Hockey Shoes: An Ultimate Guide

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(Last Updated On: September 2, 2023)
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Have you thought about how essential hockey shoes are? The thumb rule is that hockey players need flat or even dimple-sole shoes, especially when playing on artificial surfaces. This aspect allows the surface to maintain its integrity, as blades and studs could be destructive. Conversely, you will require cleats to improve your grip when playing on grass.

Which Is The Best Brand For Hockey Shoes?

Every brand would provide a different kind of experience when playing hockey which requires keen consideration. You must know the type which gives the right experience for your playing needs.

  • Asics field hockey shoes

Considered the best in the industry due to its versatility and features. Ideal for hard ground, wet surfaces, and turf. Offer great support and comfort with the gradient support and the gel cushioning fitted on the shoes

  • Gray’s hockey shoes

This is another brand that is common for many professionals in this game. They lead in providing design and color choices as well as durability and comfort levels.

  • Kookaburra hockey shoes

This is a popular brand in Australia that provides a wide sporting gear collection for both hockey and cricket. Their show design has anti-toll cage technology and a low profile to enhance your stability and speed.

  • Adidas hockey shoes

A common brand in the sporting industry that guarantees to give you excellent comfort, stability, and durability. The protection of your foot is assured by this brand of hockey shoes.

Searching for the right field hockey shoes can be challenging. Different sites provide varying information about hockey shoes which makes it hard to be sure which one is ideal for your needs. Knowing what to search for is key to making a breakthrough in this process. Proper research would ensure that you get a suitable option to fit your specific needs.

As long as you do not know what hockey shoes to choose, it will be hard to get your game’s best performance. Here are the top choices you could consider in this pursuit.

Top 10 Field Hockey Shoes

i. Gryphon Aero G6 Turf Women’s Hockey Shoes

This option is suitable for anyone looking for enhanced quality at a relatively affordable price. It comes with multiple studs, providing you with an unrivaled grip whenever you turn or accelerate. The top-notch studs allow you to stop effortlessly, whether on sand or water-based pitches.

Its robust construction will readily appeal to you. This pair of shoes comes with a molded upper sole that improves your comfort and fit. Its synthetic mesh upper provides you with enough breathability. It is reinforced enough to guarantee you the foot protection and durability you so desire.


  • It provides you with breathability
  • This brand”s stable design assures you of enough comfort
  • It comes with multiple studs to give you stability during play
  • This is a comfortable fit


  • It could be too small for your size

ii. Adidas Fabela X Hockey Shoes

This choice is relatively popular among many professional hockey players. It assures you of the best performance, thanks to the reliability it offers. This shoe comes with robust construction, guaranteeing you stability and durability in the long run.

Its in-built Boost technology comes in handy in returning your energy whenever you turn. Whether you are running or spinning, you will be sure of the best results in the long run. Its upper part looks like a sock, assuring you of breathability and adequate molding into the rubber.

Its lightweight design allows you to move around with much ease. It is made from relatively unique materials, which provide you with better performance and durability.


  • It assures you of unmatched durability
  • This comes with a TPU outer sole that provides you with better movements
  • It provides better performance on turf
  • It is relatively breathable


  • It could be a little pricy for some people

iii. Jazba Rattler Field Hockey Shoe

This option has proven to be the best among women. Its design aims to dominate the hockey field, thanks to its 3D-crafted upper part. This brand’s flexibility allows you to run across the area without worrying about comfort issues.

Its material is much more resistant to water. This brand’s patented ProGuard ensures that you rely on your shoes regardless of the condition of the field. Besides, this material is premium, outlasting the various options you could have at hand.

This shoe provides you with unmatched comfort. Its midsole has various layers that help absorb landing impact. This gel foam insole comes with hole vents that enhance air circulation within the shoe.


  • Better air circulation within the shoes
  • Its studs provide you with better field traction
  • This shoe is more comfortable to wear, whether on the hockey field or not
  • It is flexible


  • It comes in smaller sizes

iv. Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher

If you are looking for a lightweight option, this will be the ultimate choice. It comes with very minimal weight, fitting your feet adequately. Its design provides you with enough flexibility to move around with much ease.

This product comes with an EVA midsole, which is critical in absorbing cleat pressure. It also plays an invaluable role in enhancing your underfoot comfort at the end of the day. Its rubber outsole comes with mini-lugs, meaning you will enjoy unmatched traction on all pitches.

It comes with a molded ankle collar, which provides you with a snugging effect. It ensures that you are comfortable throughout your time on the field.


