Hockey Stick Brands: An Ultimate Guide For Hockey Lover

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Hockey Stick Brands


Hockey season has been cut short in the entire world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the hockey stick companies did not take the back seat but embarked on producing fantastic hockey sticks between 2020 and 2021. There are many hockey stick brands in the industry, but it is not easy to find the best-guaranteed products with impeccable performance. If you have a problem identifying the best hockey sticks and hockey brands, you need to worry less since this article will give you an in-depth review of hockey brands & hockey sticks.


Top 10 Best Hockey Stick Brands: Hockey Stick Brands

1. Graf

Graf brand primarily focuses on the manufacturing of hockey skates. They use advanced technology to innovate beautiful skates and allow hockey players to deliver excellent performance. Furthermore, they also manufacture protective equipment, gloves as well as sticks. This company was launched in 1921, and in 1921 it officially commenced producing hockey equipment.

Initially, this brand used to sell soccer, biking, and hiking tools. You find this brand supports amateur and NHL hockey. Graf manufactures outstanding products with extraordinary performance. In case you need a brand that generates products with excellent features, opt for Graf, and you will experience absolutely zero disappointments.

2. Warrior

Apart from hockey equipment, the Warrior brand generates other products for varying sports. Its primary source of income is from lacrosse as well as hockey. This brand was launched back in 1992 and is situated in Warren Michigan. It commenced as a lacrosse tool company, but later in the 2000s, New Balance was purchased as a hockey company.

In case you need the biggest hockey brand, choose warrior. It is also popular since it sponsors famous and prominent names, such as Brad Marchand, Dylan Larkin, and Leon Draisaitl. Choose products from the warrior brand today, and you will develop unending love for hockey in your entire life.

3. Bauer

This is the primary brand for manufacturing hockey tools, and it falls among the largest brand worldwide. It was initiated in 1927 by Nike. It joins forces with NHL & NHL players to promote itself through advanced stages. On the other hand, they sell some of their roller and ice equipment from their website to retailers worldwide.

This brand has sponsored some the hockey professionals, such as Auston Matthews, Jack Eichel, and Patrick Kane, among many more excellent players. Bauer is competitive since it competes with other manufacturers, like Warrior and CCM, to sell its products to NHL players and other retailers. You must understand that Bauer is the top brand in the manufacturing of hockey equipment, and it is famous worldwide.

4. True

True is familiar to NHL players since it is under the biggest hockey stick brands. It is a multipurpose brand since it also has tools for golf, baseball as well as lacrosse. It sponsors some of the big names, such as Ryan Johansen, Connor Hellebuyck, and Mitch Marner, since it is still modern in the industry. This brand is advancing as time goes by, and soon it will emerge as the top manufacturer of hockey tools worldwide, opt for products from the True brand, and experience incredible performance.

5. STX

It is a women’s and men’s company for lacrosse, but it has shifted to the hockey industry. This company came into existence in the 1970s primarily as a lacrosse stick supplier. Later it commenced producing hockey sticks, protective gear, and gloves. You can find their product in all stores globally, but not in the NHL.

6. CCM

The CCM brand is much similar to Bauer since both are the leading manufacturers of hockey equipment. Moreover, it is the 2nd largest company in hockey. CCM sells both roller and ice hockey tools, just like Bauer.

However, CCM headquarters is based in Canada while Bauer is in the USA, but they have a similar company structure. You must know that this company was launched in 1899 and up to date, it is still in existence. It has a partnership with Reebok to generate a link beyond the world of hockey, and since then, it has greatly advanced into other sports areas and is continuously growing in the sports industry.

This brand has sponsored big names like Brent Burns, Alex Ovechkin, and Connor McDavid, among many more pros. Through sponsorship, they have been able to acquire new customers.

7. Tour

It is a compact hockey brand that emphasizes roller hockey, but they also manufacture ice hockey equipment. Tour stresses mainly roller hockey more than any other thing in the industry. In many cases, they manufacture and sell youth and amateur rollers for upcoming hockey players. Unfortunately, professionals in hockey, such as NHL players, cannot wear Tour brand hockey equipment. However, the community recognizes this brand as one that manufactures top-quality hockey tools and is competitive in the market.

8. Sher-wood

This brand is new in the industry, initiated in 1949 in Sherbrooke, Canada. Since 2008, they are the key suppliers of official game pucks to the NHL. Bear in mind that this brand does not guarantee you any sponsorship because not many players use their protective gear, gloves, or even sticks. You are also likely to come across it in NHL as well as hockey stores. This brand is growing each day, and sooner or later, it shall fit in the industry.

