Need a GRIT Hockey Bag?

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Grit hockey bag


Need a GRIT Hockey Bag?

Hockey bags! Every hockey player will often prioritize having a decent bag to help move things around during the game. These bags come in various styles, sizes, and prices, making it a little challenging to choose a reliable one. However, Grit hockey bags seem to stand out, thanks to their robust construction, reliability, and durability. You can get them in the tower or carry styles.

Grit Carry Vs. Grit Tower Hockey Bag

These two hockey bag types are the most common. Thanks to the different styles they have, they are suitable for different audiences. Here is a look at what each of them brings to the table.

The Grit hockey bag is akin to a suitcase, and it comes with wheels. Its large capacity implies that it can hold every piece of hockey equipment you have. This bag has a removable mesh bag that is clipped inside it. Its small size makes it ideal for keeping small items, including jerseys and socks.

You could also consider the carry bag. It is a little smaller and suitable for anyone without too much luggage. Its size makes it an ideal choice for junior sportspersons and children. Often, you will choose between handheld and backpack options.

Top Ten GRIT Hockey Bag

Undoubtedly, choosing a perfect Grit hockey bag is a tough call. Unless you understand which options are shaking the market, making logical decisions will be a mirage. The following are the best Grit bags you will get in the market.

i. Grit HTFX Hockey Tower

Its versatile design will readily strike you. This bag boasts a compact yet large-capacity structure that allows you to wheel it or carry it as a duffel bag. Its interior is perfectly designed, highlighting adjustable shelves. These shelves ensure that you have an easy time keeping the bag organized. It also provides that you have enough space to store each piece of hockey equipment you got.

Its robust construction helps enhance durability. The materials used are premium, and the quality of craftsmanship is fantastic. Ideally, it has nylon covers, which are resistant to scratches. This material is also resistant to water and mold, making it suitable for whichever environment. It has a flexible structure, implying that you can fold it whenever necessary.

Grit HTFX comes with removable and zippered front pockets, providing you with convenience. This design allows you to access the most used items. It also ensures that you do not waste lots of time looking for the most crucial equipment.


  • It has a robust and durable construction
  • This products versatile design allows you to enjoy enhanced convenience
  • It comes with multiple compartments
  • Its fabric is breathable, ensuring that your stuff remains fresh


  • It could be a little too pricy

ii. Grit Icon Bag

This bag has an irresistible appeal, thanks to its intuitive design. It boasts a multi-opening design, allowing you to access your stuff from any side. This design ensures that you cut on time wastage and improve on convenience. Its role in enhancing sufficient airflow throughout the bag remains unmatched.

The Frit Icon bag has multiple storage compartments. This divided storage ensures that you personalize storage, improving the organization in the bag. It also becomes much easier for you to remember where you placed specific items. Its massive storage ensures that you put all your goods under one roof.

This bag comes with a removable mesh bag inside. This is the right place for you to toss small items, including your socks and jerseys.


  • It comes with multiple storage compartments
  • This product assures you of unrivaled airflow within the bag
  • Has massive storage capacity
  • Easier to keep it organized


  • A little challenging to carry it around

iii. Grit Airbox Carry Bag

Nothing could be an excellent match more than the Grit Airbox when looking for a lightweight design. This bag has proven to be spacious, thanks to its 36-inch size and boxy design. The room offered by this bag is enough to carry almost everything you will need during this period.

This bag boasts premium material, assuring you of unmatched robustness. Typically, it features polyester webbing and nylon mesh. Nothing could assure you of more strength than the combination of these two materials. Besides, they guarantee you breathability, ensuring that your items do not get some funny smell.

Its multiple features and additional storage compartments will win your heart. This bag comes with extra sleeves that help you remain organized. You could use these sleeves to keep your water bottle or any other small item you might need.


  • Its ventilation abilities are incredible
  • This product provides you with multiple storage compartments
  • It comes with breathable material
  • Robust yet lightweight construction


  • It could be too light for some people

iv. Grit HTFX Chicago Tower Equipment Bag

This Grit hockey bag is yet another irresistible option you have. It boasts of torsion technology, which allows it to fold without too much hassle. This technology provides you with enough convenience whenever you move around and do not want it to be a tower bag. Its side panel has a shoulder strap that allows you to use it as a duffel bag.

