide comfort on the thigh area as they do on other parts

3. Shock Doctor Core Compression Hockey Pant

Known for having superior mobility, the shock doctor Core Compression Hockey Pant is also another top choice for Youth hockey pants.


  • They are easily stretchable, thus allowing for superior mobility, and are easy to maintain and clean.
  • The Pants are light in weight with only 0.5lbs and a length and width of 7’5 and 13’0″, respectively.
  • They are made of good fabric design which is moisture repellent, with bio-shaped pockets also.


  • The pants are very comfortable and can stretch easily, thus providing superior mobility.
  • They offer excellent protection and are easy to maintain and clean
  • The pants are made with an exquisite design and have a beautiful outward appearance


  • The major disadvantage of these pants is that they offer minimal protection to players due to the lack of protective pads. Thus they are not suitable, especially where a player is exposed to impacts and violence during the game.

4. CCM QuickLite 230 Ice Hockey Pants Youth

The CCM QuickLite 230 youth hockey pant is a high-end hockey pant that will ensure your child’s safety when playing ice hockey. The pants are quite a price, but they possess great features that are worth every penny spent on them.


  • The CCM Quicklite youth hockey pants are lightweight and durable as they are constructed with 200D nylon.
  • The pants have a tapered waist fit and weigh 2.5pounds.
  • The pants also are custom-made with Quick lite segmented foam pads for improved mobility.
  • They are also extended on the stress regions for maximum protection.


  • The pants have a great design and a beautiful look on the outside.
  • The pants are very comfortable and highly durable
  • They are more advanced compared to their predecessor.
  • They are mid-priced and relatively light in weight.


  • The downside of these pants is that they are only available in black and thus do not provide many choices.

5. Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 Player Pants youth

The Bauer Supreme Youth Hockey pants are undoubtedly the best Youth hockey pants brand that money can buy. Made to provide maximum protection, the pants are not cheap, and if money is not a factor, then these are the best Youth Hockey pant any player can get.


  • They are endowed with a four-layer system of protection which ensures maximum protection and offers great comfort.
  • The pants are made of PORON RDX to provide extra protection to the spine and PE inserts, and MD foam for kidney protection. This unique fabric and pad design also prevent impacts. They also have supreme hip line protection to protect the hips and thighs from the potential risk of injuries.
  • The material used to make these pants also have humidity-resistant properties.
  • They are relatively light in weight as they weigh 3pounds and have a molded foam design.


  • The pants are made with a state of –the art unique technology which ensures it is suitable for the Youth player’s needs.
  • They offer a supreme protection level
  • They are lightweight and durable.
  • They have an enhanced fit and provide great comfort.


  • The pants are somehow bulky compared to other brands.

6. CCM QuickLite Ice

Many CCM pants never disappoint, and this model is also one of the best youth hockey pants available on the market. Like the others, this is also a high-end youth hockey pant that is also quite expensive. It provides enhanced mobility and protection and is thus the reason for its costly nature.


  • They have a tapered waist fit.
  • They have PE inserts in the spine, thigh, and hip area for maximum protection.
  • They have stretch zones put in place in stress areas.
  • The pants weigh 2 pounds and thus are relatively light in weight.


  • The pants give superior mobility.
  • The pants provide phenomenally
  • It is made up of PE inserts and pads
  • The pants are suitable for youth players and others.


  • The pants are quite expensive but also affordable where money is not an issue.

7. Tour Hockey Youth Cardiac Pro Pants

Even though these youth hockey pants’ price is on the higher end, do not be dissuaded by the cost alone, as the benefits of these hockey pants to your child are immense.


  • The pants are made of highly durable synthetic material with R6 Nylon construction.
  • The pants are light in weight; they weigh one pound with a width of 9 inches, a height of 2.4 inches, and a length of 18’2 inches.
  • The pants are also well-ventilated and also have been incorporated with WearMax knee protection.
  • The pants are constructed with a stretch material crotch design to allow for swift mobility.


  • The pants are made of quality synthetic material.
  • They are available in three different colors, thus providing room for choice.
  • They are made of a stretch material fit design.


  • The downside of these pants is the price, as they are costly.

8. Tour Hockey Youth Code Active Ice Hockey Pants

These are also good-designed youth hockey pants from this brand; they are known for providing costly hockey pants but are worth it. The pants offer extra protection to youth players and thus the reason for their pricey nature.


  • The pants feature a stretch crotch design and are made of other fabric, which offers great mobility with a relaxed fit.
  • The pants weigh 2 pounds and are of HPY64 model
  • The pants are made with breathable panels AirVecc, which is very durable.


  • These youth pants are high-end.
  • They are very durable
  • They provide a superior level of protection.
  • They provide great mobility.


  • These youth hockey pants are very expensive.

