Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet: An Ultimate Guide

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Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet


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If you have wide feet and are searching for the best hockey skates, it’s essential to prioritize comfort and performance. Wide feet require skates with ample room in the toe box and forefoot area to prevent discomfort and potential injury.

Look for hockey skates specifically designed for wide feet, as these models often come with features such as extra padding, adjustable lacing systems, and wider boot profiles. Brands like Bauer, CCM, and TRUE offer options catering to different foot shapes.

Consider the type of blade holder and runner configuration, as these elements impact your stability and agility on the ice. A proper fit and proper lace-up technique are crucial, ensuring your skates provide the necessary support while allowing movement.

Remember to try on multiple sizes and styles, and spend some time skating around the store if possible, to gauge how the skates feel during movement. Your comfort and performance on the ice largely depend on choosing the right hockey skates for your wide feet.

Good skating skills are essential for the success of any hockey player, no matter how talented they might be. However, the key to having solid skating skills is having the right skates for your feet. Hockey skates come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right option for your foot size and shape to ensure you’re getting the most out of your performance.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the best hockey skates for wide feet, so if you’re looking to find the perfect pair of skates to ensure you’re getting the most out of your game, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at a variety of options to make sure you’re finding the right fit for your needs and help you understand the importance of having the right skates for wide feet.

My Top Fifteen (15) Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

We start by peeking into and belaboring 15 of the best hockey skates for wide feet in vogue today:

#1: CCM Unisex SK9040 Player Tacks SR Hockey Skate, Adult

The best hockey skates for wide feet are for the adult wearer as it is larger in size and packed with loads of exceptional features. It is also on the whole great for strenuous and repeated hockey playing.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Injected Mesh Technology

The injected mesh technology has been extensively used to structure this hockey skate. Thanks to the extensive use of this technology, the skates are durable and appropriately optimized for maximum comfort.

Brushed Microfiber Liner

Throughout the interior of the skate is the brushed microfiber liner. As you may have already guessed, this one provides added comfort while at the same time providing higher resistance to wear.

SpeedBlade Pro Stainless Steel Blade

In closing, the blades of the skate are sharp and spiky. They are hence well able to pierce through the ice in a way that is strong, sturdy, and well-balanced. Hardly will you fall off even when negotiating sharp turns.


  • Comes ready for use from the box.
  • Does not require constant sharpening time.
  • Serves casual skating needs as well.


  • Only for the adult wearer.

#2: Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Want to tackle the low-impact exercises as well? This pair of hockey skates will do the job great for you as well. Consider making great use of it as it is also stable.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Composite Quarter Panels

A series of composite quarter panels adorn the entire length and breadth of the skate. They serve to enhance the structure, tone, and overall well-being of the skates when in use.

Deluxe Foam Padding

For your added comfort, this pair of skates does comprise padding that enhances the softness and overall support. Even when you have to use it for a longer length of time, you won’t feel fatigued.

Firm Ankle Support

Other than placing your feet on a firm and stable footing, the pair of skates will also confer some added support to your ankles. In this way, it prevents the ankles from twisting or falling apart.


  • Improves agility, strength, and maximum endurance.
  • Capable of managing low-impact exercises.
  • Agile enough to use just about anywhere else.


  • Requires some assembly right before use.

#3: American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

Have a small boy whom you would want to indoctrinate into the matters of ice skating? This could as well be the one to use. It is an entry-level pair that is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Multilayered Boot Construction

On the whole, the pair features a multilayered boot construction. In light of this construction, the pair is able to confer maximum stability and also resist the possibility of moisture damage with ease.

Cambrelle Lining

It also serves to add some comfort by virtue of the Cambrelle lining that adorns its interior. The lining also boasts of the ability to allow for easy break-ins.

Comprehensive Packaging

By and large, the pair does come about in comprehensive packaging. It comprises the carbon steel blade, Nylon blade holder, and cut-resistant box toe, to name but a few!


