Turf Wars: A Firm Grip On The Best Field Hockey Cleats

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(Last Updated On: February 6, 2021)
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Best Field Hockey Cleats


With flying balls and swinging sticks, field hockey is unquestionably not a game for the weak. Whether you’re new to the game or have been hooked to it for a while, you know that the right equipment can spell all the difference not just in keeping you safe on the field, but also in playing splendidly. Read on as we do a quick rundown of the best field hockey cleats that can turn you into a legend of the pitch in no time.

Top 7 Best Field Hockey Cleats

Much like in most sports, the shoe you choose is a big part of playing optimally. Although initially and more popularly played on ice while sporting skates, players use field hockey cleats to flawlessly move around a grass field as they attempt countless drives to ultimately reach their goal of scoring a goal.

Here’s a list of some of the best field hockey cleats that can successfully assist you to scoop, flick, and slap shot your way around the greens.

Women’s Field Hockey Cleats

Women’s Under Armour Finisher Lacrosse Footwear

This pair from Under Armour works just as fine in Lacrosse as in the field hockey pitch. These sturdy, lightweight, and value-driven protective cleats allow players to manage both indoor and outdoor greens excellently. It includes a specially constructed plastic sheet, strategically placed underneath, providing players with awesome speed and flexibility whenever they take the field.


  • Rubber soles for increased performance.
  • Includes an EVA sock liner that reduces cleat pressure for enhanced underfoot comfort.
  • Engineered rubber outsole for amazing grip and traction.


  • Confusing size patterns.

Womens Adidas Divox 1.9S

This durable pair from Adidas is designed with additional mesh, a raised heel, and a stable upper sole that keeps your foot protected and comfortable. Its unique design provides an extra cushion for sudden bursts of speed and rapid cuts which is prevalent in our sport. This gorgeous filed hockey cleat includes a lace closure system and mesh inserts for better mid-foot support and ventilation respectively.


  • Good for players who run a lot due to its lightweight and great grip.
  • Fine rigidity makes for stable feet.
  • Attractive design and color.


  • Sizes tend to be smaller, making online purchases risky.

LEOCI Men’s/Women’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Considered as one of the best field hockey cleats available, this pair from LEOCI is made from high-quality material, providing consistent ball control in both indoor and outdoor pitches. Specially designed for optimum fit and comfort, its flexible ground outsole allows players to move with speed and stability across any field type such as natural and artificial grass as well as the hard ground.


  • Soft and breathable insole keeps feet dry and natural.
  • Well-designed heel for better fit and comfort.
  • Performs at par with more expensive field hockey cleats brands.


  • Sizes run small.

Men’s Filed Hockey Cleats

Men’s Adidas Adistar S3

An upgrade from an earlier version, this pair from Adidas is more durable, lightweight, and breathable, making it one of the best field hockey cleats available. Designed as protective footwear for men, the mesh on the front not only enhances the shoe’s overall breathability but also reduces its weight for enhanced performance and convenience. A state-of-the-art adiPrene cushion system provides comfort the moment you slip your foot in.


  • Performs well even on a wet hockey pitch.
  • A specialized midsole eliminates the risk of foot irritation.
  • Incredible shock absorption capability.


  • Comes in only one color option.

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats

Crafted with style and comfort in mind, these cleats from DREAM PAIRS will turn heads on the pitch for its fashion and performance. Its synthetic outsole includes conical studs, providing extreme traction as you strut your field hockey stuff on the ground. Unmistakably soft and lightweight, this cleat’s cushioned insole and fabric lining obviously didn’t take comfort for granted.


  • The shoes’ synthetic upper material makes for maximum durability.
  • Comes in a plethora of colors.
  • Great value for your money.


  • Be mindful to purchase one size smaller to address sizing issues.

Nike Phantom Venom Academy Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

These high-performance and comfortable field hockey cleats from Nike include an innovative upper mesh design called NIKESKIN that allows the shoe to conveniently conform to your foot for maximum fit and comfort. Unique features such as an asymmetrical lacing system, instep ridges, and specialized plates provide excellent control, stability, and traction.


  • Exceptionally lightweight and breathable.
  • Available in several designs and colors.
  • Surprisingly affordable for such a popular brand.


