Best Hockey Sticks: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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You can never play hockey well without incorporating the most suitable kind of stick around. We draft and dedicate this review-cum-buying guide to examining these best hockey sticks. This will give you the guidance you need to start out.

Top Twenty (20) Best Hockey Sticks

#1: Franklin Sports NHL Team Mini Hockey 2 Piece Stick Set

This, as its designation implies, is a smaller best hockey stick that is largely relevant to the smaller and upcoming hockey player. Find it useful for your smaller child or junior player.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Appropriately Coordinated

The stick is appropriately coordinated in the sense of being able to bolster hand-eye coordination. You may hence look up to it to strengthen your skills while practicing.

Soft Foam Balls

Also coming along as a standard part and parcel of its packaging are some soft foam balls. They are used to practice and build your strength and overall endurance.


  • Helps you to learn how to play.
  • Withstands the highest impacts.
  • Small enough for a junior player.


  • Definitely not suitable for professional use.

#2: A&R Hockey Stick Wooden Butt End Round Solid Wood Extension

Short on cash but would nonetheless want to enjoy the same benefits of a strong and robust? Tap into this one and start out with it. It is indeed capable of delivering great ends though cheap.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Beveled to Fit Round Shafts

Its sheer construction is by and large beveled to fit the round shafts with the utmost ease. Consider it hence less likely to fall apart even when you have to hit it hard and extensively.

Solid Wood Extension

Existing at its tip is some solid wood extension. As you may have already guessed, the extension serves to lengthen the scope and the overall applicability of the item.


  • Easier to replace when in use.
  • Available in many kinds and shapes.
  • Fits the round shapes with exceptional ease.


  • Manages only a few cycles of usage.

#3: Champion Sports Rhino Stick Elementary Hockey Set (Red/Yellow, 36-Inch)

Looking for a stick for those hard, intense, and rigorous undertakings? This one will get the job done for you. As you are about to note, it is really tough and long-lasting.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

36-inch ABS Plastic

Making it largely capable of attaining the above end is the extensive use of ABS plastic to constitute it. Though hard, this plastic is lighter and hence quite easy and convenient to lift when in need.

Non-marring Blades

At its tip are some non-marring blades that are further reinforced using Polyethylene materials. Expect it hence never to scratch the floors of the gyms but manage more effective workouts in return.


  • Available in numerous colors for your consideration.
  • Good enough for younger elementary players.
  • Hardly mars the floors of the gyms.


  • Only for indoor use.

#4: Raven Edge 50 Flex Junior Hockey Stick

From the designation of these best hockey sticks, one thing stands out. That it is wholly meant for the junior player. You will hence find it a pretty good companion insofar as indoctrinating the newbies to the fundamentals of hockey is concerned.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique Shaft Diameter

One thing that makes this stick stand out. That is the unique shaft diameter. It is neither too narrow nor too thick. With this expect some kind of confidence when engaging it for the plays.

Hybrid-sized Shaft

The shaft itself comes in the form of a hybrid makeup. Thus, it brings on board all benefits you might usually want to draw from a gadget of its kind in one comprehensive packaging.


  • Fits players who are not too weighty.
  • Its blade is made of carbon and is hence tougher.
  • Brings about many benefits ‘under one roof’.


  • Calls for in-depth care and maintenance

#5: WinCraft NHL Dallas Stars WCR73149013 Hockey Goalie Stick, 21″

If you are looking for a stick to use for professional applications, you have this for your consideration. That is because this Wincraft brand is one that is duly licensed for the manufacture of professional products.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Professional Tone and Shape

This product bears some professional tone and shape. Consider it hence appropriate for all kinds of major sporting leagues and activities like the collegiate championships, NBA, and the NFL.

Official Licensure

As stated, all its products are officially licensed to compete in all the major tournaments. Because of this, you will find them useful across all kinds of occasions that may be.


  • Comes about in comprehensive packaging.
  • Duly licensed for professional tournaments.
  • Suitable for all manner of occasions.


  • Quite pricey to come by.

#6: BARNETT HS-5 ice Hockey Stick Carbon, Sakic

Overall, this is a high-performance stick that is designed to bring out maximum enjoyment. You want to look up to it if you just want to practice or engage in some form of recreation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Optimized Carbon Fiber Arrangement

Its structural makeup and design are such that it incorporates both speeds and maximum shooting accuracy. By choosing to work with it, you are guaranteed two dual benefits at a time.

Durable Stock

By and large, this is a durable stock that shows no signs of deterioration of the sensitivity thereof. Look up to it for the long run of use without having to worry a bit about its performance.


