Field Hockey Gloves: An Ultimate Guide

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Over the past years, field hockey gloves have grown famous globally, which has led to gaming being competitive and faster. Field hockey player gloves vary from other sports gloves, such as Ice hockey gloves that enclose your hands full. Therefore, you must know that field hockey gloves are usually worn on your left hand. However, it only covers half your fingers and has some padding outside. You can also wear your gloves on both hands, but it is optional.

These gloves protect your knuckles against being squashed and skin abrasions, especially when handling slap hits. They also allow you to get the best grip on your stick handle. Here is an in-depth review of the best field hockey gloves in the market currently.

Gryphon Knuckle Guard

This glove guarantees your hand 100% protection, and it has perfect lightweight. Its simple design makes it an extremely affordable glove. Furthermore, it is resistant to abrasion fabric which engulfs half of the fingers. Most players love this glove because it does not limit your thumb or finger movement at any cost since it is lightweight.

This product lacks suitable cushioning, which means it neither protects you from jarring nor even squashing. Likewise, it is helpful because it offers you protection against abrasions.

In case you are getting gloves because you think you might scrap your skin off the knuckles when you hit the sand turf surface, you can confidently opt for a Gryphon knuckle guard. Bear in mind that it comes at an affordable cost, and it is long-lasting.


  • It is an affordable product.
  • This is a lightweight product and guarantees you 100% protection.
  • This product has a simple design, which allows it to fit your hands comfortably.
  • It is a long-lasting product.


  • It does not feature an excellent cushion.

STX Stallion Field Hockey

If you are searching for an all-around glove, which will offer you excellent protection for almost your entire situation, you should opt for STX Stallion Field Hockey. This product is an open palm field hockey glove and a left-hand glove. It features a large raised pad that settles on your hand’s back with another padding over your knuckles.

Besides, it covers half your fingers, and the thumb of the glove is built with outstanding flexible cushioning to help you in squash cases. It comprises a non-bulky design, which is lightweight to guarantee your fingers and hands excellent protection without any limitation.

Additionally, it is an effective product for outdoor use. This product has gained popularity worldwide because of its remarkable features.


  • It is an open palm field hockey glove and also half finger glove
  • Protects both your fingers and hands
  • It does not restrict your movement, especially when playing
  • This is a lightweight and comfortable product
  • It is worth the investment


  • It is only effective on the left hand.

New 2020 Hockey OD Glove Open Palm Knuckle Protection

This product guarantees your knuckles 100% protection and allows you to get a perfect stick grip. In addition, it wraps tightly around your entire hand to offer you a responsive fit. It features hardshell pads on the back of the hand and the fingers to provide you with sufficient protection, especially in the areas you need it the most.

Likewise, it has an open palm for an improved natural feel as well as grip. With this product, you can easily get an excellent fit because it comes with an adjustable Velcro strap. It is only suitable for the left hand.


  • It guarantees your knuckles 100% protection
  • This product is tight and gives you a responsive fit
  • Improves natural feel and grip
  • Features excellent adjustable Velcro strap for an outstanding fit


  • Left hand only.

GRAYS Field Hockey Hand Protection Half Finger Open-Palm Touch Gloves

It has a close-fitting lycra construction to boost your stick handling skills. Bear in mind that it also has a climagrip palm design for breathability and all-weather grip. However, you must know that it is only usable on the left hand only.

Moreover, it features a molded knuckle armor plus internal foam padding. It is a quality product because it has a superior fit and is made from top-quality material. These outstanding features have made this product deliver maximum performance and gain popularity in the industry.


  • It delivers maximum performance
  • This features superior fit and materials
  • Close-fitting lycra construction for enhanced stick handling skills
  • Climagrip palm design for breathability and all-weather grip


  • None

STX Anchor Adult Field Hockey Goalie Gloves – Left Hand Blocker & Right Hand Glove

The STX Anchor Adult Field Hockey Goalie Gloves is an outstanding goalkeeper hockey glove. Most users love it because it features a Hi-Def polymer padding, and it offers you maximum protection against the entire rebounds and shots. It incorporates a perfect ergonomic grip, and it is maximally comfortable.

