Best Field Hockey Sticks: Your Best Guide

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Best Field Hockey Sticks


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Which are the best Hockey Field sticks? This is a question that many people who are players or enthusiastic about playing hockey ask. There is no one definite answer as there is no one perfect hockey stick that can be pointed out to be perfect for every player. To get the best hockey field sticks, so many considerations and variables should be put in mind like; position, level of skills, style of playing, and even personal preference.

Shopping for a new stick can is quite daunting, especially for beginners. Still, before even getting to buy one, it is imperative to research the various variables and be aware of the facts at hand. This will ease up the hustle of looking for a new stick. It is crucial to know what you are looking for to know the kind of stick you will need. New buyers can check reviews on various brands that have been left with people who have bought sticks before. Below are tips that will help a buyer when choosing a stick, stick around.

Could it be that you are a hockey enthusiast or an aspiring professional hockey player? We would first and foremost wish to congratulate you on arriving at this page. Here, we are going to belabor just about everything you might need to make the right choice of the best field hockey sticks.

My Three Favorite Best Field Hockey Sticks

Below are my three favorite best field hockey sticks:

#1: GRYPHON Diablo T-Bone Field Hockey Stick

Topping the charts is this Gryphon-branded hockey stick. It claims this first spot owing mainly to its swiftness and agility insofar as the facilitation of hockey is concerned.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Resin Matrix Technology

When molding the stick, the resin matrix technology is extensively made used. This technology blends the physical and chemical structures of various fibers.

Energy Reduction System

In totality, the stick is designed to reduce the energy that is normally known to cause vibrations. Consider the item hence less likely to inflict abrasions and blisters.


  • Has a Carbon quotient of 75
  • Shaped in the form of the late bow
  • Exudes some polished feel that is great for the hands


  • Prepare yourself to dig deep in your pocket to afford it

#2: CranBarry Falcon Field Hockey Stick

If you want to engage in some professional hockey playing, you might want to try your hand at this one. It is strong and structurally equipped to handle the harsher impacts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Reliable Stick

By all measures and accounts, this is a reliable stick in the sense that it has been vouched for by many to deliver exceptional performances. In fact, it is truly great for middle school players.

Extended Concept Sport-grip

Its barrel on the other hand features the extended concept sport-grip trait. This makes it also awesome to handle and less likely to fall off your hands even when you have to use it repeatedly.


  • Features a fiberglass material makeup
  • Its toe is reinforced for added strength and longevity
  • Delivers exceptional grip and overall stiffness


  • Too large for the smaller hands

#3: Mazon Fusion 500 Field Hockey Stick

Mazon is a brand that is strong and reputable. This is the one to set your eyes on if you want to enjoy the benefits of maximum longevity and reliability of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Maxi Head Shape

Its head bears the Maxi shape. The shape gives off the necessary support that subsequently helps with your trapping skills considerably.

Twin Tube Core Construction Matrix

As regards its barrel, the item bears the twin-tube core construction that adds some strength and overall efficacy while in use. Expect some powerful and extraneous performances hence.


  • Greatly reduces the vibrations when in use
  • Lasts longer than many other hockey sticks
  • Delivers exceptional control when engaged in playing


  • Quite stressful to use in the long run

Top Fifteen (15) Best Field Hockey Sticks

We now get to review the top fifteen (15) best field hockey sticks:

#1: Mazon Black Magic V5 Composite Field Hockey Stick

For prolonged playing and usage on the hockey field, you need a stick that is really strong and rigorous. None come even close to this one with that regard in mind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceedingly Strong and Powerful

As has already been hinted at above, this stick is exceedingly strong and powerful. That is largely explained by the twin-tube core construction matrix that makes it up.

Twin Kevlar Core Inserts

Some inserts that feature the twin Kevlar core are also adorned and incorporated as part and parcel of the system. They add some touch to the gadget that lets you handle it well.


  • Improves the hitting power considerably
  • Hardly vibrates and imposes strains on your hands
  • Boasts of the improved touch and handling


  • Quite difficult to care for and maintain

#2: KOOKABURRA Field Hockey Stick Blush Wood (36.5”, Blush)

Is your search for the right hockey stick mainly dictated by the need to train on a regular basis? Choose this one that derives its hitting power from the blushing wood that is known to be strong.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Dimensions

The stick does have some excellent dimensions indeed. These come to about 36.5 inches and are also lighter in weight for you to handle and engage repeatedly.

