Best Hockey Helmets: Your Ultimate Guide

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Best Hockey Helmets


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A hockey helmet is undoubtedly the most essential hockey gear; hockey can be quite dangerous due to its impacts, which might affect the head if left exposed. A helmet in an ice hockey game was made mandatory in the field as early as 1979 after many NHL suffered from concussions resulting from falling and other head injuries. Helmets do not prevent the occurrence of concussions; they help to mitigate their occurrence. So, let us understand then, what is a Concussion?

The brain floats typically in a liquid in a person’s skull; a concussion occurs when a person’s brain comes into contact with the skull due to some impact and causes damage. So, a helmet will prevent the head from such impacts.

Details About Best Hockey Helmets

There are a lot of hockey helmets in the market, from popular brands like Bauer, CCM, and warrior. To buy the best hockey helmet, a lot has to be considered, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive Helmet is the best. The best hockey helmet in the market presently is considered to be those that possess features like being light in weight, strong, and comfortable to wear.

There are also many improvements in design made on the Helmet as many are made of high-tech plastics and foam, which has made them better than their predecessors. Other players, though, when choosing the Helmet, will still consider their personal preferences like the style and the appearance of the Helmet on the ice.

There is no one particular helmet that can be handpicked and be termed as the perfect hockey helmet for all. A lot has to be considered; here are some guides for getting the best hockey helmet that suits you and other helmet tips you might be interested in.

Finding and using the right hockey helmet is just as good as playing the game altogether. This piece of gear offers firm support and protection to your head when playing hockey. In doing so, they prevent the risks of concussions and permanent head damage. We line up and review a couple of the best hockey helmets here below.


#1: Zechy Hockey Helmet Chin Strap with Snap Replacement 15 Inches

For effective coverage, you want a helmet that is also able to get to your chin area and provide the cover thereupon. Look to none other than the best hockey helmets as it is really suited for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Complete Strap Set

By and large, this item comes about as a complete strap set. It is complete in the sense of possessing loops at either end whose role is to fit into the pre-existing ear loops.

Steel Snap

A steel snap also comes along. This is riveted onto the loop of the strap and plays the role of enabling long-term usage of the item, all factors considered.


  • Strong enough not to fray easily with the use
  • Fits every other brand of hockey helmet
  • Comes with everything you need to offer replacements to the hockey helmet


  • Potentially cluttering to your work areas

#2: A&R Sports Helmet Repair Kit

The A&R brand has carved a niche as a strong, resilient, and enduring manufacturer of respectable products. Is it not amazing for you to tap into their products by picking this for a start.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Packaging

This helmet comes about as comprehensive packaging. It comprises all the tools, parts, and structures you might need to secure your head conclusively.

Wholesome Compatibility

By all measures, the helmet is compatible with all the sizes and brands of helmets that be at the moment. Pick it randomly and dedicate it for your usage insofar as maximum protection is concerned.


  • Accompanied by its own repair kit
  • Simpler to set up for eventual usage
  • Strong to bear harsh impacts


  • Incapable of covering the chin areas

#3: Menolana 2Pcs Replacement Ear Loops Ear Slings Hockey Earloop Hanger

Seeking a helmet to use across numerous players or persons of diverse head sizes? You have a great companion in this specific helmet as it is versatile enough to fit many heads.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose Stature

In its overall makeup, the helmet serves many purposes. It is largely capable of fitting many heads and also fits numerous settings for your maximum convenience of use.

Replacement Ear Loops

A set of replacement ear loops also come along to aid the protection of your ears. They fit in your ears tacitly to prevent the ball from penetrating the same and posing irreversible damages.


  • Available in black and white colors for you to select
  • Fastens firmly to prevent fidgeting and possible fall-offs
  • All its parts and makeup are durable for the longevity of use


  • Demands some fair degree of expertise to handle


We now review the top fifteen best hockey helmets that the markets have to offer at the moment:

#1: Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo (II)

If you want to tackle more than just caring for your head, a helmet of this kind might be suitable for you. It is structured in a combination of parts and features for maximum enjoyment.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Shell Shape

It does come about in shell shape that provides exceptional aerodynamics for you while playing hockey. The shape negates the strong resistance that comes along when playing too fast.

Tool-less Adjustment Design

For all practical purposes, the design of this item is toolless in the sense of being able to set and deploy without the use of any external tool.