This HTFX equipment bag features a BladePort. This aspect ensures that you have a place to place your player sticks. It can hold multiple sticks at once, giving you an easy time.

Its large capacity allows it to handle up to over 7500 pounds. Thanks to its robust construction and premium materials, this bag can withstand significant abuse. It also comes with a mesh bag inside. With this, you are confident of enough airflow at all times.


  • It is easy to fold
  • This product provides you with a foot carpet to dry your feet
  • It comes with a removable zipper
  • Provides you with enough storage space


  • It could be too bulky for some people

v. Grit HYFX Junior Hockey Tower Bag

This option is suitable for junior sportspersons and children. While it provides you with enough storage, this bag is less cumbersome. It uses torsion technology, meaning the design is flexible and relatively lightweight. This technology allows it to withstand considerable abuse, whether you place it in a car boot or under the dressing room bench.

Its simple yet sturdy construction assures you of durability. It comes with a mesh bag, protecting the bag against molds and even bacteria buildup. Remember, this mesh ensures that there is sufficient flow of air and minimal moisture buildup.

The smart organization of its storage compartments makes it a unique choice. This bag ensures that you have an easy time organizing your items.


  • It comes with a compact design, making it ideal for goalkeepers
  • This bags excellent ventilation assures your items of no molds
  • It is flexible and durable
  • Resistant to scratches


  • Available in black only

vi. Grit GT4 Sumo Goalie Tower

You can barely overlook how suitable this bag is for goalies. It has a friendly design, and its features are multiple.

This product comes with a myriad of interior shelves, allowing you to store various things. These shelves are designed to make it easy for you to keep your items and even dry them. Some of the shelves are suitable for the goalie mask and gloves. In short, you have room for any accessory you have.

Its innovative design ensures that you have fresh items at all times. There will be no stench, as there is maximum air circulation. This aspect ensures that you avoid incidences of molds and even bacteria buildup.

You will readily fall in love with its sturdy quality. Thanks to torsion technology, you can fold and flex the bag whenever necessary. It also ensures that your bag stays for a relatively long time.


  • It has an innovative and intuitive design
  • This product features goalie pad straps
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • Assures you of excellent ventilation at all times


  • A little less affordable for some people

vii. Wheelbag Grit HX1 Senior

Its traditional style will be the first thing to notice. It is simple and easy to wheel. This bag comes with a unique design, featuring top door ventilation and an end panel flow-through ventilation. With multiple ventilation avenues, you are confident that this bag will not expose you to stench, molds, or bacteria.

This bag comes with a removable divider, ensuring you have an easy time storing your skates, gloves, or helmet. The multiple compartments ensure that you attain smart and organized storage. You will also have access to open storage for various equipment items.

Its extension handle ensures that you move it without too much hassle. Besides, its heavy-duty wheels ensure that you enjoy the utmost durability.


  • Enhanced reliability
  • This can last for a long time
  • It comes with a protective skate mat
  • Assures you of enough ventilation


  • Some might not like the 100% polyester material

While the following items are not from Grit, they assure you of unrivaled performance. They are close competitors of this brand. They will include the following.

viii. Bauer Vapor 1X Locker Bag

This product is suitable for use in the locker room. That does not mean that it is not strong enough to be used in other environments.

It comes with polyester material, which assures you of enhanced mold and scratch resistance. This material has also proven to be relatively long-lasting and lightweight. Its robust construction can only make things much better.

You will readily fall in love with its comfortable straps. These straps ensure that you do not hurt your shoulders or back when carrying the bag. The straps are strong enough to withstand significant abuse.

Its ventilation is superb. This aspect ensures that the drying time is relatively limited. It also ensures that there is a limited stench in the bag.


  • It comes with versatile wheels
  • This product has comfortable straps
  • Relatively long-lasting
  • It is a little less pricy


  • It could be too light for some people

ix. VIC Hockey Bag 34-inch

If you are looking for a hockey bag with a compact frame, this will be your ultimate selection. Its design makes it much easier to carry around. This design provides you with plenty of compartments, making it effortless to attain smart arrangements. The spaces are big enough to accommodate bulky or cumbersome equipment.

It comes with extendable straps, allowing you to wear them on your shoulders whenever necessary. These straps are padded, assuring you of enhanced comfort.

You will also appreciate its two-side compartments. These compartments allow you to store skates and other small items too.


