Bubble Hockey: Your Dream Game

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bubble hockey


We all understand that ice hockey is one of the most stimulating sport ever. But the problem is that not everyone can access it. Good luck is that, there is always a solution to any problem. The best alternative is by playing air or bubble hockey and you don’t have to set your foot on ice. Buying a bubble hockey table is a nice step for anyone who is serious about playing the game. You no longer have to drive to the arcade to play, save your money today by investing on these best bubble hockey tables.

What’s Bubble Hockey

Most people might be having knowledge of common game room games. But there is a game that will make you stand on your feet and have a pause because it is known to be so unfamiliar, bubble hockey. This is a table game that allows players to enjoy the game with the speed and thrill of an ice hockey game as you control the hockey players who have been put on the rods. In this way, it will allow the foosball players to have a chance to quickly switch to play bubble hockey without having lots of difficulty. Unlike other games, this game has been designed with a durable dome that has been put over the table.

The material that has been used to make this table is really hard and virtually not destructible. This is one great feature that will ensure you get that chance of launching the puck in the air. This is because the puck can hit he dome and also fall down onto the table. The dome there protects but the players and also the bystanders.

The game has changed over time but the rules of the game are still the same and just played in the same way. Bubble hockey has also grown in popularity ad players can now find the tables easy for sale. It can be used in bars, restaurants and even in tournaments.

How Bubble Hockey Is Played

If you want to play bubble hockey, then you have to understand how to play because this is one key factor. With this understanding, you can be sure of taking part well in fun games and even in competitions that are more serious. One great factor about them is that the rules are basic and need to follow as much as possible. One thing though, if you are a layer, you need to adapt to the local and regional rules as fit necessary. Here is how you can lay it

  • Goals are not only scored by getting the pucks through the opponents goal, but also preventing an opponent from scoring
  • The game is started by with players flipping a coin to determine which side of the table they will be
  • The table is the one that drops the puck down to the center to begin the game
  • Each game has 3, 90 second periods. There is a clock that counts it down as you play
  • There is no tilting of shifting the table to affect the direction of the puck
  • Each player is allowed to controlled just 3 men at a time
  • If there is any stalling by one player to hold the puck, that is punishable by a goal penalty
  • For time out, you can take that when the puck has been stranded in the dead area
  • If it’s a tournament game, it ends when one is ahead by 2 or more points. If there is a tie or a loss by one goal, the game continues until there is a win by 2 goals.

How much fun does bubble hockey bring about?

You might encounter some challenges when you are learning to play the game at the first initial stages. The good news is that when you have learnt it, you will realize that it is one of the most fun games you will ever encounter. If you are looking for a game that has a little more power than foosball, here is what you will just love and enjoy. The game is not played by one individual. You need another person to enjoy laying it and with such competition, you will get amused.

Bubble Hockey Table

7. Peter Forsberg Edition 71-1145-05

This is a childhood classic designed with detailed 3-D players. The players are replaceable and removable and this will let you to mix and match the opponent and even create your own favorite rivalries. The end-glass is designed to reduce pucks from flying out and the left-handed and right-handed shooters are included. The legs, end glass, goals, ice sheet, score counter strips, rod handles, control rods and pucks are all replaceable. It is a suitable gift for kids aged 7 and above.


– 3-D Players are removable and replaceable to let you to create your own rivalries

– The stand is adjustable to meet your specific needs

– End-glass designed to reduce the risk of pucks from flying out

– Effortless to assemble and needs only 5 minutes to snap together

6. Franklin Sports Rod Hockey – Family Table Top Game

Get this product and enjoy it as a perfect addition to your family or kids game room. The set comes with 12 players and two mini hockey pucks. It has pre-installed hockey player rods to let players to have fun playing rod hockey. The sturdy construction will survive the rough playtime of your kids and the alluring design will make adults to love it, too. This item will perfectly complete your indoor game room. Teach how friends and children how to play bubble hockey today.


– Big stick design and large smooth moving players are made for added control

– Re-engineered gearing to guarantee players a flawless playtime

– Comes with two mini hockey pucks and 12 fast-action hockey players

– Crafted of a shatterproof material for durability and safe for entire family

5. Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

This inexpensive air hockey game table will offer you endless hours of fun without taking up a lot of your game room space. Besides, the price is at reasonable range and the compactness of the table is outstanding. It is effortless to store and carry around and this is ideal for condensed fun anywhere, anytime with a table or flat surface. It comes with a 110V motor with adapter to give you steady air flow so you can enjoy more realistic air hockey action. Get yours today and spend countless hours playing with your friends and kids.