  • Strong enough due to the dual-density
  • Provides some high-end looks
  • Comes at a price that is somewhat generous


  • Quite complicated to a simpler user

#2: Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

If your search for the right helmet is dictated by the need to minister to recreational issues, you have this specific helmet to set your eyes on. It is appropriately designated for that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Multi-density Foam Liner

Its interior features a multi-density foam lining that adds some comfort while at the same time dissipating some sweat in ways that are smoother and less suffocating.

Seamless Adjustability

You will find the item easier to adjust for use thanks to the state of seamless adjustability. This also lets you expand and retract the helmet smoothly for your own added benefits.


  • Adjusts to conform to the unique head sizes of the wearers
  • Requires no tools to adjust or devote for use
  • An integrated ear cover exists for added protection to the ears


  • Limited to the matters of hockey alone

#3: Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet

Just in case you have professional ends in mind, the helmet that bears and exceeds the necessary certifications. We are pleased to notify you that this one exceeds the laid-down CSA certifications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Design

When all factors are put into consideration the helmet bears some exceptional design. This sees it blend some comfort and adequate protection to your head and other faculties in one packaging.

Integrated Ear Covers

Serving to complement the exceptional design is the batch of integrated ear covers. These serve to protect the ears in ways that are firm, resolute, and unlikely to allow for any injuries.


  • Meets and exceeds the laid-down CSA and HECC certifications
  • Adjusts simply and seamlessly without the use of the tools
  • Confers many benefits at one go


  • Only for the professional players

#4: CCM Hockey CCM 50 Bull-riding Helmet

Strenuous and intense hockey activities demand a helmet that is similarly rigorous in nature. We ask you to try your hand on these best hockey helmets. It is tougher and more resilient to enable rigorous support.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Easy Adjustments

Throughout its usage, you will find the item relatively simpler to adjust. You won’t have to use any tool to do the job while at the same time enjoying some customized fits for maximum comfort.

Lightweight PE Shell Construction

In its entirety, the gadget is light enough for you to put on and make great use of. That stems from the extensive use of the similarly light PE sell construction.


  • Discharges a higher level of protection and maximum comfort
  • Its interior is lined for matters of added comfort
  • The shell features a higher density for the longevity of use


  • Manages only a fewer cycles of operations

#5: Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo (II)

Do you play the defending position? Chances are that you experience balls that are hard-hitting and strong. You want a helmet that is similarly strong and resilient as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Ventilation Ports

Existing round and about the helmet are some ventilation ports. As you may have guessed, these ports do manage the flow and exchange of air into and out of the helmet to keep your head pretty cool.

Two-piece Shell

The makeup and the structure of the materials that make the helmet up comprise the two-piece shell construction. With this in place, the item does last fairly long and endure the numerous spates of hitting.


  • Its materials are dense enough to prevent premature damages
  • Adjusts and mounts without the use of tools
  • Comes about with some elegant items and parts


  • Too weighty to put on for a longer duration

#6: CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet/Mask Combo (HTYTHC)

Mainly seeking a helmet for your junior hockey player? We are pleased to notify you of this one that is suited for those aged 4-7 years of age. It is also packed with all the features you might need for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Integrated D30 Lite

Its inner lining comprises the integrated D30 Lite that reinforces the strength and the efficacy of the shell structure. That arrangement guarantees firm and uncompromised protection to the head.

Easy Adjustments

Throughout its use and engagements, you will find the helmet pretty similar to adjust and make do with. With this smooth adjustment also comes the relative ease with which to use the gadget overall.


  • Protects the young players from all injuries
  • Gives off an elite level of protection
  • Usable and deployable in a series of easy steps


  • It may not give much use to those outside the 4-7 years age bracket

#7: Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask

From its designation, one thing stands out. That this helmet is specifically meant for the goalie. It comes with a mask via which the goalie may behold and keep accurate track of the movements of the balls.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Vented Shell

Its shell stands apart from the rest in the sense of bearing some vents. These vents serve to maintain the head cool and devoid of the adverse effects of sweating that come ordinarily.

Chrome-colored Cage

The cage may also serve the purpose of aesthetics. This is largely as a result of the chrome coloring that tends to make the same more beautiful to the eyes when beheld.