  • Great for players who would wish to enjoy themselves
  • Manages higher levels of performances
  • Wholly made of the strong Carbon


  • A bit strenuous to handle and contain

#7: Mylec Mini Composite Left Hand Hockey Stick, White/Yellow/Black, Small

Mainly seeking to leverage some fun from such a best hockey stick? You have this one for your taking and prioritization. It is so designed to give out hours of fun to just about anyone.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pre-curved Mylec Composite Mini-stick

Its core is the mini stick that is smaller and is largely made of composite materials. These two add to the strength and the maximum overall reliability of the gadget on the whole.

Lightweight and Durable

For all practical purposes, this item is lighter in weight and durable in the same breath. You won’t need an excessively high degree of muscle power hence to engage it.


  • Great for those with short muscle power
  • Hardly tires you with continual usage
  • Maintains its strength and stability throughout


  • Only for fun, nothing more!

#8: WL SS-WL-5375, 2.75 Inch Wood Stick and Hockey Puck Next to Mini Quartz Clock, 2.75″

In order that you may enjoy your time to the maximum possible extent, you need a stick that incorporates all the top fringe benefits per time. We ask you to attempt your luck on this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Hockey Stick and Puck

The gadget incorporates both the hockey stick and the hockey puck in one comprehensive packaging. Then again it measures 2.75 inches and hence comes available in a convenient form.

Extra-fine Quality

Throughout its makeup, the item features some extra-fine qualities. These see it last longer and also manage a fairly exceptional performance when dedicated to the use thereof.


  • It may also be administered as a special gift
  • Features great design and excellent craftsmanship
  • Measures just the right dimensions


  • Slightly delicate and prone to premature damages

#9: Gamecraft® Sr. Hockey Replacement Sticks (SET

Have a small child whom you would wish to train in the matters of hockey? You have this specific hockey stick for your consideration. It is meant for those juniors aged 5-8 years.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Extra-strong Shafts and Blades

Both of its shafts and blades are longer in size. They are hence capable of hitting targets from really far off and in doing that, preventing any form of injuries.

Durable Plastic Material Makeup

All throughout, the gadget does feature some durable plastic material makeup. Expect it hence to last longer and take you further than most others will generally do.


  • Comes along with some three replacement sticks
  • The shafts and the blades are really strong
  • Endures rough plays with exceptional ease


  • Requires some muscle power to manage

#10: Cramer Cosom Junior Hockey Sticks

Seeking a hockey stick exclusively for use indoors and on the floors? You have some good companions here to set your eyes on. It is really optimized for such kinds of applications well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High-impact Polycarbonate

A high-impact polycarbonate dominates all that the stick has to offer. Thanks to the use of this wonderful and super hard material, the gadget hardly falls apart even when hit hard.

Unique Dual “I” Beam Construction

When all factors are taken into consideration, the gadget is super strong and rugged enough to take all forms of abuse and impacts that may be leveled against it.


  • Works well on the streets and the floors alike
  • Gives off endless fun and enjoyment
  • Suitable for use by both youths and adults


  • Definitely not for the tough and rigorous settings

#11: STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2.1 Hockey Stick

It is no secret that the STX brand is well established and reputable insofar as the matters of hockey are concerned. How about you picking and making do with a stick of its kind such as this one?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pure grip

At its core is the PureGrip features that maximize the contacts with the hands. In this way, it gives you exceptional control over the stick in the course of leveraging to hit the bats.


Then comes the PureBlade which incorporates the numerous carbon fibers that enhances the performance of the stick. This trait in fact makes the entire unit a little bit more responsive.


  • Quite flexible and overall very responsive
  • Holds a huge volume of load per given use
  • Hardly slips off from the hands even when hit hard


  • Disparages those who have limited financial muscle power

#12: Warrior Covert DT1S85G3 Hockey Stick

Do your hockey undertakings entail lots of high-impact engagements? You might want to give this one a try. It is the toughest, hardest, and properly capable of taking you further.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

True1 LT Construction

Its most notable trait is the True1 LT Construction. This is stronger and more reliable to make good use of in the long run. Set your eyes on it to similarly go far in your scope.

Twin-spar EXT Engineered Internal structure

The interior structure on the other hand does bear some exceptional engineering. On the strength of this exceptionality, you should expect the item to perform well whenever it is called upon.