– Comes with two pushers, two pucks and two sliding scorers for scorekeeping

– Perfect compactness to make effortless storage and maneuverability

– Supplied with powerful 110V with adapter

– Large enough to give users more realistic air hockey action

4. GoSports Hockey Ice Pucky Wooden Table Top Hockey Game

This portable bubble hockey table is great for BBQ, family gathering, tailgate party, game night and more. It comes with everything you need to dominate the ice such as two pucky sticks, one game board and three game pucks. Its solid construction will make fun time more exciting than before and the built-in score trackers will give you ample time of focusing on your game. The compactness makes the table sturdy enough to stay in place no matter how vigorously you play. This is the ideal choice for everyone’s favorite childhood classic.


– Solid wooden construction board can hold the most competitive games

– Built-in score trackers will let players to focus on action

– Comes with everything needed for the game

– Made for with a large top for endless hours of fun

3. haxTON Air Hockey Table Game Set with 4 Air Hockey Pucks

This 40-inch air hockey table has large table top and equipped with two pushers and two pucks. You only need five minutes to assemble the parts and late enjoy hours of friendly competition. Air is unfirmly spread with the included 12V DC motor and adapter. It has been equipped with an electric fan to ensure you get a powerful, quiet and even airflow and this will make the puck to smoothly glide across the table. You can gift your active kids this lovely bubble hockey table.


– Scoring mode will increase game experience and increase the fun

– Corner is protected with ABS angle for your children’s safety

– Uses machine perforating technology for uniform air output

– Wind suspension design will reduce hockey friction

2. JODELA Table Top Air Hockey 40-INCH Air Hockey Table

Have you been hunting for the best bubble hockey table in vain? Here comes the best one for you and your family. It features high output fan to ensure you get a realistic for air hockey table and its powerful motor guarantees steady airflow. The 40-inch tabletop is roomy enough for a rec room in your home and it will give you hours of fun for you and your loved kids. A heavy gift will make your little child happy and this is the right choice you can trust. The surface is made of topnotch material to promote faster and easier passing, as well as, shooting.


– Equipped with 12V DC motor and adapter to ensure steady airflow

– Electric fan guarantees powerful but quiet air flow and creates a realistic for air hockey table

– Made of durable MDF material and stable enough to withstand rough play time

– Easy to assemble and comes with two goal boxes to get you ready to play

1. Table Top Hockey Game

This is a wonderful bubble hockey table that consist of a durable plastic base design to stay in place during fun time. The top is large enough to offer great playing surface and the realistic 3-D players makes it more exciting to have in your basement or living room. Some of the interesting features includes behind the net-play, clear end screen and easy puck retrieval system. This item is suitable for competitive play and comes at an affordable price. The playing surface is smooth enough for effortless passing and shooting.


– Large playing surface to offer great fun for two to four players

– Realistic 3D players are replaceable and removable to let you to create your favorite rivalries

– Durable enough to handle day-to-day abuse of both adults and kids

– Clear end screen designed to keep rebounds during game time

Bubble Hockey: FAQs

1. What is the average size for an air hockey table?

Well, 2-3ft of space for each end is adequately enough. For instance, a full-sized air hockey tables which is about 90” L by 50” W. Therefore, your room should have at least a 10ft by 7ft of area.

2. Is it possible to change players in my bubble hockey table?

This depends on the model you buy. Some models are easy to swap players and in certain models of tables, some players are not compatible, and vice versa. You can check the compatibility potential before ordering your bubble hockey table.

3. Do I need to plug in tables with an electronic system?

Not necessarily, this depends on the model you buy. There are models that run on batteries and others need to be plugged in. This will give you more flexibility on where you set them up, as well as, how you play with them.

4. What are some of rules of playing air hockey?

– Flip a coin to rule out who will start with the possession of the puck

– A player is supposed to strike the puck only when it is on their side of the centerline

– Once a player makes a goal, then the other player is supposed to serve the puck next

– For a player to score a point, the puck need to completely enter the goal

5. How long does an air hockey table last?

– On average, a good air hockey table can last between 5 to 8 years

6. Who invented bubble hockey?

Ralph Anthony Coppola

Final Verdict

The allure of this game can’t be explained to hockey fan because if you are a fan, then you already know. Having your bubble hockey table is a wonderful way to flavor up your man cave and the compactness will make them to fit nicely in any room. You’ll find the best model from the list provided that can fit your budget. You will feel relaxed and even entertained when using the above best collections of bubble hockey table. Get yours today and make your evenings interesting.

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