  • Light enough to put on for too long
  • Great and relevant for all kinds of hockey actions
  • Adjustable enough to fit all sizes of wearers


  • Delicate and needful of strenuous care and maintenance

#8: CCM Hockey CCM 50 Bull-riding Helmet

Have some sensitive heads or are largely vulnerable to the risks of migraines and headaches? You might want to lay your hands on this particular best hockey helmet owing to its sheer strength and vitality.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Multi-density Foam Liner

A multi-density foam liner stands apart from the list of the features and resources it has to bring along. This one exists to add some comfort to your head and also prop it in a good shape all along.

High-density PE Shell

Crowning the list of the topnotch features of the high-density PE shell that blocks the oncoming ball. Being tough and reliable, the shell does ward off any concussions and other issues along.


  • Adjusts easily when deployed for use
  • Imbues a higher level of comfort for you
  • Lets sufficient volume of air trickle into the head


  • Not really useful in dusty areas and environments

#9: Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet (EA)

Many of these helmets do cloud the visibility of the players to prevent them from playing well. Not the case with this one as it does have a wide field of view.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Wider Field of View

As explained above, this helmet does manage to give off a wider field of view. You have it for consideration if you play a sensitive position like that of the goalie that needs a higher visual acuity.

Adjustable Harness

Existing to make your controls and operations hassle-free is the set of adjustable harnesses. Its role is mainly to fasten the equipment as securely and comfortably as can be.


  • Incorporates the latest technology
  • May blend and be used alongside many other helmets
  • Uses the latest TPU cushioning mechanism


  • Too large and bulky to put on fairly

#10: WARRIOR Krown LTE Helmet

Could it be that all you are seeking in a helmet is maximum comfort? Choose and make use of this one for that end. It boasts of the capability to stabilize your comfort thanks to foam cushioning.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique Single-dial Adjustments

Standing apart from the rest of its awesome traits is the single-dial adjustment. Its role is to activate and adjust the fit system considerably.

Epp Foam Protection

Complementing the above is the EPP foam protection unit that is strategically located. Being lighter in weight, this is also quite convenient to make great use of.


  • Confers added comfort and softness to the ears
  • Manages a true 360° fit
  • Adjusts in four main ways for elevated softness


  • Requires consistent and strenuous handling

#11: Sena Latitude Snow Helmet

Wishing to enjoy some entertainment also in the course of playing hockey? Choose a helmet that is similarly packed with loads of entertainment features like this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Bluetooth Connectivity

It does have Bluetooth connectivity as the flagship trait. This one allows the helmet to draw its signals from many like-minded gadgets like tablets, laptops, and iPods.

4-way Intercom

A set of four-way intercoms exists to enable you to communicate with the devices that be in your surroundings. Particularly, it enables the smooth flow of signals to around three other persons.


  • The interior is padded for added comfort for you
  • All the parts are removable for easier care and maintenance
  • Enables you to customize the settings and allow for easier operations


  • Costs a lot to come by and operate

#12: Fox Racing Hockey-Helmets Flight Sport Helmet

From its designation, one thing reigns supreme. The best hockey helmets are meant to facilitate racing and the matters of extreme sporting activities. It is light and rigorous enough to endure those spates of usage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Thin ABS Shell

Its shell is thin and hard enough to allow for prolonged handling even the impacts are harsher. Being thin, the shell also boasts of reduced weights and enduring usage without undue damage.

Bore Vents

Adorning the entire length and breadth of the helmet is a series of bore vents. They allow for the increased flow of air into and out of the helmet easily and smoothly.


  • Bears only the bare minimum parts and features
  • Suited for the entry-level hockey player
  • Maintains your head in a state of absolute coolness


  • Quite rigorous and intense in its scope

#13: GY 2018 New Upgrade Hockey Helmet

You have this helmet for the taking if you are a professional or an aspiring professional hockey player. It is tough, rigorous, and appropriately suited for such intense plays and settings.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Upgrade PU Liner

Its interior is adorned with an upgraded PU liner that works to add some comfort and guard against intense pressure. That places you in a state of strategic advantage and overall comfort.

Impact-resistant Helmet

Also making the helmet suited for professional engagements is the impact-resistant nature thereof. With this trait in mind, you are sure to accrue some tough and durable engagements.


  • Manages some aerodynamic fit and form
  • The outward appearance is truly awesome
  • Its material construction is long-lasting and enduring


  • A little bit too complicated for a starter

#14: DR Vintage Style Hockey Helmet (Senior/Adult) (White)

Have an adult in mind? Get hold of this specific helmet. It really suits an adult wearer in that it is bigger, stronger, and better placed to fit the head of an adult wearer.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Seamless Adjustability

By choosing to tap into this helmet, you will enjoy the benefit of seamless adjustability. You may vary its scope and dimensions in six different ways and sizes for maximum fit.

