Field Hockey Bags: Everything You Need To Know

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Field Hockey Bags


Most hockey players carry around various items during and after playing. These items are bulky and heavy, and they require proper storage. Unless one has the right field hockey bag, storing these items will be a challenge. Here are a few insights into what bags to select at this point.

The Ten (10) Best Field Hockey Bags

Choosing the right field hockey bag could be a relatively daunting process. However, the following selection will help you to avoid all this hassle.

i. Grays Performa Field Hockey Training Bag

This bag is among Amazon’s bestsellers, and it comes with a nylon construction. Its robust construction implies that it lasts relatively long. This brand has modest design storage features two compartments, assuring you of enough storage. Its big compartment can hold up to four hockey sticks, while the smaller one holds gloves and goggles.

This product comes with a handle on top of the bag alongside its shoulder straps. Its handle and shoulder straps are adjustable, providing you with enough convenience. These features help improve comfort and ease of travel. Besides, it ensures that you carry fragile items without too much worry.


  • It comes with a relatively simple yet elegant design
  • This brand assures you of enough storage space, protecting your fragile items
  • Its robust construction provides you with durability
  • It is comfortable to carry around
  • It’s affordable


  • It could be a little small for some professional players

ii. TK Total Field Hockey Bag

This bag is suitable for goalies, thanks to its sturdy construction and quality materials. It comes with a relatively large capacity, allowing you to fit all your hockey equipment. It has a main compartment and side pockets, which carry different items.

TK Total field hockey bag comes with a triple-wheel system, enhancing your convenience when moving around. Its anti-abrasion and TK Protex reinforced base help prevent damage when dragging it on the floor.

It comes with venting holes, which assure you of better airflow within the bag. Improved air circulation ensures that your equipment does not get any strange stench. It also helps eliminate bacteria buildup.


  • It is built to last for a long time
  • This is large and spacious enough to accommodate all your equipment
  • It assures you of excellent air circulation
  • Its design makes it convenient to carry around for goalies


  • It could be a little too pricy for some people.

iii. Kookaburra Phantom

This hockey bag comes with a relatively appealing design and color. Its enclosed, straight design ensures that you have enough storage capacity to store your products. Its compartments can take up to four field hockey sticks. It also comes with an outer room, which helps carry drink containers, flip flops, and balls. Its inner cases are for hockey kits and shoes.

This product features 660D material, which provides you with enough longevity. Its robust construction ensures that the bag withstands large luggage. Besides, it is waterproof, protecting your items from water damage.


  • It comes with a relatively exceptional design
  • Its waterproof hood helps maintain the condition of your equipment
  • Made from top-quality materials, assuring you of longevity
  • It comes with relatively sturdy construction


  • It does not provide you with enough versatility

iv. Adidas 3 Stripe Field Hockey Bag

Here is a bag whose large capacity will readily appeal to you. It is relatively big and with multiple compartments to keep all your items intact. Its 37.5-inch length allows you to carry up to four long hockey sticks. It also provides you with ample space for holding other gear, including water bottles, shin guards, and hockey shoes.

Its improved ventilation provides your equipment with enough air circulation at all times. Thanks to this, you are sure of no odor or bacteria buildup in the long run.

This bag comes with a zippered pocket too. This pocket helps hold various small items, including keys and cell phones.

The Adidas Team Speed Field Hockey Bag is our best pick and comes with a load of great features that make it perfect for any field hockey player. The lightweight nature and adjustable straps (that also allow the bag to be slung over your shoulder) make it a must-have.


  • It provides you with enough ventilation and improved air circulation
  • It protects your equipment from the stench, sweat, and bacteria buildup
  • Its storage capacity is enough to hold all your items
  • Its design is relatively appealing and elegant


  • Limited color options

v. Kookaburra Field Hockey Stick Bag Venom LH124

Kookaburra LH124 is one of the most reliable fields hockey bags you could choose. Its toughness and sturdy construction imply that you will last long with it. It comes with 100% polyester, strong enough to carry heavy luggage and even stay for a long time.

This product comes with an exterior mesh pocket that helps carry accessories. Its role in improving air circulation within the bag is critical in eliminating odor and bacteria buildup. This mesh compartment allows you to have small yet valuable accessories like drinking water and cell phones.

Its unisex design makes it appealing for both genders. It comes in four distinct colors, including black, pink, and lime. It features separate compartments that help maintain organization.

Besides its sturdy construction, this bag is made with reliable and water-resistant material. With this, your products do not end up in water damage.


  • It comes in multiple colors from which to choose
  • It is resistant to water damage
  • It provides your equipment and gear with enough air circulation at all times
  • It is relatively affordable


  • Its space might be little for some professional players

vi. Byte HX Field Hockey Stick Bag

Here is yet another option you will barely resist. It comes with a single shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it without too much hassle. Its extended height assures you of enough comfort when moving around with it. Typically, the design will enable you to haul the bag around with convenience and flexibility.