  • Enhances super-low kicks
  • Boosts the scoring potential by a considerable margin
  • Manages more consistent operational outcomes


  • Reckless handling may pose irreversible injuries

#13: Shield 896B Replacement Indoor Hockey Stick Blade, Plastic, Blue

Of all the best hockey sticks we have, it is this one that tends to be simpler. That is due to the use of only simple and straightforward materials to make it up. Indeed, it is better suited for playing using balls or pucks.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Shield White Replacement Stick Blade

Its blade is unlike any other. It comes in the form of a shield white replacement. On the strength of this overall makeup, the gadget does work extra hard to make your life pretty much better.

Durable Plastic

All along, the gadget bears durable plastic makeup. Drawing from this, the gadget is certain to last longer and also take you further than you would ordinarily go normally.


  • Useful across plastic and Aluminum sticks
  • Lasts fairly longer than other sticks
  • Incapable of damaging the floors


  • Too simple to manage more exceptional performances

#14: Metal Dragon 77th 2 PCS 28″ Heavy-Duty Plastic Hockey Sticks Starter Set

Never attempted to make use of these gadgets before? This could as well be the one to lay your hands on. It is in a nutshell a starter set in the sense of being optimized for those who are hardly setting out.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rugged Durable Indoor Hockey Set

In summary, this is a rugged and durable indoor hockey set. It indeed bears every structure, part, or trait that allows for proper performances in indoor settings and environments.

Durable PVC Piping

A durable PVC piping runs through its length and breadth. The piping provides the strength and support you need to tackle all of your hitting with absolute smoothness and overall zeal.


  • Great for the smaller children as well
  • Encourages active plays and practices
  • Good enough for the matters of training and acquaintances


  • Limited to beginners only

#15: Harrow 2349355 Lobo Field Hockey Stick, 35.5″ White/Orange/Black

Have you already mastered the basics of hockey and would hence want to move to the next level? You should pick and make use of this one if you answered back in the affirmative. It is meant for elite hockey players.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Midi-head and Mid Bow

Both its head and bow are mid in dimensions and overall capacity. They measure around 22 cm and hence fit the smallest available storage and mounting spaces you may have.

Excellent Construction

All the constituent parts and components that make the item up are interwoven in some excellent construction. Those parts are tougher and stronger not to mention being pretty flexible for your proper engagements.


  • Boasts of a really high quality
  • Packaged in exceptionally compact dimensions
  • Good enough for the elite players


  • Requires some truly technical skills to engage

#16: DILLY Hockey Junior Hockey Stick 17.5 Flex

Lack of the necessary muscle power? Get hold of this gadget and have your needs well taken good care of. It is not only light but also appropriately intended for the junior user.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Junior Shaft

Its shaft is truly meant for a junior user in the sense of being smaller and appropriately packaged for a smaller person in mind. The same goes for matters of storage and mounting.

Pretty Light

All in all, the weight of the gadget is also lighter and quite capable of letting you carry it all around without too much ado. Your child won’t really have to stress himself when attempting to play.


  • Derived wholly from the carbon fiber
  • Meets and exceeds all the professional specifications
  • Light enough for the younger players


  • A bit weak for the strenuous exercises

#17: GLL Bag for Floorball Stick, Ice Hockey Stick Bag Youth

This is the piece of the best hockey sticks to go for if you want to play the wonderful game of ice hockey. It is strong, highly enduring water damage, and retains its shape all throughout your usage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Simplicity of Carrying

As you move about your usage of this apparatus, you will find it truly easier to carry around. A combination of the hook and the shoulder straps makes it great to handle conveniently.

High-quality Materials

Only high-quality materials have been used to make them up. These materials are lighter yet durable in the same streak. With them, the item is also set to manage many cycles of use.


  • Great for many floorball sticks
  • Backed by excellent after-sale services
  • Truly light and simple to carry


  • Cannot bear harsher impacts

#18: Dazzling Deals 1 Assorted Color Pair of Hockey Sticks and Puck

Want to add some beauty and aesthetics to your rooms? You want a stick that comes about in numerous assorted colors, such as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Assortment of Colors

Making it capable of playing the role of imbuing maximum aesthetics to you is the fact that the stick comes about in an assortment of colors. You have the leeway to pick the one that dazzles your eyes.

Easy-to-Load Technology

The stick also makes use of the easy-to-load technology to facilitate your usage and subsequent leverage of the hockey sporting activity on the whole.


  • Yields forth many returns to investments
  • Reduces the number of loads per playing session
  • Minimizes fatigue in the course of playing around


  • Sustains damages and breaks a bit too soon!