9. Easton

Easton brand was initiated in 1985, and it is a multipurpose brand since it generates products for many types of sports, such as hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis. It has made it in the hockey industry, and it has been able to even signed a contract with the hockey legend Wayne Gretzky in the 1990s. However, Easton currently does not concentrate mostly on hockey equipment, but it has greatly focused on other sports. Furthermore, you are not likely to see Easton equipment in the NHL but is usually remembered due to its past success.

10. Reebok

The Reebok brand is known for producing numerous sports tools. It was in existence for a short season, and then it was bought in 2005 by CCM and Adidas, even though it was not famous in the production of hock equipment. When it was purchased, it continued manufacturing products under Reebok until the 2010s, when it started manufacturing its products under CCM. Most people remember it as a big brand in the hockey industry.

Top 7 Best Field Hockey Stick Brands

1. Gray Field Hockey

This brand was launched in the 1940s, and since then, it has advanced in manufacturing great field hockey sticks in the industry. It commenced from a humble ground, and now it emerges as one of the best brands that sponsor numerous hockey players globally. The Graf field hockey brand has used technology in producing hockey sticks.

It is one of the best and first brands to manufacture a complete composite stick. Due to the advancement in technology, it now uses the Carbon Nanotube in the sticks it manufactures. This has maximized the stick energy transfer to primarily the ball & strength as it keeps its lightweight.

2. OSAK Field Hockey

It is a relatively modern brand in the industry and has brought a lot of improvement in the hockey industry. In case you are a hockey enthusiast, this company has you covered since it manufactures hockey sticks that are functional and fashionable to enhance their styling. Moreover, it also considers stick technology, and it is based in Europe.

OSAKA has the most significant accessory, and clothing ranges among the entire brands in the market. On the other hand, they comprise stick ranges that come in four series. The first series features 100% fiberglass without carbon, and the second series has 50% carbon, the third series is 70% carbon, and the fourth & final product has 90%. This series aims primarily at styling, constructing, and giving your hockey stick an impression.

3. Princess Field Hockey

Princess field hockey is a Dutch-based brand initiated in 2011. However, it has gained popularity worldwide over the past years, and it is the most field hockey stick brand that is trusted internationally for generating top-quality performance sticks. It is a primary sponsor for the Holland national team, and because of a comprehensive improvement, it also sponsors international players.

This brand incorporates six varying star ranges, from two stars- 7 stars. Besides, it commences from the seventh star, with every stick showcasing the carbon composition percentage. The seven stars represent 100% carbon, which makes a robust and stiff stick for professional players. 2 star stands for 10% carbon for kids and beginners in hockey.

4. Dita Field Hockey

This brand was launched in 1891, and it is among the oldest brands in the industry. It started humbly in Pakistan Dita and later transferred its headquarters to the Netherlands in 1922. It has made many advancements and sponsors Dutch players, NCAA college teams, and the men and women US national team. The top-end and Dita stick ranges are in Terra and EXA NRT ranges. Bear in mind that EXA NRT 700 is costlier since it features 95% carbon while the EXA NRT 100 features 50% carbon, and it is less costly.

5. OBO Field Hockey

You must know that this brand manufactures products mainly for goal Keepers. It is a New Zealand-based brand that is unique. OBO field hockey brand manufactures products with tough designs because it uses durable and long-lasting materials. This makes it the most expensive brand for goalkeeper protective equipment and sticks. You must understand that this product generates a product of different ranges. If you need the best field hockey stick brands, opt for this brand, it guarantees you impeccable performance

6. Adidas Field Hockey

Adidas is mainly known for manufacturing sports shoes. However, in the past few years, Adidas has commenced manufacturing hockey sticks and equipment. It is in Europe, which is the homeland of hockey. For professional and international hockey players, Adidas hockey sticks and shoes are undoubtedly the best for excellent performance.

This brand is also working hand in hand with advanced technology in producing the first carbon braid stick in the industry. It generates top-level carbon sticks with excess strength and power for the players. With the Adidas brand, you can purchase products at varying price ranges.

7. Atlas Field Hockey

This company is old in hockey and t has gained positive views, which makes it respected internationally. Furthermore, it is in New Zealand and Australia. Atlas field hockey company is the largest producer of hockey sticks worldwide.

Additionally, its sticks are manufactured in Taiwan, and packaging is done in China. It produces equipment suitable for everyone, from lids to international professionals in hockey. These products also come in varying price ranges; hence you need to ensure that your budget is in mind. Their sticks feature five different shapes and have excellent performance. However, they are not durable enough to sustain you in the competition.

