Hockey Equipment Brands: All Best Brands Under an Umbrella

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Hockey Equipment Brands


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Hockey players who are just starting may try out a variety of different brands and models of equipment. As beginners advance from newbies to intermediate and advanced players in their skills, the quality of the hockey equipment brands begins to take on new meaning. Experience with different brands helps players to develop their preferences based on the performance of the equipment, and how it enhances their skill development and enjoyment of the sport.

The best hockey equipment brands are those that meet the requirements of the player. If you’re just learning about the differences, you’re in the right place. Here, we look at a range of hockey equipment made by the best brands and we give you the reasons why they’re so highly recommended by seasoned players.

Best Hockey Equipment Brands:

The 5 Best Hockey Sticks Brands

1.Bauer Vapor Flylite Grip Composite Hockey Stick-Senior

Key Features

-Lightweight at 3.73 grams

-Low kick point

-XE Taper Technology

-Advanced Carbon Layering construction

-Aero-Sense 2 Blade core


  • Carbon material is extremely lightweight and strong
  • Well-made high-performance hockey stick
  • Innovative technology
  • Tapered shaft for superior grip
  • Flexible blade


  • Expensive pricing

2. Sherwood Rekker M90 Grip Composite Hockey Stick-Senior

Key Features

-Strong structure with resin injection

-Dropkick taper features enhance the quick release

-Blackline XXV carbon fiber construction

-Flylite II technology for a good balance

-Graphene infusion makes the stick impact resistant

-VRF-4 Blade


  • This stick gives you a good feel for the puck for precision handling and shots
  • The shaft is strong and resistant to chips and breaks
  • The responsive stick is consistently accurate
  • Contoured for a good feel in the hands and great stick control


  • Some issues with durability.

3. CCM Jet Speed FT2 Pro Composite Hockey Stick-Senior

Key Features

-Hybrid Flex profile grants fast and responsive release

-JF90 Blade with dampening core

-Nanocarbon layering

-Sigmatax Spread Tow

-JetSpeed shaft with double-concave dimensions


  • Great feeling of control in the hands
  • Lightweight stick
  • Excellent pop
  • Quick trigger release


  • A few reports of broken sticks.

4. Warrior Covert QRE

Key Features

-Adjusted taper for fast shot release

-Lightweight for maximum stick control

-Durable carbon construction

-Responsive design


  • Sturdy hockey stick with Warrior brand quality materials and workmanship
  • Superfast shot release
  • Comfortable grip with excellent control
  • Affordable cost


  • A few issues with broken sticks, but most report this to be a durable product.

5.TRUE AX9 Hockey Stick

Key Features

-Lightweight at just 393 grams

-Low kick point

-Matte grip finish for maximum stick control

-Available in a variety of curves, lengths, and flexes


  • The stick has a great feel in the hands
  • Consistent accuracy for passing and shooting
  • Good feel for the puck
  • Good responsive stick


  • A bit on the expensive side

Top 3 Best Hockey Gloves Brands

1. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Gloves – Senior

Key Features

-Taktile palm technology for soft padded comfort

-Thermo Max lining infused with moisture-wicking ability

-Full mobility design for natural stick handling

-2 piece flex thumb and open cuff construction


  • Excellent protection for hands
  • Exceptional mobility for maintaining firm stick control
  • -Comfortable and non-restrictive
  • Come in a variety of colors


  • No drawbacks associated with this product

2. Warrior Alpha Pro Hockey Gloves

Key Features

-Buttersoft technology for comfort

-Impax delivers protection from impacts and hand protection

-Hybrid Flex cup provides an extended range of motion

-Pro Palm

-Hybrid taper fit improves mobility

-Wartech FNC liner


  • Great flexibility
  • The ideal level of snugness without being too tight
  • Top-notch fit,
  • Excellent protection for hands