This product comes with a front pocket made with mesh, which provides you with enough air circulation. The mesh pocket helps carry various small accessories and enhances ventilation in the hockey bag. In the long run, you avoid too much stench and odor within the pack, whether or not you have sweaty gear.

Since it is made from 100% 600D polyester, this material assures you of enhanced longevity. This material can comfortably resist water, protecting your equipment from damage. It also ensures that you carry large luggage without too many worries in the long run.


  • It is relatively comfortable to carry or haul around
  • It’s spacious enough to hold your hockey gear, equipment, and accessories
  • Its polyester material assures you of unrivaled longevity
  • You will find it to be relatively less pricy


  • It carries no more than two hockey sticks
  • It does not provide you with enough versatility

vii. TK Longstreth Sporting Goods Backpack

This backpack is reliable and comfortable, and it can provide value for your money. This bag boasts D polyester, which is strong enough o withstand large and heavy luggage. This material provides you with enough water resistance abilities and the longevity you so desire. Its robust construction makes it suitable for heavy equipment and long journeys.

Its non-abrasive base allows you to place it almost anywhere. This aspect helps maintain the integrity of your bag, protecting it from scratches.

It comes with a traditional style, which provides style, comfort, and convenience. The design is practical, allowing you to move around with much ease. Besides, this unisex design makes it appealing to everyone.

It features two compartments, allowing you to keep your bag organized at all times. One part has mesh, which ensures your gear and equipment get fresh air.


  • It comes with high-quality handles and straps
  • It is stylish and with an appealing traditional design
  • This bag comes with two compartments, allowing you to separate your equipment
  • Its internal tube pocket system allows you to carry hockey sticks without too much strain


  • It could be a little too pricy for some people

viii. Harrow Elite Hockey Backpack

Its design allows you to be on the move at all times. It features a traditional style that provides you with comfort when moving around. Besides, its straps and handles are strong enough to allow you to haul it around with much ease and convenience. They are padded, which helps them rest better on the shoulders.

This bag is relatively sizeable, and it can hold up to two sticks. Its external holders ensure that the hockey sticks are in place, allowing you to move without a struggle.

This bag comes with three zippered compartments. For instance, its mesh pocket is suitable for sweaty gear and socks. It provides enough ventilation to keep away stench, odor, and bacteria. The other compartments are ideal for heavier equipment and gear.


  • It has a simple design, and it is not way too bulky
  • This has a padded back section for unrivaled comfort when moving around
  • It provides you with enough space to store your items
  • This bag assures you of enhanced air circulation within it
  • Ideal for people on the move


  • Limited color options

ix. Adidas Field Hockey Backpack

From its appealing design to its bright colors, this is a bag you will readily appreciate. It comes with multiple compartments, allowing you to remain organized at all times. Its main compartment will enable you to store various items, including shin guards, shoes, and other heavy equipment. The side compartments are ideal for storing readily accessible items.

This product comes with adjustable shoulder straps, which provide you with unrivaled comfort. Its holder handles are strong enough to allow you to carry the bag in your hands.

Its back panel comes with Climacool technology, which enhances air circulation into the bag. Besides that, there is a mesh side pocket that makes sure your bag remains adequately ventilated at all times. Its mesh foam also boosts comfort.


  • It provides you with unrivaled comfort, thanks to its padded straps and back
  • This assures you of enhanced ventilation, thanks to its Climacool technology
  • This can protect your items from water damage and bacteria buildup
  • It has a practical design


x. Athletico Lacrosse Field Hockey Bag

If you are looking for a spacious bag, this is your ultimate choice. It comes with multiple compartments that ensure you remain organized. These compartments are big enough to hold hockey sticks, hockey gear, and accessories. Its two exterior stick holders ensure that your hockey sticks are snuggly secured.

This product comes with 600D material, which is also water-resistant. This extensive water resistance helps protect your items from water damage, bacteria, and wetness. Besides, it assures you of unrivaled longevity.

This hockey bag has relatively strong external straps, which help to secure your helmets. Its carabiner hook ensures that you have an easy time attaching the bag to a nearby fence, especially during a game.


