Field Hockey Shin Guards: The Ultimate Guide

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Field Hockey Shin Guards


Field hockey shin guards are critical in providing your tissues and bones with the protection they deserve. Their role in enhancing shock absorption and facilitating energy dissipation is astounding. With these shin guards, you do not have to worry about extensive injuries in the long run. But, can you get the best shin guards in the market? Here is all you need to know!

Ten Best Field Hockey Shin Guards

Here are the best ten hockey shin guards you will get in the market.

i. Bauer Supreme2S Pro Shin Guard

This product is all you need for an anatomical fit. Its design readily takes the contours of your body, ensuring that you are comfortable. It has a thermal core liner that helps address the sweat on your shins.

Bauer Supreme comes with the Active Motion Protection technology, which comes with a moulded shin cap that guarantees you unrivalled mobility. It also boosts protection levels.


  • Unmatched protection.
  • Relatively lightweight.


  • A little too pricy.

ii. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior

Its fantastic features make it a darling for many players. It comes with a dual lock strapping mechanism, making it appealing and easy to customize. Its high-premium materials and robust construction make it relatively more durable.

Its incredible design features Aerolite 2.0, meaning it is lightweight. The dual-density layer of HD materials around the knees adds no extra weight. Instead, they assure you of more protection.

This shin pad has vents on its top, assuring you of enough air circulation. This way, your legs remain cool throughout the game.


  • It assures you of enough air circulation.
  • Made from premium materials for durability.
  • Enhanced protection.
  • Relatively lightweight.


  • It is relatively less affordable.

iii. Warrior Alpha DX Shin Guard

Its Quick Strike technology makes it a suitable choice for most people. This technology allows the shin guards to fit and provide you with enough room for mobility. Its mould assures you of excellent protection, both in the front and at the back.

You will readily fall in love with its Wartech FNC liner. It plays a critical role in cushioning your shin guard against odour and wetness.


  • Its technology assures you of excellent mobility.
  • You get anatomical fit, thanks to the lock strap fitting.
  • No need to worry about odour or wetness.


  • It takes a while to get used to it.

iv. Warrior Alpha QX4

Here is yet another option for anyone on a budget. It comes with a 2P shell, which improves its flexibility. With this, you can skate without feeling uncomfortable. Besides, they are thick and lightweight.

Notably, it has high-standard pads that help absorb any significant impact on you. These materials also ensure that your legs remain comfortable throughout. Its abrasion-resistant patch is at its bottom. It helps prevent fast wear and tear.


  • It comes with premium fabrics to keep your legs cool.
  • This is quite lightweight.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes with thick foam pads.


  • It might not last for way too long.

v. CCM Jetspeed FT390

You can barely overlook this option if you are looking for enhanced flexibility. It is made with a rib PE shell, which helps dissipate energy whenever there is an impact. This aspect ensures that you get enough protection during the game.

Its top has vents that allow for enhanced air circulation. Thanks to this, your legs remain comfortable and worry less about wetness or stench. Enhanced air circulation ensures that bacteria do not build up.

Its lightweight and anatomical design mean you can take strides comfortably. It has elastic straps that allow you to adjust it accordingly.


  • Provides you with unmatched flexibility.
  • Its straps are adjustable.
  • It comes with a relatively durable structure.


  • It could be too light for some people.

vi. Bauer Vapor2X Shin Guards

This option provides you with unrivalled comfort, coverage, and mobility. It has a contoured design that readily fits your anatomy, providing enough comfort and protection. Its unique Tune Fit & DynaFlex strapping system helps secure the shin guards in place for a long time.

This item comes with Thermo-core liners, which ensure that there is sufficient air circulation. Its low-profile construction implies that impact absorption will be excellent. It also has perforated foam bases that allow it not to absorb moisture.


  • It comes in multiple sizes.
  • Ergonomic and anatomic design.
  • This assures you of enough air circulation.
  • It provides you with high impact absorption and protection.


    vii. CCM Super Tacks AS1

    This product comes with a three-piece design that provides you with elite protection. Its role in enhancing comfort levels is thanks to how anatomical it is. It comes with internal and removable liners that help eliminate moisture build-up.

    It comes with high-density foam, which is vital for enhanced support. This material is all you need to boost coverage and flexibility.

    Its calf straps are easy to adjust. With this, attaining enough comfort becomes a relatively seamless process.


    • Unrivalled comfort.
    • Enhanced ability to eliminate moisture.
    • It assures you of unmatched responsiveness.
    • Superior protection.


    • They could be too heavy for a few people.

    viii. Bauer Supreme S29

    Bauer Supreme boasts incredible support. This shin guard provides you with full-leg backing, thanks to its extensive design. Notably, this design is anatomical and lightweight, allowing you to fit it straight.

    With the AMP technology, this shin guard allows you to enjoy an enhanced range of motion. The flexibility offered ensures that you have a relatively better game.

    You will also appreciate its thermo-max liner feature. It helps handle stench and sweat in gear.


    • It assures you of no stench or sweat issues.
    • Provides you with full-leg support.
    • It is anatomical and a comfortable fit.