#19: Mazon Black Magic V7 Field Hockey Stick

Planning to play field hockey? Fewer, if any sticks will come to your rescue better than this one. It is large, strong, and well able to hit the road with an exceptional degree of reliability.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

TomaHawk Zone

Its TomaHawk zone confers vital reinforcements that in turn yield forth powerful reverse shots. While at this, the zone also guards against any possible damages that may cut short the life of the stick.

Reduced Vibration System

You will notice that the item also manages reduced incidences or levels of vibrations. In light of this, you may be sure not to sustain abrasions, blisters, and other harms that come to the skin.


  • Made by a very popular Australian brand
  • Reduces the spins while conferring exceptional traction
  • Improves overall stability when in use


  • Too superfluous for the indoor settings

#20: HS-7 ice Hockey Stick Carbon

Mainly intent on accruing maximum enjoyment of the high performances? You have a wonderful stick to set your eyes on. The best hockey sticks are designed and created with such kinds of players in mind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Fiber Plaiting

In the course of making the item up, the stick is extensively fiber plaited. This plaiting is made possible by the Carbon that in turn yields forth the precision kicking and power.

Durable Stick

Even when you use this piece of equipment for a longer duration of time, it will hardly lose sensitivity or diminish its overall efficacy. Instead, it will maintain its maximum efficacy when in the course of engaging.


  • Discharges the higher level of performances
  • Combines precision kicking with the power
  • Does not lose its sensitivity at all when used to hit the balls


  • Costly to care for and maintain in the long run

Top Three (3) Best Hockey Sticks For Forwards

#1: STX 40/55 Composite Field Hockey Stick 36 inch

The best hockey sticks for forwards under this review are wholly made of composite materials. It hence blends many benefits and ends without necessarily wanting you to spend too much to acquire many disparate items.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Construction

Only tough and powerful materials have been used to constitute the gadget. These are fiberglass, Carbon, and Aramid. They in total imbue some maximum strength to the item overall.

Feel-center Balance Point

Also existing as a great part and aspect of this gadget is the feel-center balance. The role of this is to maintain the gadget in a steady state of usefulness and maximum balance when hitting balls.


  • Boasts of powerful and long-lasting makeup
  • Upholds flexibility and the balance
  • Useful and relevant for all skill levels


  • May injure you when hit hard

#2: Hockey Ice Defender Goalie Rink Puck Stick Forwards

It is not uncommon for these best hockey sticks for forwards to slip through your hands and fall off when used for too long. This one does have a firm and hard grip that maintains the hold even when your hands are too sweaty.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

PopGrip with Swappable Top

Its top swaps allow for smoother settings and overall engagements when in use. You hence stand to enjoy some unparalleled engagements and maximum comfort during use.

Advanced Adhesive

The advanced adhesive makes it possible for you to get rid of and re-position the structure of the item as you make good use of the same. Being powerful makes for the longevity of engagements.


  • Works pretty hard to facilitate your hockey activities
  • Waterproof and reliable enough in moments of harsh weather
  • Serves you well across numerous surfaces


  • Its materials are difficult to clean

#3: Playkids Sports Hockey Set for Kids w/ 2 Hockey Sticks

Want the best hockey sticks for forwards that may also be used for the matters of toys? Here you have one for yourself. It does have the distinct capability of being used to play on the whole and is thus a great toy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Awesome Dimensions

The item does come about in some awesome dimensions. Through this arrangement, it measures 34 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. Then again it incorporates the pucks and the balls.

Light and Durable Plastic

All the materials that are used to make it up are derived from plastics. They also have the distinct advantage of being light enough to hold and carry around conveniently.


  • Simple and straightforward enough for the young ones
  • Imbues hours of unlimited fun
  • Develops many faculties of the users such as coordination


  • Too rudimentary for professional engagements

Best Hockey stick Buying Guide

Best hockey sticks

Hockey is among the greatest sports of all time; there are a lot of conditions that must be put in place for the game to take place. The hockey stick is one of those conditions that must be present for Ice Hockey to take place. With so many hockey sticks in the market, finding the best hockey sticks can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to this sport and do not know what to look at.

Attention should be paid when buying a hockey stick because a player uses it to pass, puck, and shoot, thus the hockey stick is an essential tool of control during an ice hockey game. On the defensive, it is used to intercept passes made, block shots, and cut off lanes used for passing.

Initially, hockey sticks were made of wood, but that is not the case presently. Today, hockey sticks are made of various materials like fiberglass, Aluminum among others. Composite hockey sticks made nowadays have various features that have greatly upgraded the performance of a player in ice hockey.

