Hockey Skate Guards: An Ultimate Hockey Players Guide

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Hockey Skate Guards


If you want to avoid having to sharpen your skate blades often and want to keep them safe in storage, then you should start using hockey skate guards.

Hockey skate guards can be a little expensive for what they are, but in the long term, they can save you plenty of time and money by protecting the blades from damage.

Below, we are going to introduce you to what we think are the 3 best hockey skate guards out there. By the end of this post, you hopefully will have found the right pair of skate guards for your needs!

Top 3 Best Hockey Skate Guards

1. Rollergard Rolling Skate Guard

The Rollergard skate guard is unique in that it allows you to use your skates even when on. Thanks to the four wheels with ABEC-5 bearings, this skate guard may be used in training and warming up off the ice.

The wheels are advertised to be non-marking too, so you should be able to safely use them on any surface.

In terms of fit, the Rollergard skate guard is designed for skates size 9 and smaller and athletes lighter than 200 pounds. You may adjust the sizing of the guard by moving the back strap into the necessary position.

The skate guard is deep enough not to touch the bottom of the blades when on. The build of this skate guard model is also pretty tough, though the back strap feels a bit flimsy.


  • Has wheels with ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Great for size 9 and smaller skates.
  • May be used for training and warming up.


  • The adjustable back strap feels flimsy.

2. Blue Sports Quick Step Skate Guard

The Blue Sports Quick-Step skate guard is a little bit simpler than the Rollergard model – it has no wheels and isn’t suitable for walking, most importantly. However, it still provides an ample amount of protection to the skate blades.

Thanks to its adjustable design, the Blue Sports skate guard will work for senior players, and it should also be fine for juniors. As for the youth, it probably will be too big for them.

The build quality in the Quick Step skate guard seems pretty solid as well. Getting the skates into the guards can sometimes be a little har, however.


  • Adjustable in length.
  • Good build quality.


  • Sometimes difficult to get the skates into.

3. Howies Hockey Tape Terry Cloth Skate Guards

Finally, we have the Howies Hockey Tape terry cloth skate guard. This skate guard pack is made of heavy-duty terry cloth with an ample amount of padding for blade protection. This skate guard is again not walkable, but it’s a great choice in terms of protection in storage.

For added durability, Howies skate guards feature double-stitching too, so they should not come apart with use.

The Howies skate guard fits the majority of skate sizes thanks to the stretchy opening. For a better fit, you may also choose between junior and senior sizes.


  • Extra-padded for great blade protection.
  • Junior and senior sizes available.
  • Fits most skate sizes.


  • Nothing to complain about.

Benefits Of Hockey Skate Guards For Hockey Players

Skate guards can perform several functions, but their primary purpose is skate blade protection. Guards physically shield the blade to protect it from impact, dulling, or corrosion. Aside from that, skate blade guards also protect you from cuts.

Although hockey players primarily buy skate guards for protection, they can actually be very useful for training as well. Some skate guards are actually walkable, meaning that you may walk with your skates on.

Walkable skate guards are commonly used when training or working out off the ice. What’s also great about walkable skate guards is that they allow you to practice at home, although you’d have to make sure that the guards don’t leave scuffs on the floor.

Hockey Skate Guards You Can Walk

If you are specifically interested in skate guards that can be walked in, then you can find plenty of good options on the market.

Brands employ various smart tricks to make their skate guards walkable. Rollergard, for example, employs wheels, which essentially turns hockey skates into inline roller skates. Others, like Elite, add rubber padding at the base of their skate guards (e.g. Pro-Skate Guard) to allow athletes to walk.

There also are the Skaboots, which are claimed to be the world’s first-ever walkable skate guards. Skaboots consist of a very wide rubber base that cushions the skate, adds stability and protects the blade from impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are skate guards used for?

Skate guards are used for the following purposes:

  • Skate guards protect skates from damage in storage or transportation.
  • It protects you from blade cuts.
  • Walkable skate guards allow you to train off the ice.

How do skate guards work?

Skate guards cover the skate blade, shielding it from moisture, scratching, and impact. The same way, skate guards protect you from cuts.

Can you walk on cloth skate guards?

This depends on the skate guards. Most cloth skate guards are unsuitable for walking because they don’t protect the blades from below. Cloth skate guards that are walkable will be clearly advertised as such in the product description.

Can you walk in walkable skate guards indoors?

Yes, but keep in mind that some skate guards may leave scuffs on flooring.

How do you fit figure skate guards?

There are many unique designs on the market, so there’s no one-size-fits-all guide we can provide you with. The best advice we could give you is to follow the assembly instructions included with the skate guard.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for our little guide post! Hopefully, you now better understand skate guards and how to shop for one.

If none of our picks seemed the best one for you, then have a better look around – you can find dozens and perhaps even hundreds of skate guards on the market!

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