Appropriately Ventilated

In its entirety, the item is appropriately ventilated to enable the maximum exchange of the ambient air. That serves to keep your head cooler and more habitable.


  • Light enough to allow for seamless handling
  • Padded for elevated levels of comfort
  • Agile enough for unconstrained maneuverability


  • Inappropriate for competitive sporting undertakings

#15: Champro ProPlus Hockey Style Helmet

If all you want is to undertake some competitive hockey tournaments, we would advise you to get your hands on these similarly tough and reliable best hockey helmets.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Molded Pad System

Making it appropriately suited for this end is the molded pad system. The system comprises a multi-density formation that wicks away moisture while at the same time imbuing some comfort.

AirTech® Ventilation System

Coming in next is the legendary AirTech® Ventilation System that serves to allow the air to circulate freely and escape if need be. The sum total of this is some elevated freedom and ventilation.


  • Good enough for the professional tournaments
  • Wicks away all the moisture from the head
  • Fits the youths and the junior players well


  • Superfluous for common everyday practicing


We now get to peek into the five best hockey helmets for kids:

#1: Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo, Pink

Wishing to acquaint the juniors and the child with the matters of professional hockey? These best hockey helmets for kids could as well be the ones to set your eyes on. Its prodigy is what makes it suited for that end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Relative Adjustability

All its critical parts and components adjust to allow for maximum engagement and overall comfort. This of course confers some elevated degree of convenience for you.

Dual Density Foam

The interior is not left out either as it is also stronger thanks to the dual-density foam. You will find the helmet also more comfortable to handle and naturally engage.


  • Adjusts seamlessly for optimal fits
  • Attaches to many extras and accessories for maximum functionality
  • Provides optimal cover to the head


  • Likely to break down every now quite often

#2: Nochicass Skateboard Helmet CPSC Certified Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

Toddlers are particularly vulnerable to concussions and other head damages. You need to secure their heads firmly using specifically designed best hockey helmets for kids of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Spin Knob

A spin knob ranks top of the traits and features that the item does have to confer. You engage it to set the desired level of comfort and fit you may wish to leverage per unit time.

Breathable Foam

Its foam is unlike any other as it is highly breathable. Thanks to this arrangement, the foam allows for the seamless transfer and exchange of the gases into and out of the helmet.


  • Complies with the stated standards and specifications
  • Its material makeup is sturdy and reliable
  • Absorbs all shocks and harsh impacts


  • Lacks the ability to accommodate attachments and extras

#3: Mylec Sr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard

Mainly engage in a host of outdoor undertakings? If at all you are, these multipurpose best hockey helmets for kids could be the one you have been seeking as a viable companion. It facilitates many outdoor undertakings.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

“Slide” Adjustable System

Its fit is highly adjustable to allow for easy and comfortable fits all the while wearing. The fact of its easy fitting makes it possible to use in the long run and easily for that matter.

Lightweight Durable Outer Shell

The shell on the other hand is light enough thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials to constitute it. With this lightness comes the ability to use the helmet for a duration that is long enough.


  • Blends and serves many outdoor activities
  • Comes about in a customizable size and settings
  • Offers effective and wholesome protection to the head


  • Lacks any specialization when devoted to the use

#4: Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Masks

Playing the goalie position of the hockey championship? Place your bet on this specific best hockey helmet for kids as it bears a mask that can cover the eyes and the face of the goalie.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Quick-snap Elastic Straps

To fasten the helmet firmly on your face, you will make use of the quick-snap elastic straps that are agile and responsive. They adjust in such a manner as to keep your helmet tight and comfortable on the head.

Welded Steel Cage

For the protection of your face, the helmet also incorporates a welded steel cage that blends well with the high-impact plastic makeup. They confer added levels of comfort and maximum support to the head.


  • Relevant for the street hockey
  • Sleek and modern appearances add to the overall aesthetics
  • It May also be used indoors


  • It may not give off too much utility

#5: Walk-Onz NHL Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Just if you are mainly engaged in outdoor activities and settings, you may want to tap into this equally multipurpose best hockey helmet for kids of this kind. Find it useful for skating and biking as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Ergonomic Interior Padding

Its interior features some ergonomic padding that is comfortable. This works alongside the extra pads that come along to ensure proper fit and an elevated sense of comfort.