At a first glance, all hockey sticks are quite similar but don’t be cheated there are a lot of factors that should be used when selecting the best hockey sticks. So, if you are stuck on various features or what to look out for in order to get a good stick, worry no more this article is for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Hockey Sticks

I. Kick point

Finding the right Kick point is important for an ice hockey game and so it should be among the first thing to focus on when choosing a brand new hockey stick. Whereas the flex can be described as the measurement of the extent of how much the shaft bends, the kick point is responsible for describing where the shaft will bend severally during shooting and passing. The kick points are three high, mid, and low.

So, when choosing the Best hockey sticks, players should consider their playing style. A player that mostly makes close shots to the net takes quick shots and prefers to release with speed over power should go for a low-kick point stick. Players who love to take full motions from far away from the net should consider a high kick point stick. And lastly, players who take various shots from all sides in the offensive zone and prefer versatility to power or speed should take the midpoint stick.


The shaft area of the hockey stick is where the stick is held during the game. The shaft is shaped in various styles that are in regard to its corners and walls or sides. They can be molded in many different ways which feel completely different to the hand. Tradition sticks had square corners but could be comfortable to hold as compared to rounded modern corners sticks.

The shaft walls can either be concave or straight. When shopping for a stick a player should hold various kinds of sticks so as to find their best fit. The stick shaft also is made with grip technologies so as to give players a secure feel. This is common to composite sticks but there are also non-grip sticks available in the market.


The material of the stick is also another important factor to consider, the traditional stick were made of wood while presently most hockey sticks are made of composite materials. Designers of hockey sticks often mix the materials to make sticks that are lightweight, increase durability, and impact the flexibility of the stick. By doing so, the stick’s performance improves greatly in passing, puck handling, and shooting.


Another very important factor that should be considered is the flex of the shaft which also impacts the performance of the stick greatly. The flex of the shaft is the measurement of what extent the stick will bend under pressure. The flex rating is normally in pounds of pressure that are applied at the shaft center, which is applied to bend the shaft an inch.

Thus, the higher the number will result in the extent of the stiffness of the stick. So, when choosing the right flex consider your playing style, weight, and personal preference. The general rule is to always choose a hockey stick whose flex is one-half your body weight.


The blade is also a very important part of the hockey stick this is because during the game it controls the puck. The sticks have different blade patterns with various angles, sizes, and shapes. These variables impact the shooting and general performance. The common blade type available in the market today include the mid-heel curve, toe curve, and mid curve. Your style of playing the sport determines which blade curve will suit you and also your personal preferences.


A hockey stick’s length is also a very important factor to consider when buying hockey sticks. To get the best hockey sticks, there is a standard guideline for measuring. This entails putting the toe of the stick on the ground between the player’s feet, and the shaft should be parallel to the player’s body.

The stick top should touch the player’s nose and this is measured without them wearing skates. With skates on the right stick should touch the chin. Some players have preferences for longer sticks or slightly short sticks; it may narrow down to preference.


Price is also among the most important factor to consider before buying a Hockey stick; the frequency and level of play should be the greatest determinant when deciding. For instance, players who play once a week may not need a high-end stick like players who play like five times a week.

Elite and professional players may need pro hockey sticks because they use them more frequently. There are top brands like Bauer, warrior, and CCM that offers sticks that suit each skill level and good quality. So, before buying a hockey stick, there is no need to break the bank to get a suitable one.

VIII. Grip Options

When choosing a grip it can narrow down purely to a player’s preference whether they prefer a no-grip finish or a grip finish. Some hockey players might prefer a stick that has a grip Finish because it offers better stability. A stick with a better grip has better control and is very handy to a hockey player who plays in a fast-paced position.

For the Elite players, a stick with a clear finish shaft is the right choice because it has nothing that will disable the hands from sliding down the stick when there is a need. Though, it may take the player to get accustomed to playing freely with the stick.

Even though we have highlighted the factors sometimes choosing the best hockey sticks may depend on personal preferences. Experimenting with what works for you before buying is highly recommended rather than just what is an idea of someone else of good hockey sticks.

• How To Choose A Hockey Stick Flex

What is a hockey stick flex? It is described as the amount of pressure measured in pounds that is normally required in order to bend the hockey stick an inch. Thus, stick flexes are normally measured in two digits numbers.

How to measure flex

The flex is measured by placing the stick on the machine and holding it tightly on each end, then a mechanism that is centered on the two endpoints is pressed bending the stick by one inch. Then the pressure that it took to bend the stick is measured. A stick with 100 flex would need 100 pounds of pressure in order to bend the stick one inch.

How to choose the right flex?