  • It is relatively lightweight
  • This product comes with an excellent and intuitive design, assuring you of a stylish appeal
  • This bag is suitable for the youth and junior players
  • Its design assures you of even weight distribution


  • Its wheels are plastic, limiting longevity

x. Under Armor Hockey Deluxe Cargo

Here is a duffel bag whose stylish design will strike you immediately. It has a reinforced construction that helps it carry considerable weight. While the materials used in this construction include nylon, you have no reason to worry about longevity. Besides, the rugged design will make it resistant to wear and tear.

This product comes with enough ventilation, assuring you of compartments from either side. Its main room has coated mesh, which improves air circulation within the bag. This way, you can store your wet gear without worrying about when it will dry. That is because the drying period will be limited.


  • A little more affordable compared to other options
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Relatively easy to customize its storage
  • Provides you with enough storage


  • Not the most appealing design

Grit 33 Hockey Bag

It is a 33-inch hockey bag whose reliability is unmatched, and it is the HTFX tower. Its composite frame allows you to put it almost anywhere, including in a car trunk. Its standup feature is one of the few things that make this option distinctive.

You will barely spend much time setting up this bag. Its design provides you with multiple adjustable shelves, ensuring that you have an easy time arranging your items. It also comes with a removable mesh bag inside, enhancing air circulation within the pack.

Did you know that it comes in 11 different colors? This way, choosing whatever suits you will be no hassle. However, it is a little too pricy for some people.

Grit 33 vs. Grit 36

The Grit HTSE tower bag is available in two sizes, 33 and 36 inches. The battle about which of these two to pick between these two has always existed.

These two bags provide you with the same features, with the only difference being the size. While Grit 33 assures you of affordability, Grit 36 provides you with more than enough space.

If you are on a tight budget, Grit 33 will be the right choice. However, you could spend a little more and get value for your money. That is because Grit 36 assures you of more space and perhaps more convenience in the long run.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Grit Hockey Bags

Choosing the right bag will be challenging unless you understand what you should focus on during the process. Here are a few critical things you need to keep in mind when selecting your Grit hockey bags.

i. Quality

There is no denying that the construction of your chosen hockey bag will determine its durability. Ensure that you focus on a sturdy one. Its materials need to be premium, as this makes it less susceptible to damage. The stitching should be strong, and the compartments have to be numerous.

ii. Confirm the size

You will often need to choose from 33-inch, 34-inch, and 36-inch bags. The choice is dependent on the number of accessories you intend to carry. As long as you need maximum space, a 36-inch bag will suffice. On the other hand, a 33-inch or 34-inch suitcase comes in handy when you are on a tight budget.

iii. Check the type

The two most common types of hockey bags are backpacks and tower bags. You will also have access to traditional, wheeled, and hybrid bags. Take the time to compare each of these options and understand which one provides you with convenience.

iv. Budget

It is almost impossible to overstate the significance of sticking to a budget. Bags will always vary in cost, depending on the size, quality, and brand. Mostly, top-notch choices are likely to cost you more. However, the goal is not to spend the most on a hockey bag. Instead, focus on something that provides you with value for money, costs you less, and offers maximum returns.

Types of Hockey Bags

Hockey bags come in various types, making it hard to settle on one. Unless you understand what each option provides, you will barely get the best returns. Here are a few insights into what the different types are and what they offer.

• Hockey Back Pack

This bag comes with double shoulder straps, allowing you to carry it on your back. You will rely on it to transport various hockey accessories or equipment in a breeze in most cases. This type of hockey bag features a hockey stick sleeve, allowing you to carry one or two of them. Its design will enable you to carry shoes and other small-sized accessories.

Backpacks come in handy in distributing weight across the back and evenly so. While it is barely common, it allows you to lift it without too much hassle.

• Traditional Hockey Bag

This bag often measures between 26 and 40 inches. It is suitable for inline and ice hockey players, thanks to the significant amount of space it provides. It also comes with a distinctive carrying handle, meaning you can only use your hands when dealing with it.

Traditional hockey bags are relatively affordable and with a simple design. Whether you want to sling them over the shoulders or have them in your palms, they will always provide you with the elegance you deserve.