  • It comes with an ergonomic design
  • It is suitable for all kinds of fields, whether sandy or water-based
  • It assures you of enough protection at all times
  • Its durability and robust construction assure you of value for money


  • This shoe could be a little too pricy for some people

v. ASICS Gel Hockey Typhoon Field Hockey Shoes

You can barely overlook the popularity of these shoes among professional men’s hockey players. Its hi-tech design provides you with enhanced reliability, durability, and comfort. Thanks to their lower stance, you will be sure of ease of movement when playing.

Its outer sole is flexible and durable, allowing you to glide past opponents easily. This sole has been optimized, ensuring that it survives on water turfs.

This product comes with a gravel tongue, which prevents debris from entering your shoes. Besides, it offers two layers of memory foam, providing you with enhanced comfort. You will also be sure of a better grip on the field.


  • Its synthetic material provides you with durability
  • This assures you of an unmatched grip on the field
  • Its affordability provides you with value for money
  • Comfortable fit


  • It could come with a snugging size

vi. ASICS Hockey Typhoon 3 Field Hockey Shoes

As long as you want comfort, you might have to prioritize this shoe. It comes with a vamp construction, which helps free up your forefoot. This aspect ensures that you are more agile and swift in your performance on the field.

It comes with synthetic leather, which means that it is waterproof. This element ensures that your feet remain dry and protected on wet turf. It also comes with gel cushioning, which absorbs shock and keeps your feet away from high-impact strikes.

Its sock liners will always excite you. These liners are waterproof, ensuring that you remain comfortable and with dry feet at all times.


  • It comes with excellent cushioning around its midsole
  • It provides you with unmatched grip levels
  • You are sure of enough waterproofing abilities
  • It comes with a removable and washable sock liner


  • It could be a little too pricy

vii. Adidas Zone DOX Field Hockey Shoes

Here is a pair of field hockey shoes that you will barely resist. It comes with a mesh top, which provides you with enough breathability. The mesh allows your feet to receive enough air circulation, minimizing the stench. It also ensures that the feet remain dry and fresh at all times.

This shoe comes with textile bands around the ankle. These bands make sure that your ankle gets enough support at all times. It also features a TPU toe cap that plays a critical role in ensuring that your feet do not get exposed to high ball impacts.

You will fall in love with its inner sole. This sole is a snug fit, which means you can enjoy maximum comfort from the show in the long run. It also ensures that you have enough stability and grip when playing in the field.


  • This product boasts robust construction and premium materials, meaning you will enjoy enhanced durability
  • It is breathable, thanks to its mesh support
  • It provides your ankles with enough stability and support
  • This shoe comes with maximum comfort and a snug fit


  • It could be relatively costly for some people

viii. Jazba Hockey Shoe

This field hockey shoe is one of the best options for women. It boasts a unibody glove construction, which plays a vital role in improving its durability. This construction assures you of unrivaled comfort too. What is more, it comes with premium materials, which are waterproof and lightweight. Thanks to this, you will be confident of enhanced agility as well as swiftness on the field.

It has a top layer made of cotton fiber and textile bamboo. These materials pride themselves on excellent breathability abilities. They also assure you of enough air circulation to keep your feet fresh and dry at all times. It is through this that you will also be sure of no smelly feet.

It comes with a gel inner sole, which provides you with enough arch support as well as cushioning. Through this, you can play with better agility, swiftness, and comfort. It will also be much easier for you to move around. It has rubber grippers that allow you to move on the field without too much struggle.


  • This field hockey shoe assures you of comfort
  • It provides you with excellent support abilities
  • You will be sure of unmatched longevity and value for money
  • It is quite affordable


  • It could have a problematic snug fitting

ix. Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse

Here is yet another irresistible choice for women. These shoes are not only comfortable and convenient but also functional on the hockey field. As long as you can get the right and genuine ones, you will have no reason to worry.

You will fall in love with the design of this shoe. It comes with a streamlined shape and a lightweight structure. Thanks to this lightweight, it will be much easier for you to move around on the field. Besides, it has a relatively firm grip. That means you will no longer need to worry about falling whenever you try to maneuver on the field. These grippers make the shoe ideal for turfs and grass, regardless of the weather condition.

This shoe comes with reliable EVA sock liners, which provide you with unmatched comfort in the long run. These liners come in handy in giving you the support you need to enhance your agility and speed on the field.