Players who are new to hockey may wonder what flex will be right for them. To determine the right flex for a player, first, measure the player’s weight in pounds and then divide the number got by two. Then after, finding the right one considers adjusting it for strength and height.

How to calculate the flex of a hockey stick

Let’s take an example of a player who weighs 180lbs with a height of 5’8″.

First, divide the player’s weight by two, to get 90

Then adjust the height and strength. The number is rounded up for a tall and strong player and vice versa for players with below or average strength and size—I.e.90 to 85.

Secondly, to adjust the stick’s length, if more than 3 inches is added, the flex goes up, and if cut down by more than 3 inches, the flex should go down.

Other things to look at when choosing the right flex include:

Position of playing: A player who plays forward takes a lot of snap and wrist shots might go for a soft flex, while a player who plays defense and takes more slap shots may go for a stiff stick.

Style of play: A player with quick shots motion mostly goes for a soft flex, which loads the stick easily and quickly. In contrast, a player who takes typically slap shots and fires from a distance will prefer a stick with a stiff flex.

• Hockey Stick Construction Materials

Traditional hockey sticks were made from wood material, but nowadays, there are many different materials used in constructing hockey sticks. They include:


The wooden hockey sticks still exist but in much better models than what they were in the past. They are made by lamination of various types of wood which is converted into high-quality plywood. The stick is then coated with a thin plastic made of Fiberglass. These sticks are rarely used nowadays, especially by professional players, they prefer going for pro hockey stick models made of other materials which makes their performance better.


Fiberglass became the first composite material that was used with wood. Some stick is made purely from Fiberglass, but recently it is used mostly as a composite with materials like carbon, fiber, and wood.


The Aluminum made sticks were the first-ever non-wood sticks to be made. The Aluminum stick has a shaft made of aluminum alloy and a blade made of wood or composite blade. The advantage of the Aluminum stick is its durability. It is rare for a shaft made of Aluminum to break or get damaged. However, the sticks are not elastic.

Composite materials

Today most sticks are composite, which means they are made of various materials like graphite, carbon, Kevlar material, titanium, fiber, and Fiberglass. The most expensive sticks are made of carbon fiber. These materials usually are mixed to form composite materials. Sticks made from this material are preferred because they are lightweight and durable.

• Wooden Hockey Sticks vs Composite?

There are mainly two types of hockey sticks, those made with composite materials and those made purely out of wood. The wooden sticks have the best feel and are authentic. The composite hockey sticks a perfect shot power and is more durable. Professional hockey players prefer composite bats to wooden sticks for apparent reasons. Wood is also a favorite of those players who are a bit old school.

• Two-Piece or One-Piece Stick?

The question between which is best a one-piece stick and a Two-piece stick and which one is better has always left a lot of hockey players, especially beginners a little bit confused about the choice. The answer to this question is that the One Piece Stick is better, from a technological standpoint.

The feature of the One-Piece Stick makes them a better choice by far. Nowadays each player wants a lightweight stick, which means less strength and energy is required for a hockey player to pass, shoot and handle the puck.

Another advantage of a one-piece stick over a two-piece is that it has a very consistent feel from the shaft to the blade because there is no material interruption on the barrier that joins the shaft and the blade.

With all this said, the two-piece stick also has its merits; one that makes it stand out is the fact that the blade can be replaced when it breaks. Also, the shafts and blades can be changed and combined with better matching ones, which the one-piece stick does not have.

These combinations can come in handy, especially for players who like the feel of wood blades and also want their shafts to be of composite materials that are lightweight, rigid, and consistent. Professional players mostly use pro hockey sticks which are mostly one-piece composite sticks. There doesn’t mean that the two-piece stick is left out as experienced players still prefer them.

How Long Does A Composite Hockey Stick Last?

Determining the life of a hockey stick can be quite tricky as it will depend on many factors. These are the stick construction, frequency of playing, playing position, and level of playing. These influence intensely the life of a stick.

The construction of a hockey stick

How your hockey stick is constructed determines how long it is likely to last with comparisons between the sticks made of wood and composite materials in terms of durability. The composite material hockey sticks are said to be more durable and light in weight. The most expensive and durable sticks are made of pure carbon fiber, and the cheapest are made of fiberglass, which tends to be fragile. So, the type of material is a significant determinant of the longevity of the stick.

The hockey position played

A player who repeatedly takes slap shots exerts more stress on the stick blade and shaft, and thus their stick is more likely to not last for long. While a player who plays center and doesn’t often put a lot of pressure on their stick. Thus, the position played is also a significant determinant. High-end sticks with quality material are recommended for slap-shot players to prolong life even though they operate in very high motions.