Besides, it features remarkable features to maintain your fingers and hands in position, especially during the race. On the other hand, it guarantees ventilation on the back of your hands to enhance breathability. It is made with enough cushions to offer you protection as well as comfort. This glove acts as a blocker for your left-hand side and a right-hand goalie glove. It has a wide surface area, which is effective for blocking.


  • Adjustable strap generates a customized fit
  • Sufficient cushion for maximum comfort and protection
  • Features high Def Polymer texture to decrease the ball spin
  • It is an excellent goalie product


  • None

Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Glove – NHL – 11 Inch – GB 130 Catch Glove

This product allows you to showcase your skills between your pipes, and it exercises hand-eye coordination before you hit the ice next season. It incorporates a T-trap, a deep pocket, cuff, complete coverage blackhead pad for protection when gaming.

The Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Glove offers the goalie superior protection through the entire game, more so when it comes to stopping the shots. Opt for it today and experience superb performance.


  • It is a durable product
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Delivers maximum performance
  • It is a perfect goalie glove.


  • It is a low-quality product

Simbra Hard Hockey Gloves

The Simbra Hard Hockey Gloves offer you solid protection because it contains medium-density foams combined with plastic inserts situated on the fingers and backhand side. You must know that it also has an ergo flex thumb, medium-density cuff roll, and a single design armored by a robust plastic to generate protection against hyperextension.

Moreover, it has a high-density foam for maximum shock absorption. This product is designed with a top-quality latex material plus covers that are thickly padded. It protects your wrist as well as hangs from pucks & sticks. This glove has a ventilated palm for high stick contact, breathability, and all-weather grip. Besides, the segmented cuff allows you to move freely.

It is an exceptional quality hockey glove suitable for developing and junior hockey guards. Bear in mind that it has reinforced thumb holes, which boost the finger save system to prevent hyper-extended finger and sprain injuries efficiently.

This product has an ergonomic construction design that gives it incredible flexibility. Many hockey players love this product because it is ideal for gaming & training, youths & adults, women and men. If you are a guard or even an attacker, this glove will make you enjoy your role fully.


  • It is an excellent glove
  • This features maximum density foam for high shock absorption
  • Top-quality product from quality latex material
  • It offers you solid protection
  • This product has a ventilated palm for breathability, all-weather grip, and maximum stick contact.
  • Its construction features an ergonomic design, which guarantees it incredible flexibility.
  • It works as advertised.


  • None.

Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

This product’s design, function, and comfort make it deliver excellent performance. It has an in-built full flex anatomical taper and a maximum density SHOK-SHORB padding to generate ultimate protection. Besides, it also has a short cuff to enable maximum wrist movement. You also need to understand that this product is lightweight and breathable to deliver maximum performance when gaming.

It is not a suitable product for ice hockey play. To find the appropriate size of the glove that suits you perfectly, you need to measure the distance from the fingertip to your elbow end pad. Thanks to these outstanding features for making this product unique in the market.


  • It is a functional and practical product.
  • This features a short cuff to allow maximum wrist movement.
  • It is breathable and lightweight.
  • It has a full flex anatomical taper plus a maximum density of SHOK-SHORB padding for maximum protection.


  • It is not for Ice hockey play.

Byte SNUGFIT Field Hockey Gloves XXSmall Blue

This product falls among the sturdiest field hockey gloves in the industry currently. It is maximally conformable, durable as well as insulated. Furthermore, it has a design that keeps your hands well-sheltered, stable, and warm any time you have them on.

You must know that it might take you some time to adjust to hockey gloves. However, with this product, you will not have difficulty adjusting to it since it does not have disclosed break-in-time. Byte SNUGFIT Field Hockey Gloves are comfortable, adaptable, and responsive.