Adjustable Chin Straps

Securing the helmet tightly on your chin is made possible by the included adjustable chin straps. They are easier to engage and also leave behind some tighter fits.


  • Maintains the head of the user pretty cool
  • Unlikely to suffocate the user when worn on humid days
  • Meets both the US and Canadian Safety standards


  • Unsuitable for persons whose heads exceed 53-57 cm


Let us take a look at the top three best ice hockey helmets that the markets have to offer as of now:

#1: TronX Comp Hockey Helmet Combo

Want to spruce up your appearance when playing the wonderful game of ice hockey? Choose to put on this equally elegant and awesome ice hockey helmet as it is really breathtaking.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Sleek Ventilated Design

It does come about in a sleek ventilated design that lets it give off some aesthetics when worn. Then again, it manages some comfort and adequate protection from the exterior impacts.

Dual-density Padding

The padding is unlike any other. It bears some dual-density overall makeup while also allowing for the attainment of a snug fit. You have it for your maximum comfort and overall usage.


  • Commands less weight and is thus more comfortable
  • A cage that is made of stainless steel adorns the face region
  • Adjusts seamlessly for your maximum fit and comfort


  • Scars and chars a bit too easily

#2: CCOOL Hockey Helmet

If you want to engage in strenuous and heavy impact ice hockey, this is the ice hockey helmet to set your eyes on. It is strong and aptly resistant to harsher impacts. Then again it resists all forms of explosions.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High-quality Material Makeup

Only strong and high-quality materials have been used to make them up. They tend to last longer and also suffer less from the spates of damage that bedevil others of its kind.

Chrome-plated Steel

The exterior of the helmet on the other hand bears the chrome plating whose role basically is to add some beauty and charm to the item altogether.


  • Appropriately suited for the street applications
  • Resists cold to allow for longevity of playing
  • Backed by an excellent after-sale service regime


  • Large and bulky to put on easily

#3: CCM HT50 Senior Adult Hockey Helmet Senior Small

For your senior adult player, you need this equally large and appropriately equipped ice hockey helmet that incorporates all the tools, parts, and items necessary for the full enjoyment of the spot.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Tool-free Length Adjustment

Unlike most other hockey helmets, this one does not require you to use any tools to make the necessary adjustments. Instead, it lets you do so freely and independently of the use of external tools.

Multi-density Foam Liner

A multi-density foam liner adorns its interior. The purpose of this is to add some comfort while at the same time wicking away the moisture and the sweat.


  • Lasts fairly longer than other helmets
  • Really fits an adult wearer
  • Adjusts smoothly to allow for maximum engagements


  • Not really breathable to keep you cool as need be

Ultimate Guide to Buying The Best Hockey Helmet

Here are some tips that will guide you to get the perfect hockey helmet.

1. Adjustments

Each helmet brand comes in different sizes and shapes, which need to be adjusted for a perfect fit. A helmet should be adjustable to feel snug; some helmets can be moved in all directions while others move only forward or backward. A good helmet should be one that is adjustable.

2. Helmet fit/sizing

A good hockey helmet is one that fits best; when choosing a helmet, it should be of the right shape and size to ensure the protection of your head. When picking a Helmet to fit, place it on the head and then adjust it until it feels snug. The Helmet should not be too tight or one that moves around when the head is moved.

Helmets with gaps and pressure points in the padding should be avoided. Helmets sizes can vary with different brands; so that that Helmet may fit you in one brand might not work in another. The Helmet sizes are small, medium, and large for adults and also the same for youths.

3. Cages and shields

Before buying a helmet, it is also important to establish the level of skill you are playing. Older layers that are playing the sport for recreational purposes are not compelled to wear face protection. The narrative is different for players below 18 as their leagues require them to wear full-face protection. The shields and cages protect their faces and eyes from being hit by hockey sticks. They also minimize the impacts when a player is hit, thus preventing bones from being broken and reducing cuts.

4. Choose the Foam Lining

The hockey helmet is made of two distinct types of foam lining they are: Dual-Density Vinyl Nitrile (VN) and Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). Both linings have their merits and demerits, and thus, a player has to choose one that suits them based on their style of play and their position in the game.