Frequency of playing

A player who plays four to five times a week with an elite-level hockey stick and other hockey gear will wear out quickly compared to the players who are beginners and play once or twice a week. So, the hockey stick’s life will depend on these; elite players should go for high-end sticks that are pricey so that they can reap the benefits of durability despite the position they play.

Hockey Stick Blade Curve Patterns

The hockey stick blade is curved in various patterns, and each blade curve produces a different performance and effect compared to the other. So, it is crucial to know the various kinds of blades to get the best Hockey sticks that will perform according to expectations. These are the different kinds of blades that are available:

Heel Curve

A Heel-curved blade is a type of blade curve pattern that curves more near the blade’s base or heel. In this kind of blade, the curve starts on the heel, and the middle and toe of the blade will be straight a little bit. The defensemen prefer this kind of blade curve as they take high–velocity shots.

Mid curves

The mid curve is a balance between the toe curve and the heel curve, most of its curve is in the middle of the blade, and thus this hockey stick is suitable for stick handlers and passers because it provides accuracy on all shots

Even the backhand shot included.

Toe Curve

These are blades that curve mostly on the toe area of the hockey blade. These types of curve patterns are preferred by forwards as they enable them to lift the puck efficiently and take their short effortlessly even in tight spaces. It is also great for the control and handling of the puck.

Evolution of the Stick

The Hockey stick that exists today is not the same as those used in the past have gone through a lot of modifications and band improvements which have made them much more efficient in performance and use. Here is the evolution that the hockey stick has gone through.

In the first century, since the existence of hockey in the 1800s hockey sticks were made of wood and remained so for the longest time. The first changes in the material used to make hockey sticks have been witnessed in the past fifty years. The difference in material that is used for making hockey sticks has been major in the past two decades.

The earliest hockey sticks are said to be made of wood that originated from Nova Scotia ironwood trees. These sticks were one-piece, solid, and carved wood sticks. Then came the 1920s when the first two pieces ever were introduced. They were made by merging the shaft with the blade with the use of a glue joint. After, the three-piece stick also came along, and these three types of sticks were used for approximately 50 years or more.

The only thing that was changed during this period was the manufacturing material where Fiberglass was added as another material used in making the sticks. Some of the manufacturers used Fiberglass to wrap their wood sticks which made them stronger and lighter.

These sticks in those times had straight blades and existed till the 1950s and 1960s. The New York Rangers center started using broken blades as an experiment and see how they would perform and later on Chicago Black Hawks players started making curved blades and experimenting with them in the field. They would soak their wood blades over the night in water and bend them.

In the 90s:

Then came the 1990s when Wayne Gretzky signed an endorsement deal with Eaton to use their aluminum hockey shaft on his hockey stick. Aluminum was very light in weight and not easy to destruct, other players were already using it, but at that time Gretzky was the most famous hockey player worldwide. The stick gains massive popularity through Gretzky.

In the mid-90s, Composites blades were introduced into the market and became widely adopted; they were followed by a new design of one-piece that was made of composite by the early 2000s. By the year 2004 most NHL players had adopted using composite sticks.

Today, the design and technology used to make hockey sticks have evolved greatly. Some of the materials used to make the sticks include Carbon Fiber which is also called graphite and is also the most expensive and common. Kevlar is also another very popular material that is used in adding durability and strength in the manufacturing of hockey sticks. Titanium is also used as a composite sometimes. Many sticks presently are made of several materials.

Parts of a hockey stick

Also important are the parts of a hockey stick through the hockey stick is a very simple hockey gear with a few parts. They include:


The long straight part of the hockey stick is called the shaft. The shaft’s lower side is tapered so as to help control the kick point of the stick. The Kick point is the part of the shaft that is flexed during a lot of passes or shots in the sport. Also, the other parts of the shaft, which are the sides and corners, are also designed differently to help with the comfort and grip of the stick.


This is the part where the blade meets the shaft; this part is also essential as it can impact the kick-point and the extent to which the blade will bend under torque.


This is the thin part of the hockey stick that is angled from the shaft; it controls the puck. The Blade heel is the rear area where the blade joins the hosel. The blade face is the forward side while the blade toe is the farthest end of the blade. The lade lie can be described as the angle at which the blade attaches to the shaft. The bottom of the blade should have more contact with the ice. Factors that determine the best lie are the player’s weight and height and also individual preferences.

