Atomic Air Hockey Table: Your Dream Table

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Atomic Air Hockey Table


The automatic air hockey table never disappoints since it delivers maximum performance. Most hockey players love it because it is fun and it is a perfect style of recreation. Furthermore, the only achievement you can make currently is purchasing an air hockey table. Therefore, whether you need a table to have fun with your loved ones or searching for a professional hockey table, opt for an automatic air hockey table. This article will keep you more updated on the best atomic air hockey table in the industry today.

Top 10 Atomic Air Hockey Table

#1. Atomic 90″ or 7.5 ft. LED Light UP Arcade Air Powered Hockey Tables

This product enhances fast gaming since it has a surface that is made of laminated MDF. It features 120V, which generates maximum airflow. On the other hand, this product has leg levelers that make the table sturdy and balanced. In case you require a table that will enable you to play even in darkness, choose the Atomic 90″ or 7.5 ft. It has LED lighting and LED effects on the pucks as well as strikers. Whenever a goal is scored, this product’s lighting alters the color.


  • It features 120v, which generates maximum airflow.
  • It has leg levelers to generate balance during gaming and make the table sturdy.
  • LED lighting and LED effects.


  • It is a less quality product.

#2. Atomic Avenger 8′ Hockey Table

The Atomic Avenger 8′ Hockey Table has an MDF maximum-gloss playing field, which guarantees a robust construction. Therefore, if you require a full-sized atomic air hockey table, consider Atomic Avenger 8′ Hockey Table. This product features electronic scoring, and an automatic LED display, enabling you to maintain the game track. It also has a leg leveler of 5.5 to maintain stability on the surface. On the other hand, it comes packaged with two pucks, two strikers, and touch screen control.


  • It has a durable and sturdy construction.
  • 5.5 leg leveler for the stability of the playing surface.
  • LED display automatic and electronic scoring to maintain your game track.


  • It is not worth the investment.

#3. Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table

This product falls among the best atomic air hockey table. It features a 120V heavy-duty-blower for quick play and powerful airflow. Moreover, it comes with an electronic scoring plus an integrated rail display, which needs the 4AA batteries to work efficiently. It has an overhang rail that minimizes the puck bounce. Bear in mind that it also comes with leg levelers to guarantee balance to your playing surface. You must know that it can also accommodate conversion to table tennis.


  • Easy to assemble since it features four strikers and four pucks.
  • Leg levelers for maintaining the game balance.
  • It features a 120V blower for a gaming experience that is smooth.


  • It has a low-quality wood construction.

#4. Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table, 7-Feet

It is an air-powered and billiard hockey table. Besides, it has a modern locking mechanism, which has the maximum potential to lock the tabletop perfectly in position. This product comprises an ultimate density MDF play bed, which generates a solid roll and is resistant to war age. It comes with a red nylon blend cloth which enables, consistent and smooth roll. The Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table, 7-Feet consists of 110v and a glossy white VC play bed for quick simultaneous action. Make this product your number one option today and experience a fantastic performance.


  • It has a modern locking mechanism.
  • It features a maximum density MDF play bed to resist wear age as well as generate solid roll.
  • This product comes packaged with a red nylon blend cloth to enable a consistent and smooth roll.
  • It is an excellent quality product.


  • It might come cracked.

#5. Atomic AH800 8′ Hockey Table

In case you require a maximum powered blower with an enhanced airflow system, opt for an atomic AH800 8′ hockey table. Additionally, it comes with a glowing puck return, LED goal lights, and LED scoreboard. It resists scuffing using the super-slick playfield. It is appropriate to choose this product because it comes with six solid & square legs to offer you an even playing surface. Bear in mind that it comes with four pucks plus four ergonomic strikers.


  • It has a maximum powered blower that generates maximum airflow.
  • It scuff-resistant due to the super-slick playfield.
  • This product has leg levelers and six solid square legs for a sturdy playing surface.


  • It is less durable.

#6. Atomic 7.5′ Indiglo LED Light Up Arcade Air-Powered Hockey Table

You must consider this product as a centerpiece of any given game room since it features in-rail LED lighting, in-game music as well as cascading effects. Furthermore, this product has a contemporary design plus illuminated blue LED exterior legs and LED electronic scoring to maintain the track of scored goals. It comes packaged with one LED light-up air hockey pusher and two LED light-up pushers to allow you to play magically in the darkness. On the other hand, it has a large blower motor fan, which generates quick gameplay combined with the blue playfield to offer you a genuine arcade experience. Choose this product today and experience outstanding performance.


  • It is worth the value.
  • It features a large blower motor fan plus a blue playfield for a genuine arcade experience.
  • This product is a centerpiece of any game room since it is an air-powered hockey table that is fully illuminated.


  • It is not appropriately packaged.

#7. Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table

The Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table has a unique design that enables four players to engage in unpredictable fun gameplay. It has two air-powered motors for furious and fast hockey. On the other hand, it has four inlaid LED scoring displays to maintain track of every players’ performance. Moreover, two LED game pucks and 4 LED pushers enhance the dark play action. It allows 2, 3 u to 4 players, and it has goal box inserts.


  • It allows up to four players on set.
  • This product has dual-air powered motors for furious and quick hockey.
  • It features a four-inlaid LED scoring display to keep track of every players’ performance.
  • It has two LED game pucks, and four LED ushers to enhance the dark play action.