  • One complaint about the glove rubbing the inside of thumb causing friction

3. CCM Purelite Hockey Gloves

Key Features

-Full pro clarino nash palm

-Tapered fit

-Pro-level palm

-Anatomical open cuff

-ProFlex Thumb for better grip

-Polyester construction

-D/PE foams and inserts for hand protection

Polygiene treated laminated liner

PU cushioning with anti-microbial treatment

-Lightweight construction


  • Comfortable fit with improved dexterity
  • Good stick control
  • Flexible
  • Great hand protection


  • Expensive price

Top 5 Best Hockey Skates Brand

1. CCM Super Tacks 9380 Ie Hockey Skates Intermediate

Key Features

-Speedblade XS blade holder for changing out blades

XS Stainless steel runner

-7 mm replaceable asymmetrical TriTech tongue

-DuraZone abrasion protection

-Injected smooth comfort pad at the boot top

-MettaFrame RFM lightweight composite boot construction

-Total Dri Pro Liner with moisture wicking


  • Sturdy stainless steel material is durable and strong for extended wear
  • Comfortable liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • Just enough padding to prevent friction
  • Smooth and comfortable boot with adjustable snugness via the laces
  • Ideal weight


  • There are no disadvantages associated with this product

2. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Ice Hockey Skates – Senior

Key Features

-Low profile design

-DynaFlex system for high performance

-Aero Foam Pro padding

-Lock-Fit Pro liner

-Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder

-Tuuk LS5 runner


  • Skates lock in the heel comfortably and securely
  • Low profile toecap minimizes movement
  • The tongue design fits perfectly around the shin pad
  • Thoughtful and excellent design for comfort and high performance


  • There are no disadvantages reported with these skates

3. True Pro Custom Hockey Skate

Key Features

-Thermoformed Custom Boot

-True Tendon Guard

-True Toe Cap

-Hydrophobic liner


  • This skate is completely customizable
  • Very comfortable skates
  • Perfect fit
  • Well worth the price


  • Expensive but it’s fully customizable

4. Graf G755 Pro Ice Hockey Skates

Key Features

-2-piece heat-moldable microfiber quarter panel

-4K composite outsole

-Multi-density liner

-Cobra 2.0 Stainless steel runners with 10 ft radius


  • Extremely comfortable skates
  • Excellent durability
  • Reputable brand for decades


  • No disadvantages noted for this product

5. Men’s Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Ice Skates

Key Features

-Thinsulate lined upper and tongue for protection from the cold

-Foam cushion padding for comfort and warmth

-Hook and loop tape closure for securing ankle strap and lace loops

-Leisure blade with stainless steel runner attached


  • Ideal for beginners through intermediate to get a good feel for the ice
  • Comfortable padding without too much restriction
  • Great ankle support
  • For recreational hockey


  • Best for beginning hockey players.

Top 3 Best Hockey Helmets Brand

1. Bauer Re-Akt 200 Hockey Helmet

Key Features

-Single lock adjustment system for the protection of temples

-Fit Plate technology for custom locking

-Moisture channels direct moisture from the eye area

-VN and VTX foams for comfortable and lightweight head protection

-Next-Gen Suspend-Tech liner delivers rotational impact absorption

-Molded side foams offer gap protection


  • Highest rated helmed by Virginia Tech study
  • Great ventilation with plenty of air vents
  • Adjustable front and back sizing
  • Wicks away moisture from perspiration from the face


  • Fits smaller than usual

2. True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

Key Features

-Ultra-lightweight construction

-MIPS Brain Protection System

-Personalized Fit

-Interchangeable side and rear occipital Fitpads in three varied thicknesses

-EPP Foam for dampening blows to the head and adding comfort


  • Excellent fit
  • Top-rated helmet with high safety ratings
  • Pads do a great job of catching sweat


