Professional Air Hockey Table: An Ultimate Guide

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Professional Air Hockey Table


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When you start browsing for Air Hockey tables, you will notice that the prices are different. They range from a couple of dollars to thousands. While the air hockey table models are inexpensive, they are perfect for casual recreation and do not compare with professional air hockey tables.

The professional air hockey tables are built with high-quality materials, which make them durable. They will last longer compared to the standard ones and thus even the reason for their pricey nature. The best of the best are the ones that are chosen and regulated by USAA. With one, you can practice like a pro and host tournaments.

Each of the professional air hockey tables has its pros and cons, and when choosing one, go for the style you like, size, and which will be suitable for your needs. The varieties are there for comparison, and all of them have different price ranges and so if money is a non-issue, then go for the best that money can buy. If feeling stuck on what to settle for, look no further; this article will give you various designs of professional air hockey tables regulated by the USAA, their features, pros, and cons.

Top 10 Professional Air Hockey Tables

1. Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Home Elite Air Hockey Table

Designed by Mark Robbins, a two–time World hockey Champion, this table is our first pick. The table features are top-notch and suitable for professional hockey. This is a full-sanctioned table by the U.S Air Hockey Association.


  • They are made with high-quality aluminum rails to enhance their bankability and bounce.
  • The top is made of unique wear-resistant laminate for long-term use
  • The table incorporates a commercial blower to provide championship-level airflow.
  • The tables have a centerline and face-off circle suitable for competitive playing
  • They are made of extra heavy-duty and goal-friendly goals for issue-free operations
  • They are constructed with commercial-quality legs and cabinets for years of heavy use.
  • Attractive full-color LED chase lighting.


  • They are durable and suitable for heavy use.
  • Friendly goal construction for ease when using.
  • Have a free play button.
  • They are Sanctioned by USAA.


  • These tables are expensive.

2. Gold Standard Tournament Pro Elite Air Powered Hockey Table

This table is also designed by Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins, the table is perfect for competitive family games. It has outstanding features, one of the most attractive ones being its durability.


  • They are designed and created by Mark Robbins, an Air Hockey Champion
  • It has a professional-style low profile design
  • They are made of high-density aluminum rails to enhance bouncing and bankability
  • They are fully sanctioned for Tournament use by the USAA
  • Its top is made of a unique special wear-resistant laminate for durability.
  • Quality legs and cabinet for heavy use for years.
  • They are constructed with a player-friendly, Heavy-duty goal for the issue-free operation
  • It has both black and white lighting.


  • This professional air hockey table is made of quality material.
  • The table is fully sanctioned by USAA.
  • Their top is made with unique laminate material for durability.
  • Their legs and cabinets are made for long-term use.


  • The table is costly and thus mostly can be afforded for professional playing.
  • The table design makes it not child-friendly.

3. Gold Standard Tournament Ice Air Powered Hockey Table

This is also another top design from pro player Mark Robbins. The professional air hockey table features a pro model’s characteristics but at a much more affordable price. Incorporated with an electric scoring component, it gives its user the experience of an abacus style which entails keeping count.


  • Features a professional-style low profile
  • They are made of high-density aluminum rails to enhance bankability and bounce
  • Its top is made of unique wear-resistant laminate for durability
  • It has a face-off and centerline for competitive playing
  • They are incorporated with a commercial blower to provide sufficient champion-level airflow.
  • They are Sanctioned by USAA
  • Quality legs and cabinets for long-term use and durability.
  • Mark Robbins, Air Hockey champion, designs them.


  • High-quality material for long-term use.
  • Their top is made with a unique quality laminate for durability.
  • It has a unique design.
  • They are affordable and still a pro model.


  • It has a manual scoring system at each of its ends, thus eliminating the electronic scoring system, which is easy to use.

4. Dynamo Pro Style 8′ Branded Oak Home Air Hockey And Overhead Light/Score Unit

Dynamo is a famous brand known for its hockey accessories; this professional Air Hockey table is designed with quality features to last for a long-time. The USAA approves them.


  • They are made with Non-coated aluminum rails for faster deflection
  • They are made with a Dyna Blast blower system for reliable and robust performance
  • They are made with an impact-resistant Formica playing surface
  • They come with an optional overhead lighting unit with a side-mount LED Scoring
  • They are made with easily adjustable one-wrench leg levers
  • They are hinged with heavy-duty goals at their end for easy cleaning


  • They are durable and impact resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • They have no coin mechanism and are always free to play.
  • Easy to adjust on the legs.


  • They are free as they have no coin mechanism.

5. Dynamo Pro Style 7′ Air Hockey Table

This is also another masterpiece from Dynamo; this professional air hockey table is tough and is approved by the USAA. This table guarantees countless hours of enjoyment of the arcade-tested ProStyle.


