Basic Hockey Equipment List for All Types of Hockey

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Hockey Equipment List


Playing hockey means buying equipment

The same type of equipment for hockey is not needed for floor hockey or even field hockey. Ice hockey is faster, rougher and the puck moves at a faster speed than other hockey versions of balls or pucks do.

Once you have the right equipment you can then concentrate on developing your hockey skills. To find out the hockey equipment you need, just continue to read our article.

List of Basic Personal Equipment Needed for Hockey Players

Here is a list of equipment that will serve you well when you play hockey. They are all designed to give you protection as well as maximum performance.


It is made of hard rubber and shaped like a thick disk.

Hockey stick-

It is created from good wood and the blade is often shaped with a curve.


Use hard plastics for the body and have steel that can be sharpened on the blades.


These are made from durable and tough polymers and plastics. They come in several different hat sizes

Mouth Guard-

It is pressed out of flexible yet tough plastic so you can protect your teeth when playing

Hockey Pants, Jersey and Socks-

Tough yet flexible fabrics are used to create these jersey items. They can be made from natural or synthetic fibers.

Shin Guards-

Usually plastic is placed over felt for a comfortable feel and solid protection when hit by a puck or a stick.


The cup is made from hard plastic and has an elastic belt and cup holder for comfort.

Hockey Gloves-

Hard fabrics are used to make hockey gloves. They come with thick fingers so your hand is not hurt when hit buy sticks, boards or pucks.

Hockey Tape-

It is just like any normal tape you would use around the home except it is rougher and a little thicker.

Elbow Pads-

They are made from similar materials as hockey gloves with maybe a hard plastic insert for a little extra protection.

Shoulder Pads-

will have hard fabrics holding thin hard plastic shields to keep your shoulders from being hurt when you fall to the ice or into the boards.

Hockey Bag-

Canvas material for the most part or synthetic fibers. These bags hold your hockey gear when it is not in use


Frozen water with paint on it to mark the lines.

Ice Hockey Equipment List

Playing ice hockey is not cheap but once you have all the right equipment, you will have lots of fun. Each item is self-explanatory.

Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment

While there are some pieces of equipment that are the same for both goalies and players, the goalie does wear some extra protection. They need that extra protection as they have the courage to stand in front of the puck as it travels at them at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

  1. Neck guard- an added piece that extends below the mask to guard Adam’s apple
  2. Face mask- made from hard polymers or plastic that are slender yet tough enough to deflect pucks and pain
  3. Chest protector- made from hard fabrics with thick foam inside to help protect the heart and the chest
  4. Blocker- hard material that keeps the puck from damaging the stick hand and wrist of the goalie
  5. Goalie stick- made from the same wood as the regular stick. It is just wider so goalies have a better chance of stopping the puck
  6. Goalie pants- made from thick harder fabrics and help up bu suspenders for the most part. it covers the waist, hips and thighs of the players
  7. Knee to shin thick pads- made from very tough fabric with lots of thick foam inside. They protect the knees and lower legs as goalies flop to the ice a lot when defending their goal
  8. Net- made from steel for the posts and crossbars and nylon netting to stop the puck from travelling further

Hockey Equipment List: Other than Ice Hockey

If you are not playing ice hockey, here are the equipment lists for two of hockey’s alternate activities:

#1. Floor Hockey Equipment List

  1. puck- sponge rubber, plastic ball or a rolled-up sock
  2. regular hockey stick
  3. shin pads
  4. gloves
  5. jock
  6. long pants and a good sweatshirt or t-shirt
  7. sneakers

Goalies wear the same padding and usually do not wear masks or helmets. They do use a goalie stick though

#2. Full Field Hockey Equipment List

  1. hard plastic balls
  2. short curved sticks- unlike ice hockey stick
  3. nets
  4. shoes- field hockey cleats
  5. shin guards
  6. mouth guard
  7. gloves

Goalies wear wider & longer pads on their legs and arms, as well as their hands. Plus they have a helmet with a wire cage attached. Feminine protection is also needed for all players and generally, it is the women who play this sport the most while the men play ice and floor hockey the most.

Breakdown of Hockey Gear

Each item in both lists for hockey players are designed to provide the best protection possible. Hockey is a very fast sport and it has players knocking each other into the boards surrounding the rink.

In the beginning of the sport’s years, original goalies did not wear face masks or helmets. That changed in the 60s when one goalie got hit in the face once too often.

The majority of the other players also did not wear helmets but have been forced to adopt them due to changes in league rules

The other equipment has basically remained the same since hockey’s invention. The pads just got thicker and upgraded as technology improvements made them better. Especially for the goalies who sought to help end the numerous bruises their bodies received when hit by the puck.