Wooden Construction

Unlike many hockey sticks we have around, this one bears a wooden construction. It is hence less likely to imperil the health and the stature of your environment as others do.


  • Imbues some exceptionally awesome exterior finish
  • Enables added controls for you when hitting the balls
  • Strengthened using the fiberglass roving


  • Potentially injurious to you

#3: GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

Intense and rigorous hockey playing requires a similarly intense hard-hitting stick. None of them comes even close to this insofar as the ability to deliver on that end is concerned.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

GX1000 Stick Composition

At its core is the GX1000 stick composition. With this, the item does confer some forgiving touch that also enhances the greatness of the playing of the tournaments.

Greater Receiving Surface

All throughout, the gadget does give off some added receiving surface. With this kind of extra surface, you should expect some elevated sense of playing and overall experience.


  • Absorbs shocks and also makes your experiences awesome
  • Its makeup is also fully integrated and properly functional
  • Manages proper ball contacts when deployed to tackle the ball


  • Demands fairly exceptional attention and care

#4: GRAYS Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

Have a junior in mind when seeking a field hockey stick? We ask you to lay your hands on this one for a start. It is the one that contains the trappings you might need to get your stated ends.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Fiberglass-reinforced Mulberry Wood

Its makeup features Mulberry wood that is reinforced using fiberglass. Expect the item hence to deliver exceptional strength and also perform wonderfully when you choose to use it.

Exceptional Hitting Power

Using this field hockey stick gives you exceptionally high hitting power. That enables you to target and tackle the most rigorous playing chores that you may have to expend in a professional tournament.


  • Maintains you in a proper state of appropriate controls
  • Gives your young one the ability to develop its crucial control skills
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations to keep you ahead of the game


  • Only suitable and limited to the young one

#5: MALIK Field Hockey Sticks

In case your search for the right hockey stick is mainly dictated by the need to take on strenuous outdoor settings and environments, we can never ask you to pick any other but this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Oval Shaft

This stick comprises an oval shaft that grants the players a firm grip. In doing that, it also elevates the drubbing skills of the players considerably.

90% Carbon Dribble Curve

On the whole, the shape of the stick comes in a curve that is well over 90% in composition and overall stature. You will hence enjoy the task of using it to hit the targets without fatiguing excessively.


  • Manages to confer exceptional grip for sturdy controls
  • Light enough to enable prolonged and unwavering hits
  • Gives off powerful hitting outcomes


  • Only for those with excessively strong muscle power

#6: STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor Field Hockey Stick

This is the stick to place your bet on if you mainly want to play hockey indoors. It is comparatively softer but at the same time strong enough to manage interior usage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Indoor Field Hockey Stick

By its sheer nature and overall construction, this stick is largely suited and intended for indoor hockey-playing techniques. You hence have it for the taking if you just want to limit yourself indoors.

Advanced Playing

Though meant strictly for indoors, it also fits those who want or are already at the advanced stage of their playing. A professional hockey player will hence find it a great companion to make use of.


  • Incorporates the maxi toe and the late bow
  • Bears’ exceptionally strong makeup and construction
  • Comes about in comfortable dimensions for you


  • Unintended for outdoor playing and applications

#7: STX Field Hockey Stallion I Indoor Field Hockey Stick

This is yet another indoor hockey stick. It is also wholly meant for indoor settings and environments. Makes it stand apart from the rest is that it hardly wears out even when used for too long.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Fiberglass Construction

The core of this stick is fiberglass construction. Thanks to this makeup, the item lasts longer and also dampens any vibrations that may often arise when utilized for playing hockey.

Versatile Bow Shape

Complementing the above is the versatile bow shape. As you may have guessed, this shape enables the execution of the skill of playing hockey easily across all positions.


  • Suits all levels of skill and expertise
  • Dampens the impacts and vibrations that arise with strenuous engagements
  • Keeps the players in full control of the balls and the hits


  • Gets damaged easily when used outdoors

#8: STX Field Hockey Surgeon XT 701 Field Hockey Stick

Lacking the necessary muscle power but still wanting to enjoy the benefits that these sticks come along with? You would rather place your bet on a light and highly maneuverable unit of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Extreme Low Bow

It stands apart from the rest of the hockey sticks due to its extremely low bow. This low bow grants you the power to control the movements of the balls in ways that are precise and spot-on.