These stand-out features guarantee help in the grip potential to impact the entire game being played. It has a silicon area situated on the palms to ensure you a snug fit in wet playing conditions and protect your knuckles and hand from Astroturf burn. Besides, this product has impressive skills and durability; hence it can easily capture your attention.


  • It is a sturdy product.
  • This product helps in maintaining the warmness of your hands.
  • It is maximally insulated, durable, and conformable.
  • This product helps in preventing Astroturf burn.
  • It works as advertised.


  • It is a low-quality product.

OBO ROBO Hi Control Hand Protector

There are two concepts behind the creation of this protection system. It is built to allow you to use it easily and also comfort you. Additionally, every field hockey goalie glove is made to maximize your hand’s stability, which leads to maximized ball control, especially when deflecting and blocking incoming shots.

Its shape allows the goalies to direct the hockey ball downwards, while the square edges help deflect balls with a lot of intent. Each air of the glove comes with the strap to safely maintain your hand protector without allowing any movement.


  • It enhances hand stability.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This features a strap to maintain your hand protector safely.
  • This product guarantees you maximum protection.
  • It is worth the value.


  • Its right-hand side is sold separately.

TK T1 Field Hockey Glove

If you need a flexible and lighter glove, then TK T1 Field Hockey Glove is the solid choice for you. It is the best choice ever, and it beats its competitors in terms of usability & quality. On the other hand, it stands out as the classic player glove in the industry today. This is because it features some of the most outstanding features.

It has durable foam inlay at the back of your hands, soft cushioning, and substantial stitch work. Ideally, TK T1 Field Hockey Glove is the best since it has the maximum potential to handle both tackling and defensive situations. It also enhances better mobility and works effortlessly in improving reduced user discomfort.

This product has a foolproof performance mechanism worth investing in at any time. You are likely to tell how this glove functions, primarily through its agility, stability, and precision. However, you must know that finding the best gloves, such as TK T1 Field Hockey Glove, is never an easy task. This product offers you complete hand protection, and its construction is durable since it is from a top-quality material that makes it adaptable and flexible.


  • Flexible and lighter glove.
  • It offers you excellent usability and quality.
  • This product is worth the investment.
  • This features a durable inlay foam with soft cushioning and robust stitch work.
  • It offers your hands 100% protection.


  • None

Harrow Double Down Gloves

The Harrow Double Down Gloves is famous because it delivers unparalleled as well as superior performance. It is from a top-quality material, which makes it durable, sturdy as well as lightweight. In case you are a hockey player searching for an impeccably robust glove, look no more but opt for Harrow Double Down Gloves.

This product has multiple ventilated palms as well as ventilation holes for maximum performance. It features 100% durability, responsiveness as well as adaptability. Whenever you play field hockey, you should ensure that you find and wear durable gloves to minimize serious injuries.

Moreover, these gloves make you feel well-insulated, more protected, and less exposed, especially if you are going for an unpredictable field hockey match. Harrow Double Down Gloves gives you sufficient confidence to handle your opponents when gaming. You must know that this product is costlier and fall among the top commercial-grade gloves.

Therefore, the price should not worry you since you are making an excellent investment that will serve you for a longer duration. It also has a flexible built, soft cushioning with robust stitch work for defensive purposes and handling the hockey ball.


It delivers unparalleled and superior performance.
This product is from a top-quality material, which makes it lightweight, sturdy, and durable.
It is impeccably powerful.
This guarantees you 100% protection.
It also incorporates a full stitch, soft cushioning as well as a flexible build.


It is not worth the value.

Mylec Youth Pro Goalie Blocker Big Kids

In case you need the best field hockey gloves in the market today, consider Mylec Youth Pro Goalie Blocker Big Kids gloves. They are loyal and extravagant gloves for use all the time. It is made from a highly effective, solid, and durable material to offer you irrefutable performance and hand protection. This product’s design and construction guarantee you a continuous excellent

Buyers Guide

When looking for the ideal field hockey gloves, there are several factors that guide in you choosing the right choice. Here’s an overview of these factors you need to consider;


When searching for the best open palm field hockey glove and field hockey goalie gloves, you need to consider the quality 100%. The gloves’ quality commences from robust back padding, thicker leather on your palm to enhance durability, and a wrist cuff to offer you more protection & flexibility. It would be better if you also considered the extra padding on your sides hand and the articulated thumb. A cheap quality glove does not have sufficient padding hence offering you less protection.