  • They have an Electronic Scoring which has a side-mounted LED display
  • They have an optional overhead scorekeeper
  • They have tapered sides which increases players’ comfort
  • They have tournament-tested rails, which ensures reliability and accuracy
  • They come with 2pucks and two mallets
  • They have a length of 84, a width of 44, and a height of 31.


  • They have tapered sides with comfort.
  • They are tough.
  • They are reliable and accurate.


  • The tables are expensive and most suitable for professional players only.

6. Dynamo Best Shot Coin Operated Air Hockey Table With Light

This professional Air Hockey table is designed with Tournament play in mind. They meet the expectation that Tournament players expect due to their durable and robust construction.


  • They have non-coated aluminum rails for faster deflection
  • They are made of the impact-resistant Formica playing surface
  • They have a Dual roll-down coin mechanism
  • They are sanctioned for tournament playing
  • They come with 2pucks and two mallets
  • They have easy-adjust one wrench leg levers
  • They have an Overhead lighting unit.


  • They are durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • They are impact-resistant due to their Formica surface.
  • They are perfect for full play and fast action.
  • They are CE and ETL approved.


  • They are costly and thus are mostly for professional use.

7. Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scoring

This professional Air hockey Table has overhead Scoring and is designed by professionals. They are unconditionally approved by the United States Air Table Hockey Association. Valley-Dynamo is widely known for professional Air Hockey tables of high caliber.


  • They are made with a single patented Dyna blast blower system for fast and not stop action.
  • They have an Electronic Scoring Unit, which has a side-mounted LED Display.
  • They have heavy-duty legs made of Polystyrene.
  • The leg leavers are also heavy-duty.
  • They are made of Aluminum rails which are Tournament tested.
  • The playing surface dimensions of these tables are 93in L x 45in W.
  • This professional Air Hockey table’s general dimensions are 99.5in L x 51.5in W x 31in H / Weight: 435 lbs.
  • They come with two pucks and two mallets.


  • Heavy-duty legs and levers for long-time use.
  • The professional air hockey table, in general, is very durable.
  • They have a blower system that gives a fast, nonstop action.
  • They are approved by USAA.


  • They are primarily suitable for professional air hockey.

8. Brunswick 7′ Wind Chill Air Hockey – Black

This professional air hockey table from Brunswick is also on our list for its outstanding professional air hockey table creation.


  • They are available in seven-foot sizes
  • They come with two mallets and four pucks
  • They feature a dual abacus scorer
  • They come with a constant flow UL blower
  • They have leg levers on their pedestals.


  • They have levers on the legs thus easy to adjust and move.
  • Constant airflow.
  • They are approved by USAA.
  • They are durable.


  • They are only available in black and thus do not give much choice when it comes to colors.

9. Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Home Elite Air Hockey Table

Also designed by Mark Robbins, the industry air hockey guru, just like the others, this professional air hockey table does not also disappoint.


  • They are made with free play buttons instead of a coin mechanism
  • They are a professional-style low profile design
  • They are made of high-density aluminum rails for bankability and maximum bounce
  • They are fully sanctioned for tournaments played by USAA
  • They have quality cabinets and leg construction for long-term heavy use
  • They are incorporated with commercial blowers for sufficient championship-level airflow.
  • They have centerlines and face-offs for professional playing
  • They have two options player lights either in black or white
  • They have a total overhead scoring
  • They are adorned with colorful arcade-style graphics on their side
  • They also have attractive; full color LED lighting


  • Optional lighting either in black or white.
  • They are attractive.
  • They are made of quality, durable material.
  • Their cabinet and legs are heavy-duty for long-term use.


  • They don’t have a coin mechanism and thus can be unsuitable for commercial use.

10. Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Home Elite Air Hockey Table

The final pick on our list is also from Mark Robbins. This brand has appeared several times in our inventory and obviously because they provide perfect professional air hockey tables. This design also is one of them.


  • They are of a professional low-style design
  • They have a centerline and face-off for competitive playing
  • Their top is covered with a special wear-resistant laminate for durability
  • They have a complete overhead scoring system
  • They are adorned with colorful arcade-style side graphics
  • Their goal is constructed with heavy-duty player-friendly material for issue-free operation.
  • They are fully sanctioned with USAA for Tournament playing.


  • They are durable.
  • They are attractive since they are made with an arcade-style design on the sides.
  • Legs and cabinets are designed for long-term use.
  • Approved by USAA.
  • They offer players a choice between black and white lighting.


  • They are expensive and thus can be unaffordable for players who want to use them at home.

Top 3 used commercial air hockey table

1. Fast Track Used air hockey table

The fast Trak used commercial air hockey table is also a perfect table to settle for, especially when you need a commercial table on a budget.


