Field Hockey Mouth Guard: Your Ultimate Choice

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Field Hockey MouthGuird


Most Field hockey players give priority to other protective field hockey gears over the Mouthguard. But have you ever thought about what a swing of a hockey stick on your Mouth can cause? It can cause lots of injuries and even lost teeth. However, the Mouthguard is a small protective gear; its importance cannot be underestimated.

Mouth protection in a hockey playground is very important. No player is ready to lose their precious tooth or smile over an accident that you. If interested in playing Field hockey, you will need the best field hockey mouthguard to secure your teeth completely from any injuries.

When shopping for a mouth guard, you should look for one that is thick and will be able to protect your bottom and top teeth and separate them when you bite down. Thicker materials are also the best because they give additional shock absorption, which is an excellent protection for the jaw and teeth. There are many Mouth guard brands in the market, but not all are as quality as they should be. This article is here to assist you in finding the best field hockey Mouthguard; let’s jump right in.

Top 7 Best Field Hockey Mouth Guard

1. SISU Aero Hockey Mouth Guard

This is our top pick as it is the best Field Hockey Mouth Guard. It features advanced technology and is said to be the best this brand has ever had. The Mouthguard is multi-purpose and can be worn in other sports apart from field hockey like Soccer, roller derby, basketball, lacrosse, and others.


  • It is Ultra-slim and ultra-thin and thus comfortable and provides ease in talking and breathing when worn.
  • This Mouthguard measures 1.66mm, which is thinner than average mouth guards.
  • It is made with Diffusix Technology and very absorbent material, which absorbs and distributes impact, thus barring injuries from occurring.
  • This field hockey Mouthguard can remold thus, providing comfort to the player quickly.


  • Players with braces can use it.
  • All Players can breathe and communicate efficiently in this Mouthguard.


  • The Mouthguard is expensive.
  • Some field hockey players have taste in thicker models.

2. Battle Limited-Edition Oxygen Lip Protector Mouth Guard

This is also a popular Fields hockey mouthguard; it has a super cool design, a strong selling point for the Battle Limited Field hockey Mouthguard. The Mouthguard is made with a hole in its front to allow for more room for breathing.


It possesses

  • A space in the middle for breathing
  • can wear it with braces
  • Features an innovative lip guard design


  • This Mouthguard has extra room for breathing.
  • It doesn’t need to be boiled to fit.


  • This Mouthguard complicated and suitable for a player with simple taste.
  • It is expensive.

3. Shock Doctor Gel Max Hockey MouthGuard

This field hockey Mouthguard is also on top of the list of the best mouthguards. It is made with a unique design that features an exchangeable tether hence can be worn with or without straps. This brand also ranks for using innovative technology in making the quality of their products, therefore, meeting athletes’ needs; Max gel Field hockey mouthguard among their best works.


  • It is made using the Gel-fit Liner Expertise, which provides comfort and protection.
  • This Mouthguard is made with integrated channels to facilitate ease in breathing.
  • It is also integrated with an EWkoskeletal Shock edging that offers extra protection for the whole Mouth in the most severe impacts.


  • This field hockey mouthguard provides comfort and protection
  • It comes in various colors, thus allowing a player to select their favorite colors
  • This is suitable for all sports and can also be used for other sports that the user is involved.
  • It has an option and can be worn with or without straps
  • This product is easy to breathe while wearing the Mouthguard.
  • It tastes good as there are versions of this made with flavors
  • This product guards the entire Mouth against injuries


  • This can’t be used with players who have braces
  • It is very costly and hence can’t be afforded with most players.

4. Battle Oxygen with a Convertible Strap Field Hockey MouthGuard

This is among the special field hockey mouthguard available today. It is made with a design that allows excellent performance and sufficient airflow to a player. It is also manufactured with a changeable strap.


  • The front of this field hockey mouthguard has some space to allow a player to breathe well.
  • It has a $5000 warranty for dental.
  • You can wear it with braces.
  • It has an absorber frame for shielding purposes, thus providing maximum protection.


  • It provides sufficient breathability to a player
  • It doesn’t require boiling
  • Can wear it with braces
  • It has an absorber that provides extra protection
  • This product has a changeable strap that is attachable to a helmet.


  • It is costly and can’t be afforded by everyone.
  • It is not proper for players who have a simple taste.

5. Shock Doctor 3300 – Maximum Air Flow Field Hockey Mouthguard

This is also among the best field hockey mouth guards as it is designed to offer a sufficient flow of oxygen due to the air channels installed in it for sufficient supply. This field hockey mouthguard design ensures that the jaw is relaxed and ensures that teeth don’t block the channels meant for breathing.


  • The Field Hockey Mouth Guard is prepared with shock doctor polymers to ensure relaxed no-mold fit and comfort.
  • It has airflow breathing channels that provide a sufficient flow of oxygen.
  • The Field hockey Mouthguard is Latex-free, BPA free and also is free from Phthalate.
  • They have easily realizable straps thus can be worn with or without them.


  • They have the capability of allowing capacity airflow within their breathing channels.
  • Players can wear it with braces.
  • Both high schools can use them, and national players use
  • The Field hockey Mouthguard has a 5000 USD warranty on Dental
  • They are very easy to use.


  • Its design is limited and is only limited to specific users who prefer it.