  • This shoe comes with a relatively lightweight design, enhancing your maneuverability and agility on the field
  • Its premium materials play a critical role in enhancing longevity and value for your money
  • Its Eva assures you of enough comfort at the end of the day


  • It could be a little too costly for some people

x. ASICS Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoes

If you are looking for a shoe with unique technology, look no further than this product. It prides itself on a midfoot Trusstic System Plate, which plays a critical role in improving your comfort when you are on the field. It also comes in handy in providing you with the support you need to enjoy better agility while playing.

This product assures you of a reliable synthetic upper, which is breathable enough to guarantee your feet of enough air circulation. Thanks to this, you will be sure of dry and fresh feet throughout the time you will be on and even off the field. This synthetic leather can last for a relatively long time, assuring you of enhanced value for your money.

Its thick sole will assure you of enhanced support. This sole is made of TPU, assuring you of unmatched durability in the long run.


  • It provides you with value for money
  • This brand assures you of comfort and enhanced breathability
  • It comes with premium materials, meaning you get better durability levels
  • It comes with better traction and grip


  • It could be less affordable for some people

What do you look for When Buying field hockey shoes?


It is important to determine the level of traction you need for your playing experience. You need to know which type of grip would be ideal for the playing surface you would be dealing with. This would provide insight into your buying needs. The kind of studs to give you the ideal traction is something you would have to examine during the process of choosing the ideal option for your needs. Many factors would play out in the process of choosing what gives the right playing experience.


It is crucial to ensure that you get good quality for your hockey shoes. You must pick the right material for your hockey shoes. Each brand would give a different level of durability which is something you would have to examine. You need to ensure that the kind of hockey shoes you get can serve for a long time.


This is a question you would have to answer before making your choice. It is important to know the price range for the different options available in the market. The store you are going to acquire the hockey shoe matters when it comes to the price mechanism. It is important to ensure that the choice you pick is ideal for your budget.


You need to be safe when using your hockey shoes which makes the amount of support crucial. You need to check for the type of shoe which has an ideal design to provide the right support for your ankle and feet. The amount of rigor involved in hockey playing requires proper support


When playing hockey, you need to avoid injuries caused by the type of shoe you have. Getting the right size is necessary for great comfort when using your shoes. Quality would matter when it comes to getting good and comfortable hockey-playing shoes. You would need to consider other accessories to be used on your hockey shoes such as socks. This may slightly require that you get a shoe size that is different from your normal size to accommodate the additional material.

What to look for In a Good Field Hockey Shoe

Various aspects go into the selection of the most suitable field hockey shoes. Unless you understand what you are looking for, it will be hard to attain the comfort and agility you need on the field. Value for money will also be a mirage. Here are the three most critical aspects you need to observe in this pursuit.

• Enough Foot Support

There is no denying that a fitting shoe will ensure that you have an excellent game at the end of the day. Unless you pick a shoe that comes with exceptional support around the ankles, it will not be easy to move around the field. Take the time to check its internal cushioning or padding, as it determines the arch support you get. Multiple layers of cushioning will always be better for you.

• Excellent Protection

Field hockey can be a dangerous game, especially if you do not take every step to protect yourself. Enough protection will make sure that you are less susceptible to leg injuries. Your shoe should come with enough padding to protect you against high-impact balls.

• Grip

Maneuvering on a hockey field can be challenging if you do not have the right shoes. Field hockey shoes need to have rubber studs, as they enhance the players’ grip as well as traction on the field. Whether you are playing on a wet or sandy pitch, you will be sure of the same results.

• Breathability

You can hardly overlook the role of improved air circulation in shoes. Usually, enhanced breathability helps eliminate the stench. It also comes in handy in making sure that the feet are as dry and fresh as they need to be. Through this, you will be confident of a more comfortable game in the long run. Ensure that your chosen shoe comes with a mesh at its top, as this allows enough airflow.

Top 7 Indoor Hockey Shoes

How about when you are playing indoor hockey? You will need reliable shoes that match this environment. The following are the best seven choices you could ever make.

i. Adidas Force Bounce

As long as you want complete control whenever you start your game, this will be the ultimate shoe for you. It comes with a relatively lightweight design, allowing you to move around the indoor field without too much struggle. This design features a reasonably reliable mesh upper, which helps enhance air circulation in the shoes. With this, you will be sure of fresher and dyer feet at all times.

This product comes with responsive cushioning, which is critical in improving your agility during the game. Its outer sole has rounded edges that assure you of a better grip on the indoor field.