VN foam lining is soft and more comfortable than EPP but offers less protection. It is malleable and moldable and so suitable for training, not a competitive match. It is also cheap.

The EPP foam is rigid and is suitable for players who prefer a firm cushioning; it is the most popular foam material and is also found in other helmets. It is expensive and comes with softer foam for the area around the head to make it more comfortable. So, when choosing a helmet, this should guide you on the foam that will suit your preference.

5. One-piece vs two-piece

When choosing a hockey helmet, you also have to consider choosing either a one-piece or two-piece shell helmet. A young player should go for a two-piece helmet design as it can offer a customized fit. This is because they are made of an adjustable single/dual screw system; others have a tool-free adjustment that allows for necessary customization.

Helmets with one-piece shells do not feature a lot of adjustment qualities and are likely to come custom-fitted. They are also rigid and stiff and are the right choice for pro and elite-level hockey players.

6. Cheap Helmets or high-priced helmets

To decide the Helmet that you should go for in terms of price, this should be scrutinized accordingly based on skill and playing. For instance, a competitive player should go for a high-priced helmet as opposed to a recreational hockey player. This is because competitive playing has more impacts and thus, quality helmets are needed for maximum protection while recreational playing, which is usually not that serious, might not be that risky,

7. Ventilation

When choosing a hockey helmet, it is also imperative to consider the ventilation ports. They help in keeping the head cool when the action heats up. A helmet without this might be very uncomfortable for a player as they might find it difficult to breathe well due to the heat.

Protecting Head Must Be Your Top Priority

The head is the most vital part of the body because it carries the brain, which controls its functions. Protecting the charge must be a top priority; that is why there is a rule that it is mandatory to wear a helmet when playing a match. Not all helmets are capable of protecting the head. That is why it is imperative to look for the best. There are many hockey-related head injuries in the sport, which even went to the extent of incapacitating players in the past; that is why the helmet rule was passed. The Helmet does not prevent concussions per se, but it prevents the risk that exposing a player to concussions.

Different Parts of a Hockey Helmet

Shell: A shell is the outer part of the Helmet, which is made of vinyl nitrile or other composite materials.

Liner: The inside of the Helmet is lined with some foam material; the foam material can either be made of Dual-Density Vinyl Nitrile or Expanded Polypropylene.

Cage /visor: Hockey also normally has either a visor or a cage. The primary purpose of any of the two is to protect the face from potential injuries.

Chinstrap: The chin strap is attached to the cage; it; is used to support the chin, and Helmet should also fit snugly.

Cage mount screws: The screw is used to link the cage and the shell

Ear Guard: This is meant to protect the ears

How to Fit A Hockey Helmet

Hockey is a game that has a lot of player contact within the game; this is the reason why a player is needed to get equipment that fits properly. Here are some ways of fitting the Helmet.

Measure Your Head

First, the head’s circumference is measured by wrapping a tape around the head; the tape s wrapped one or two inches above a person’s eyebrows, which are approximately on the middle of the forehead.

Opening the Helmet to the maximum setting

Secondly, the Helmet is opened to the max setting; present-day helmets are made with a system that makes them adjustable.

Wear the Helmet and start adjusting

Thirdly, the Helmet Is tried on the head and then adjusted gradually to get a perfect fit. This usually is considered a snug fit, not too tight that puts pressure on the head or too loose that allows the head to move inside. The rim should be one finger width from the eyebrow in the snug fit position and in contact with the head top.

Add a chin strap and mask

Thirdly, the face mask is fastened to find if the chin cup will fit snugly. It should also feel comfortable around the chin.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hockey Helmet

1. Price

Price is one of the most important factors to consider before buying any item, and a hockey helmet is inclusive. Before settling for hockey, the Helmet ensures that the price matches the quality. The cost spent on a hockey helmet is mainly dependent on the level of skill of the player. Players who play for recreational purposes may not need high-tech protection with expensive helmets like a competitive hockey player. So, a good hockey helmet is not necessarily the priciest; a lot is considered to determine this.

2. Impact protection

Although most helmets are certified to provide protection, no helmet is guaranteed to protect against head injury or concussions. When choosing a head helmet, look at the features that minimize the risk of exposure to damage in case of an impact. Safe hockey helmets are designed with features to protect the player’s skull from effects and the brain from rotational acceleration, which is said to be the leading cause of concussions.