Tapered Toe

By and large, the profile of the hockey stick is slim and agile enough to enable quicker movements of the ball if and when they need to use it for that purpose comes.


  • Its composition favors the advanced athletes
  • The toe is tapered to allow for exceptional maneuverability
  • Hardly likely to trip and fall of a user


  • Manages only a few cycles of use

#9: STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter Pack with 2See-S Goggles

As its designation implies, this is a starter pack in the sense that it is meant for those who are barely getting started on the matters of playing hockey.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

ASTM-certified Goggle

Also existing as a core part and parcel of this item is the ASTM-certified goggle. You use this one to behold the field and play with confidence.

Youth Reversible Shin Guard

A youth reversible shin guard also comes along. The role of this is to confer added protection to the shins and minimize the likelihood of attendant injuries arising.


  • Great for matters of introduction
  • Google offers additional safeguards to the eyes
  • Conforms to the laid-down NFHS field hockey regulations


  • Potentially cluttering your environment

#10: Adidas V24 Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

The Adidas brand is renowned for its maximum strength and overall reliability. Is it not amazing for you also to get hold of this stick to enjoy the benefits that the brand has to offer?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Powerful Stick

By all measures and purposes, the stick is powerful and well able to endure the harshest spates of impacts and strenuous undertakings. Find it suited for strong and all-around gaming.

Carbon Dualrod Construction

All in all, the item does exhibit carbon Dualrod construction. On the basis of this construction, it exhibits awesome strength and manages to let you accrue wholesome enjoyment.


  • Aids in your controls and overall engagements
  • Its entire length is reinforced for added impacts
  • Stronger and more resilient than many other alternatives


  • Costly to come by and operationalize

#11: STX Field Hockey Apex 50 Field Hockey Stick

Just if you are to play the game of hockey for a duration that is too long, you may need to tap into this stick that is strong, highly resilient, and enduring many impacts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Energy Transfer Zone

An energy transfer zone ranks first among the many benefits that the item potentially brings forth. The purpose of this is to aid beginners in getting the fundamentals of the sweeps and block tackles.

Fiberglass Construction

Also existing to make it tackle its chores exceptionally well is the fiberglass construction. The construction is strong and capable of lasting longer. On the same note, it also negates the need for too much care and maintenance.


  • Manages easier reception and controls
  • It May be used to teach others the sweeps and the tackles
  • Safer for your toes and the feet area


  • Unlikely to keep pace with the emerging trends

#12: STX Surgeon RX 901 Field Hockey Stick

Those hockey sporting activities that entail frequent and squeezed maneuverability demand a stick that is similarly agile and able to manage unconstrained applications and use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Control Channel

A control channel exists to enable the players to make maximum use of the game and get to the area under the ball to enable more precise shots.

Tactile Core

The core of the gadget on the other hand features some tactile nature. With this comes the ability of the stick to deepen the control of the balls in a precise manner.


  • Boasts of larger receiving area
  • Its emphasized sweet spot makes elevated reverse controls
  • Light enough to use repeatedly without getting fatigued


  • It May not be used for harsh impacts exercises

#13: Byte TS4 Composite Field Hockey Stick Cyan Blue

These hockey sticks are largely costly to come by. You want to purchase one that is likely to give you a higher value for your money. Why not start it out with this?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Twin-Tube System

A twin-tube system ranks top among the elegant traits it has to give to any user. Thanks to this tube, you may enjoy some elevated sense of strength throughout usage.

24 mm Low Bow

Its bow is low thanks to measuring a meager 24mm. With this lowness comes the ability to flick the drags and the skills. All these combine to make your experiences greatly elevated.


  • Great for the youths and the club players
  • Comes in various shapes and sizes for you to pick
  • Delivers great value for money


  • Might not be convenient to engage and operationalize

#14: Harrow Lobo Torch Field Hockey Stick

Short of the necessary financial resource endowment but would nonetheless want to enjoy powerful hits alongside other benefits? Choose to work with this wonderful hockey stick.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Affordable Price

We have already hinted that this item does come at an affordable price. You won’t really have to part with too much to be able to accrue it hence.