  • Does not come with a cage

3. Warrior Covert PX2 Hockey Helmet

Key Features

-New Pro design shell

-Two-piece shell construction for tool-free adjustability

-Good ventilation

-Vinyl nitrate foam padding for impact protection

-Padding distributed throughout the helmet for maximum protection and comfort


  • Nice fit with easy adjustments
  • Comfortable padding
  • Good quality
  • Attractive helmet


  • A hard-liner would be a nice addition

Top 3 Best Hockey Pants Brand

1. Warrior Covert QRE Pro Hockey Pants

Key Features

-Tapered fit

-Designed for comfort in lower thighs and hips

-Inch long length adjustment option

-Zippered leg openings for easy adjustment

-Internal nylon belt and skate lace closure

-Minimus nylon weave material for abrasion resistance

-Lightweight at 1441 grams


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Strong pants that give great protection from ice burns
  • Quality built
  • Long-lasting pants that hold up well under frequent use


  • A little expensive

2. Bauer Supreme S29 Ice Hockey Pants-Senior

Key Features

-Thermo Max liner

-1-inch extension for improved adjustment

-Independent spine for extra protection

-400 Nylon shell

-Lightweight design

-Classic fit


  • Baggy fit is extremely comfortable
  • Plenty of room to move around naturally
  • Great pants for larger guys
  • Excellent protection from hits and impacts


  • The fit is larger than expected for most

3. CCM Jet speed FT1 Hockey Pants-Senior

Key Features

-Lightweight materials that are strong and durable

-Pro-level high-end materials

-Form-fitting styling

-Thigh guard and hip and kidney protection

-Molded HD and PE Foam for protection of vulnerable areas

-Floating spine protector with Rocket Frame composite cap

-400D textured polyester fabric for exterior material


  • Great fitting pants
  • Excellent protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Player recommended


  • A bit expensive

Top 3 Best Hockey Bag Brand

1. Bauer S19 Elite Carry Bag

Key Features

-Constructed of Hex ripstop polyester material with heavy-duty polyester accents for strength and durability



-PVC coated bottom

-Dry Flow grommets and integrated mesh for ventilation

-Available in large senior and smaller junior sizes


  • The air vents are a popular favourite
  • A well-made bag that holds up well under frequent use
  • Good value for the price
  • Large size holds all gear


  • Would be improved with a few more pockets for organization

2. Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel 110L

Key Features

-Integrates with the brand’s Pack-It System for extended organization space

-Water repellent fabric

-Reinforced at seams and stress points

-Side grab handles

-Padded top handles

-Removable backpack straps

-Three-way carry options


  • Strong zippers are reliable
  • The bag is easy to carry
  • Large size for equipment and personal items


  • A little expensive

3. Pacific Rink Player Bag

Key Features

-Constructed of 1000D Nylon for superior strength and durability

-Ballistic nylon reinforced bottom

-Organization pockets for storage

-Top loading Dry Clothes Compartment

-Personal Belongings Pocket

-Hockey Accessories Pocket with sleeves

-Removable Wet Mesh Bag that clips in and out of the bag

-Padded Skate Sleeves with padded skate guards

-Hideaway Backpack Straps

-YKK zippers for durability


  • The ultimate hockey bag with plenty of room for gear and personal items
  • Great zippers that are reliable
  • Best bag on the market
  • Recommended by hockey players


  • One issue with the strap reported

Top 3 Best Hockey Mouth Guard Brand

1. Gel Nano 3D Mouth Guard

Key Features

-Tri-BIte for ideal alignment and stabilization of the upper and lower jaw with gel-filled bite windows for perfect fit and protection

-Gel-Fit Liner with a custom mold to the teeth for the ideal fit

-Mora Performance enhancement for jaw joint protection

-Smaller than standard mouth guards for best comfort

-Monocoque Shock Frame with a thin-wall design and lightweight structure for absorption and dispersing of impacts away from the contact point

-Nano Inner Wall of semi-flexible polymer for enhanced fit and comfort


  • Ideal for Junior hockey players
  • Smaller size is better for younger players
  • Great protection from impacts