• Wheeled Hockey Bags

Are you looking for convenience and flexibility? Wheeled hockey bags would be the best choice in this pursuit. Usually, they come with wheels at their base, allowing you to push or drag them instead of carrying them. However, you can only do this on smooth surfaces. 3

Most wheeled hockey bags are styled like the traditional ones. The only difference would be the presence of these tires, which could be plastic or metallic. This bag is suitable for anyone looking forward to carrying heavy luggage or traveling long hauls. The convenience and flexibility they offer will assure you of an easier time.

• Hybrid Hockey Bags

Sometimes, you will want a hockey bag with features from more than one type of bag. In this case, a hybrid option comes in handy. This option features a wheeled base and straps to allow you to carry it. While the wheeled base will enable you to drag the bag on relatively smooth terrains, straps ensure that you carry it conveniently when you get on rough paths.

These bags have a myriad of features, borrowing from both traditional and wheeled options. Thanks to this, expect that their prices are relatively higher. That means you have to compare prices before you can settle on an affordable one.

• Duffel

Here is yet another option you can barely resist. You could also refer to it as a carry bag. Its unique design features two handle straps and a zipper on its top. With the straps being adjustable, you are sure of enhanced comfort at all times. It will also be much easier to pick a length that suits your height. It is common among professional hockey players.

This bag draws significant benefits. It comes with a relatively large capacity and is easy to pack. Its flexibility allows you to squish it into much smaller spaces. You will also find it to be a little more flexible, unlike the other bags. However, it can be hard to carry and a little difficult to organize.

• Tower Hockey Bags or Suitcases

This bag is wheeled and appears like a suitcase. It is relatively large, allowing you to carry large luggage. It boasts sturdy construction, which is vital for enhanced durability. In most cases, the bag comes with metal and strong plastic.

Since it has wheels on its base, this bag will be relatively convenient to move around. It comes in handy when traveling over long distances and when with heavy luggage. However, it is a little expensive for some people.

The Best Brand for Hockey Bags

From Duffel and Bauer to Grit, various brands have focused and produced some of the most incredible hockey bags. These brands assure you of varying quality and prices. Taking the time to compare them all will ensure that you make better decisions in the long run. However, Grit has stood out among them all.

Grit produces various types of hockey bags. You could choose from tower, standard, and wheeled hockey bags. Notably, You are sure of personalized choices, including bags for goalies. This brand produces lightweight, durable bags. They come with adjustable carry straps, many neat interior pockets, and enough storage capacity. Its mesh pockets assure you of enough air circulation, meaning you do not have to worry about stench or drying time.

Grit produces hockey bags of different sizes, quality, and budgets, making them suitable for various people. With this, you are sure of the best bag at a price you can afford comfortably.

GRIT Hockey Bag: FAQs

Do I need a hockey bag?

It all depends on how much you want to invest in the game. As long as you are passionate about hockey, this will be an ideal choice. It also comes in handy if you have many accessories to carry around.

Is a wheeled bag good enough?

Wheeled bags allow you to move around without too much trouble. You do not have to burden yourself with carrying them on your back at all times.

Will I benefit from owning a hockey bag?

Yes. These bags allow you to carry all your accessories in one place. This way, you can move around without any hassle. It also helps you overcome environmental obstacles like stairs.

What hockey bag size is ideal?

It all depends on your budget and how involved you are in the game. If you are too engaged in it, you will need a bigger bag. On the other hand, a small suitcase suffices if you are on a tight budget.

What can the hockey bag carry?

This bag can comfortably fit your skates, sticks, socks, jerseys, and accessories. They can also accommodate your gloves and helmet.

When was hockey invented?

Hockey was first played in Egypt and Ethiopia over 4000 years ago. However, it is hard to pinpoint the exact period.

How should I wash my hockey bag?

Ensure that you clean your hockey bag often. Usually, it would be best to rely on laundry detergent and warm water when cleaning this bag. You could also use antifungal cleaners during this process.

Why do you need the best hockey bag?

An excellent choice assures you of peace of mind. It lasts long enough to provide you with value for your money. It also ensures that none of your items gets damaged.

Which type of bag should I buy?

You can choose from four selections: wheeled, traditional, hybrid, and backpack. It all depends on your preference. However, wheeled and hybrid options assure you of better levels of convenience.

What is the average cost of a hockey bag?

Hockey bags often cost between $75 and over $350. Your choice depends on the brand, size, and quality of the bag you choose.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Grit hockey bags have proven to be some of the most reliable ones. As long as you understand which one to select, you will have no reason to worry. The insights above can help make logical decisions in the long run.

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