6. Teeth Armor Field Hockey Mouthguard

This brand is a quality top pick, is also very pocket-friendly. It is a better option for a person who is looking for an affordable field Hockey Mouthguard.


  • It is made with an inbuilt strap.
  • It features a thick and absorbent technology, thus provides excellent protection.


  • It provides excellent comfort and protection
  • This is affordable.
  • It has a 3200USD warranty deal on dental.


  • It has a strap that is inbuilt, which other players may not prefer
  • It is made with limited colors and designs

7. Vettex Double Hockey Mouthguard with Lip Protection

The Vettex Double Hockey Mouthguard is the last pick on our list. It can be very suitable for players who prefer and are familiar with the Shock Doctor Brand. The mouth guard is also very affordable.


  • It comes with lip protection as it isn’t designed with an air hole for oxygen circulation.
  • It comes in unique Vegas gold color, which is quite noticeable.


  • The field hockey mouth guard is affordable
  • It has unique, attractive colors
  • This product comes with a lip protector as it doesn’t have air space for oxygen circulation.
  • It is a cheaper version of the Shock Doctor brand Mouthguard.


  • It doesn’t have a dental warrant deal like others.
  • This product is not made with an air hole. Thus limited oxygen flow into the Mouth during play.
  • Its design is limited to players who have a taste in this kind of Mouthguard.

Field Hockey Mouthguard Rules

According to the NHFS association, here are some of the stipulated field hockey Mouthguard rules:

  • Mouthguards may be any color between white and clear.
  • According to research, the Mouthguard is mandatory; it was found that there was a fall in the cases of mouth injuries after Mouthguard was mandated.
  • The Mouthguard should be adequately fitting and unaltered. A properly fitted mouthguard can separate the teeth and biting surfaces and cover all upper teeth. It should also protect the Lips, Mouth, and gums.
  • Consider the following when making a proper fitting field hockey mouthguard,
  • It should be constructed from a model that is got from a player who will wear its teeth.
  • Or it should be constructed and fitted to a player by impressing the teeth into the particular Mouthguard.

The Best Field Hockey Mouthguard

When looking for a mouthguard to purchase, you should be searching for something thick; this helps keep the top and bottom of your teeth separated when you bite down. The thicker materials also provide shock absorption, perfect for protecting the jaw and even an athlete’s teeth. The player themselves should choose Mouthguard to settle on the quality they feel comfortable wearing.

The standard and essential mouthguards are somehow thin and usually made cheaply and may not be adequate to give your teeth and Mouth adequate protection. High-quality mouth guards are the best as they are made with superior materials for longevity, good taste, and protection.

FAQs: Field Hockey Mouth Guard

1. Is it mandatory to have a mouthguard for field hockey?

Wearing a mouthguard is mandatory as it protects a player mouth from injuries related to field hockey that can affect the Mouth

2. Which is the best field hockey mouthguard?

The best field hockey mouthguard currently is the SISU Aero Hockey Mouth Guard.

3. How long should I place a field hockey Mouthguard in boiling water?

Not all field hockey mouthguards should be boiled, but they should be placed in water for 60 seconds for the ones that require boiling.

4. What can I do to make my Mouthguard taste better?

Before wearing the Mouthguard, you can chew mint-flavoured gum. And then discard the gum before wearing it. This is just a quick fix.

5. Which field NHL players use a hockey mouthguard?

Most NHL players have dentists who fabricate and recommend their mouthguards according to their protection needs.

6. How is a field hockey mouthguard worn?

First, wear a field hockey Mouthguard, push it up and back against the molars using your thumb, and then bite it down firmly so that the teeth can be felt on the bottom of the Mouthguard, then suck it against your teeth. Lastly, while placing your tongue on your teeth, roof impact pressure on the Mouthguard to get a complete fit.

7. How does a sports mouthguard function?

It functions by forming a protective layer over the teeth while playing contact games like field hockey.

8. How can I select the best field hockey mouthguard?

The best field hockey mouthguard is selected based on a player’s taste and preferences, and protection needs.

9. Where can I buy a field hockey mouthguard?

There are various brands of field hockey mouthguards that can be bought online or in hockey accessories shops.

10. Are custom-fit mouthguards costly?

The custom-made mouthguards are not as costly as one can get one worth even $300.

11. Do mouthguard matter in field hockey?

Mouthguards matter in field hockey because they help in preventing dental-related injuries.

12. What is the price of a sound field hockey mouthguard?

The price of field hockey mouthguards varies with a brand, so that the price will depend purely on choice.

13. Can I wear a Mouthguard all day?

Field Hockey mouthguards are mostly worn during games.

14. How is a mouthguard used for the first time?

When the Mouthguard is new and worn for the first time, it should be placed in water for 20 seconds before being worn.

15. How many times can a mouthguard be remolded?

Every mouthguard brand has different times to be remolded; for instance, the SISU mouthguard can be remolded up to 20 times.


There are many Field hockey mouthguard brands; no particular one can be the best for every player. To get the best, a player needs to choose and fit themselves. The higher quality mouthguard is considerably costly, but they offer maximum protection compared to other cheap versions. So, buying a field hockey Mouthguard and money is a non-issue; go for the best field hockey mouthguard that money can buy. You don’t want to miss your beautiful smile because of preventable accidents.

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