  • Suitable for all kinds of skaters
  • Fits all kinds of feet for maximum comfort of use
  • Good for recreation and professional skating


  • Incapable of accommodating many accessories

#4: Botas – Largo 571 PRO – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

If you have an inkling of professional hockey performances, this is the hockey skate we recommend for the job. It is indeed designed and wholly intended for top-class levels of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable Synthetics Upper

Its upper comprises the durable synthetic material makeup. As part of its durable nature, the material is also waterproof and will surely keep your interior feet completely dry.

Soft Nylon Fabric-laminated Lining

The interior bears some lining that draws from the soft Nylon fabric. This lining also serves to trap some warmth that keeps the feet drier and more comfortable even when it is too cold.

Botas Icehawk Pro Blade

In closing, the blades of the skate feature the super-tough Botas Icehawk Pro brand. It is subsequently tougher, sharper, more stable, and capable of propping the wearer in a proper upright position.


  • Great for professional applications
  • Boasts of greatly improved ergonomics
  • Enables prolonged wearing comfort for you


  • Too complicated for the starters

#5: X-LITE Junior ICE Hockey Skates

As its designation implies, the pair of best hockey skates for wide feet is wholly intended for the junior wearer in the sense of being smaller and only fitting a similarly smaller person.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Thick 10 mm Felt-padded Tongue

Dominating its list of awesome features is the felt-padded tongue that measures a whopping 10 mm thick. The sheer thickness of the tongue works to add some maximum comfort to the wearer too.

Thermoplastic Heel and Forefront

At its forefront is the thermoplastic heel. This ensures that your feet, heel, and ankles are placed in an upright position all the while of engagement.

Durable PU and Nylon Upper

Its upper is also not left out because it too possesses durable PU and Nylon materials. They serve to cushion the feet against all kinds of damage that may be leveled against them when playing.


  • A hard toe cap protects the toes from harms
  • Its inner liner dries faster and comfortably
  • The footbed is contoured to enable added fitness


  • Yields forth limited value for money

#6: Tron V10 Youth Hockey Skates size Youth 11

Youths are generally restless and active. They can never rely on any hockey skate picked at random from the shelves. Instead, they require one that is super strong and agile as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pro Comfort plus Foams

Contained in the ice hockey skate is abundant Pro Comfort plus foams. They are placed there strategically to confer some added comfort to your feet and enable maximum performance thereof.

Anatomical Foam-felt Tongue

An anatomical foam-felt tongue also exists abundantly in the pair. It is lighter in weight and also boasts a higher density. Together with the lace-bite guard, it delivers maximum comfort to you.

Forward flex Dry Liner

To keep your feet exceptionally dry all the while wearing, the pair possesses the forward flex dry liner. This sucks and wicks away moisture that exists in the feet to keep the interiors drier.


  • Enables maximum energy transfer when worn
  • The stainless steel runner enables proper support
  • Manages the moisture in ways that are excellent


  • Limited to some geographical locales

#7: Kuxuan Boys and Girls Camo Adjustable Inline Skates

Children love fun. It is only befitting if they too are given the opportunity to experience this fun to the maximum extent possible. This might be a great pair to pick and administer to them.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Highly Adjustable

The pair is highly adjustable in four great size options for you. At each stage and level of adjustment comes the freedom and the ability to suit the needs of the various users well.

8 Wheels of Illumination

Running around and about the entire length of the skate are some 8 wheels of appropriate illumination. They emit diverse colors that are truly breathtaking to the naked eye.

Premium Performance

With this pair, it is possible for you to enjoy some premium performances all along. The high-quality Aluminum frame provides the strength and the support you need to soldier on perfectly.


