Best Hockey Tape: An Ultimate Buying Guide

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Best Hockey Tape


Whether you are using a composite stick or a wooden hockey stick, you will want to protect the blade using tape and create a knob for a better grip. As a hockey player, you need to invest in the best hockey tape. By doing so, you will be able to prevent moisture from accumulating on your blade while playing.

A build-up of moisture will reduce grip significantly on a puck, which is something any hockey player tends to worry about while trying to keep up in a competitive game. If you have a brand new hockey tape that needs some taping job, then you are in the right place. As a newbie or experienced hockey player, you understand that choosing the best hockey tape can be hectic due to the various models available in the market.

Furthermore, there are various essentials factors one needs to keep in mind in order to find a hockey tape that will best suit their personal needs. By doing so, you will be able to improve your gaming skills significantly. To help with that, we came up with the top ten best hockey tape to choose from.

Top Ten (10) Best Hockey Tape

#1. Howies Hockey Tape 5 Roll Pack of Hockey Stick Tape

Howies is a well-known company when it comes to making high-quality products. The company has grown substantially well thanks to its quality service and product they offer in every purchase, and their Howies Hockey Tape is no different.


  • The tape is made from tightly woven poly-cotton.
  • Highly durable design.
  • Features perfect stickiness.


  • It features aggressive rubber adhesive.
  • Ideal for playing competitive matches.
  • Doesn’t require re-taping.


  • A bit pricey.

#2. Renfrew Pro Season 20 Tape Rolls Pack

Renfrew is a great brand that has been around for several decades. Their product is also known to be among the best in the market, and the Renfrew Pro tape is one of their best product.


  • It sticks perfectly.
  • Made from moisture-resistant material.
  • Offers a comfortable skating experience.


  • It is ideal for use for all seasons.
  • Features advanced adhesive formulation.
  • Features elastic and memory for maintaining a shiny hockey pad.


  • Tends to wrinkle after an extended period.

#3. Lizard Skins Solid Hockey Grip Tape – Hockey Stick Tape

Lizard Skins is a unique product; they are exclusively made to enhance grip for a better gaming experience. The tape is made from excellent material, which makes it stand out from its competitors.


  • It comes in different colours.
  • Features incredible length and thickness.
  • It is compatible with all hockey sticks.


  • Relatively easy to use.
  • Enhances grip significantly.
  • Optimizes control.


  • They tend to peel away relatively easily.

#4. A&R Sports Black Hockey Tape

A&R is a famous company known for manufacturer several sport-related products. They make some high-quality equipment from blade covers to hockey tapes. The A&R Sports Black Hockey Tape is an amazing product worth your money.


  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Offers extra adhesive.
  • It is resistant to water.


  • Offers significant thickness and size.
  • Ideal for playing any time of the season.
  • Best for use in competitive matches.


  • Less grip.

#5. White Cloth Hockey Stick Tape

If you are looking for a highly reliable hockey stick tape, look no further than the white cloth hockey stick tape. This product is designed to enhance the hockey gaming experience thanks to its unique features.


  • Features incredible thickness.
  • Equipped with strong adhesive.
  • Features waterproof design.


  • Ideal for competitive matches.
  • Offers perfect adhesion.
  • Made from high-quality material.


  • Relatively expensive.

#6. Sports Tape Hockey Tape

Sports Tape is a popular brand among hockey players since it is known for making traditional adhesive polyester/cloth stick tape. The Sports Tape Hockey Tape also remains to be one of their best product available in today’s market.


  • Features a tough and durable design.
  • Equipped with a plastic coating for enhancing grip.
  • It sticks perfectly.


  • easy to use.
  • Requires no scissors to open.
  • Equipped with strong adhesive.


  • Tends to leave adhesive on the blade.

#7. MEZUT Hockey Tape Cloth Easy to Stretch

MEZUT has specialized in creating fun and interesting hockey tapes with sleek patterns. Their tapes come in unique colors, from camo themed to American flag tapes.


  • Features waterproof design.
  • It features an easy to stretch design.
  • Made from a thick material.


  • It is highly durable.
  • Offers a significant size.
  • Features dramatic detail offering sleek design.


  • Tends to peel relatively easily.

#8. Black Hockey Tape for Hockey Sticks

For a strong and highly reliable adhesive, you should consider investing in the Black Hockey Tape. This product is undisputed when it comes to enhancing grip and maneuverability in hockey.


  • It features strong and reliable adhesive glue.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Features incredible thickness.


  • Ideal for competitive matches.
  • Offers strong and reliable adhesion.
  • Easy to use.


  • Tends to leave adhesion on the blade.

#9. Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape

Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape is an incredible product that is highly reliable and relatively easy to use. The best part is that it is one of the most affordable hockey tape available in the market.


  • Features a highly-versatile design.
  • Equipped with a moisture-resistant barrier.
  • Features great thickness and length.


  • It is relatively easy to use.
  • Ideal for use in any weather.
  • Features excellent stretch.