However, those with foam padding and plastic inserts over the maximum-density foam guarantee you adequate protection. To tell whether your gloves have top-quality, you must feel many layers. The palm areas should be reinforced for those who play hockey regularly. When wearing your gloves, the thumb should bend backward. Moreover, quality field hockey gloves offer the great flexibility and mobility you require in your wrist and thumb.

Glove type

When in search of field hockey goalie gloves, you need to consider the glove types. You can opt for a traditional or even anatomical fit. Leather gloves are fading from the industry. Furthermore, the glove industry continuously guarantees players many traditional fit options. Opt for a 4-roll glove design, which offers you an inner-glove design that is spacious.

An anatomical fit type of glove has gained popularity over the past few years. It guarantees the players a snug feel. Bear in mind that solid cuff gloves are suitable if you need better wrist and blocking protection. Solid cuff gloves boost the goalie’s ability to block and redirect shots due to their bulky shaping.


In case you want to purchase the best field hockey goalie gloves, you must consider the stringing. However, the style and pattern of the strings are the essential aspects when buying gloves. Therefore, a goalie searching for field hockey goalie gloves can settle for a single T stringing that is currently famous. It is a traditional pattern and utilizes a piece of leather to hold lacing together in the pocket.

The single T might not offer you maximum protection, but it is suitable for a goalie who loves lightweight gloves. You can also opt for a double T stringing; it guarantees you extra puck control. On the other hand, it is a solid option. This type of pattern has extra strings in the pocket. In case you need more puck control and stability, opt for it.

The fit

Most field hockey gloves, including field hockey goalie gloves and open palm field hockey gloves, are measured in whole inches and differ between 13 and 15 inches. Therefore, if you come across any measurement that is below 13 inches, it must be a youth or junior sizing. You must understand that this inch stands for the distance between the inner elbow bend rolling down to your finger’s base.

When putting on your finger gloves, your fingertips should have at least a quarter-inch space. Ensure that the material of the glove does not stretch, especially when making a fist. Besides, the finger breaks need to be comfortable, and the entire thing should be in line with your knuckles. Thus, before you buy the gloves, ensure that you consider the fit of the product.

Glove texture

Each glove usually has got its special feel. Your glove texture is determined by flexibility, padding material used as well as weight. The protection role also determines its texture. Bear in mind that these entire things give you an overall feel and glove performance. Furthermore, when it comes to the feel, it rolls down to a personal preference. Ensure that you find the best that can serve you excellently and make you feel comfortable.


In the past hockey, gloves were generated from cowhide, but currently, that is not the case. Most gloves are made from durable synthetic material. This has made the gloves more flexible and lighter than before. When making your purchase, you need to find a flexible material that effectively suits your needs and demands. This material should be able to offer you maximum protection and dry faster. This means you should avoid settling on the product but, instead, concentrate on the glove quality.


During gaming, field hockey gloves are usually subjected to many conditions. This exposes them to dirt, sweat, and wetness, especially when they are hit continuously by hockey sticks or even pucks. In that case, you need to find an excellent open palm field hockey glove with an outstanding warranty.

This will help you to save your money and make much more investment. Make a wise decision and choose a great glove that will serve you for a longer duration. The best field hockey goalie gloves need the best warranty to avoid sending more money on the repair.

Palm material

Ignorance has fully developed in players, and most of them no longer mind checking the palm construction of their hockey gloves before buying. It would help if you did not overlook this essential factor since it gives you a natural feel when using your hockey stick. Therefore, the palm material needs to be stronger enough and thicker to prevent blisters. How well you are likely to deliver excellent performance depends on the palm material of your gloves.