  • May serve as a nice gift for your kids
  • Delivers 100% satisfaction for you
  • Grants exceptional confidence to the users


  • An adult wearer might not find it suited for his use

#8: PowerTek V3.0 Recreational Men’s Ice Hockey Skates, Steel Blades, Sizes 6.0-12.0

Seeking a pair of the best hockey skates for wide feet purely for recreational purposes? This could as well be the one to set your eyes on. It is wholly suited for the male athlete and is also tougher.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Felt Tongue and Steel Blade

Two parts of the skate stand out. These are the blades and the tongues respectively. They are both stronger and firmer enough to allow for smoother and able to respond well to any prompts.

Light and Durable

When all factors are put into consideration, the pair is light and durable in an equal streak. You won’t hence have to struggle too much to have your way in it as is the norm with many other pairs.

Medium/Regular Width

Crowning all that the wonderful pair has to offer is the fact that it comes about in medium or regular width. These dimensions make it great for the ease of storage and appropriate handling.


  • Great for a starter
  • Its moderate dimensions allow for exceptional handling
  • Serves casual engagements easily also


  • Unsuitable for professional applications

#9: Easton Stealth S5 Jr. Ice Hockey Skates – South Windsor Arena

It is not uncommon for the feet to sustain excess heat and sweat in the course of engagements. You want a pair of skates that have the ability to dampen the moisture and cause the feet to retain their dryness.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Cambrelle Lining

Its moisture-wicking capability is largely made possible by the Cambrelle lining that adorns its interior. This guarantees maximum dryness of the feet and the comfort that comes along.

Uni-body Construction

All throughout, the uni-body construction is largely employed to bring together the constituent parts and components of this wonderful pair. It also features the pre-formed anatomical ankles that come in the tendon shape.

Stealth Padlock

Crowning it all is a stealth padlock that works extra hard to lock the system at the heel. In this way, it secures your feet well and cushions them against all forms of dangers that may be leveled against it.


  • Lighter enough thanks to the Nylon material makeup
  • Easier to get into and out of
  • Great for extra-active sweat glands


  • Cannot offer the thorough insulation needed in cold areas

#10: Chicago Skates

Could it be that you are mainly intent on deploying these boots in off-road conditions? You want one like this that is truly optimized for matters of roughness and exceptional off-road performances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Controlled High Top

A controller’s high top ranks tops among the many offerings that the item has to provide to the wearers. It confers the safety you need to stay appropriately balanced when playing hockey.

Urethane Wheels

The skate is anchored on a set of urethane wheels that hold up against the various elements of wear and tear when skating. You hence have it for the taking if you want to guard yourself against the risks of falling off.

Traditional High Top-profile Boot

Complementing the benefits that the item has to give off is the traditional high-top-profile boot. Its role in the entire packaging is to confer some support to the ankles while at the same time preventing damage to sensitive parts.


  • Good enough for gliding and other balance-related applications
  • Lets you swivel and turn around confidently
  • Stretches and retracts for maximum fit


  • Cannot be used for professional performances

#11: F.I.T. ICE PRO Black_Lime

For rigorous training activities, you need a hockey skate that is stronger and appropriately equipped to make your practices a breeze. This might as well be the one to set your eyes on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Speed Lacing System

Taking the first spot among the many benefits it has to bring along is the speed lacing system. This serves to make your fit quite secure and easier to engage on the whole.

Stability Plus Cuff

The item also struggles to confer some added stability to you. The bottom of the skate does bring about some added stability chiefly by reducing the possibility of falling off when working.

Thinsulate and Water-repellent Materials

Only a set of Thinsulate and water-repellent materials are used to structure the pair up. They give the item the ability to stand taller to the risks of water damage that may arise when playing hockey.


  • Delivers exceptional comfort and maximum comfort
  • Quite stylish when beheld with the naked eyes
  • Resists all forms of corrosion and the possible water damages


  • Quite bulky to trek in

#12: Riedell Skates – 19 Emerald Jr.

By and large, this is a youthful recreational ice skating apparatus. A combination of super-tough construction, excellent agility, and strong stainless steel makeup vouch for this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Higher Toe Box Design

A higher toe box design ranks first among the many excellent features that the item does bring on board. Thanks to this design, the item confers a fairly high degree of comfort for a prolonged duration of time.