9. Total Hockey USA Hockey Learn To Play Player Pants Youth

Though these pants can’t compare to brands like CCM and Bauer in protection and versatility, they can be handy to Youth Hockey players due to their affordability. Their other features are also balanced and can be helpful, especially to beginners and those who play for recreational purposes.


  • The pants weigh around 3lbs
  • They are also constructed with polyurethane and PE foam materials, and installed in them are Mid-density pads for protection.
  • Their PE and PU are enhanced to reinforce spine protection.
  • They are also integrated with flexible and stretchable gussets.


  • The pants are affordable
  • They are ideal for beginners
  • They offer high mobility, thus enabling players to move freely.


  • These youth hockey pants are not suitable for competitive playing.

10. Tour Hockey Youth Spartan XTR Ice Hockey Pants

These Youth hockey pants are also another from this brand on this list. The pants are not expensive, though, but they have some attractive features that make them suitable for youth hockey players.


  • The pants are constructed with AirVecc panels to provide ventilation.
  • Incorporated in them is also WearMax knee protection which protects the knee from potential injuries.
  • They are also built with an Elastic waist fly design and a stretchable crotch area to allow for effortless motion.
  • They are light in weight as they weigh only two pounds and are HPY54 models.


  • The pants are comfortable and durable
  • They are very elastic, thus allowing for superior mobility.
  • The AirVecc technology used is rated as highly valuable.


  • Its upgrade is not substantial is just similar to the model before it.

FAQs: Youth Hockey Pants

1. How should youth hockey pants fit?

The fitting of youth hockey pants is largely dependent on comfortability; simultaneously, some players are comfortable with pants that fit snugly; while others are comfortable with midi. The only necessary thing that is essential is the protection it can provide.

2. What Size of youth hockey pants do I need?

Youth hockey pant exists in different waist sizes and length according to the height and waist size of the youth player wearing them. So, when it comes to Size, ensure you take your measurements first before settling. There is also a sizing chart available for youth players.

3. What different fits of hockey pants have?

There are three significant fits that hockey pants have; they include snug, comprehensive, and midi. All these fittings vary with brands.

4. So, what is the best youth hockey pant?

No one particular hockey pant brand can be pointed out as the best because people have different preferences.

5. What is the difference between hockey girdles and hockey pants?

A girdle is a type of hockey pant with an element of compression and does not have paddings like the pants and tends to fit tightly. While hockey pants are somehow loose or most of them fit snugly on the waist area, and they use suspenders to hold them in place. When it comes to selection, it narrows down to personal preferences.

6. Should I buy a hockey girdle or hockey pants?

This depends on personal taste and preferences. Girdles just don’t have paddings like hockey pants so they are mostly worn with shells and they are also a bit tight.

7. How do I break into youth hockey pants?

If looking to break in youth hockey pants, the best method is to wear them and break naturally. Over time, the pants will break in themselves.

8. Should I wear shells over my youth pants?

Shells are normally worn over girdles as they do not have padding for protection, but since hockey pants are made of pads, it may not be necessary to wear shells over them.

9. How much should I spend on youth hockey pants?

The amount of money spent on Youth hockey pants depends on many variables like play, skill, and budget.

10. Which is the best youth hockey pant brand on the market currently?

The best youth hockey pant currently is the CCM Tacks Youth Hockey Pants. But there are some other brands that also provide good youth hockey pants.

11. What is the ideal youth hockey pant weight?

Hockey pants should be lightweight because heavy pants can cause fatigue and also can hinder mobility and flexibility.

12. Should I buy new or used youth hockey pants?

When buying hockey pants, it is advisable to go for new pants as old pants might have compromised the pants’ protection ability due to wear or tear.

13. What are the materials used in making Youth hockey pants?

Different manufacturers use different materials in making hockey pants like nylon but have some pads on the inside. There are also other materials that are used.

14. Which brands are known for manufacturing quality and the best youth hockey pants?

Brands like CCM and Bauer are known for making quality youth hockey pants, but of course, they also come at a cost.

15. What are the best youth hockey pants for beginners?

Beginners should go for pants that they feel comfortable with because they are in a learning phase; the only thing they should ensure is that it provides maximum protection from injuries that might impact their progress.


There are many youth hockey pants brands in the market; no one can be pointed out as being the best as it may narrow down to personal preferences and tastes. The most important thing to consider when choosing the best youth hockey pant is the level of protection.

This is important because your child’s vital organs like the spine, kidneys, and groin area can be risky when not well protected. Do not go for the most expensive one; choose one that can provide maximum protection to hinder your child’s progress as many youths are normally in the learning phase to becoming pros. Also, check the pants’ weight because bulky pants can hinder mobility, making them unable to move fast, thus leading to lost interest in the sport.

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