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Top 7 Best Ice Hockey Stick Reviews: Hockey Stick Brands

1. Bauer Nexus 2N PRO

This product is the best as a mid-kick hockey stick since it features extreme, which is also referred to as ultra-lightweight carbon fiber. This makes it lighter by 20% compared to the carbon fiber; note that this makes Bauer Nexus 2N PRO durable. Besides, it has control shaft geometry that guarantees you an ergonomic feel. Its mid-kick point allows the player to acquire maximum power. It favors players who take multiple shot types since it incorporates a premium sot technology for a remarkable quick shot.


  • It has dura flex resin to generate added durability and strength.
  • Control shaft geometry for a comfortable feel.
  • Mid-Kickpoint for maximum power.


  • It is a less durable product.

2. True AX9

If you need the most improved hockey stick, opt for this product. It has a low-kick profile for faster snapshots and wrist shots. Moreover, this product has a Fiber Shield technology with a reoptimized shaft build to minimize weight and boost durability and strength. It weighs 393 grams, which shows how much it is lightweight. This stick has maximum balancing due to the axenic technology. True AX9 features a horizontal braided tube within its heel and blade, adding to its durability.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a low-kick profile for faster snapshots and wrist shots.
  • It has fiber shield technology for enhanced durability and strength.
  • It uses axenic technology for maximum balancing.


  • It is not a sufficiently balanced product.

3. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

It has a 65 flex and A92 curve with an envy blade pattern, which is currently the modern curve. It is suitable for experienced hockey players who need excellent hockey sticks to deliver maximum performance. This is a quality product from carbon fiber composite, hence suitable for competition. It has a great feel in hand and has the appropriate ratio of weight balance to the shaft. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick guarantees you a warranty of 45 days.


  • Top-quality product.
  • It guarantees you optimum balance.
  • It delivers outstanding performance.


  • It is suitable for only experienced players.

4. Mylec MK1-Senior-ABS Stick

This product is fantastic, and it comprises a wood shaft that is comfortable and strong to enable you to have maximum performance. It has an ABS blade design, which is durable on the entire type of surface. Therefore, if you need the best hockey stick, do not hesitate to purchase Mylec MK1-Senior-ABS Stick because its performance is exceptionally marvelous.


  • It functions on all types of surfaces.
  • It features a wood shaft that is comfortable and robust to make a hit.
  • It has a durable ABS blade.
  • This product is worth the value.


  • It is too short.

5. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

The Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick has gained popularity globally. Most hockey players love it because it has a national hockey league license. It has a high demand because of its bade and shaft. Moreover, its shaft is made of multi-ply popular, which makes it strong and hard to strike. It has a blade made of a maximum high-impact polymer, which is replaceable and perfect for players.


  • It has a multi-ply poplar shaft.
  • It features a national hockey league license.
  • This product features a replaceable maximum-impact polymer blade.
  • Robust and sturdy.


  • Incorrect size.

6. MALIK Field Hockey Sticks

It has a construction of 50%comosite carbon, 45% fiberglass, and Aramid 5%. Malik Field Hockey Stick is lightweight and delivers extremely excellent performance.

This product has a maximum-quality grip for perfect control of hockey balls. Bear in mind that this carbon tech range stick has premium hitting power suitable for professional hockey players. It has elegant and robust hitting power.


  • It has a composition of 45% fiberglass, 5% Kevlar as well as 50% carbon.
  • It is lightweight, hence easy to maneuver when playing.
  • It has a high-quality grip for ultimate control of the hockey ball.
  • Elegant and powerful hitting power.


  • None.

7. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

This product has a peregrine that is innovative with an ergonomic shape to increase your surface area and increase your hand contact point to manage the sticker appropriately. It features a flex peak at the lower section for responsive and quick play. On the other hand, the stiffness of the upper portion increases the load capacity. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick comes with a silver streak blade to generate a durable and stable hockey player structure.


  • It has a silver streak blade for a durable and stable structure for players.
  • It features a flex peak for responsive and quick play.
  • This product has an ultra-high balance point.


  • It lacks quality customer service.

Buyers Guide

You might be looking forward to purchasing the best hockey stick in the market currently. However, you should be aware that there are various considerations you need to factor in. These factors include:


The construction of your hockey stick is essential in ensuring that you deliver maximum performance. Therefore, hockey sticks from plastic, metal, and wood are not costlier and will not easily scuff or chip. On the other hand, composite and carbon fiber sticks have lightweight and incorporate flex properties and excellent energy transfer. Moreover, plastic, metal, and wood hockey sticks are old-school and perfect for roller and street hockey. Ideally, they are the best for amateurs in hockey.

Lie Angle

The lie angle lies between the blade and the stick, especially when examined through a vertical plane. You can use the number system in describing the standard angles. For instance, 4, 5 & 6 showcase that the blade is at an angle of 137, 135, and 133 degrees from the haft’s point of view.


