Why Grays Field Hockey Sticks Are The Field’s Finest

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Grays Field Hockey Sticks


Because each stick has its unique characteristic, there simply is no way to confirm which takes home the merit as “the world’s best field hockey stick.” Grays hockey sticks provide players with reliable and state-of-the-art equipment that best suits every hockey player’s game or position, allowing them to further improve their performance on both the ice and the pitch. In this article, we compiled a list of what we believe are the top 5 Grays field hockey sticks available to help you decide which stick is best for you.

What Makes A Foolproof Field Hockey Stick?

When selecting a hockey stick, there are several factors to consider, making the process of choosing the equipment that best compliments your style a daunting task. Bear in mind that the stick you pick should not only enhance your skills but jack up your game as well. With so many different types and brands of sticks to choose from, here is a short guide on what makes a sure-fire field hockey stick that will get you scooping and driving like a pro in no time.


Wielding a perfectly-sized stick allows players to execute their skills better. Hockey sticks should ideally come up to the top of your hipbone, wherein a slightly longer stick enhances a player’s reach while a somewhat shorter one boosts their stick-handling skills.


Much like its stretch, field hockey sticks vary in weight, typically banking on the player’s preference. Attacking players often go for lightweight sticks which allow them to perform quicker backswings and a range of stick skills. Heavier sticks are designed for defensive players as it helps them add power and distance to their hits, making it optimal for passing and clearing the ball.


No question, the material used to make the hockey stick greatly affects its performance. Sticks with high levels of carbon provide your hits with more power, while a stick with a lower carbon percentage improves control and makes trapping a lot easier. Aramid absorbs vibrations and adds durability to your sticks, whilst strength and flexibility is what a stick made of fiberglass brings to the field. As the more affordable choice, wooden sticks are still preferred by many, particularly the novice, since it helps develop their receiving and dribbling skills.


Otherwise known as the stick’s bend that is commonly seen from the handle to the toe, it makes it easier for a player to execute aerials, drag flicks,and lifted shots. This insignificant bend is significant for better ball control and advanced maneuvers. It comes in three different types: the standard, mega, and the low bow, all of which advance a player’s efficiency on the field.

Toe Shape

This describes the level of curve on the stick which highly affects a player’s slap shot as well as the way he handles it. Smaller toes provide more agility for better movement, while larger toes allow a larger surface area to receive and strike for more accurate flicks and backhands.

As a player’s skill and ability improve, they would eventually establish a feel for what best meet their needs on the field. Grays field hockey sticks offer an amazing balance between resilience and power, all while providing an incredible first touch control which is a trait that is not seen in any other brand. Grays hockey sticks aim to equip players with quicker wrist speed, additional juice on their shots, as well as features that can help players who are looking to sharpen their touch.

 Top 5 Best Grays Field Hockey Sticks

1. GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

Ideal for competitive players, the carbon component of this field hockey stick adds strength and stiffness for more powerful yet accurate push passes and shots on goal. It includes a touch of fiberglass and aramid ingredients for better control and less vibration. This reliable hockey stick comes with a Maxi head toe, making it an ideal stick for drag flicks and reverse control, as well as an enhanced receiving and hitting competency.


  • Great stick for beginners.
  • Lightweight and comes in a range of colors and designs.
  • Good control and stick handling.


  • Stick may be a little shorter than its expected size.

2. GRAYS GX7000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

With an awesome weight-to-balance ratio, this Gray hockey stick provides any player brandishing it an incredible feel on the field as features such as an improved feel area absorbs ball contact efficiently while its energy reduction handle helps improve ball control, allowing you to dominate on both sides of the field. Designed for maximum performance, this sturdy stick best suits young players who are out to improve their turf game considerably.


  • Helps improve a player’s drive.
  • Excellent stick for young players.
  • Comes in a range of color selection.


  • Grips tend to unravel after prolonged use.

3. Grays GX5000 Jumbow Field Hockey Stick

Known for its curve that is lower down the blade, this highly popular Grays hockey stick model helps set up for exceptional drag flicks, as well as an improved penalty corner flicking capability that doesn’t show any signs of control reduction when dribbling, stopping, or hitting. Favored by many top players as it allows them to abide by league regulations, this hockey stick is a top pick for improving any player’s performance.


  • Offers excellent control and balance.
  • Regarded as both a strong and flexible hockey stick.
  • Its composite construction allows it to generate more powerful shots.


  • The stick may be a little heavy for some young players.

4. GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick Bundle with Free Chamois Grip

The additional chamois grip provides this hockey stick with extra shock absorption. And grip feature that allows it to perform optimally even in wet conditions. Combined with composites of Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon, this durable yet lightweight stick provides superior power and ball control which can turn any beginner into a player performing at a professional level. The stick’s high-performance construction offers balance and feel, both of which make for an unstoppable field hockey player.


  • Great performance at an affordable price.
  • Ideal for both competitive games and scrimmages.
  • Perfect weight for powerful slap shots.


  • The stick’s design tends to chip after being used for a long period.

5. GRAYS Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

For most players, their love for field hockey stemmed from playing countless hours with their friends on the pitch in their youth. This beginner Grays field hockey stick provides an excellent feel and touch which is great for new players. Its light and thin construction help develop stick and ball control, while the fiberglass-reinforced Mulberry wood construction enhances the stick’s durability and handle. This model’s specialized Ultrabow feature offers a bow along its handle and blade, making it the perfect field hockey stick for the youth.


  • Perfect for young players.
  • Available in various fun colors.
  • Reasonably priced starter hockey stick.


  • Paint chips off easily and the stick eventually breaks after prolonged use.

Along with an exceptional skill set, a hockey player’s game relies heavily on the correct equipment selection. With control, flexibility, and power as its most critical qualities. Having these hockey sticks on hand may be all you require for incredibly insane and dominant performance.

Grays Hockey Sticks: FAQs

1. What Are Grays Hockey Sticks Made Of?

An innovative internal foam construction combined with a twin tube carbon fiber matrix generates that extraordinary impact response and feel of any Grays hockey stick which improves the abrasion resistance and performance of each piece.

2. Is Grays A Good Field Hockey Brand?

As a well-known brand in the hockey industry, Grays provides great power, excellent feel, and amazing responsiveness, each of which allows Grays to remain superior over other hockey brands.

3. Where Are Grays Hockey Sticks Made?

Grays is a British sporting goods manufacturing company based in England.

4. What Field Hockey Sticks Do Pros Use?

Players switch between STX, Tempest, TK, Zoppo, Gryphon, and Grays depending on how a stick helps them improve their game and who offers them endorsement money.

5. What Brand Of Field Hockey Sticks Is The Best?

  • STX Surgeon
  • TK Total 3.5 Innovate
  • Grays 600i Dynabow


For years, Grays hockey sticks have been the choice of many of the world’s finest players. As a brand that offers an array of wooden and composite sticks, swinging one produces powerful and accurate hits that put you in the company of all-time field hockey greats.

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