  • Foot entry is quite narrow.

Kid’s Field Hockey Cleats

T&B Kids’ Soccer Cleats Firm Ground Hook-and-Loop

These flexible field hockey cleats are crafted to withstand the challenges of the turf, the ground, and short-grass fields due to its waterproof and easy to clean upper. Its hook-and-loop closure design offers convenience to your young hockey player as the outsoles provide superior balance and stability on both the greens and the grounds. Extremely lightweight and of utmost quality, it allows kids to move with speed, stability, and comfort.


  • Velcro for easy on, easy off convenience.
  • Brilliant colors allow for easy spotting on and off the pitch.
  • Superb shock-absorbing insoles.


  • Size up by one for better comfort.

Good quality field hockey shoes offer protection from streaking balls and cruel sticks during games and practice sessions. It provides sufficient grip to run and change direction fast regardless of the surface you’re playing on, making dependable field hockey cleats an essential part of a field hockey player’s kit.

How To Choose The Best Field Hockey Cleats?

Best Field Hockey Cleats

Field Hockey cleats often include longer rubber studs on the bottom, allowing players to move and perform sudden changes in direction quickly and more efficiently compared to a regular turf shoe. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best field hockey cleats.

1. Traction Or Grip

The size of studs on your cleats depends on the surface you are playing on. When it’s on grass, full studs should do the job well, while synthetic turf, which is often specific to field hockey, might not require full cleats. Ordinary running shoes might not provide an aggressive enough grip, putting you at a disadvantage.

2. Comfort

Proper footwear follows the shape of your foot after a few games or practice session, not just providing good cushioning that will reduce the impact of long periods on the pitch, but eliminating the risk of developing performance-altering blisters as well.

3. Support

The shoes’ structure is essential in keeping your feet, knees, and ankles safe and protected. Field hockey cleats should have enough flex around the ball of the foot but are strong around the heel and arch when contorted.

4. Durable

The best field hockey cleats can be pricey especially if they don’t even last a season. Endurance should be taken into account since not only does it save you money, but it also allows you to perform each slap shot with great accuracy.

Turf Shoes Vs. Cleats

The comparison between these shoes often confuses players on which type best fits them. Both shoe types can no doubt improve your overall game performance, keeping your feet comfortable when used at the right place and at the right time. Here are a few tips that may help you pick one over the other.

Turf Shoes

  • Smaller studs compared to that of cleats.
  • The rubber or plastic thin studs best suit artificially built grounds as cleats can damage such fields.
  • Turf shoes provide better stability and grip when used on an indoor pitch rather than an outdoor hockey field.


  • Performs at its finest on firm grounds such as grass and dirt.
  • Provides stability and better traction that improve a player’s field hockey game.
  • Can be used in numerous sporting activities that require your feet to be firmly placed on the ground, enhancing stability and control.

Both turf and cleat shoes provide comfort and help increase the level of your game. It all depends on which game or court either footwear fits best.

Field Hockey Cleats: FAQ’s

1. Are Lacrosse And Field Hockey Cleats Similar?

Players can use either lacrosse or hockey cleats during play. Simply take note of the specific features that top brands include in their shoes.

2. Can You Wear Cleats On Turf?

Several top brands offer interchangeable cleats, allowing you to switch from cleats that are best used with natural grass surfaces to ones that are appropriate for sport courts, concrete, and gym floors.

3. Can You Wear Turf Shoes On Concrete?

Turf shoes were made specifically for grass surfaces. Using them on concrete will not only damage the studs, but it may also compromise your speed and agility.

4. Can You Wear Cleats Casually?

Although cleats can pass as a pair of footwear that you can wear casually, moving around on those studs may prove to be a challenge, if not ill-advised.

5. How Do I Keep The Cleats Clean?

Never submerge your cleats in water as it may subject your pair to damage. Simply grab a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub the studs with soapy water and wipe off any residual soap with a damp cloth.

Final Verdict

Conclusion Field hockey requires speed and agility. Reliable field hockey cleats are designed to deliver you those and provide comfort, cushioning, and traction as well. Sporting the best helps you find your grip and boost your overall field hockey game.

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