Ultra-durable and Man-made

When all is said and done, the pair is both ultra-durable and man-made at the same time. Count on it hence to take you longer and further. That is not to mention that it takes up limited repairs and maintenance.

PVC Sole and Dri-Lex Lining

Throughout the interior of the skate is a Dri-lex lining. This blends well with the PVC sole to maintain your feet in a perpetual state of dryness and utmost safety at all times.


  • Particularly suitable for the beginners
  • Serves recreational tasks and activities well
  • Gives off just the right amount of support and vitality


  • Tends to wear out too soon when engaged in professional hockey tournaments

#13: Jackson Ultima Excel Women’s/Girls Figure Skate

Are you a woman who aspires to carve a niche in hockey activities? We draw this specific hockey skate to your attention for your consideration and subsequent usage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Vinyl-coated Upper

Its upper probably stands apart from the rest of the components thereof. It bears a vinyl coating that prevents the possibility of water damage. In all, it also gives off some comfort.

Ultima Mark II Blade

The base of the pair on the other hand has the Ultima II blade that is sharp, stable, and spiky. Because of these traits, the blade is more likely to confer the stability you need even when negotiating tough corners.

Fashionable Design

All in all, the item does come about in a truly fashionable design. A stylish brown exterior that requires no maintenance stands out. It sparkles to the eyes and is great for aesthetics as well.


  • Brings on board both warmth and comfort
  • Fits the sizes of the performers well
  • Confers exceptional balance when deployed for use


  • Limited in scope
  • to the females alone

#14: Xino Sports Adjustable Ice Skates

Have a sensitive ankle? You need a pair of hockey skates that is also capable of maintaining your ankles properly supported and free from all forms of risks as you practice.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Great Comfort

Of all the benefits that the item does bring about, it is a great comfort that stands out. With this, it provides appropriate support to the ankles and other sensitive parts of the body.

Easy-push Button Adjustable System

You will also enjoy the rare privilege of adjusting it thanks to the existing easy-push button adjustable system that is user-friendly. When engaged, it sets the parameters as per your unique needs and expectations.

Excellent Safety Cover

Rounding it all up is the excellent safety cover that sits atop the upper. Its purpose is to prevent the feet from sustaining any damages or forms of contamination due to wide exposure.


  • Looks cool to the eyes
  • Lasts fairly longer than many traditional skates
  • Useful for boys and girls alike


  • Demands extreme care and attention

#15: currex HOCKEY PRO

Strenuous and competitive sporting activities do demand a massive transfer of power from the feet to the skates. Unfortunately, not many skates can afford to do that. Thankfully, you have a friend on this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Injury Prevention

The pair of skates are designed and structured to yield forth exceptional injury prevention. It is this trait in fact that lets it spare you from unnecessary injuries, pains, and damages.

Super heel Grip

To let your feet anchor firmly on the ground, the pair does make use of the Super heel Grip. This grasps the soil and the ground firm enough to minimize the possibility of falling off due to excess fidgeting.

Excellent Stability

Also coming along is the benefit of excellent stability. To let this happen, the pair does fill the void in between the feet and the standard flat skate to keep you well-tuned.


  • Gives you the power to customize the skates accordingly
  • Comes in multiple colors for you to choose from
  • Transfers maximum amount of power when engaged for use


  • Only for the rough male users

Top Three (3) Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet

We now get to the three best inline skates for wide feet here below:

#1: K2 Sports Men’s Moto 84 Inline Skates

From the designation of these best inline skates for wide feet, one thing stands out. That it is heavily optimized for matters of sporting and rigorous activities. That stems from its similarly rigorous nature and overall makeup.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

New Freedom Cuff

A set of new freedom cuffs stands out among the many benefits that this item potentially brings out. The cuff is lighter in weight and is also sculpted to give you awesome speed and overall comfort.

