Top 10 Hockey Skate Brands: An Ultimate Guide

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Hockey Skate Brands


Most people love hockey skates while gaming. However, finding the best hockey skate is not easy as you might think. You need to understand that you must first get familiar with the hockey skate brands before you make your purchase.

Furthermore, a top-quality hockey skate usually makes a huge difference in sports since it delivers outstanding performance. In case you do not have a perfect hockey skate, you are likely to have low speed. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the best hockey skate brands in the industry today. This review will keep you updated on the best brands.

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Top 10 Best Hockey Skate Brands

#1. Bauer and Vaper line of skates

This brand has gained popularity around the entire world. Bear in mind that this brand generates top-quality hockey skates. Moreover, it makes skates for players of all levels, from children, and beginners to professionals. In case you are worried about their price, you should worry less because the price range varies depending on the products they produce.

You must know that most of the products they manufacture have the latest technology, especially in the lacing system and boot. Bauer and Vaper’s line of skates is from aluminum composite, making them lightweight, supportive, and stable. The hockey skates they generate are known to be the perfect hockey skate in the industry currently.

#2. Swiss/ Graf brand

If you need the best hockey skate brand, look no more and opt for the Swiss brand. This brand is not famous, but it makes quality hockey skates. It was launched in 1921, and since then, it has been making hockey skates and figure skates. Supra Xi is among the products manufactured by this brand; they feature a Graf Anatom insole, which guarantees maximum foot support.

It ensures that it maintains the ankle and heel in position and at appropriate angles. Their product’s design maintains your ankle and foot from tiring, and their structure allows you to exert force while skating. On the other hand, products from the Swiss brand are lightweight since they have an AMC Composite lining, which entails a faster-drying technology.

#3. True

It falls among the top ten best hockey brands in the world. Furthermore, products from this brand are commonly used by NHL players. You must know that this brand also manufactures other sports, such as golf, baseball, and lacrosse. It started producing hockey products just recently. Because they are still genuinely new, they have managed to sponsor some big names, including players such as Ryan Johansen, Connor Hellebuyck, and Mitch Marner.

#4. Easton

Easton is an excellent brand, and it has been successful in manufacturing its products since 1985. Besides, in the 1990s, they signed a legendary contract of hockey Wayne Gretzky. It manufactures equipment for several varying sports, such as hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis. It does not produce any hockey equipment, but it falls among the brands that have ever manufactured hockey skates and products.

#5. CCM

This is the largest hockey brand, and it is similar to Bauer since they are all huge companies for manufacturing hockey equipment, more so hockey skates. Bear in mind that Bauer sells roller and ice tools. CCM was launched in 1899 and had its headquarters in Canada. It has been a great manufacturer for over 100 years.

On the other hand, it has a partnership with Reebok to go beyond the hockey world. This has enabled it to advance to other sports areas, which has enhanced Revenue in the entire sports industry. CCM brand has sponsored players, such as Brent, Alex Ovechkin, and Connor McDavid, among many more players. This has greatly marketed their brand, hence increasing the number of customers. It is considered the second-largest hockey brand in the world.

#6. Sher-wood

The Sherwood was launched in 1949 in Sherbrooke, Canada. It is a new company manufacturing hockey equipment. In 2008, they made their supply of official game pucks of NHL. Bear in mind that this product does not sponsor any of the big names in the sports NHL. However, most players do not like using Sherwood sticks, protective tools, or even gloves. Additionally, you are likely to come across this brand in NHL and stores. This product delivers excellent performance.

#7. STX

This company was initiated in the 1970s, and it was a women’s and men’s lacrosse company. Before it commenced producing hockey products, it was sullying lacrosse sticks. Later, it started manufacturing hockey equipment, such as protective gear, gloves, and hockey sticks. You will likely not see STX products in NHL. Thus, if you require STX products, you can find them in multiple hockey stores within your location.

#8. Warrior

Warrior is among the best brands that manufacture many sports products apart from just hockey skates. Besides, it produces products of two sorts, primarily lacrosse and hockey. It was initiated in 1992 and is situated in Michigan, at Warren. You must understand that this product commenced as a company for manufacturing lacrosse equipment. In the early 2000s, this brand was purchased by New Balance, and it officially became a hockey industry brand. It sponsors excellent NHL names, such as Brad Marchland, Dylan Larkin, and Leon Draisaitl. Therefore, making it your number one brand and enjoy outstanding products.

#9. Tour

It is a minimal hockey brand that specializes in roller hockey. However, they also manufacture ice hockey tools. You must understand that its key focus is on roller hockey. NHL players are never in Tour brand gear, and they sell most of their products to youth roller and amateur hockey players. They manufacture to-quality skates, which are familiar to the hockey roller community and deliver maximum performance.

#10. Reebok

This brand manufactures products for numerous sports. CCM and Adidas purchased this company back in 2005. However, its name remains Reebok, and it manufactures hockey equipment. Furthermore, it has not developed into the big hockey skate brands. In 2010, it stopped manufacturing hokey tools under Reebok and shifted its attention to CCM.

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Hockey Skate Brands: FAQs

Q: What about Reebok?

