Hockey Skate Profiling: You Never Know

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Hockey Skate Profiling


Hockey skating is one of the best games to engage in especially with the looming lockdowns and the need to practice social distance. It will help you keep fit and increase your thinking capacity as you have to concentrate if you are to skate well while playing. It is more fun when skating on ice because you will be able to maneuver around easily but undertaking skate profiling.

Skate profiling is important because you will customize the blade to suit your needs whether you want to have a smaller radius for increased maneuvering or a larger radius for increased speed. Hockey skate profiling, therefore, is important if you are to make the best in hockey or become proficient. Therefore, when you undertake hockey skate profiling you will get the best of yourself during skating by increasing your speed and movement.

What is a profile/Rocker?

A profile or rocker refers to imaginary radius in the feet or distance between the sharp end of the blade and the ice on the ground. This is the part of the blade that comes in contact with ice during skating. Hockey skating is, therefore, necessary because it will increase the sharpness of the blade that comes into contact with ice when viewed by the side.

During manufacturing, the steel part might get deformed or not proportional making it slow during hockey skating and that is why it is important to perform profiling. A profile is done for a goalie, defender, or any player that wants to increase their speed and stability.

What Profile is the best?

According to research, the best rocker is 13 inch which is more stable and has more speed as compared with a low radius which is good for maneuvering and agility. For a smaller radius, it gives you a good opportunity to start quickly and maneuver around. If you are in the forward position during hockey skating then you should have a deeper hollow for increased movement and maneuvering. Goalies need a flatter skate which helps them to increase stability as they score.

New Blades/ Measuring Profiles

Buying new blades comes with a factory setting and sharpening which needs to be profiled. Hence you should profile your skate according to your playing position, weight, and radius. The most common measurement is 9 feet but you can reduce it to 7 feet or increase it to 13 feet depending on how comfortable it is when you are playing hockey.

If you are comfortable with a flatter blade, it has a larger radius and you have increased speed although it’s a bit difficult to start. For rounded blades, you need a smaller radius of 7 feet and it has less contact with ice. You can opt for forward skating or reverse skating depending on your playing position. The rule of thumb is that a larger radius of 11 inches or 13 inches is more comfortable.

Balancing Point

If you want to get the best from your skate, then you must ensure that it is balanced such that you get excellent results by playing swiftly and comfortably without straining your joints or feeling sharp pain and get the best of hockey skating on the ice.

The use of pro skate balance will help you get the best balance during your hockey skating experience on the ice. When you are trying to achieve your perfect balance you can place one foot on the skate first and as you practice you will get the perfect balance that you will use to hockey skate on the ice.

Maintaining your profile

To maintain your profile, you need to clean them thoroughly and dry them with a towel. You should store them by rubbing them in a towel and keeping them safely to avoid becoming too dry or to clear moisture inside.

Therefore, when you reuse them they will still be of high quality and can make you earn more points during ice skating. You should ensure that your blades are sharp always to maintain the hollow radius and to increase your balance and speed.

Therefore, proper maintaining of your profile will save you more cost of buying a new one. You should always ensure that the left and right skates are balanced to avoid one skate being too hollow and thus preventing you from skating well through the ice.

Skate Sharpening Profiles

Skate sharpening profiles helps in changing the original form of skate to fit your particular needs as a hockey player. Excellent results are desired and therefore when you sharpen your skate you increase your chances of winning as you are stable, comfortable, and can be able to strike easily during hockey skating.

Many brands deal with skate sharpening and ProSharp is one of the companies which are helping the hockey skate players sharpen their blades such that the radius is customized to fit each individual according to their playing position, size, skill level, and weight. It should be done properly in a professional way and not by use of hands to avoid getting injured while hockey skating.

Quad Radius Skate Profile

The radius has been subdivided into 4 with specific functions. In front is the smaller radius with its specific function of encouraging more steps as skate and thus increased acceleration. The smaller radius, therefore, is ideal for fast movement as you skate. The second radius is for increased mobility as you skate. Skating should be done with higher movement as you hockey skate on the ice.

The third section has an enlarged radius which is great for glide and speed. Therefore you use this part if you want to increase your speed. The last section of the radius is the end of the blade or back which helps with stability. Therefore the more stable you are, the higher you will skate and score excellent points and win the game.