  • Newer product with no reported disadvantages

2. Armourbite Mouth Guard-Senior

Key Features

-$32,000 dental warranty with each mouthguard

-Polymer Shrink for the best protection from concussions and dental injuries

-Variety of Dental protection systems including Power Wedges, ArchFit System, and ArmourBite

-Patented ArmourBite mouthguard with top of the line materials and construction for impact absorption and dental protection


  • Small and comfortable
  • Easy to breathe and speak legibly while wearing this mouth guard
  • Easy to form for a perfect fit


  • A little expensive but excellent quality

3. Guardlab Apex Mouth Guard Junior

Key Features

-Traumashield patented shock absorbent material for the ultimate in protection

-Ideal for young and growing athletes

-Dental grade materials

-Junior size for age 6-12 years

-Senior size for Ages 12 plus


  • Good protection from mouth and dental injuries
  • Easy to fit
  • Safe dental grade materials
  • Available for kids or adults


  • There are no disadvantages yet reported for this product

Top 3 Best Hockey Tape Brand

1. Howie’s Wax Pack Tin

Key Features

-Combination pack of 3 rolls of white tape for hockey sticks

-Includes Howie’s stick wax to go with the tape


  • The wax helps to tend the life of the tape for a longer
  • High-quality products
  • Recommended by hockey players
  • Smells great


  • There are no disadvantages associated with this product

2. Lizard Skins Hockey Grip Tape

Key Features

-Lizard Skin features Durasoft Polymer material with its soft and tacky adhesion

-Lightweight and soft to the touch

-Engineered for non-slip performance


  • Easy to put on hockey sticks
  • The tape adheres well
  • Makes it easier to hold onto the stick


  • A bit expensive

3. Renfrew Scapa Tapes, Cloth Hockey Tape 3-Pack, 1″ Wide (Color Choice)

Key Features

-Made of woven cotton cloth material

-Versatile for taping blades, handles, grips, and equipment

-Thicker and more consistent coating of adhesive

-Moisture barrier between your stick and the ice


  • Great hockey tape
  • Rated as best for hockey sticks by players
  • Easy to tear off for replacement
  • Versatile for multiple uses


  • There are no disadvantages reported for this product

Hockey Equipment Brands: FAQs

Q: What are the best brands of hockey sticks?

A: The top-rated brands of hockey sticks are Bauer, CDM, Warrior, Easton, and True. CCM is the voice of 36 percent of league players with Bauer coming in at 30.5 percent and Warrior at 17.5 percent. If NHL players support the brands they must be high-performers.

Q: Why is the brand name important for hockey equipment?

A: The brand represents the quality of a hockey product. The top brands list the features that make their products popular and it gives you information to identify the best possible model to suit your needs. Tried and true brands dedicate to research and testing to create the products that best serve their clients in the sport of hockey. You take a big chance on quality with unknown brands.

Q: Are Hockey mouth guards necessary?

A: Mouthguards are a part of the essential safety equipment that helps to protect your mouth, gums, and teeth from damage or loss. this equipment is designed to absorb impact and redirect energy to lessen the damage of hard hits and falls.

Q: What is the best brand of hockey gloves?

A: This is a matter of preference, but the most highly rated hockey glove brands are Bauer and CCM. These gloves are designed to protect your hands from impacts and cold while providing you with enough range of motion for expert handling of the stick.

Q: Is the best hockey gear the most expensive?

A: Not necessarily. High-quality equipment costs more to manufacture. Premium materials are stronger, more durable, and offer higher performance in most cases. You don’t necessarily find the best equipment for the highest price.

Final verdict

The best hockey equipment brands are the ones that are the most highly rated by hockey players who understand the features and quality that is most important. Bauer and CCM are two that consistently rise to the top of consumer reviews, followed by True and Graf. These are considered premium brands and are well-respected within the sport of hockey.

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