  • It is relatively hard to rip

#10. Renfrew, Cloth Hockey Tape

Renfrew is a great brand, and their cloth hockey tape is another excellent product they offer. The product is an excellent hockey tape worth investing in as a hockey player.


  • It is made from woven cotton cloth.
  • It features multiple uses.
  • Offers a significant length.


  • Relatively easy to work with.
  • It is thick.
  • Features a moisture-resistant barrier.


  • It doesn’t stick perfectly.

Best Hockey Tape Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a hockey tape, there are key aspects you will need to factor in for you to purchase a product that will best suit your needs. To help with that, we shall be taking you through the hockey tape buyer’s guide.

The material used in the construction of your hockey stick

Different hockey tapes are designed for different hockey sticks. Therefore, you should consider understanding the type of hockey tape that will best fit your hockey stick.

Length and thickness

Try and figure out how thick the tape is; the thicker, the better. A thick tape helps in creating a better barrier between the stick and the surface in contact. In addition to that, a lengthier tape is better since it allows you to cover a larger circumference of your hockey stick.

Easy to use

Hockey tapes are made from different materials, some of which are relatively challenging to work with. Due to that, you should consider investing in hockey tapes that are relatively easy to work with.


When purchasing any product, durability should always be your top priority, and a hockey tape is no different. It would be best if you considered investing in a hockey tape made from high-quality material; this will not only enhance protection to the blade but also help you save money by reducing the number of times you purchase a hockey tape.

Best Hockey Tape Jobs

From NHL to beer leagues, taping a hockey stick is considered a holy ritual for every hockey player. TJ or tape job has to be perfect and done the same way and length and same amount of wrap. There are various hockey tape jobs, and in this section, we shall be taking you through some of the best hockey tape jobs.

·        Taping just the tip. Also referred to as The Ovi, taping the tip of your blade with a hockey tape helps in boosting toe drag.

·        The more, the merrier. This is a taping job that generally covers the whole blade.

·        50 in 07. This is a tape job associated with Dany Heatley, who scored 50 goals between 05 to 06 and 06 to 07. It involves three strips at the middle of your stick.

·        Candy cane. It is a taping job associated with Phil Kessel. It involves wrapping your hockey stick like a candy to help in improving grip significantly.

Sticking Points

Sticking points or tape job points will highly depend on the individual’s preference. The main goal of a tape job is to help boost grip and enhance your gaming experience, and to achieve this; you should consider taping your stick on points that will best suit your needs. You should consider taping the blade for perfect control of the puck, and for enhanced grip, you should consider taping the handle.

Get a Grip

The grip is vital when it comes to a hockey stick. With great grip, you will be able to have perfect control for the puck hence boosting your gaming skills and experience in general. In order to achieve a perfect grip, you should consider investing in high-quality hockey tapes fitted with perfect adhesives. This will help in enhancing your grip significantly.

Why Do Hockey Players Tape Their Sticks?

Almost every hockey player out there tape their hockey stick. Taping a hockey stick handle and blade have lots of benefits. The main reason why players tape their sticks is to help with improving control. In addition to that, taping your stick helps in cushioning whenever you receive a pass. This allows you to catch as well as release puck at a faster rate off your stick.

Taping also helps in making the stick more durable and strong. Furthermore, it offers surface protection from stick checks to ice and skates. Taping your stick also helps in improving grip significantly hence boosting your confidence and gaming skills at the same time.

How to Tape a Hockey Stick?

Like tying a skate shoe, there is no correct way of taping a hockey stick. Whether or not your tape job has a sleek look, it doesn’t matter. This is because it all comes to which method or style works best for you.

Therefore, once you purchase your hockey stick, you should consider taping it correctly, keeping length in mind. Ensure that the stick stands between your nose and chin depending on the position that best suits you.

Best Hockey Tape: FAQs

Q: What kind of tape should I use on my hockey stick?

It is highly recommended that you use cloth tape and avoid using sock tape along with other tapes without a grip surface.

Q: Is hockey tape toxic?

No, it is not toxic. The tape is made from cloth, and its purpose is to help enhance grip and protect the blade allowing it to be useful for a longer period.

Q: What kind of tape do you use for hockey sticks?

Clothe tape. It is considered the best material when it comes to hockey tapes since it allows one to configure your stick in a way that will best suit your needs.

Q: Should one tape a hockey stick toe to heel or heel to toe?

When it comes to taping your stick, you might consider taping from heel to toe or heel, depending on what best suits you.

Q: What is flex in a hockey stick?

Flex in a hockey stick is a measurement of the amount of pressure required to bend a stick an inch. Usually, it is expressed in pounds.

Final Thoughts

It is never an easy task to find a hockey tape that will best suit your needs. However, by adhering to the tips discussed in this article, you will find it relatively easy to purchase a hockey tape that will best suit your needs irrespective of your skill level.

In addition to that, you might consider purchasing one of the above-discussed hockey tapes, and you will never regret it since they are among the best products you will find in today’s market. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial as you look for a hockey tape that will best suit your needs.

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