  • It comes with multiple compartments, allowing you to separate shoes from college books
  • It has carabiner clips to help attach your bag to nearby fences when necessary
  • This bag is relatively affordable and long-lasting, assuring you of value for money
  • Its spaciousness allows you to carry relatively large luggage


  • Its water bottle pouches are relatively small

Types of Hockey Stick Bags

Did you know that there are multiple types of hockey stick bags at your disposal? Understanding what type to consider will often ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run. Here are a few types you might want to consider.

i. X-Small

This option is the smallest among all hockey bags. It comes in handy for youth ice hockey places. Notably, you could also rely on it for smaller junior roller hockey players. This bag will comfortably accommodate your accessories, one hockey stick, and other small items despite its small size.

ii. Small Hockey Bags

This small hockey bag is designed to accommodate large equipment. It is an ideal choice for junior ice hockey players and roller hockey players. Some senior roller hockey players without too much equipment can also rely on this option. Mostly, this bag will carry one or two hockey sticks.

iii. Medium Field Hockey Bags

These bags are a little bigger than the previous choice. They provide you with enough storage to carry at least two hockey sticks, accessories, and other small items. Its design comes in handy for smaller ice hockey players and larger junior ice hockey players.

iv. Large Field Hockey Bags

These bags are the biggest, and they could be backpacks or suitcases. Whichever choice, you will be sure of enough space to accommodate each item you have. It carries approximately four or more hockey sticks at once. With the right organization, you will comfortably accommodate all your accessories and equipment.

v. Backpack Field Hockey Bags

These bags are designed for one to carry them on their backs. They come with comfortable straps that allow you to hang the bag on the back. Depending on the size you choose, this bag could carry between two and four hockey sticks. Often, they feature two pockets on the straps, allowing you to stow them away with much ease.

vi. Wheeled Field Bags

This option comes in the form of a suitcase. It features wheels at its base, allowing you to drag it across the field. It is a large-capacity bag that allows you to store each item you have. This bag is suitable for senior hockey players and anyone who prioritizes convenience. They offer the user more flexibility and comfort.

vii. Hybrid

This option allows you to use it as either a duffel or a backpack, as it comes with all those features. This bag assures you of unrivaled convenience, flexibility, and storage capacity. You can fold it whenever, and you can drag it on the floor if you please. While these bags could be a little pricy, they assure you of unrivaled satisfaction in the long run. Hybrid bags boast robust construction, meaning they are durable.

viii. Traditional Field Hockey Bags

This bag is suitable for anyone who wants a classic appeal. You will fall in love with the large capacity it provides. Its design allows you to suspend it on your shoulder, meaning that you can move around with much ease. Its affordability implies that you will get enhanced value for your money. Besides, traditional bags seem to be relatively long-lasting.

Buying Guide: Field Hockey Bag

Field Hockey Bag

Various aspects go into selecting the right field hockey bags. Unless you understand what to observe in this pursuit, it will be hard to realize something that suits your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your hockey bag.

i. Materials

There is no denying that the materials used on the bag will often determine its longevity. Most hockey bags are made from polyester, whether pure or not. Ensure that the material used is strong enough to provide you with the longevity you so desire.

The chosen material has to be breathable. This aspect ensures that your items remain fresh at all times. Breathability is critical for enhanced air circulation and eliminates stench and odor. It will also be easier to protect the bag against bacteria buildup.

ii. Style

Most often, you will choose between a backpack and a traditional style bag. The choice is mostly based on your preferences. Ensure that you choose a simple design that appeals to you. It should be relatively easy for you to carry.

iii. Size

The size depends on the number of hockey sticks you intend to carry. For instance, regular hockey bags carry up to four hockey sticks, while backpacks have one or two hockey sticks. As long as you want to store more gear, equipment, or hockey sticks, it would be best to buy a bigger bag. On the other hand, a backpack will be enough if all you need to carry is at most two sticks and a few hockey equipment.

iv. Denier Rating

The denier rating will always vary with the material used. Most bags come with a 600D rating, which is relatively impressive. The lower the D-rating, the stronger the bag is. For instance, a 550D rating is much stronger than a 600D. The catch is that you should always compare the ratings of the same material.

v. Budget

Take the time to compare different brands and sellers. It will help you to determine a more suitable and budget-friendly option in the long run. Ensure that you choose a bag that provides you with value for money. That means it has to be less costly yet durable.

What Field Hockey Equipment to Put in Your Hockey Bag

Hockey is an intense game that requires you to be prepared at all times. Your field hockey bag should have all the essentials you might need in an emergency. The following items need to be in your field hockey bag.

i. Hockey Stick Tape

Freshly taped hockey sticks could come in handy in certain instances. Having stick tape at your disposal allows you to tape your stick whenever necessary.

ii. Shin Guard Tape

You could also refer to it as sock tape, and it helps to secure shin guards tighter against the players’ legs. Ensure that you have this tape with you, as no one likes a professional player who keeps borrowing.

iii. Stick wax

Stick wax comes in handy when your stick tape wears down. It ensures that the fresh tape lasts much longer than one day.

iv. Scissors

Scissors play a critical role in removing old tape or even removing any old wraps around your hockey stick.