  • It is made of solid plywood, aluminum, and quality stainless steel for longer use and fast action
  • They are designed with rebound rails for maximum safety and gameplay
  • It has unique and enjoyable sound effects
  • It has dimensions of H: 72″, W: 49″, L: 93″, Wt: 550 Lbs
  • The table is fully refurbished and well tested for play.


  • They are budget-friendly.
  • They are refurbished, and any issues are fixed.
  • They are cleaned and in good condition.
  • New artwork is installed.
  • The table has a warrant of 90 days.


  • Used tables can have issues that may be overlooked.
  • They do not come with pucks and mallets.

2. Dynamo Photon Used Air Hockey table.

This used commercial air hockey table contains all the features that the Dynamo brand is known to possess. The photon will attract more players and generate more profits than before due to its refurbished design.


  • It has eye-catching graphics and an advanced design.
  • It comes with a patented Dyna blast blower system for fast action.
  • It is made of an impact-resistant playing surface.
  • Its cabinet and legs are made of heavy-duty, durable laminate for years of use.
  • They have unique leg levers which make them flexible and easy to adjust,
  • The table has a dimension of H: 71″, W: 51.5″, L: 99.5″, W: 465 L


  • They are easy to adjust.
  • This used commercial air hockey table has a 90 days warranty.
  • They are cleaned and repaired and in good condition.
  • They are durable.
  • They have new artwork installed.


  • They are refurbished, and some problems might be overlooked.

3. Dynamo hot flash used Air Hockey table.

This is also another top-used commercial air hockey table from Dynamo; even when new, it has many advanced features and great design, which has earned Dynamo a lot of awards. The table is available in a used, refurbished form which makes it affordable to those who cannot afford it when new.


  • It’s made of durable laminates.
  • It is made of Formica playfield, which is Impact resistant.
  • This comes with nice colors and graphics.
  • It has Tournament tested rails for accuracy and reliability.
  • It’s made of durable leg levers.
  • It has an overhead LED scoring display.
  • Its dimension are H: 71″, W: 51.5″, L: 99.5″, W: 465 Lbs


  • It has a 90-day warranty.
  • All games are checked to ensure that both electronic and mechanical parts are fully functional.
  • They are painted, and new artwork is installed.
  • They are approved by USAA.


  • Other parts may be overlooked during repairs.
  • The quality may not be the same as its new version.

Professional Air Hockey Table Size

The professional Air Hockey table size is different; these tables’ regulatory bodies are the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and The Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA). They are responsible for stating the required size for professional air hockey play. According to provided regulation, a professional air hockey table size should be as follows:

• Standard size air hockey table: Length: 84 inches, Width: 48 inches, Height: 32 inches.

• Full-size air hockey table: 96 inches, Width: 52 inches, Height: 32 inches.

Air hockey table for Sale

These are air hockey tables that are on Sale and on demand. Let’s see our five top picks of the Air Hockey table on Sale.

1. Face-Off power air hockey table

The Face-off Power Hockey Table is the first in our list of Air Hockey Table for Sale; this commercial quality table has features:


  • Wide goals to promote speed,
  • dramatic goalie box,
  • All-round customized rails are made of commercial-grade plywood.
  • The table also comes with an industrial Rated Blower, which gives superior acceleration and a pro performance compared to any air hockey table made presently.
  • They come with two mallets and two pucks.

2. Power Hockey Side Score Air Hockey Table Non-Coin Model

The second on our list of air hockey tables for Sale is the Power Hockey Side Score. The table features


  • Electronic Scoring unit,
  • Easy to see LED light,
  • wide goals which promote speed,
  • custom oversized aluminum rails,
  • Constructed with commercial grade plywood and custom oversized Aluminum rails.
  • The table comes with two pucks and two mallets.
  • Commercial grade blower
  • Made of sturdy ABS injected Table Legs

3. Dynamo ProStyle Air Hockey Tables

Our third pick is designed by professionals and is unconditionally approved by USAA.


  • Have electronic Scorekeepers with side-mounted LED Display
  • Have optional overhead lighting
  • It has a LED Display Scoring Unit
  • They are made of heavy-duty polystyrene legs, which are easy to adjust due to their levers
  • Have patented Dyna Blast blower system which delivers fast action
  • It comes with two mallets and pucks

4. Power Hockey Air Hockey Table Coin Operated Model

Our fourth pick for the air hockey table for sale is from the power hockey brand.


  • Overhead Electronic Scoring Unit
  • They are made of oversized goals which promote super speed
  • They are made of oversized Aluminum rails
  • It is Built with commercial-grade heavy wood plywood
  • They are made with ABS-injected adjustable legs
  • They come with two mallets and two pucks.

5. Air Ride 2 Compact Air Hockey Table – Non-Coin

Last in our list of air hockey tables for Sale is this non-coin table type.