Hockey sticks also come in various forms which include: One-piece, two-piece, and three-piece models. Two-piece sticks are the models in which the shaft and blade are separate components while the one-piece models the blade and shaft are joined together into a single unit. The three-piece models presently are not in use but were used sometime back in the past.

Best Hockey Stick Brand

Franklin Sports is undoubtedly the most outstanding hockey stick brand. It leads the pack with regard to the many manufacturers. Its line of products has also been noted to last longer and manage an exceptionally high level of performance. That is not to mention that they also last longer.

Best Hockey Sticks: FAQs

It is not a difficult search to do

In order to find the best hockey sticks to use in your next hockey game or league, you just need to have all your questions answered. Just continue to read our FAQs to get the answers to your questions and then go out and buy the best hockey stick possible.

#1. How Long Should Your Hockey Stick Be?

Whether you are on skates or in running shoes, the butt of the stick should reach the tip of your nose when it is standing on the toe of the blade. if you like a shorter blade then you can have the butt only reach your chin.

#2. What Flex To Use In The Shaft?

The best place to start is to have a hockey stick shaft that has the flex ability of half your body weight. After you have mastered the game somewhat, you can adjust this measurement to meet your new preferences.

#3. How many sticks do hockey players use?

If they are playing professionally, the player will go through about 150 to 200 sticks a year. The total will be a lot less if the player is playing in lower leagues or pick-up games.

#4. Does Cutting A Stick Down Or Adding An Extension Change The Flex?

If you cut the hockey stick one inch, you will add about 3 to 5 flex. The amount of flex will affect your accuracy and one stick with an extension may have too low of flex to be very accurate.

#5. What is a good flex for hockey sticks?

This will depend on the age of the player. For youth it is 40, for juniors, it is 50, for intermediates it is 60 and for senior players, it is 85 to 100. Some professionals use the 80 to 95 flex range.

#6. Is a lighter hockey stick better?

This will depend on the position a player plays. Defensemen usually like a heavier stick while forwards prefer a lighter one. Also, it will be up to your preference as to which weight you choose to use.

#7. What is a refurbished hockey stick?

A refurbished hockey stick is a once broken hockey stick that was not damaged enough to keep it from being repaired. The shaft is fused together through an internal process that makes the stick as good as new.

#8. Which brand of hockey stick should I buy?

You can find a good stick at any of the following top brands– Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and Sherwood. You should test the stick out first to make sure it has the weight, length, and flex you need and want.

#9. What materials are hockey sticks made from?

Originally, hockey sticks were made from wood but as technology grew, the hockey sticks had fiberglass added to them, then they were made from aluminum. Today they can be made from carbon fiber (graphite) or reinforced plastic and foam. Old-time hockey players used to soak their wood blades in water to get the curve they wanted.

#10. What size are the blades on hockey sticks?

The length of a hockey stick blade cannot be more than 12 1/2 inches. The width has to be a minimum of 2 inches and a maximum of 3 inches. The curve in the blade can not be deeper than 3/4 of an inch (Thanks Mr. Bobby Hull).

#11. What is the difference between a professional hockey stick and an amateur one?

The professional hockey stick will be customized to fit the game the pro player plays. Plus, they are built separately from the other hockey sticks sent to stores. These sticks are made for one person only. Anyone can use an off-the-shelf amateur hockey stick as they are made to the same generic specifications.

#12. What if I break my stick during play, what do I do?

Depending on the league you are playing in, once you break your stick you must drop it immediately. using a broken stick can bring injury if you are body checked or you body check someone else. A goalie has to remain in his crease and have his new stick delivered to him.


Finding the best hockey sticks is quite a lot of tasks as there are many things a person should be aware of to make the right choice. Things like the right kick point, blade pattern, and shaft, among others. The reason is that the features you choose affect the performance of the hockey stick significantly. The market has a wide range of hockey sticks that vary in price and with the right information; it is easy to find one that suits everyone’s needs.

Some of the brands that manufacture hockey stick that is of high quality and has been in the market for a long time include CCM, Bauer, Easton, and Warrior among others. These brands have hockey sticks of all price ranges and a player can find the right hockey stick for them without straining their finances depending on the level of their skills.

Amateur hockey sticks are very different from pro hockey sticks used by professional players in very many dimensions. Most NHL professionals customize their sticks to suit the position in which they play in the game. It is safe to say that choosing the best hockey sticks also narrows down to personal preferences. It will be challenging to use a hockey stick of another person or player even if they play the same position on the field.

finding the right hockey stick means testing them out for length, weight, and flex. Plus, you have to make sure your stick meets the rules of the league you are playing in. Take your time as there are plenty of options available.

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