Heir Apparent: Air Hockey Parts At Its Finest

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Air Hockey Parts


Much like its real-life peers played either on ice or the field, air hockey is a fun and thrilling game that requires skills and practice for a player to be successful. Revered by enthusiasts young and old, this fast-paced game can easily bring laughter and cheer to any game room as well as stimulate its player’s competitive spirit.

Its core equipment resembles a pool table, sans the corner pockets. And is made of various pieces fused to create the trappings of an incredibly entertaining machine. But, just like any of our fittings, these tables are at their finest when all of their components work best, bringing us to take a quick peek at the different air hockey parts.

Air Hockey Parts Review

Depending on which table can excellently tend to your game night competitive needs, air hockey tables come in a range of designs such as the traditional arcade-style table that includes electronic effects, multi-game tables, and the much simpler tabletop models which were particularly made for homes. How much time you spend whacking its puck or how crazy you celebrate each time you score a goal will determine how long its parts will actually last.

Here are some of an air hockey table’s essential parts:

Tornado Blower Motor For Arctic Wind

Have you ever tried playing air hockey without the air? Air hockey tables demand a non-stop supply of wind for it to be fun. Otherwise, you’ll simply be attempting to let slide a plastic puck that will just end up being stuck halfway through the table. This air blower features a high-speed motor that works well for tables that stretch around 6-7 feet.

Pros & Cons:


  • Uses a particularly built-in bearing and high-quality impellers.
  • Improved stability to reduce motor noise.
  • Made of durable flame retardant materials, making it safe even after prolonged use.


  • The blower may not be suitable for longer tables.

Sam Billares Fast Track Air Hockey Table Control Board

As simple as your air hockey table may seem from the top, complex mechanisms work under it to make each game, or even each goal, an exhilarating experience. This control board can electronically keep track of the score, create crowd cheering sounds, and put juice on your blower motor as you exchange wrist shots with friends.

Pros & Cons:


  • Can be compatible even with older tables.
  • Easy to install.
  • A powerful control board that can handle any complex table’s intricate accessories.


  • Holds you back a few hundred dollars.

For decades, the sound of the puck careening and bouncing around on a table blanketed with air became the trademark melody of every arcade and bowling alley. It has fast become more convenient to bring such delight and excitement home.

Benefits Of Owning An Air Hockey Table

Regardless of age, air hockey tables never fail to bring a smile to our faces. The uncomplicated mechanism that allows it to work, its user-friendliness, not to mention the easy-to-comprehend rule of getting the puck to slide in on your peer’s goal as many times as you can for a given period, make it one of the all-time arcade game favorites.

Here are some of the reasons why an air hockey table can be a welcome addition to any available living space:

A Great Source Of Entertainment

Perhaps because of the time spent playing together, studies show that families who own an air hockey table tend to rate higher in happiness. Not only does it create a fun environment, but the playing experience is enhanced since air hockey at home rids you of the need to purchase playing credits. Also, nothing beats winning over your right to watch TV while your sibling’s slave over the household chores.

Effortless Exercise

Compared to the elliptical or the treadmill, air hockey tables can increase your heart rate and provide cardio exercise without having to sweat profusely. It may not be as physically intensive as other home exercise equipment, but it sure is a pleasant and invigorating non-physical activity.

Stimulates Your Competitive Side

Playing air hockey at home exposes you to a competitive but friendly environment that satisfies our innate need for competition. It teaches children patience, how to be graceful even in defeat, and how to do the Macarena followed by a dab after scoring a goal.

Promotes Social Camaraderie

No matter which way you look at it, you can never play air hockey alone. It encourages you to liven up and step out of your shell, leading to a fun, friendly, and social atmosphere.

Enhances Your Reflexes

Known to be a fast game that demands skills and speed, it has been scientifically proven that people who play air hockey regularly have better reaction time, increased hand-eye coordination. And improved reflexes by allowing your body to gain muscle memory.

Air hockey educates your eyes and arms to respond to hastily-paced situations properly. By constantly engaging in it, you reap social, mental, and physical benefits.

Why Do Air Hockey Parts Break?

Although air hockey parts may seem durable, they are not impervious to repairs and replacement, wherein even the pucks can get lost or damaged after a few uses. Toys and gadgets have a way of breaking no matter how careful you are when playing with them which means that it is inevitable for you to eventually be seeking pieces for restoration purposes.

Instances where the control boards crashing, wires getting too brittle after years of heavy use, or blower motors losing their steam are only a few of the compromises when owning an air hockey table. Also, pucks strangely lose their ability to float after several uses. They can get misplaced or can be seen flying in the air after a hard hit then breaking in two as they hit the ground. These are all common which is why it is always wise to keep an extra to avoid unwarranted game stoppage in case you’re still trailing in goals.

Accessories For Your Air Hockey Table

A typical air hockey table is composed of a sizable and smooth playing surface surrounded by walls or railings, preventing the puck from easily flying off the table. It includes a blower that minimally lifts the puck off the surface, allowing it to glide across the field smoothly, and a slot at each of the far ends that serves as the goal. However, air hockey is made more enjoyable by these amazing accessories:

1. Air Hockey Mallets

Also known as a paddle, it consists of a handle that extends upward from its body which generally lies flat on the table’s playing surface. Resembling small plastic sombreros, they are used to perform attacks to score goals or to deflect an opponent’s attempt to wipe you off the table.

2. Scorekeeper

How can playing be fun if you don’t keep score? This easy-to-install addition makes it a lot easier to determine which player wins for bragging rights, especially since scores can easily get lost or forgotten in the heat of the battle.

3. Air Hockey Pucks

Typically made from durable plastic materials, air hockey pucks are small discs designed to work perfectly on a smooth playing surface. It is light enough to get lifted by the air cushions created by the blower, packing enough weight so as not to fly off the table each time it gets hit.

Where Can You Find Replacement For These Parts?

Since damage, breakage, and replacements are certain, it is best to know where to find replacement parts. Particularly if you have invested a considerable amount for your air hockey table in case the need arises. Fortunately, the internet is brimming with sites that offer replacement parts which makes finding one convenient. Here are a few links:




For the more complex and specific air hockey parts, the hotshot choices are a specialty store, a sports shop that carries such fittings, or finding a reliable brand that offers air hockey repair services. Here are links to a couple of stores that may cater to your air hockey parts needs:


Air Hockey Parts: FAQ’s

1. What is the air’s purpose in air hockey?

A fan installed within the center of the table blows air to allow the puck to float and glide across the table’s surface.

2. How do I increase my table’s airflow?

You can either purchase a stronger fan or clean the impellers of your current one.

3. How can I make my table more slippery?

Gently apply tabletop wax or furniture polish to reduce surface friction.

4. How do I maintain my air hockey table?

Using alcohol and a clean cloth or paper towel, wipe the tabletop clean at least once a week to remove dirt and dust.

5. Can air hockey tables be resurfaced?

Resurfacing the table may be time and budget-consuming. Replacing the playing surface may be the best option.


Blending competition, fun, and socialization have made air hockey one of the most exciting and fascinating games around. The table and its accessories come in various shapes, colors, and sizes but so are its followers, proving that this fast, enjoyable, and sociable game scores.

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