    • It could be a little too bulky.

    ix. Warrior Alpha DX3

    Here is an option you should prioritize if you are looking for lightweight shin guards. It is a budget choice that features Dynamic Strike Technology, which makes it a good fit. This aspect ensures that there is no slacking protection in the long run.

    Its flexible design makes it a choice to behold. This flexibility allows you to personalize the fit. With this, you can strap it in a way that enhances comfort. It also has a mesh liner that helps keep its weight in check.


    • Provides you with lightweight protection.
    • Assures you of enough air circulation.
    • Enhances your flexibility, motion, and mobility.
    • Reasonably affordable.


    • An awkward fitting.

    x. True AX7

    Maximum leg coverage is often a priority among some players, and this shin guard provides you with precisely that. Its unique HexaShield technology makes the pads thick yet breathable, allowing you to enjoy enough comfort and mobility. It also has Absor Foam technology, which enhances impact absorption around the knees.

    This product has anti-abrasion pads, maintaining their sheen for a long time. It also has internal liners that wick away moisture and sweat at any time.


    • It assures you of unrivalled impact absorption.
    • This is low-profile and comfortable.
    • It keeps your legs cool and free from moisture.
    • It is a little affordable.


    • It could be a little bulky for a few people.

    Field Hockey Shin Guard Sizing

    Shin pads come in different sizes and styles, and understanding how to pick the right size is critical. It determines how you will perform and how comfortable you will be in the long run. Here are a few insights into how to size your choice.

    Usually, you will start by measuring the distance between your bottom knee and the ankle joint. This measurement should be in inches. A proper fit ensures that its knee pad is at the centre of your kneecap. Besides that, there is a standard you could consider. Ensure that you choose a shin guard size that is at least equal to your shin size.

    For instance, if your shin is 12 to 13 inches, the right shin size would be 13 inches.

    Field Hockey Shin Guard Buying Guide

    Various aspects go into selecting the right shin guard. Some of the elements you need to consider in this pursuit will include the following.

    • Size

    Ensure that you choose a size that matches your shin size. This aspect ensures that you get maximum protection during impacts. It will also be much easier to avoid injuries if you choose a size that fits you well.

    • Design

    You can barely overlook the essence of a good design. Ensure that your chosen structure is anatomical, fitting your legs perfectly well. This way, you will be sure of better motion, mobility, and comfort levels.

    • Price

    As you remain cautious about your budget, it would be best to pick something you can afford. Take the time to compare your preferred shin guards’ prices and decide on which one offers you value. Remember, the price varies with the brand, quality, and the number of features.

    • Durability

    This will often depend on the materials used to make the shin guard. It is crucial to opt for something with premium materials, as this assures you of better longevity.

    • Comfort

    Now would be the time to focus on the air circulation provided by the hockey shin guard. Enhanced ventilation will ensure that you avoid wetness and stench. It ensures that your legs remain calm, comfortable, and free from moisture. The materials used must provide you with enough absorption rates.

    Why Do you Need Hockey Shin Guards?

    Shin guards are mandatory in hockey games. They must fit you well at all times. Usually, wearing these shin guards helps protect you against injuries during the game. It also ensures that you take comfortable strides when moving around. Its role in boosting your confidence, comfort, and flexibility during the game ensures that you enjoy it.

    Field Hockey Shin Guards: FAQs

    Q: Do you Need Shin Guards for Field Hockey?

    Yes. Shin guards are a must whenever you decide to play in a competitive hockey match. They aim at providing you with enhanced comfort and mobility during the game.

    Q: How Dangerous is Field Hockey

    This game comes with a relatively high risk of injuries. Some of the most common injuries include dental injuries, concussions, strains, fractures, and ankle sprains. As long as you know how to protect yourself, you can avoid most of these injuries.

    Q: Can I wear Soccer Shin Guards When Playing Hockey?

    Yes. While you are confident of the protection you get, these shin guards might not provide you with customized protection.

    Q: How Do You Keep shin Guards from Slipping?

    In most cases, you will use an old pair of shin guard sleeves. Ensure that you slip it over your socks and always use a smaller size. This move will make sure that the shin guards and socks snug.

    Q: How to Measure a Shin Guard?

    Using a tape measure, get the distance between your knee cap and the ankle, preferably in inches. This area needs protection, and getting a shin guard of a similar size will assure you of better safety.

    Q: How Do You Clean Field Hockey Shin Guards?

    The best approach would be to handwash them in soapy yet warm water. It helps get rid of all the sweat and dirt on the shin guards.

    Q: How Do I Choose Hockey Shin Guards?

    Ensure that you consider the size, budget, brand, and comfort provided by the desired hockey shin guards. The idea is to get something that fits you well and provides you with enough protection.

    Q: Do You Wear Socks Over Shin Guards?

    Yes. Most leagues require that you put on socks to cover the entire shin guard. That means high-knee socks will always suffice in this pursuit.

    Q: Do Socks Go Over or Under the Shin Guards?

    Socks must always go over the shin guards. The objective is to cover the shin guards entirely during the game.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right hockey shin guard could be a struggle, but it is worth it. With the insights provided above, you are sure of a seamless selection process.

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