  • It comes with a lightweight design
  • It provides you with enhanced stability as well as grip on the indoor field
  • It’s enhanced cushioning ensures that you enjoy a more flexible bounce
  • This product will last for a relatively long time


  • It comes in limited colors

ii. Asics Gel Tactic

Here is a shoe that assures you of unmatched versatility and elegance. It comes with a reasonably lightweight design, which allows you to move around more flexibly. Its robust construction and premium materials assure you of enhanced durability and value for money in the long run.

This product prides itself on the GEL technology, which ensures that you enjoy exceptional shock absorption as well as bounce. It also comes with the Trusstic System, which ensures that you are stable enough to make quick changes in your direction. With this, you will always be a step ahead of your opponent.

This shoe comes with a unique sock liner, which aims to provide enough comfort at all times. Typically, the sock liner is removable and washable, giving you an easier time in the long term. It also uses orthopedic soles, which help provide your feet with the support they need during the game. Thanks to this, you will be sure of a more successful game.

Its outer sole comes with NC rubber, which ensures that the shoes have better grip and traction. Excellent abrasion resistance will provide you with the chance to move swiftly and confidently.


  • This shoe comes with robust construction, assuring you of unmatched durability
  • It has an EVA midsole, which is vital for providing you with enough support and comfort
  • Its mesh inner sole plays a critical role in enhancing air circulation within the shoe
  • It has a removable sock liner


  • It could be a little too pricy for some people

iii. Asics Netburner Professional FF 2

You can barely overlook what this shoe brings to the table. From its versatility to its reliability, it is indeed a gem to behold. This product prides itself on advanced technology, which is critical in improving flexibility when on the field. It provides you with enough pivoting to allow you to move around with much ease.

Its mesh paneling is all you could ever need in an indoor hockey shoe. This panel allows enough air to circulate within the shoe, providing you with dry and fresh feet at all times. It also ensures that it eliminates the chances of having a smell of foul in the shoe.

It comes with a responsive and lightweight design, which is all you need to improve your performance on the field. This brand has a relatively solid yet supportive midsole, which provides excellent shock absorption. Apart from that, you will fall in love with its outer sole, which is adaptable and able to get you in contact with the ground.


  • It comes with a relatively unique technology that enhances flexibility and comfort
  • Its midsole makes sure that you get enough support to improve your agility during a game
  • This brand’s upper mesh structure ensures that you enjoy better levels of breathability
  • Its longevity is all you could ever want


  • Its price could scare away some players, especially junior ones

iv. Nike Hyper Speed Court

While it might seem an expensive option, this shoe is all every professional hockey player should have. Whether you intend to make short movements, high jumps, or improve your speed, these shoes will provide you with the satisfaction you need.

These shoes come with an asymmetrical tongue that will ensure you do not waste your energy. This feature gives you enough support and flexibility during the game. Besides, it comes with excellent laces that make sure you enjoy a tight snug whenever you put the shoes on.

Its robust construction and premium materials will assure you of enhanced longevity. These materials are weatherproof and water-resistant, allowing you to play with them beyond an indoor field.

You will also appreciate its sole. This sole is made from TPU, which is strong enough to boost your grip and traction in the indoor hockey game. The sole is durable, and it assures you of better levels of versatility.


  • You can play them anywhere, regardless of the condition or weather situation
  • Its durability assures you of value for your money
  • It provides you with enough support, flexibility, and comfort at all times
  • It is breathable and waterproof


  • This shoe is too costly for some junior hockey players

v. Dita Light Indoor Hockey Shoes

Sometimes, all you could ever need is something that suits your budget. Thankfully, Dia Light is a relatively affordable brand that you can hardly resist. These shoes will mostly cost you $42 and below.

You will find this shoe in a variety of sizes and designs. However, you will be sure of how lightweight it tends to be. With this aspect, you will readily move around without too much worry. You will also be sure of enhanced flexibility, support, and agility during a game.

Its low profile implies that you will not strain a lot to enjoy your game. It ensures that you move around more swiftly.


  • Its low-profile design is also lightweight
  • It comes with an EVA midsole, which assures you of optimal cushioning
  • This provides you with robust construction and premium materials
  • It is breathable
  • Affordable


  • It might not last for way too long

vi. Adidas Stabil Bounce Indoor Hockey Shoes

This shoe boasts incredible features, meaning you will fall in love with it instantly. Its role in improving your stability and traction on the field will always impress you. It comes with a reliable sole, whose non-marking sole provides you with enough traction on either side. This way, you will be sure of flexibility and confidence even in motion.