With the advent of forced helmet wearing, improved padding, the players have not held back in their body checking or their playing style. This has caused an uptick in the amount of concussions their opponents endure.

There were fewer concussions in the good old days when the players wore less protection. The players held back a little bit on their hits and how they attacked the puck.

What to wear under your hockey gear

In this area of hockey you have a lot of freedom to wear what you think is best and the most comfortable. Since you are playing in cold areas or sub zero temperatures when you play outside, a good pair of long johns, thermal t shirt or pants comes in handy.

The only thing about wearing those items is that you are doing a lot of physical exercise during the game and it is possible to over heat. This part of your under the gear equipment is a trial by error issue. it may take some time to figure out how to regulate that issue.

Then some players wear compression suits. They are comfortable, snug yet allow the sweat to be moved away from your body so you do not get sick. For your feet you can try to wear nice warm socks but that may be too much cold protection.

Hockey socks are thin but your activity will compensate for that thinness. A good option is a pair of top nylon stockings that women wear. They are also very snug and help move the moisture away from your body.

Make sure to avoid any wrinkles in your undergarments and wash them after every game. The smell defense will also keep your teammates away.

Time to play

Once you are all suited up and have everything in their correct place, start to play. You need to know how to skate before you play hockey, so take lessons first. also, you should learn how to hold your hockey stick correctly and learn if you are right-handed or left-handed. it does make a difference in how you hold a hockey stick.

What are the Best Hockey Gear Brands

The best brands are usually decided by the equipment they are making. That means that sticks and gloves may have different best brands, and on it goes. But many of those top companies also excel in making all hockey equipment and have achieved a good reputation over the years.

One of the go-to brands is CCM. it has been around for generations and has led the market for hockey equipment for many years. They are a trusted name in sports and their equipment is usually top quality

Next is Baur, another company that has made its mark in this industry and has been an ice skate maker since the 1920s. Many top professionals opt for their skates over their competitors.

A third top hockey equipment company is Warrior and their best item is their hockey stick. while they make other hockey equipment, more NHL players prefer using their sticks.

The fourth top company to get your hockey equipment at is Easton. They also make great hockey sticks that last and last. They also make good gloves, hockey pants, and helmets. Ice skates are not in their realm of expertise.

Finally, there is TRUE. A relative newcomer to the hockey equipment industry it is making top quality items and gaining a solid reputation. The company hasn’t quite caught on yet but they are making good items to use when you play hockey.

Honorable mention goes to Reebok as they make good hockey pants, helmets, and skates. The hockey world is not having any trouble equipping their players to play the game.

Hockey Equipment List: FAQs

#1. Do Goalies Need Different Ice Hockey Equipment than Players?

Not all the equipment is different but since the goalie stops the puck, they need different pieces of equipment to protect them and help them fulfill their duty

#2. Do Adults Need Different Ice Hockey Equipment than Kids?

No. The kids need protection just as much as the adults do. Hockey has its risks and dangers no matter who plays the game

#3. How do you store hockey equipment?

When the equipment is not in use, pads, gloves, pants, socks, and uniforms, etc., all go in the hockey bag. Sticks are carried separately and pucks have their own places they are put.

#4. How do you keep hockey equipment from spoiling?

You need to wash the equipment after every game or practice. Then let air dry before you put them in the hockey bag. Sticks, skates, pads do not need that treatment although pads, etc., do need cleaning to keep them in top shape.

#5. Should you get a hockey equipment drying rack?

You can if you have room in your home for one. If you don’t just use the one your mother or wife uses to dry everyone’s clothing

#6. Should you buy new or used hockey equipment?

While you save money buying used, you do not know if the integrity of the equipment is broken. Buy new especially jocks, sticks, and other important pieces of equipment

#7. Should you buy Hockey Equipment Online or in Stores?

While buying online is a new fad and saves you money, you need to go to a traditional sports store or department store to get your equipment. That way you save time and know that the items fit your body correctly.

#8. Can play hockey without a helmet?

You can if you are playing in a pick-up game or on your own. But most leagues these days require that you wear a helmet.

#9. Should regular players wear face shields?

These are usually only worn by those players who have facial injuries they are waiting to heal. Some players wear them but it is not necessary and may blur your field of vision

#10. Can I curve my stick to make it shoot the puck faster?

Bobby Hull used to have a wicked curve on his stick but that type of curve has been outlawed by most leagues. Each league has its own regulations governing the curve you can have on your stick.

Final verdict

When you are going to play hockey buy your equipment new and buy from reputable traditional sports equipment outlets.

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