Die-cast Aluminum Frame

Its frame on the other hand bears the die-cast Aluminum makeup. Consider the item hence light yet sturdy enough to allow you to go about your business without too much ado.

ILQ7 Bearings

At its core are the ILQ7 bearings that serve to facilitate the smooth movements of the parts and the wheels. The bearings also blend smoothness and speed for effective operations.


  • Skates every now and then
  • Light and convenient enough to use every day
  • Manages a fairly high degree of speed


  • Too rugged for a simpler user

#2: Rollerblade RB XL Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Intent mainly on tackling high-performance operations? We draw your attention to these best inline skates for wide feet. It is tough, packed with loads of elegant features, and is hence optimized for that end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Extruded Aluminum Frame

Setting it apart from the others is the extruded Aluminum frame that measures 13 inches. The frame is rigid, stable, and firm enough to confer excellent transfer of power to the other parts of the skates.

Rollerblade Performance Wheels

At the base is the set of Rollerblade wheels. It is the wheels that manage the higher performances that the item is generally known for. Being stable, the wheels also negate any unnecessary accidents from arising.

Reinforced XL Shell and Cuff

Both its shell and cuff are reinforced for added strength and support to you. Particularly, it does give off some exceptional lateral supports that do not compromise the performance at all.


  • Favors athletes with larger feet
  • Bears some comfortable interior liners
  • Prevents fatigue when used for too long


  • Extremely bulky to haul around easily as need be

#3: ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skates

These are the best inline skates for wide feet for all persons in your typical household. It suits adults, children, and just about any other occupant of the home at a time. Choose to administer it to the whole family.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Adjustable Inline Skates

The item boasts the ability to be easily adjustable. You have the leeway to alter its parameters and dimensions as nearly as you possibly can. That gives you much comfort along the way of use.

Top-level Configurations

To adjust it as you want, you make use of some top-level configurations. These configurations of the best inline skates for wide feet are smoother, quieter, and truly confident. They also give rise to smoother rides along the way.

Detachable Rubber TPR Brakes

Roughing it all up is the set of detachable rubber TPR brakes. They enable safer breaking and are also easier to engage on the whole. Thus, they act to uphold your overall safety.


  • Bears some shiny exterior that sparkle to the eyes
  • Its wheels generate awesome power that let proper outcomes
  • Requires no batteries to power and operationalize


  • May not tackle the rough terrains well

Top Three (3) Best Figure Skates For Wide Feet: Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

We now round it up with a look at the top three best figure skates for wide feet, here below:

#1: Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Skate

Never attempted to use these items before? This best figure skates for wide feet could be a nice one to start out with. It is quite simple, straight, and to the point. That stems from its lack of intricate features that others have.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Recreational

All its parts, figures, and trappings are optimized for excellent recreational ends. It hence goes that this skate is the one to go for if you want to just have some fun around.

Integrates Warmth and Comfort

In the course of its working, the gadget does integrate both warmth and comfort in one packaging. You hence have the pleasure of deriving both benefits at a time.

Entry-level Ultima Blade

As noted above, the gadget is simple enough for a starter who has never used it to get started on it. That is due to its lack of complicated parts and components that others of its kind possess.


  • Maintains you in a state of absolute comfort
  • Manufactured by an experienced firm and brand
  • Simple enough for a starter to comprehend


  • Cannot take you further than the entry-level

#2: Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates

With continued use, these skates do wear out too soon. You want one like this best figure skates for wide feet that is likely to take you longer. Due to this one’s possession of the stainless steel spiral blades, it is likely to manage the attainment of this feat.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Split-tongue Design

Its tongue stands apart from the rest in the sense of being split. On the strength of this splitting, it does allow for smooth and easy movements out and about a designated location.

Simple Lacing System

Working hard alongside the above is the simple lacing system that seals the feet firmly to prevent the possibility of it getting out of the skate when exercising.