The helmet shell is the first defense line; some helmets even have a subshell to reinforce impact resistance. The foam used on the inside of the Helmet is responsible for absorbing and distributing impact; that is why the quality matters. Some helmets like CCM are made with D30 smart Foam, which is said to be very rate-sensitive; this means that the level of compression that this Helmet has depends on its forces. Before settling for a helmet, a player should take time to evaluate and read specifications to find what suits them. A player who plays aggressively needs a lot of protection than one who does not.

3. Fit

A player should also choose a helmet that fits them well; do not buy a slightly loose helmet so you can grow into it because that can expose one to risks. The best hockey helmet has a snug fit and is two pieces to allow for future adjustments.

4. Color

Before buying a helmet, consider the color; players who play for an organized team may need a specific Helmet color that matches the other gears.

5. Comfort.

The Helmet should also be light in weight; a heavy helmet might hinder the player’s movement, thus making it hard for them to play well. The Helmet should be as comfortable as possible and allow for free airflow to protect the player from overheating. That is why it is important to look out for ventilation spaces before buying a helmet. Also if a player has skin issues like allergies, they should shun helmets with inside padding that may expose them to such conditions.

6. Style

The helmet style narrows down to personal preference; some players may prefer one Helmet over another for some reason. So long as safety and quality are not compromised, players are free to choose what they like. Players who play for specific leagues should go for helmets that are in sync with what is required as part of their uniform and other gears when considering a specific style.

You Shouldn’t Buy Used Hockey Helmets

Buying a used hockey helmet is not advisable at all; this is due to the fact that its safety cannot be assured. Even though it may have a valid certificate, it might have taken many impacts or even been kept in harsh conditions compromising protection.

Even though a new helmet might be costly, it is better because it gives the surety of safety and protection, unlike a used helmet.

Concussion in the NHL

What is a concussion? A concussion can be explained as a complex pathophysiologic process that affects the brain; traumatic biomechanical forces usually cause it. It might result in graded clinical syndromes, which may or may not involve conditions like memory dysfunction and loss of consciousness. It typically causes functional disturbances with the rapid occurrence of some short-lived neurological function impairment that resolves spontaneously.

Ice hockey is a very aggressive sport that can see a player moving at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Due to the aggressiveness and speed, it is no shock that it has the highest number of concussions than any other contact sport. A concussion is a very hot topic of interest among people of the general public, media, and scientific research due to the injuries and effects that they can impact.

Concussions have been researched in the current and past years to determine their impacts and how they affected NHL players. The occurrence of concussions on skill and age level in this sport has been said to account for around 2-14% of all hockey injuries and 15-30% of all head injuries. According to research, it is said that in the 1986-1987 and 1995-1996 hockey seasons, a mean of 12 concussions was reported each season. In the 1996-1997 to 2001-2002 hockey seasons, the mean of concussions was 56 per season.

Concussions have had a lot of serious consequences and negatively impacted the lives of their victims.

According to research, concussions have are said to contribute to a lot of neurological cascades and, in the long run, lead to neurological and neurodegenerative issues. People who have suffered from a concussion are also said to suffer from depression and even suicidal thoughts. Though a hockey helmet cannot prevent them, it reduces exposure, so it is essential to ensure safety in the game.

Hockey without Helmets

Hockey helmets were made mandatory for all NHL players ever since 1979. In the games that are for recreational purposes and semi-professional, it may not be necessary. Still, due to the risk of ice hockey, it is always advisable for the player to use a helmet.

The last player to play hockey without a Helmet in the NHL was Craig MacTavish in the 1996-1997 seasons. Henceforth a helmet has always been mandatory in the game.

Hockey Helmets with Visor or Cage

A cage is a cover attached to the Helmet for protection; it can either be made of wire-like aluminum, steel, or titanium, which normally has the face of a guard on the front. A visor, which is also called a face shield, is a transparent shield made of polycarbonate attached to the shell for protection. It can either be a full or half visor.

Between helmets with cages and those made with better helmets? This narrows down to what a player prefer when they are on ice. Both the visor and cage protect the face. The cage is, though, commonly used by players as compared to the full visor. This is because it is considered to be less chunky and does not fog on ice.

Hockey Helmets for Wide Heads

There are many helmets in the market, and finding the best hockey helmet fitting is among the most important buying guides. For people with wide heads, some brands provide wide helmets that are suitable for such heads. Bauer 4500 is said to be the best Helmet for wide heads. There are also many other brands like Warrior and CCM.