v. Steel Sharpener

This sharpener helps keep your steel in top shape. Its role in improving your performance on the court ensures that your skates are sharp enough to glide over the ice.

vi. Skate Guards

These guards help protect skate blades by maintaining excellent edges. Protecting your skates from blade imperfections ensures that you do not give an opponent the chance to score against you. Usually, cloth guards help absorb the moisture on your skates, cushioning them against rust. As long as you want to prolong your skate blades’ life, have skate guards in your bag.

vii. Skate Laces

There is no denying that skate laces can get nicked or ripped at any time. Having an extra pair ensures that you do not compromise your game time. You could also carry a lighter in your bag to manage any frayed ends.

viii. Additional Pucks

Running out of pucks is not an uncommon issue in hockey. Extra pucks will often come in handy.

ix. Water Bottle

There are times that you get dehydrated, and having no water at your disposal could be devastating. This water helps restore your bodily fluids, ensuring that you perform better in your game. Ensure that you have a relatively large water bottle for this reason.

x. Steel Runners

It is no secret that extra steel runners could readily save your day. This extra pair ensures that you do not leave your rink suddenly.

xi. Helmet Repair Kit

What do you do when your helmet gets damaged? This helmet repair kit ensures you screw any loose bolts and screws safely. Screwdrivers will help remove any busted visors.

xii. Visor Spray

This spray comes in handy in removing any oils or paints that could impair your vision. You spray it directly on the visor.

FAQs: Best Field Hockey Bags

Q: Why Get a Hockey Stick Bag or Kit Bag?

Hockey players carry around various items and equipment. Unless they have a place to store them on the move, it becomes less convenient for them. These hockey stick bags help them carry everything in one place.

Q: How to Find the Best Hockey Sticks for 2022?

Various aspects go into selecting the right hockey sticks. Usually, you will have to observe the following variables.

• Material

Composite materials have proven to be the best for hockey sticks. These materials provide you with reduced weight, enhanced durability, and unrivaled flex. You could also consider wooden hockey sticks, which assure you of improved shooting, puck handling, and passing.

• Shaft

The shaft is the part you hold during play. Its contours should provide you with enough comfort. Rounded rods will often be much easier to handle.

• Blade pattern

The shape, angle, and size of your blades could significantly affect how you control your puck. You will have to choose from toe curve, mid-heel curve, and mid-curve patterns, depending on personal preferences.

• Hockey stick length

Ensure that you choose a length that goes hand in hand with your height. It helps maintain the tempo of the game. The top of your hockey stick selected should reach your nose when wearing no skates.

• Price

Your budget is the most critical aspect. Take the time to understand what options you have at hand before you decide on what to select. It should be affordable and ready to last for a long. This way, you get value for your money.

Q: Are There Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Hockey Sticks?

Yes. Indoor hockey sticks tend to be much thinner and lighter. Since indoor hockey games require no backswings, a sturdy hockey stick is unnecessary, thanks to the small, flat, hard surface on which they play.

Q: What Brand of Hockey Stick is Best?

Bauer is the most popular and reliable brand for hockey sticks. It is part of Nike, and it was founded in 1927. Its hockey sticks are top-quality and long-lasting. It sells most of its equipment through its official website. However, its products are relatively pricy.

Q: What handed Hockey Stick Should I Use?

Your dominant hand should always go at the top of your selected hockey stick. For instance, if you are left-handed, the left hand should come at the top. It ensures that you perform better in your game.

Q: Are There Left-Handed Hockey Sticks?

Yes. It is possible to get a customized left-handed hockey stick. However, you cannot use this hockey stick in any competitive match, as left-handed hockey sticks are illegal.

Q: How Do You Know What Hockey Stick to Use?

The choice will often depend on your skill, height, and playing style. Ensure that your choice matches your preferences.

Q: What is the Average Cost of a Field Hockey Bag?

Costs will often vary with the brand and size of the hockey bag you select. In most cases, you will spend between $200 and $1000, depending on the bag’s condition. How Much Does Hockey Goalie Equipment Cost

Most often, goalies wear equipment worth $10000. That means they spend between $45000 and $60,000 in equipment per season.

Final Verdict:

These field hockey bags are durable and well-constructed, with a huge range of functionality to meet the needs of any athlete. For instance, this bag has many sizes to accommodate various items. Also, there are plenty of pockets in the main compartment and the side compartment. These pockets are perfect for stowing away all of your gear whether you’re on the field or not.

If you are a field hockey player, then you need a good field hockey bag that can hold your tools and gears safe. If you are not sure about which type of field hockey backpack is best for you, then this guide will help you out. All the information mentioned in this post will help you in buying the most suitable field hockey backpack. We mentioned all the important tips and features to look for while choosing the right field hockey bags.

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