High-quality Vinyl Material

Also extensively used in its makeup is high-quality vinyl. Given the long-lasting nature of this material, you are sure to accrue some longevity of operations when engaging it.


  • Keeps your feet safe and dry
  • Does not demand too much care and maintenance on your part
  • Its blade is versatile enough for all-round engagements


  • Incapable of accommodating many extras and attachments

#3: Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Lake Placid is a brand that is well known for its sheer longevity and maximum performance. Is it not amazing for you to also tap into these benefits? Pick the best figure skates for wide feet for a start.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Deluxe Comfort Padding

The manufacturer of this skate has deliberately crafted it for maximum comfort. To make this possible, it has fit the deluxe comfort padding at the core of the footwear.

Stainless Steel Blade

Its blades are sharper and long-lasting thanks to the stainless steel makeup that adorns it. You are sure to enjoy some unconstrained operations in the long run.

Waterproof Sole

Lastly, the sole of the best figure skates for wide feet is waterproof and will not sustain any unnecessary damages that may constantly arise when worn. Count on it also at such times when the humidity is too high.


  • Cruises around in a stable manner
  • Adjusts to your unique levels of desired comforts
  • Quite friendly to the smaller children


  • Restricted to small children alone

Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet: Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

The power that comfortable skates have on a hockey player’s performance and any other cannot be underestimated. While players who use skates of narrow and regular size and width are lucky in landing skates easily, this is not the case with players who have wide feet. It is trickier for people with wide feet to find skates but not impossible as they are brands that make skates for players with wide feet. Uncomfortable skates can make it very difficult for players to move around and may end up with painful blisters and other injuries.

Even if skates are of high quality and still not the right fit, they will never be comfortable, instead of focusing on finding the right fit, not the highest quality or the most expensive. There are brands like Bauer and CCM that are making quality roller skates for wide feet. Considering other factors like skill level, price, quality, and fit, finding the best hockey skates for wide feet should not be as daunting.

If you feel clueless and don’t know what to look at when looking for the best skates for wide feet, then stick around for some tips in this article.

Difference between Wide Feet Skates and Flat Feet Skates?

These two feet usually are confused, leading to skaters thinking that flat feet skates and wide feet skates are the same. This is not true as the type of fit is different, and skaters with these two different types should not lean towards the same skates’ style. So what is the difference?

• Wide feet: Wide feet are just wide, which means that the distance across the part of your foot is wider than that of an average person’s foot. Skaters with wide feet usually need skates that are wide to fit their feet.

• Flat feet: Having flat feet is not expected but a medical condition. It is where the foot arches have lost support, thus resulting in flat feet or fallen arches. Skaters with flat feet need skates that are stable and stiff to keep their feet healthy.

Roller Skates For Wide Feet

While it is tricky to get roller skates for wide feet, it is not impracticable as there are brands that make skates for wide feet. Some of our top 5 choices of roller skates for wide feet include:

1. Chicago Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate

These skates are our top choice of the best roller skates for wide feet; the Skates are low cut thus providing freedom of movement. The skates are secure and comfortable, their dimensions are 5 x 14.6 x 16.3 inches, and their total weight is 7 lbs. It has 62mm wide urethane wheels with precision bearings and fixed axels; this provides stability and ultimate control. The skates are also made with vinyl, are durable, and have a lace closure style that allows for skating adjustments effortlessly.


  • They are 14.6 in width, which makes them suitable for wide feet.
  • Designed for racing
  • High-quality and durable


  • Wheelers are a little fragile

2. Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates

The Zoom roller skate is our second top choice roller skate for wide feet. The skates are featured with a black low-cut skate style with updated principal speed components that improve a skater’s performance. The skates are made of fiber nylon plates with toe stops adjustable for a responsive skating experience. The dimensions of the skates are 11.3 x 8.8 x 4.5 inches with a weight of 6.4 lbs.


  • Features quality components that are selected for speed and smooth use
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Made of quality fiber nylon plates that are adjustable.


  • A little bit stiff to wear.