Field Hockey Gloves: FAQs

Q: What are the famous leading brands for manufacturing hockey gloves?

  • Easton
  • Reebok
  • Sher-wood
  • Eagle
  • Warrior.
  • CCM
  • Bauer.

Q: Why do you require hockey gloves?

Hockey gloves are appropriate for protecting your wrists and hands from pucks as well as sticks. Moreover, with gloves, you can comfortably shield your hands in emergency cases, more so when you fall.

Q: What should you consider when purchasing your hockey gloves?

  • Texture
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Price

Q: Do you need gloves?

Whether you need a glove or not rolls to an individual preference. You must know that your position in playing also determines whether you need the hockey gloves. You might be a goalkeeper, defender, attacker, or midfielder. Therefore, ensure that you get the perfect gloves that suit your needs and demands 100%.

Q: What hand do you wear a field hockey glove?

Hockey gloves are usually worn on the left hand when playing indoor field hockey, especially at a competitive level. These gloves protect your fingers and knuckles from any harm. Gloves also help in preventing broken bones.

Q: How do you measure your hockey glove size?

To determine the size of the hockey gloves, you need to commence with a glove sizing chart. However, it is appropriate that you get the exact measurement before buying a modern hockey glove. Therefore, if you want to measure your gloves, there are two quick steps you should consider to get a precise measurement, these are:

  1. Commence by measuring the distance between the top of the middle finger and the base of the palm.
  2. After that, you need to double the number you find, and this will offer you a perfect hockey glove sizing that is more accurate. For instance, if the measurement you found is seven inches, consider settling on a hockey glove size of 14.

You must understand that if you choose gloves that are too small, you might end up showcasing your forearms between the elbow ad and the cuff of your glove. Small gloves also enhance the fingers to extend past your protective surface on the top of your gloves. This is likely to cause you harm whenever you play hockey.

Q: How to soften hockey gloves?

The only effective way to make your hockey gloves soft is by wearing them continuously, even when you are not playing hockey. However, if you have access to the steamer, you can steam your new pair of gloves to speedy the entire process. Furthermore, it is ideal that you wait for your gloves to cool until they are warm, then you can wear them later to examine whether it perfectly fits your hands.

Q: How do you repair the hockey gloves?

In case your gloves are worn out, worry less since they can easily be patched. Additionally, multiple hockey shops guarantee you this service, while some also sell hockey glove patch kits. If your gloves have rips and tears in protective areas, you must replace them for safety reasons.

Q: How do you clean your hockey gloves?

You can comfortably wash your gloves via the washing machine. Moreover, you can use the mild detergent without soaking or bleaching for approximately fifteen minutes. Ensure that you wash it on the low-temperature cycle. On the other hand, you can mix white vinegar in mild detergent to eliminate the odor. After cleaning it, air dry it and avoid using the dryer.

Q: What are parts of the hockey glove?

  • Fingers
  • Back rolls
  • Cuff
  • Cuff roll

Q: How can you prevent your hockey gloves from smelling?

If your hockey gloves are smelling and you cannot put up with them, you need to air them out after each use and even when you wash them. The sun will reduce the odors; you can also choose to buy an anti-bacterial deodorizer spray to outdo the smells.

Q: Can you place the hockey in your dryer?

No, you cannot put your hockey gloves in a dryer since it can tear, crack or even stretch the material.

Q: What material are hockey gloves made of?

The hockey gloves are made from synthetic leather, polyester as well as nylon mesh.

Q: Is your hockey glove machine washable?

Yes, it is machine washable. However, ensure that you wash them with mild detergent and use a low temperature.

Q: What are the three dangers of hockey?

  • Muscle strains
  • AC joints
  • Broken collarbone


With the above comprehensive review, you are now well-informed about the top ten field hockey gloves. You need to ensure that you go through them to find the best that comes with convenient features to meet your demands efficiently. Besides, the best field hockey glove rolls down to a personal preference. Ensure that you settle on the best to experience maximum performance and zero disappointments.

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