Hockey Pick-up Lines: Top 69 Pick-up Lines

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Hockey Pick-up Lines


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There is no doubt that hockey is among the sports with lots of fans since it an exciting game. Furthermore, there are various hockey games, including field hockey and ice hockey, with ice hockey being well-known. As a hockey enthusiast, we have compiled some of the best pick-up lines you might consider using to pick-up people. These pic-up lines are without a doubt the best and fan for any hockey fan out there.

Top 69 Hockey Pick-up Lines

In this section, we shall be taking you through the top 69 best hockey pick-up lines;

• Would you love to learn playing hockey? What do you say we go watch a video of a game at my place?

1. Hey girl, Would you love to be a manager of all my equipment, including ones in my pants?

2. Are you into ice hockey? Let me teach you some few tricks that will help you keep warm, baby.

3. If you were a puck, I would never shoot you since I will always miss you.

4. Hey girl, you have a great pair of skates; I would love taking them off you right away.

5. I was scolded today by a referee because of hooking; however, I told him that it was never my fault, I’m hooked.

6. Do you have fewer teeth as a result of hockey? It’s okay; it offers room for some tongue action.

7. Hey girl, in case you have not noticed, I’m so hooked on you, I wanted to let you know about that.

8. They claim hockey is an interesting sport to play; you might also play with me as well; I promise I will be nice to you.

