Mini Air Hockey Table: An Ultimate Guide

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Air hockey is an exciting game for both children & adults, and it is played worldwide. In case you have ever engaged in hockey games, you must be familiar with them. A mini air hockey table is best for individuals who do not have sufficient space to accommodate a big-sized air hockey table.

Furthermore, the full-sized air hockey table has a length of 8 feet, and this means they require a bigger space to fit correctly in your house. Therefore, ensure that you purchase a mini air hockey table that is affordable, portable, and lightweight. Here’s a guide on the best mini air hockey tables on the market you need to consider.

To 10 Best Mini Air Hockey Table

mini air hockey table

1. Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kids, Green

In case you want to advance in playing air hockey, it is ideal that you opt for Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey. Furthermore, it is lightweight, sturdy, portable, and easy to maneuver around. It is an appropriate choice for barbeques, and birthday parties, among many more parties. This product is family-friendly, and 100% satisfies your kids. You must know that it has a fantastic size that suits your kids. This product has a quality design with a non-marking pad, making it safe on any given surface and minimizing scrapes and scratches.

Besides, it has a wood construction that makes it durable and offers you top-quality play. It features 110v and maximum velocity, which guarantees you accuracy, and is quick-paced. You can easily assemble this product without any hassle since it comes packaged with accessories. Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey guarantees you a warranty of 180 days.


  • It guarantees you a warranty of 180 days.
  • Features a premium design to secure it on any given surface.
  • Family-friendly Product.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • It is a less quality product.

2. Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

It falls among the top 10 best mini air hockey tables in the market, and you can comfortably play it in the comfort of your home. The Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey Table has a maximum output fan, which develops gameplay with a real arcade style. This is because it comes with an electric fan and an adapter that generates quiet and powerful airflow.

It is easy to set up since it does not have legs but goals, which you need to attach and start gaming. Besides, it has a compact design, which makes it portable. You must know that this product guarantees 100% satisfaction for both you and your kids. With their quality customer service, you can comfortably consult them anytime.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Worth an investment.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It guarantees you 100% satisfaction.
  • It enhances unity by bringing family and friends together.


  • It is less durable.

3. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults

This product is affordable not only for parents but also for kids who can manage to serve up. Additionally, it is lightweight and portable, enabling you to enjoy your game anywhere, whether outside or even indoors. It has an easy puck return technology, making you enjoy playing your air hockey with absolutely no hassles.

Bear in mind that this product’s shooter handles are simple to control and comprise a sizeable puck of 1.5 inches. It has a scorekeeping system to remind you or even kids about the score. Therefore, if you are looking for the best mini air hockey table, opt for this product that delivers outstanding features.


  • It features a simple puck return technology.
  • This product offers real airflow.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is worth the price.


  • It does not have a suitable quality.

4. ESPN Air Powered 5′ Hockey Table with LED Electronic Scorer

The ESPN Air Powered 5′ Hockey Table with LED Electronic Scorer is a suitable product that suits any given family game room in your household. It has 5-inch leg levelers that are oversized to offer you a playing surface that is leveled well. On the other hand, it has a high gloss playfield with the potential to hold the most intense air hockey games.

Furthermore, it has a quality blower fan, responsible for generating high airflow across the whole playing surface. This product comes packaged with LED electronic scorer plus an integrated sound effect and push-button control.


  • It has quality blower fans.
  • Family-friendly Product.
  • Features 5-inch leg levelers.
  • This product has a LED electronic scorer, sound effects as well a push-button control.


  • It does not work as advertised.

5. Playcraft Sport 40Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Ideally, this product best suits teens and kids who are still growing and have little hands. Moreover, its strikers and puck are perfectly designed for little hands. This product will feel your kids’ hearts with excitement since they will always have something engaging during their leisure time. You must know that this product is lightweight, compact, and portable.

It is also a suitable mini air hockey table because it occupies a small space. The Playcraft Sport 40Inch Table Top Air Hockey frame is from MDF material, which is sturdy and robust to withstand intense gaming. It generates enough airflow because it contains a 100 CFM electric blower. You must also understand that it is easy to set up this product and its legs that enhance its stability.


  • It has a robust and sturdy construction.
  • This product is easy to set up.
  • It is stable since it has four legs.
  • It takes minimal space for storage.


  • It does not have a powerful motor.