It used to be a hockey equipment brand, but it no longer makes skates. However, they produced fantastic skates for both professionals and amateurs since they had excellent build. CCM later bought this brand; hence it is not easy for you to find Reebok products in the store today.

Q: Hockey Skate Brands – who makes the best skates?

To play hockey appropriately, you need the best hockey skates since when you do not have them, it is almost impossible to stop on the dime or even build up the speed. Therefore, the best skates come from the best brands, such as Bauer, CMM, Graf/Swiss, and Easton.

Q: How to Fit Hockey Skates?

Ensure that your hockey skates are snug and tight comfortably. Furthermore, when not laced, your toes are supposed to touch your toe cap. When standing in your completely laced skate, your heel should be snug in the heel pocket, and your toes should have some space at the end.

Q: How Often Should You Sharpen Your Skates?

It is recommended that you sharpen your skate after 15 to 20 hours of use. This applies to a player who engages in hockey multiple times a week.

Q: How to choose the Right hockey skate?

Every player needs the right hockey skate to play successfully. Therefore, before you settle on the product you want to purchase, you should consider the following factors:


You must ask yourself whether you want to engage in hockey skating to a professional level or you want to play it for fun. Furthermore, if you play hockey multiple times during the week and deliver outstanding performance, you must purchase skates with more advanced features. Bear in mind that when you buy inappropriate skates, you are likely to deliver unpleasing performance. It would help if you also considered several aspects of use, such as to-quality runner, padding, weight, stiffness, and comfort.


This is a top factor you need to consider whenever you will be buying the best and right hockey skate; otherwise, you will not have a humble time putting them on at any given time. In case you choose a hockey skate that will hurt your feet, chances are that you will not deliver maximum performance.

You also need to know your type of feet, which will probably help you choose the correct hockey skate that suits you. On the other hand, many hockey skates come in wide and standard models. If you are not sure of what you want, you can go through various charts and resources online to determine the skate that can fit your profile adequately.

Besides, sizes usually vary from one brand to another. Your size might not be the same in another brand, and you can roof this through the lacing system. Choose a product that does not allow your foot to slip inside, enabling you to manage the edges. Your boot can also feature a pad to make you feel comfortable.


Your budget plays a crucial role in ensuring that your purchase a suitable hockey skate. According to your budget, ensure that you settle on the best hockey skate worth the value. You must be sure of the amount of money you would love to spend as you run comparisons between different hockey skate models in the industry and their rice range. Ensure that you also compare features. Moreover, the type of hockey skate you determine, how well you are likely to perform.

Q: What can you do about lace bites?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are likely to experience lace bites when in a new pair of hockey skates. Furthermore, you can only experience lace bites if your skate is tied tightly without any given breathing space for your foot. This can cause blisters or hot sports. The simple way to fix this issue is to adjust how you tie your entire skates.

Q: What are the varying fit types in hockey skates?

You must know that hockey skate comes in three primary fit types, such as:

  • Classic /comfort
  • Anatomical /contoured
  • Tapered/narrow

All these types are beneficial depending on the type of your feet.

Q: Is there a difference between your ice skates’ size and your shoes, and are they the same?

There is a significant difference between the ice skate and shoe size. Ice skate varies greatly from your regular shoes. Besides, your skate size should have a size of 1-1.5 sizes, which is minimal to the standard-size shoes you wear.

Q: Should you use hard or soft blade covers?

The blade covers usually come in either soft or hard styles. You must understand that hard styles are ideal for young players since they can use them across rink hobbies and parking lots without damaging the skates. The soft style is suitable in the inner terrycloth liner because it has the maximum potential to absorb water and moisture from the melting ice; note that this prevents rusting by 100%.

Q: What are hockey skate components?

Hockey skate has three primary components:

  • Skate boot
  • Steel runner
  • Plastic runner

Q: What is the width of your hockey skate blade?

The width of the hockey skate blade is at least 1/8 wide. However, the goalie blades are usually wider than the players.

Q: What are the most expensive hockey skates?

CCM super track skates have significantly developed over the past five years for maximum performance. It has a higher price tag of $900, which reflects its entire effort. It features a mono frame of 360 since it allows you to wrap around your entire foot to allow you to move your foot for 360 degrees.

Q: How tight do NHL players tie their skates?

They usually tighten their laces until the feet can feel more of the boot’s negative space. They ensure that their heel is firmly locked into the boot with sufficient allowance to wiggle the toes.

Q: How do you tighten the ice skates?

  • Make you skate loose
  • Sit and take a comfy posture
  • Ensure you tighten your lace at the toe area
  • Tighten your boot in the middle.
  • Lace your boot around the hooks.
  • When you finish, make a secure knot.
  • Ensure that you maintain the lace ends.

Q: How long can your skate take to break in?

Your skate can break in for a period of approximately 6 to 8 hours.

Q: What skates can you bake?

You can comfortably bake the higher-end skates. However, ensure that you do not bake low-end skates.


Based on the above review, you are now familiar with the best hockey skate brands. Therefore, it calls upon you to choose the best that meets your demands either for professional reasons or for fun. Besides, if you choose the best brand, you are likely to experience a remarkable performance. Choose your brand today and grab your favorite product.

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