Benefits of Hockey Skate Profiling

Many benefits come with profiling and it includes the following:

It increases mobility and stability – when you profile your skate you are customizing it to suit your personal needs. Therefore it will make you stable and be in better control of your skate and not the skate controlling you.

It is affordable – Profiling is cheap and it is worth every buck you will spend because you will not only enjoy your skating but you will be safe to skate.

Higher speed – When you profile, you will increase your speed and reduce fatigue as you hockey skate and you will get rid of any pain in your joints.

Increased confidence – When you customize your skate you will be more confident because you are skating on an item that you are sure will serve you well and will not cause you harm especially bad injuries.

Powerful glides – You will be in control of your skate and thus you will make larger glides with a customized radius.

Increased performance – Your overall hockey skate performance will drastically improve because you are more stable, confident, and using the right skate that perfectly fits you.

How Profiling affects performance

Hockey skate player’s performance will be affected by profiling because the stability of the skater depends on the blade ice contact and in turn, affects the stability and overall performance. When profiling is done, the skater will be more stable and in control and thus increased performance.

Profiling is done now and therefore the performance of the skater will be consistent throughout the skating time. It is performed at least once a year to maintain the consistency of the skate. Besides, it will ensure that the skater is in a neutral position and therefore in full control of the skate during hockey skating. As the blades’ height and radius performance change, the skater will be in a better position to maneuver around easily and increase agility.

Why Consider a Radius for your skate

A radius is important for your skate because it will determine the amount of area the blade will come in contact with the ice. It helps in achieving the balance you need while skating and at the same time maintaining high speed during skating.

You will also be in a position to properly control your skate in position. Some skate is hollow and therefore a bit uncomfortable during skating or causes regular accidents which sometimes are fatal, and to eliminate all these and be safe, it is better to know your radius so that you know how you can increase it or decrease to make it more comfortable and stable.

You will have more fun skating by reducing stress and pains in your joints which gives you peace of mind. Also, the proper radius determines how you can profile your skate to properly fit your weight and height, and playing skills. A well-customized radius will deliver the desired results as you skate.

Skate profiling for players

Players do skate profiling and specifically hockey players with the recommended standard profile of 13 inches in a curved blade. Different players prefer to use different radius which suits the best such as two radius, three radiuses, and quad radius.

They get their skates to sharpen before every game while others prefer to be sharpened after every period so that they can give their best and score good points. It helps them to be more stable and in control as they play and thus leading to excellent performance. Also, it enhances their speed and how they can maneuver when they are competing.

Hockey Skate Profiling: FAQs

Q: How often should you profile your skate?

It should be sharpened by a professional and repeated several times.

Q: What is hockey skate profiling?

It is the process of changing the shape of a skate used during hockey skating.

Q: What is skate contouring?

It is the different lengths of the skating blade that comes in contact with ice.

Q: Should you profile your hockey skates?

Yes, you should profile so that you make the best out of ice skating.

Q: Can you skate on brand new skates?

No, you should not use your brand new skates for ice skating as they are stiff. And they have been sharpened and thus might lead to serious injuries when an accident occurs.

Q: Who should have their skates’ profile?

Players should have their skates profile because they are constantly using them. Also, any skater expert who wants to engage in hockey skating and has a brand new skate should have their skates profiled. Any other individual who loves skating on the ice should have a profile on their skates if they want to get the best out of their skating experience.

Q: How do I choose a skate profile?

Choosing a skate profile can be sometimes tricky but if you understand how you play then it is easier for you to get the best skate profile. If you are always on the run in the field from one corner to another then a smaller radius skate is ideal for you but if you are always in one position such as defending then you need a larger radius.

If you are a high-end player then you need a skate with more than one radius such as a triple or quad radius skate which will increase your speed, stability and boost your confidence level as you play. For players who are a bit heavy, they need their skate profile scale up while for lighter players they need it to scale down and new players need the one with a hollow radius.

Final Verdict

Skate profile sharpening is very important for skaters if they want to get the best out of themselves while remaining stable, confident, and highly mobile. Therefore hockey skate profiling is important for every player as you cannot play well without sharpening your skates now and then.You must have your skate profiled by a professional.

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