6. Point Games Blazing Air Hockey Fast-Paced Action Game

Most guardians and parents prefer purchasing this product for their kids since it guarantees their kids’ safety. It has a measurement of 2.1 inches, making it portable and a perfect choice for kids of all ages. Besides, this product is durable because it is from quality hardwood, which makes it long-lasting. It also comprises a white tabletop that contains realistic markings. The side rails with a natural wood finish are covered using plastic covers that are blunt for kids’ safety. With sufficient care, this product can serve you for a longer duration.


  • It has long-lasting batteries.
  • Compact and durable.
  • Ease to set up.
  • 100% safe for kids of all ages.
  • It is from quality hardwood.


  • It lacks a powerful fan speed.

7. Harvil 40-inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table

This product has sizeable legs, which cannot allow you to position it on your high table. It is a perfect mini air hockey table for children since it has the appropriate size and height that suits kids best. Additionally, it is made of excellent graphics to capture the attention of kids. It weighs 15lbs, which means it is lightweight and portable; you can easily maneuver it anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

You must know this product comes with a warranty of 90 days covering all the defects and any parts that are likely to get damaged. The blower is CUL certified and has a voltage of 12 with an airflow that is quite reliable. When you get this product, you can immediately start gaming because it comes packaged with two pucks and addles, saving you on the cost.


  • It has the perfect height and size for kids.
  • Excellent graphics for kids.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 90 days warranty.
  • It has perfect and reliable airflow.


  • It lacks an advanced scoring system.

8. Ideal SureShot Air Hockey Tabletop Game

For this product to deliver outstanding performance, it requires three C batteries. This differs from the ideal lightning-air hockey. It allows you to enjoy quick lighting action from one of the entire game rooms in a portable form. It features simple grip paddles ideal for striking pucks that are lightweight and propelled by air.

The Ideal SureShot air hockey tabletop game comes with accessories, such as instruction, two pucks, two shooting paddles, a center ice divider, and a hockey rink base. If you need the air hockey table mini for your kids, five years and above, choose this product that delivers extraordinary performance.


  • It is suitable for children between the age of five and above.
  • It is compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • This product is worth the investment.
  • 100% satisfactory.
  • Features instruction among many more instructions.


  • Its batteries are less durable.

9. Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

You can still enjoy air hockey without spending a lot of money or having to occupy the entire space in your house. Purchase today the Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game and save on your space as well as capital. Furthermore, this product has a compact design, which allows you to store it easily. It’s lightweight and portable, which means you can easily maneuver it indoors or outdoors. It has a motor with 110v plus an adapter that generates a steady airflow. Besides, it comes with multiple accessories, such as two pucks, two ushers, and dual sliding scorers to keep a record of your score.


  • It is compact and affordable.
  • It saves space and is easy to store.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Works as advertised.
  • It has a 110v motor plus an adapter that generates steady airflow.


  • It is a less quality product.

10. Hey! Play! Mini Table Top Air Hockey Game

A game room or basement is not necessary for you to play the air hockey game. The Hey! Play! Mini Table Top Air Hockey Game allows you to enjoy your game without any inconveniences. It is 22 inches fitting perfectly in any of your rooms. This product is lightweight, and you can easily maneuver it indoors or outdoors. It has sufficient space to withstand heated action.

Moreover, this product is also compact for easy storage. Bear in mind that this product features two pucks and two-handle shooters. It is easy to assemble this product because it comes with everything you need to set it up. Make it your number one choice today and experience a fantastic game.


  • Lightweight and compact to fit any given room.
  • It is portable, and you can maneuver it quickly.
  • Easy storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It delivers maximum game performance.


  • It is a less durable product.

Top 7 Small Air Hockey Table

1. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

With this product, you can play air hockey at any given time and anywhere. You can finish assembling it within 15 minutes, and it is ideal for tailgates, family game nights, pub crawls as well as parties. This product has everything you might need for challenging air hockey gaming. These accessories include two mini ushers, two mini pucks, and scoreboard options.

On the other hand, it is CUL-certified with an AC-12V motor for puck fluidity and maximum airflow. The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table have quality construction from dense fiber wood. Its legs are foam protected to protect it from damage; it is sturdy and durable.


  • It has a fun and modern design.
  • Quality construction.
  • This product is compact and generates a lot of power.
  • It comes with the fundamental requirements to make the game successful.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It guarantees you impromptu gaming anytime.
  • It is an excellent and lightweight product.