It comes with a meshed upper as well as TPU overlays. This design implies that your feet will receive enough air circulation while you play. Besides, it will be a lot easier to avoid the stench in your shoes. The TPU overlays help improve longevity.

Its sock-like design helps hug the foot. With this, you will be sure of the support you need when moving around. It also comes with reliable and flexible bounce midsole cushioning. This feature plays a vital role in enhancing your support and swiftness when playing. It also provides your foot with the arch it needs to keep it healthy.


  • Its lace closure means that you do not have to worry about tripping
  • You will be confident of a better bounce, swiftness, and comfort during your gameplay
  • There is no denying that durability will be at its best
  • It comes with a lightweight and sock-like design


  • Its price could hinder many people from getting it

vii. Adidas AdiPower Stabil Blue

This option is suitable for anyone looking for a unisex indoor hockey shoe. It also comes in handy for junior professionals, thanks to its affordability. It provides you with plenty of features, including the following.

This product comes with one of the best outer soles. It is a non-marking gum rubber sole, which assures you of excellent traction and grip. This sole is durable, thick, and able to provide you with the comfort and flexibility you deserve. It’s responsive sole will also impress you. This shoe gives you exceptional bounce. It ensures that you enjoy better acceleration and agility in the long run.

This shoe comes with Adiprene cushions, which help improve shock absorption. It also enhances your comfort too. What is more, it features an EVA sock liner, which is all you need to enhance your support and comfort when playing.


  • It comes with premium materials, which are also breathable
  • Its robust construction implies that it will last for a relatively long time
  • You will appreciate how affordable this shoe is
  • It is unisex
  • It assures you of enough comfort, bounce, and support


  • It could come with a snug-fitting

What to Consider When Buying Indoor Hockey Shoes

It is essential to understand what you should observe when selecting your shoes. Usually, you will need to keep the following elements.

  • Check the traction offered by the outer soles
  • Consider how breathable the material is
  • Check the bounce offered by the shoe
  • Confirm how much you will pay for it
  • Ensure that it is durable enough

FAQs: Hockey Shoes

Q: Who buys field hockey shoes?

As a learner getting to this sport, you would need to have the proper gear. Ideal shoes are necessary for playing experience for both professionals and learners.

Q: How Often Do You Wear Your Hockey Shoes?

The frequency may vary depending on your usage. The level of activity you are engaged with determines your usage.

Q: Why Should You Put on Field Hockey Shoes?

These types of shoes are designed to fit the intensity of the game while they offer comfort.

Q: What is the Difference Between Hockey Cleats and Turf Shoes?

Cleats are designed for outdoor hockey fields; they have plastic or metallic studs which makes them ideal for such surfaces.

Turf shoes on the other hand are ideal for astral turf surfaces and their studs are made of plastic to make them ideal on artificial grass.

Q: Why the Clumsy Look for Hockey Shoes?

The need to add features that aid in providing protection when playing makes the appearance clumsy. The raised heels and toe protection points affect the look of hockey shoes.

Q: Can You Use Soccer or Lacrosse Cleats for Playing Hockey?

The mechanism of these types of shoes would be ideal for your field hockey. On turf, it would be challenging as the studs stuck on the surface.

Q: What Kind of Shoes Do I Use for Hockey?

The type of surface would enable you to pick the right one. Field ground shoes with studs would be perfect while on artificial turf flat or dimpled shoes would be appropriate.

Q: What Would Be the Ideal Size for Hockey Shoes?

The extra size is ideal to accommodate your socks and enhance comfort when playing.

Q: Why can I Buy Hockey Shoes?

Engaging the right dealer for hockey gear is key. This would offer solutions to match varying needs.

Q: Does Color and Design Matter for Hockey Shoes?

This comes down to Your preferences and the need to meet your interests.

Q: What are the Maintenance Needs for Hockey Shoes?

Many brands are meant to serve you for a long time. You would have to ensure that you take proper care for long service.

Q: Can I Use Hockey Shoes for Other Sports?

Depends on the surface you would be playing on. Cleats would fit any natural ground needs and the turf for artificial group games.

Q: Can I get Designer Hockey Shoes?

The versatile nature of shoe options available in the market offer choices for every need. It may be unnecessary to have tailor-made options for your hockey shoes.


In conclusion, having the right shoes for your game will often assure you of excellent performance in the long run. Take the time to understand which shoe fits you best and why you should get it. While choosing shoes could be challenging, it is not an impossible venture

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