3. Epic Skates Star Hydra

These skates are our third choice roller skates for wide feet; the skates feature a top-notch sneaker design that provides extra ankle support without sacrificing the skater’s comfort. They are perfect for both intermediate and beginner and intermediate skaters. They are endowed with nylon plates, outdoor/indoor polyethylene wheels, and double-action tracks. The dimensions of the skates are 14.49 x 10.75 x 5 inches, and it weighs 5 lbs.


  • It has a comfortable padded collar
  • Features top sneaker design for extra ankle support
  • Lightweight


  • It has a light color.

4. Chicago Men’s Classic Roller Skates

The Chicago Men Classic Roller Skates is our fourth pick of roller skates for wide feet. They feature traditional top-profile skates that provide ankle supports with a speed hook system of lacing that enables them to adjust the fit to their liking. The skates are explicitly made for gliding, but they are also famous for social skating. The dimensions of the roller skates are 14.8 x 10.7 x 5 inches and weigh 3.44 lbs.


  • The skates are light in weight
  • They offer ankle support
  • They are perfect for gliding and social skating.


  • Their stopper is not long-lasting
  • Fragile wheels

5. Epic Skates Super Nitro Roller Skate

This is the fifth roller skate for wide feet in our list; some of the epic skates’ super Nitro features include; indoor and outdoor speed skate wheels, nylon plates with a double-action, ABEC precision bearings pair laces, and comfortable padded collars, among others.


  • It has a comfortable padded collar
  • It comes with two pairs of laces
  • Has ABEC-5 8mm precision bearing


  • Wheels are somehow fragile
  • The tops of the skates are stiff.

Ice skates wide width: Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

The correct fit of shoes is imperative for ice skaters to determine their performance on the ice. Here are our top five pick ice skates wide width:

1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is our top pick ice skates wide width, the skates are up to fit three, but they are also available in narrow widths and volumes. The skates are designed with a power cut, which increases the wrap, thus providing optimal feet stability. The skates are also made with premium-grade steel, thermoformable, and 3D lasted Curve Composite.


  •  They are thermoformable
  • Power cut for increased stability
  • They are made of quality material
  • Have a flex rating of 80


  • None.

2. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Hockey Skates

The CCM Super Tracks is our second top choice for best ice skates wide width; the skates are designed for high performance. They come in EE-wide sizing and other fits. It also includes a revolutionary mono frame book, CCM Durazone Abrasion protection, and Total Dri Pro Liner. The skates also come in other sizes for different feet types.


  • The skates have Anatomical formfitting, which provides maximum support.
  • The skates are designed for high performance.


  • They are costly.

3. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor is the perfect ice skate wide-width for skaters who are on a budget. The skates are a low-profile design that is good for an intermediate player and maybe a beginner. They feature TuukLightspeed Edge holder, which is a Bauer exclusive feature that adds height to the skates. They also have a hydrophobic micro liner, aero foam padding, and a comfortable edge.


  • They are budget-friendly
  • This is made of fiber composite material, which is quality
  • They have an exclusive feature that adds the height of the skates, increasing performance.


  • The Skate can be difficult to mold.

4. Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme 3S is also another skate on this category of skates for wide feet. The skates are beginner-friendly. They feature four zoned radii, a high-graded LS stainless steel for increasing the skater’s height. They have an XS Speed blade holder and go all way up to EE.


  • Our beginner-friendly
  • Made of lightweight composite material


  • Are not stiff enough for experienced players.

5. CCM Super Tacks 9380 Hockey Skates

The CCM super tracks are the last pick in our top five best ice skates wide-width. These skates are suitable for elite players. The skates feature a pro-level total Dri-linger for comfort, and Durazone abrasion patches, which increase the skate lifespan and go all the way to EE, meaning they accommodate even skaters with the widest feet.


  • They are made of lightweight composite material
  • They have durazone abrasion for protection
  • They have been injected with a smooth comfort pad


  • They are not stiff enough for pro players.