  • It comes with a sleek modern table design
  • The Game Timer and Game Scoring are located on the Playfield
  • There is no overhead scoreboard
  • They have side sound sensors and center safeguards
  • They are made of a durable and robust Aluminum body.

The Air Hockey Table Height/weight/Thickness

Height: The Air hockey table should have an optimal height of 32 inches; this is according to the official air hockey table size.

Weight: Due to various materials used and different sizes made, air hockey tables might have different weights. The large air hockey tables are heavier than the small tables. Thus, the weight will range from 10 pounds to 350 pounds.

Thickness: The thickness of an air hockey table is also one of the most important parameters; it is a significant determinant of the air hockey table’s smoothness. The thicker the table surface, the better it’s quality. Based on this observation, the best performance during play is achieved with a table surface with a minimum thickness of 3 or 4 inches.

How do I tell that an Air Hockey Table Is Professional?

When determining if an air hockey table is professional, a few key things should be looked at to tell if the table meets pro standards.

  • Size: it should be 8′ x 4′; this is the regulation size.
  • Materials: they should be of a certain caliber. Here is what to look at the material.
  • Table: constructed with steel or solid wood
  • Rink walls: made of thick nylon or high-density aluminum
  • Blower: it should be made with a UL-approved motor, which has a very high output
  • Laminate: Playfield should have a wear-resistant laminate finish.
  • Air distribution: The flow of air should be through the plenum chamber.

Though these are the detailed qualities considered, the main one is that a person should look for the seal of approval from the USAA. This will mean that it is officially sanctioned for professional use in tournaments.


1. Why Professional Air Hockey Tables are better than others?

Professional Air hockey tables are built with quality material which makes them durable and suitable for long-term use. Some are also regulated by the USAA, which means they are scrutinized and approved for use.

2. How do I tell that an Air Hockey Table Is Professional?

There are a lot of features to look at for pro-standard air hockey tables like rinks, size, and materials, among others. The easiest thing to look at when figuring out if a hockey table is professional is the USAA seal.

3. What’s the standard size for an air hockey table?

A standard hockey-regulated dimension is 7 feet x 8 feet. Other hockey table dimensions vary according to the level of skills.

4. How much should do professional air hockey table weigh?

Air hockey tables may vary in weight due to different materials and sizes used during construction, but the ideal weight should range between 10 pounds to 350 pounds.

5. Can an Air Hockey Table be put outside?

Some air hockey tables are designed to be put outside, but they should be noted in their manual. Others cannot be placed outside as they cannot withstand the temperatures and the moist climate.

6. What Size of Air Hockey Table can I Buy?

The correct size table if you are a newbie is 2 feet or 4 feet. But if looking for a professional air hockey table, then one that is seven by 8 feet is a perfect pick.

7. How much space should I create for an air hockey table?

A full-size table will need 10 feet by 7 feet to fit. This will provide free movement even for players to play. Room created for hockey tables though will vary with size.

8. What is the weight of a full-size Air Hockey table?

A full-size professional air hockey table will weigh between 250 to 350 pounds; this is though dependent on the material used to make it.

9. What is the ideal thickness of an air hockey table?

For good performance, an air hockey table should be 3 to 4 inches thick.

10. What other dimensions of air hockey tables are available?

The other dimensions of the air hockey table that are available include 2 feet and 4 feet by 6 feet.

11. Should I buy a used air hockey table?

Used air hockey tables are also available, and some have been repaired and are suitable for use. Before buying it, though, it is essential to ensure it has all your required features.

12. Are Our professional air hockey tables better?

They are better because they are built using quality material meant to last longer than the standard models.

13. How do I choose an air hockey table?

The perfect air hockey table choice will suit your needs according to your skill level. So, when choosing, put into consideration the features that you will want the table to have.

14. How much should be spent on an Air Hockey table?

The amount spent on air hockey tables depends on the type you want. Professional air hockey tables are expensive due to their quality, while others used for recreational purposes are relatively cheaper.

15. What is the price of an air hockey table?

The price of air hockey tables ranges from $25 to $6000. The price also depends on the level of skill. There are different tables designed for kids, while those used for professional purposes are there too. So, the price depends on the brand and quality.

Final Thought

If planning to buy an air hockey table, there is a need to identify its purpose. It can be either for professional or recreational use. Professional tables are different from other recreational tables in quality, price, and even dimensions. Space also where you will put the table is essential as they should be placed in a spacious room which can allow players to move around.

There are lots of Air hockey tables in the market, ranging from commercial, Professional and those made for home use. So, it is crucial to research well before buying an air hockey table, especially the professional ones, as each has its pros and cons. Consider going through all of them to find the best. When wanting the best professional air hockey table, it is essential to look at the seal from the USAA. This gives a surety of adherence to set standards of quality.

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