  • It generates an even airflow.

2. PlayGo Air Hockey Arena

Nothing is exciting like getting your kids engaged in air hockey, especially at a young age. This product suits two players. Therefore, you can confidently allow your children to play and find the champion among the two of them. However, ensure that you position this mini air hockey table on a flat surface for you to play appropriately. Bear in mind that it is a condensed product of other standard gameplay tables. It features holes on the playing surface, releasing steady airflow streams to enable the puck to float across the entire rink.


  • Worth an investment.
  • It comes packaged with four pucks to serve you for a longer duration.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • It does not have robust airflow.

3. Poof-Slinky 37270BL Ideal Lightning Air Hockey

With this product, you can comfortably play hockey anytime and anywhere; it falls among the best small air hockey tables. It is 12 inches wide & 20 inches long, and its design perfectly suits children of 5 years and above. To function effectively, it uses the 8 AA batteries which you have to purchase.

Moreover, this is a real indication that the air blower is robust to enable the puck to glide with less effort along the playing surface. This product is lightweight and portable with an in-built dual sliding scorekeeper plus a maximum powered fan to enhance the lightning speed. It comes with multiple accessories, such as instructions, two pucks, two paddles, and a 3. 75in. H x 12in. W x 20in. L Playing table.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It is convenient, and you can play it anytime and at any place.
  • In-built dual sliding scorekeepers.
  • It has a maximum powered fan for lightning speed.


  • It is not worth the value.

4. Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards Game

If you need a small air hockey table that is best for the entire family, search no more and opt for Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards Game, which meets all the family demands. This product is portable and compact. In case you do not have sufficient space for a full-sized small air hockey table, you can opt for this product that aims to save space.

It has a realistic design since it is from wood material and has a green feel to engulf it. Moreover, this product has optimal weight and size of cues and balls to make your skills perfect effortlessly and practice shots. Most users are usually in love with this product since it is suitable for all ages.


  • Fun for entire ages.
  • It has a realistic design that allows you to make your skill perfect and practice shots.
  • Compact and portable.
  • It suits the entire family and is also suitable for all ages.


  • Its construction quality is low.

5. GoSports Pass the Puck Rapid-Shot Premium Wooden Indoors Tabletop Board Game Set, Natural Finish

Ideally, this product is suitable for family use, and it has an exciting and modern puck. Furthermore, it comes fully packaged with requirements to function efficiently, such as three gates for customizable gameplay, 16 pucks, dual sling shooters, and a single-ass puck board. It unites friends and family together via a heart-pounding race.

Additionally, it features three swappable center gates for numerous ways to play. The double gates enhance double fun and clashes, and it is wide for beginners & narrow for competitive games. This product has a classic wooden construction, which allows you to unplug and enjoy endless fun during camping trips, game nights, and birthday parties.


  • It features an exciting and modern puck.
  • It has a classic wooden construction.
  • This product unites friends and family through a heart-pounding race.


  • None.

6. Franklin Sports Rod Hockey

The Franklin Sports Rod Hockey is a compact 20-inch small air hockey table. It builds up an authentic hockey action with a big stick design and large smooth-moving layers for additional control. This product has a plexiglass-style enclosure plus an onboard scoring system. Bear in mind that this product enhances flawless play. It has a family-friendly design, suitable for kids above six years old.


  • It is compact and portable for easy transportation and storage.
  • It has a family-friendly design.
  • Quality construction.
  • It delivers outstanding performance.


  • It does not work as advertised.

7. MD Sports Rod Hockey Table Game

Engage in an impromptu game at any place, any time with MD Sports Rod Hockey Table Game. It is lightweight and portable on any given surface that is steady. Furthermore, it is easy to set it up, whether it is indoors or outdoors. This product requires neither batteries nor electricity, and you can play it manually since it only needs desire and sufficient skills to play. However, sometimes it can be too challenging without power. It has a quality construction, which is resistant to chips and water. MD Sports Rod Hockey Table Game is simple to assemble and play.


  • It has quality construction.
  • Durable and reliable since it is unbreakable.
  • It is entertaining and fun.
  • This product is simple to assemble.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • It is a less quality product.

FAQs: Mini Air Hockey Table

Q: What size of air hockey is suitable?