  • It does not function as advertised.

#8. Atomic 7.5′ Contour Air Powered Hockey Table

This product boosts this game to an advanced level via the SCORELINX app; this is a modern mobile app that transforms your mobile phone into a game table electronic scoring device. You need to understand that this product comes with in-game sound effects, graphics, and animation that make the entire game enjoyable. Besides, the app enables you to record your voice when you mock your opponent or score a point.


  • It guarantees you 100% satisfaction.
  • This table enables you to record your voice commands.
  • It features a SCORELINX app with in-game sound effects, graphics, and animation.
  • It boosts the game to an advanced level.


  • It is a bulky product.

#9. Funtime Gifts PL7780 Air Hockey 20-inch Neon Version Table Top Family Game

It has a modern impression and comes with a tabletop version of the classic arcade game. Therefore, you can position it on a smooth surface, either on your office desk or even the dining table. It offers you a serious gameplay action since it features pucks and two neon paddles. This product is easy to set up, and it comes with two scoreboards. Furthermore, it features an air motor for generating airflow.


  • It has a modern impression.
  • This product guarantees you a serious gameplay action.
  • It is an excellent product.


  • It is not worth the value.

#10. Tobar Freestanding Mini Air Hockey Table Game

It is a perfect product for home use with a scale that is simple to manage. This product produces air on the entire playing surface. It works comfortably with 8 x AA batteries. Moreover, this product delivers extraordinary performance; if you require the best atomic air hockey table, opt for Tobar Freestanding Mini Air Hockey Table Game.


  • It has a scale that is simple to manage.
  • This product delivers outstanding performance.
  • It has a motor that generates airflow on the entire playing surface.


  • It is a less durable product.

Atomic Air Hockey Table Replacement Parts

There is no doubt that you must also buy the table’s replacement parts when purchasing the atomic air hockey table. Below are some of the air hockey table parts:

Air Hockey Table Tops

This part is rarely replaced; hence it is not a primary repair part. In case you correctly clean your tabletop, it should be able to serve you for a longer lifespan. However, if your tabletop has an issue, it will not be easy for you to play your air hockey unless you do a replacement.

Air Hockey Table Blowers

The table blowers have a maximum potential of serving you for a longer duration but always bear in mind that machines can easily breakdown. Some can serve you for as long as you have your atomic air hockey table. You should ensure that you run some repair on it since all devices undergo maintenance with or without breaking down. Therefore, if you need the table blower of your atomic air hockey, ensure you find one from the nearest ports store.

Air Hockey Table Legs

This is the primary part of the air hockey table because it ensures that it is even without favoring any side. Thus, if the legs are uneven or have broken down, you must replace your table legs to ensure they are even. Furthermore, this will ensure that the game is fair enough.


Q: How do you maintain the lifespan of your air hockey table?

There are multiple steps of ensuring you take care of your air hockey table, such as:

  • Maintaining the surface of the air hockey table
  • Observing your strikers’ lifespan
  • Ensuring that you keep the lifespan of the puck
  • Avoiding putting food and drinks on your air hockey table
  • Repair the entire dents on the surface of your table.
  • Clean the air holes.
  • Clean filters and fans.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the playing surface.

Q: Why do air hockey parts break?

Air hockey table parts break because of too much excitement, which might make you use your puck the wrong way and breaking it into pieces. When you hit your puck harder while competing with your opponent, you will likely cause some breakages. However, you can always find a way to replace your air hockey table parts.

Q: What are the air hockey table accessories?

These are necessary tools that come with the air hockey table to allow you to play the game. They are:

  • Goalie mallets
  • Pucks & puck housing
  • Covers for the table
  • Scorekeepers

Q: What are the benefits of owning your air hockey table?

  • It guarantees your entire family fun.
  • Air hockey table is excellent for everyone; it unites friends, kids, and the entire family.
  • It is a satisfactory form of entertainment.

Q: What features should you consider when buying an air hockey table?

There are numerous features you need to consider when purchasing your air table. These features include the size, leg levelers, motor, materials, table thickness, and power source. Furthermore, these features enable your air hockey table to work correctly.

Q: What are the types of air hockey tables?

  • Multi-game tables for air hockey
  • Tabletop air hockey tables
  • Simple/regular design air hockey tables
  • Arcade-style air hockey tables

Q: How do you make your air hockey table slippery once more?

  • Clean and wax your table surface, pucks, and mallets.
  • Utilize the silicone spray lubricant.
  • After gaming, ensure you cover the air hockey table.
  • Maintain the hygiene of your table holes.

Q: How long can your air hockey table last?

How long your table is likely to serve you depends on its cost and how well you use and maintain it. Averagely, an air hockey table is likely to serve you at least 5 to 8 years.

Q: Can your air hockey table last longer than the average duration?

You can prolong how much your air hockey table lasts by taking good care of it.

Q: What factors should I consider when buying an air hockey table.

  • Budget
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Quality.


Based on the review updated above, you are now familiar with the atomic air hockey table and the atomic hockey table replacement parts. Therefore, ensure that you settle on the best that meets your demands fully. If you choose the best, you will also enjoy the performance. Ensure that you also make your friends and family about the atomic air hockey table.

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