Nothing is exciting in hockey, like purchasing a hockey stick with a secure and comfortable grip. With ice hockey, the stick handle’s feel when utilized with the entire hockey gear is vital. This means your hockey stick needs to feature a stick grip with premium ergonomic contours for comfortable use with gloved hands. Ensure that you consider this factor, and it will allow you to get the best experience when gaming.


Good flex enables a quick puck release. However, a stiffer hockey stick is likely to have more control. Thus, you should ensure that you choose a hockey stick with an appropriate flex for the job. It would help if you also considered this when searching for a hockey stick for a specialized position since they vary immensely.


The height of your hockey determines how well you will deliver performance. It is a primary factor that you should consider before any other aspect. Bear in mind that many hockey brands comprise Hoapa and pure hockey feature charts for hockey players. You must know that your hockey stick’s size relies on the player’s height and the preferred playing stance.

Blade Pattern

This rolls down to a player’s preference. When looking for the best hockey stick, choose the one that comes with a blade curved in the middle and has an open face. Most defensive players would refer to settling on hockey sticks that have a less open face and curve. It would be best if you went through the blade pattern guide to settle on the one that suits your needs efficiently.

FAQs: Hockey Stick Brands

Q: What are the ideal hockey sticks for beginners?

Most beginners prefer commencing with heavier hockey sticks since it gives them control and enhances the power to encourage better training habits on puck handling. The ideal hockey stick for beginners has a common lie angle of 5.5 and 5 and a large sweet spot. Additionally, the best also depends on the person’s height.

Q: What is the famous hockey stick in NHL?

When it comes to the best hockey stick in NHL, it rolls down to the players’ personal preferences. Most players have shown their love for the Bauer Nexus hockey stick, especially in 2017, 2018, to 2019.

Q: Is a lighter hockey stick any better?

This depends on the individual, but lighter hockey sticks are easier to maneuver than heavier ones. They also allow you to make quick transitions. You must also know that heavier hockey sticks guarantee you sufficient stability and power to a certain point.

Q: What is a durable hockey stick?

The ABS plastic and old-school wood hockey sticks are considered durable hockey sticks, but they also depend on how well you utilize them. In pro-level ice hockey sticks, most individuals opt for Bauer Nexus 2N Pro because it is long-lasting. It would be best if you also continued researching thoroughly to find the best and most durable hockey stick.

Q: How long is the delivery of a hockey stick ordered online?

In many cases, it is usually approved and sent within a single business day; proximity is also another aspect you should consider since they are also shied out if you are a local customer in either 1, 2, or three days.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing the best hockey stick?

Before you proceed to buy the best hockey stick in the market today, there are multiple factors you need to consider, such as:

  • Strength, weight, and size.
  • Style of ay and level.
  • Stick length
  • Blade lie
  • Blade curve
  • Kickpoint and flex

Q: What renders a hockey stick illegal?

Illegal hockey sticks refer to playing sticks that go against the outlined hockey rules. These rules include the shaft and the stick’s blade, curve, width, length, and material. Furthermore, all sticks should be manufactured from approved materials, especially wood. This ensures that players are safe and not exposed to any unnecessary dangers.

Q: What is the variation between wood and composite sticks?

The wood sticks are produced with a standard square shape. These sticks are worth the investment, but they have poor consistency and incur multiple breakages. On the other hand, the composite stick/shafts come in various flexes, weights, and shapes. They are lightweight, and feature accuracy, and shot speed. It is incredible because it has a shaft consistency.

Q: How long should my hockey stick be?

You need to ensure that the end of your hockey stick handle is between your eyebrow and your Adam’s apple. At least have a hockey stick that can reach the tip of your nose. A shorter stick should reach your chin or lower.

Q: Should I get a one-piece or a two-piece stick?

Many companies manufacture one-piece composite hockey sticks. Therefore, if you find a brand that manufactures the best hockey sticks, it would be best to opt for the one-piece stick. Moreover, if you think your gaming needs a varying company blade to function efficiently, another manufacturer’s shaft would boost your gaming experience. You need to purchase a two-piece with a single brand of the shaft attached to its competitor’s blade.

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Q: How can you choose shaft flex?

If you have a hockey stick with an excellent stick, your shot will be magnificent. Besides, maximizing flex can lower your energy output. High-flex hockey sticks generate snappy wrist shots with less strong slapshots. A low-flex hockey stick can manufacture harder shots, but it might not work perfectly if the stick is stiff.


If you want to find the best hockey stick, you need to familiarize yourself with both the best hockey stick brands and the field hockey stick brands. Therefore, the list above will help you find an excellent and top-quality hockey stick that delivers incredible performance. Take your time and do not hurriedly make a decision that will not serve you efficiently.

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