When purchasing the best, you need to consider the size, depending on your home. Additionally, a standard air hockey table has a measurement of 84 inches. However, if you have a small space, you can opt for a more compact mini air hockey table of 60-inch, which is still the ultimate size for both kids and adults.

Q: How much is perfect air hockey?

This does not have a specific answer since it depends on your purpose for buying and the amount you wish to send. In case you are looking for an air hockey table for portable and lightweight kids, you can spend around $200-$350. You can opt for a serious air hockey table which ranges between $400- $600, and it has a premium construction; it is durable and suits adults. On the other hand, professional air hockey goes at $700.

Q: How should you play mini air hockey?

Playing this game is not tricky but very straightforward. Below are multiple basics that will guide you on how to play air hockey:

  • To determine who commences with the puck, flip the coin.
  • When the puck ultimately enters your goal, it is a score, and if it gets stuck, it is not considered a point.
  • When you score, you give a chance to the next player.
  • You can only strike the puck when it is along your centerline.
  • Mallets should avoid crossing the centerline, especially when striking the puck.
  • Stand alongside your table and maintain your side centerline.
  • No topping.
  • Body parts such as arms and has should not touch the puck.
  • Every play takes a 10-second time out in each round.
  • You can call for a time-out when you are not in play or the puck is in your hands.
  • After the first round, you can switch players.

The number of scores determines winning; the first player to score seven points emerges as the winner. The best in the entire seven rounds is the winner of the whole game.

Q: What should you consider when buying an air hockey table?

Before purchasing the best air hockey table, there are several aspects you need to consider, such as:

  • Air hockey accessories
  • Table Design
  • Power source
  • Customer service
  • Scoring
  • Leg levelers
  • Material and durability

Q: Is air hockey among professional sports?

Air hockey falls among professional sports worldwide, but it has not gained much popularity like other sports.

Q: What is air hockey?

Air hockey is among the famous table games across the entire world. Most people prefer buying air hockey tables in their homes. The air hockey table is designed with holes responsible for blowing the air up the surface to enhance smooth puck gliding.

Q: How does the air hockey table work?

How well your air hockey is likely to function depends on multiple factors, these are:


Surface material

Bear in mind that the airflow maintains the puck elevated on the table. On the other hand, the surface material alters the direction as well as the speed. When these aspects work together, they make a successful and smooth game.

Q: How long can your air hockey table last?

How long your air hockey table is likely to last depends on its quality, how expensive it is, and how you often use it and maintain it. Furthermore, an average air hockey table can serve you for a long and has the maximum potential to last for approximately 5 to 8 years.

Q: How do you clean an air hockey table playing surface?

This is usually in the manual script which comes with your product. Ensure that you follow instructions on how to clean your air hockey table playing surface. However, a premium glass cleaner spray is suitable since it leaves absolutely no residue. You should avoid using household furniture polish because it comprises waxes, which block the table’s airways.

Q: How should you maintain an air hockey table?

The effective way to clean your air hockey table is via cleaning it at least once a week or as often as possible. You can perfectly achieve this by using a clean cloth and alcohol to get rid of dirt and dust, which might slow the puck’s pace. However, it would help if you did not use wax or silicone since it might plug the holes by coating the surface.

Q: Is it possible to resurface the air hockey table?

Yes, it is possible, but it might not seem practical enough. In case your air hockey table is completely damaged, the best option is to replace it and not resurface it. This is less costly and takes minimal duration than resurfacing.

Q: Does a small air hockey table maintain its stability?

If your product’s bottom legs are rubber added or even the surface, it is likely to maintain its stability, preventing it from unnecessary scratches. However, large tables usually preserve their stability.

Q: Does a mini air hockey table have a power cord?

Yes, mini air hockey tables have power cords, which enable them to run the blower.

Q: How long does it take to assemble the best mini air hockey table?

Assembling this product does not take long; it only takes a short time since most are designed for quick use when on demand. The maximum duration you can take to assemble your product is 15 minutes.

Q: How to play air hockey like a pro?

  • Utilize an out-defense method.
  • Try to maintain possession of your puck.
  • Advance your grab


Based on the review above, you are now familiar with the top 10 best mini air hockey tables and the top 7 small air hockey tables in the market. Therefore, it counts upon you to select the best that is likely to fit your space and meet your demands efficiently. Ensure that you examine the features and determine if the air hockey table mini you want to purchase is engaging your kids, yourself, and even friends.

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