Best Hockey Helmets: FAQs

1. Which are the Best hockey helmets for a wide head?

Not all hockey helmets are an excellent fit for wide heads, so there are guidelines for fitting the correct Helmet. The best helmets for broadheads include:

Warrior covert PX

Bauer 4500




2. Which accessories can I use on ice hockey helmets?

Hockey helmets can be accessorized with Helmet Decals, Hockey visor care, replacement straps, and loops, among others.

3. What’s the difference between visors and cages?

A visor is made of transparent polycarbonate, while a shell is made of thin wire, which can be made of titanium, aluminum, and steel.

It can is a full face while the visor can be full or half face

A cage has a chin guard at the bottom of the face, while a visor does not

4. Can you use accessories with ice hockey helmets?

Yes, the ice Hockey helmets are accessorized, accessories come in various forms like helmet screws, helmet decals, helmet repair kit, helmet shield defogger, and chin cup. These are important; they come in handy when a situation of need arises.

5. How can you prevent skin problems when wearing a helmet?

Hockey is a swift sport, and a player tends to sweat very fast; this can easily irritate the skin. To prevent this, the player should ensure that the Helmet they are using has proper ventilation.

6. How should you maintain your Helmet?

Helmets might require some attention to ensure they keep serving you well. Here are some ways in which a helmet is maintained.

• Keep the Helmet clean and dry all the time; now and then Helmet should be wiped to clean sweat from the padding.

• Checking for loose missing or screws that have rusted and replacing them

• Check the Helmet for a crack in the shell and broken tabs after getting hit. If the shell has been compromised, buy another helmet, as that one cannot keep you safe.

7. How Long Do Helmets Last And Do They Expire?

A hockey helmet has a maximum life of 10 years, whether used or not if it is not stored correctly. This is according to the CDC. The CDA estimates that the helmet service life of five years, after which it expires from the day of manufacture. Hockey helmets should be replaced immediately the shell is cracked or wears out.

8. When do I need an expensive helmet?

The Helmet that a player uses depends on the level of risk they are exposed to; expensive helmets are generally with some high-tech design to provide more protection. The helmets are stronger, complex, light in weight with multi-padding materials. These helmets are meant mostly for pro-hockey players exposed to high risks, so if a person is playing hockey on a competitive level and is exposed to high risk, they may need an expensive helmet.

9. Should a hockey helmet be tight?

A hockey helmet should not be too tight sorb too loose; it should fit snugly. A tight helmet can be very uncomfortable.

10. Can a hockey helmet be made wider?

Most modern helmets come with an adjustment system which uses to adjust them to fit. Some helmets have tabs on each side for changing while others have a dial on their back, which can be used to expand the Helmet to fit.

11. How much does the best hockey helmet cost?

Hockey helmets are different brands like a warrior, Bauer, CCM, among others. The price varies with brands and also youth and adult types, among other things.

12. What material is a hockey helmet made of?

Hockey helmets are manufactured from composite materials, with each part of the Helmet having different material.

13. Is a Hockey helmet safe?

Hockey helmets go through a lot of tests to ensure that they pass set safety protocols.

14. Is the size of the Helmet the same as that of one of the cages?

There is no definite answer to this question; a player should try the hockey helmet to find the right fit to protect both the chin and the upper part of the neck.

15. How long should it take before I get a new hockey helmet?

Professional players who train and use their helmets more frequently should ensure that they replace their helmets every two years. Amateurs or those who play for recreational purposes and do not use their Helmet should at least get a new one after five years.


Ice hockey is one of the best sports ever that is also among the most popular in history; unfortunately, the love of this game has come with some very life-threatening injuries and concussions caused by the impacts of this fast game. In the past, many players suffered from concussions, which caused some adverse effects on their livelihoods. Thus the Helmet is a vital hockey gear; although it does not prevent concussions, it prevents exposure to injuries that may lead to such.

So, when choosing a helmet, a lot should be considered to get one that will give maximum safety. The best hockey helmet should offer protection to the head. The type of hockey that a person is into should also dictate the kind of helmet choice. Recreational hockey players do not need as much protection as NHL players who play competitive hockey.

We bring an end to the best hockey helmets there. It is now our confidence that you have the inspiration and support you need to make the right choice of a product there. How soon might this be? Take not too long as you might forfeit the benefits that come along.

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