9. Can we drop our gloves right away and observe what we will do together?

10. I’m more than ready to hit you tonight from behind; therefore, I’m okay with misconduct.

11. I promise that I’m built for the game, and I’m capable of going several times as you prefer.

12. Hey, you have to be hockey fun since I can visualize your stick out of your pants standing.

13. I’m way better than a one-timer; I can go as many rounds as you want me to, let’s see?

14. You may be a goalkeeper, but I’m tonight I will be scoring you, irrespective of what will be blocking me.

15. I will ensure you hold on to this stick and then push very hard despite how hard you try to block me off.

16. If you love hockey, will you consider it a deal done whenever you place the puck in my goal.

17. This puck will look good in your as well as my stick, would you love to see it?

18. Would you love to test this equipment real fast and then assess it if it reaches your standards?

19. I hope you own a jersey since I will need your name and your number as well.

20. If you would like, I’m will allow you to ride on the Zam boner I’ve.

21. I know you are exhausted, but I’m not. Are you willing to go with me into the penalty box together?

22. I will let you know that I have a skate that is harder than steel; however, it is definitely not my only thing.

23. Have you seen how good I’m on ice? Then you haven’t seen how great I’m in bed.

24. Rumours have it that Zdeno Chara has a long stick, but mine is much longer. Would you love to see it?

25. Hey, when we first met, I knew I will be winning tonight, Stanley cup, deep throat.

26. Hi, I’m Stanley, and if you would like, would you like me to show you my cup in private?

27. Have you tried kissing an individual without teeth? You will get plenty of tongue going around, trust me.

28. Is hockey if your thing, I can teach you how to improve your game.

29. I trust you, and I should go back to my place and watch mean play tonight.

30. Would like to try field hockey afterwards we roll on the grass afterwards.

31. Hey, feel free to send puck on my way; I hope you get want I mean.

32. When you check my equipment, you will check it good or run, trust me on that.

33. Do you want to hold my shaft? Then we might give it a try if your game is worth it in bed.

34. I would like to learn the game; would you teach me how to hold the stick properly?

35. Would you love to try ice hockey? If not, we might try playing some few games, before I warm up your body.

36. If I fail to score tonight, would you mind giving me an assist?

37. Do you’ve stick in your pant, or you are happy because I’m here?

38. Hockey is a team sport; therefore, we can team up if you don’t mind?

39. I would be glad if you give me a chance to hold your boobs, girl.

40. You may have scored a goal because I’m lit up because of you.

41. If you slide into me, I’m going to let you score all night, give it a try.

42. I would like to crush you up and then straighten you in order to hit your five holes.

43. Players who have puck tends to own big sticks; would you be interested to see mine?

44. I might not play the game, but I can offer you a body check whenever you want.

45. I would love to provide you with my stick and then use it in full length and puck you pretty good and very slow.

46. Would you love to try out for the hockey team? Let me first test you since I’m a nice player.

47. Hey girl, whenever I see you, I think ‘Oshie is the one for me.

48. Do you love hockey? Because you gave me a high stick.

49. You might not be good at playing, but I promise I will allow you to score on me.

50. You like you have a bag for my stick, let’s check if it actually fits it or it’s too big.

51. I’m willing to have misconduct in the hockey game so we can hit up.

52. I have a stick that curves when sucked on it; let me know if you want to try it.

53. Can we try to fhock and see if we’ve chemistry between us?

54. In hockey, there a box where bad players are kept; should we allow them to watch a show?

55. I would like to wear your legs on my face like a mask to avoid getting cold, can I give it a try?

56. I can warm you up pretty well what you would like me to, just come to bed and join me.

57. You are a hockey goalkeeper; however, that means I should try to score with you tonight.

58. Yes, the rumours are correct; I only take off this mask for one reason, cute girls.

59. I was once called a dirty player, but you can see how dirty we can get tonight.

60. You can manage all my equipment if you know where to put them.

61. I don’t mind poke-chocking on you right now once you are done undressing.

62. Do you want to learn a new definition of roughing? I can do that on my bed.

63. If you stick with me, life will become much better; you and I will be sticking it together.

64. I have several hidden hockey tricks that I’ve to share with you when you come to my bedroom.

65. I’ve you ever think about crossing the blue line together? I bet we can do it right now.

66. If you decide to spend a night with me, you will understand why hockey is fun.

67. I would like to have some slapshots on your fine ass, would you allow me to do so?

68. I’m used to scoring; however, I can hold back a bit for you if you would like me to, just let me know.

69. Did you trip me while playing? Because I fell hard for you.

Hockey Fan Pick-up Lines

If you are looking for some of the best hockey fan pick-up lines, you should consider checking these out;

1. Do you love hockey? Because I love to play rough.

2. Are you my opponent’s net? Because I would like to score you.

3. Do you know what I share with Zdeno Chara? We both have long sticks.

4. Would you love to kiss someone without teeth?

5. I’m right on the ice, but I’m fantastic in bed.

6. I would love to serve five-minutes penalty in your box.

7. Can you slip one past my goalie?

8. If you let me, I can slip one past your trendy.

9. I don’t recall my name; however, you can call me Zam.

10. Hi, would you love to hold my shaft for a while?

11. Would you love to understand my definition of roughing?

12. Is it a coincidence? Because my name is Stanley and I own a cup.

13. Did you know that my stick curves to the right?

14. I’ve a curved stick. Would you love to check it out? I could even let you play with it.

15. I can prove to you that Gretzky isn’t the only great one.

16. Nice skates… do you want a puck?

17. Do you know what, less teeth, more tongue action?

18. Hi, would you like a PUCK

19. I’m not wearing a hockey pad.

20. I bet my stick will feel great in your crease.

21. Well, if I can’t score, can I may be get the assist?

22. Me take you to eat.

23. Do you want a hip check?

24. Hi, let’s cross the blue line together.

25. I’m a hockey fan; I love wearing protection.

26. I’ve gone five-holes today ten times. Can I give a try your hole?

27. Do you have a free box? Because I want to come play a penalty.

28. Are you Gretzky? Since I find you to be great.

29. Just like a skate blade, I’m also made up of steel.

30. Unlike a hockey stick, I’ve a stick that is very straight.

31. What do you think? Can we score this night together?

32. Do you know a hockey stick isn’t the only hard that I love?

33. You have such a beautiful cup; you must be Stanley.

34. Will you allow me to slip one really quick?

35. What do you say, you poke-check me real fast?

36. Iceman cometh but not before you.

37. I’m not a dirty hockey fan, but I can be in bed.

38. Would you love to be my assist?

Hockey Pick-up Lines: FAQs

Q: How long does it take to learn hockey?

USA Hockey requires players to take approximately two years to master skills for them to be fully prepared to join the hockey league.

Q: What was used as a puck initially?

During the early days of hockey, outdoor hockey players used frozen cow dung as a puck. As time progresses, versions started changing from wooden pucks to stone made pucks.

Q: Is it hard to learn hockey?

Learning hockey is relatively challenging this is because most individuals find skating challenging as well. Once you master the art of skating, hockey becomes relatively easy.

Q: Why is the game referred to as hockey?

Hockey is attributed to the French word hoquet, which means shepherd’s stick.

Q: Where was hockey invented?

Hockey emerged in England in the mid-18th century and is attributed to the growth of public schools like Eton.

Final Verdict

If you are on the lookout for some of the best hockey pick-up lines or hockey fan pick-up lines, you should consider giving a try the ones discussed in this article. As we come to a conclusion, we hope that you have found this article beneficial as you try out some of these hockey pick-up lines.

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