Hockey Skates Sizing: Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

Here are some steps to ensure that a player gets the size of the right Skate

  • A skate that fits correctly should be one to two sizes smaller than your regular shoes.
  • The toes should nearly touch the toe’s cap, and it should not have more than a quarter of space on the heel.
  • After lacing up the skates, they should feel snug, and the foot should rest flat on the footbed.
  • The same method is applied for children except that half-size extra should be allowed to provide room for growth.

Remember each brand fitting is different, so it’s good to go through the steps when looking at different brands.

Importance of Skate sizing for Wide Feet

  • Players won’t have to worry about injuries and blisters slowing them down
  • Players can play comfortably
  • Skate sizing helps players get their right fit
  • Tight skates also lead to loss of circulation, which limits the function of the foot.

What’s Your Foot Type?

There are generally three types of feet, to get the best hockey skates, a player should be aware of their foot type.

D/ R = Regular Fit

E / W = Wide Fit

EE = Extra Wide Fit

Foot Width & Skate Fit Type

Finding the right skate fit type that matches your depth and width is crucial. The number of your skate length divided by the width indicates how long the foot is compared to how long it is. This is the standard measurement of determining:

  • If the width ratio divided is less than 2.5, your category is high volume, and you have a wide forefoot.
  • If the width ratio divided is between 2.5 and 3, your category is medium volume fit, and your forefoot and heel are standard.
  • If the width ratio divided is greater than 3, your category is low-volume skates, and your forefoot is the narrow and shallow heel.

How to Fit Hockey Skates

The following are standards that guide a buyer when fitting hockey skates.

  • Skates are going to be one to two sizes bigger than regular shoes.
  • When fitting, the toe should nearly touch the toe cap, and it should not leave more than a quarter of space on the heel.
  • After lacing up, the skates should feel snug and not tight and be comfortable to walk in.

Things To Check Before Buying Hockey Skates

1. Price

The money invested in the Skate should be in line with the level of skill, frequency of playing, and also your budget plus the quality.

2. Fit

Check that the skates fit correctly before buying; a buyer should follow the fitting guidelines to get the best hockey skates for wide feet.

3. Use

The type of skates you choose depends on the frequency of use; recreational players should not invest a lot in high-end skates as they do not use them frequently like pro players. So choose skates according to use.

4. Comfort

The shoes should feel comfortable on foot to slow a player down due to discomfort, which might cause blisters. This factor is crucial to consider, especially for those looking to get the best hockey skates for wide feet.


1. Which skates are best for wide feet?

The overall best skates for wide feet are the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates.

2. What width hockey skate do I need?

The hockey skates that each person need are different depending on the length and width of their feet.

3. Will baking skates make them wider?

Baking of skates does not make them wide; they make the shoes less stiff to conform to the shape of the foot easily.

4. Is it normal to feel sore after wearing the new Skate?

It is normal to feel sore because the skates have not yet break-in.

5. How much should I use to get the best hockey skates for wide feet?

The amount spent depends on many things like the level of play, frequency of use, and budget.

6. Should I buy used skates for wide feet?

Used skates for wide feet are not recommendable because wide feet vary in shape, and it may be challenging to get the right fit.

7. Are flat feet the same as wide feet?

No, wide feet and flat feet are different; wide feet are wide in measurement while having flat feet is a medical condition where feet have lost their arches.


Getting the best hockey skates for wide feet can be a daunting task, but it is doable. If a player follows the guidelines of fitting and sizing, then they won’t experience any difficulties. Many brands like Bauer and CCM manufacture skates that are strictly for wide feet, so before settling for skates, research and find out which will suit you according to your needs and preference, and foot type.

There you have the best hockey skates for wide feet! What more could we offer you now? Is it not ripe for you now to go ahead and make great use of the information we have generously furnished? We are always eager to note the progress of those who read our posts. Kindly let us know how far you go in the comments section below.

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