Lightweight Design

In its totality, the gadget does come about in a lightweight design. This sees it is easier to handle and engage even for a prolonged duration of time without fatiguing.


  • Features exceptional technological makeup
  • Comes at a price that is affordable
  • Light enough to use repeatedly for a longer duration


  • Incapable of giving off some benefits

#15: Mylec 53-Inch Jr. Hockey Stick with ABS Blade

Waste not your time with any other hockey stick but this one if you have a junior in mind. The item is optimized for the juniors being small and simplistic in nature.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Full-wrap Graphic Treatment

In its entirety, this item bears some full-wrap graphic treatments. Thanks to the incorporation of this treatment in its makeup, it is able also to make your interiors a little bit more aesthetic.

ABS Blade

At its tip is the ABS blade that works extra hard to boost the performance and the feel of the field hockey sticks. With it in your hands, be sure to stand on rougher surfaces with ease.


  • Reinforced for added strength and longevity
  • Small enough for the junior hands
  • Good enough for the streets and the inline ice hockey


  • Limited to the juniors alone

Best Field Hockey Sticks For Defenders

Let us now examine the leading best field hockey stick for defenders as of now:

#1: Kookaburra Energy Field Hockey Stick

A defender no doubt needs a strong and reliable hockey stick of this kind. Why not start it out with it to make your work a lot easier in deterring the goals and scores?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Conventional and Classic Design

In all, the stick comes about in a conventional and classic design. The mix of these two ensure that it performs optimally and to the point when dedicated to the stated task.

Optimal Position

Compared to the other competing hockey sticks, this one maintains the bow at a position that is somewhat optimal. Of course, this ends in more stable performances.


  • Incorporates rigidity, responses, and strength
  • Imbues some high tensile strength and overall makeup
  • Well-balanced and appropriately operational


  • Quite heavy and hence strenuous to handle

Best Field Hockey Sticks For Forwards

Forwarding requires some strength and agility that is way beyond the scope of the normal sticks. Only the best field hockey sticks for forwards that are specially designed for a job like this one might be suited.

#1: GRAYS GX10000 Field Hockey Stick

The blades of this stick are stiffened to add more power to your practice and handling. On the strength of this, you may count on the item not to let you down when forwarding.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Balance and Feel

For all accounts, the item does manage some exceptional balance and feel for your hands. You won’t tire or sustain blisters if you have to use it for too long.

Energy Reduction Handle

Its handles on the other hand exude some energy reduction. Thus, it spares you from the need to expend too much of your effort when hitting the balls.


  • Confers greater improvements in the control of the ball
  • Its handles are easier to engage when hitting the oncoming ball
  • Exhibits exceptional balance and feel


  • Careless handling can pierce or injure you

Best Field Hockey Sticks For Midfielders

Playing the midfield of the hockey tournament? These best field hockey sticks for midfielders will do you some good:

#1: Grays GX7000 ProBow Field Hockey Stick

The midfield requires a highly maneuverable stick that is also light and agile. Without too much ado, we ask you to attempt this one as it incorporates all the vital traits of a bat of that kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Continuous Blade and Head Profile

Two traits stand out in this apparatus. These are the head profile and the continuous blade respectively. They are optimized to make your skills sharpened and taken good care of.

Octogrip ERH

Also existing abundantly as part and parcel of the stick is the Octogrip ERH. The role of this is to reduce the vibrations and give rise to the optimal controls of the item altogether.


  • Manages the momentum of the balls conclusively
  • Makes the passes and the dribbles a lot easier
  • Absorbs all the shocks and the strains exceptionally well


  • Requires some skill and expertise to handle

Best Field Hockey Sticks For Beginners

Are you barely starting out? You want to tap into the following best field hockey sticks for beginners as it has all the trappings you might need to have your way:

#1: Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Senior Hockey Stick

Though meant for starters, this stick is appropriately suited for senior users. Its possession of above-average parts and features is mainly to explain this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

TeXtreme Technology

The TeXtreme technology dominates the overall makeup of the hockey stick. Thanks to this technology, the gadget is stronger and better placed to confer the benefits of maximum longevity of use.

eLASTech Resin System

When these sticks are used to hit targets extremely hard and repeatedly for a longer duration, they tend to develop cracks. This eLASTech resin system exists to forestall this eventuality from arising.


  • Greatly your balance and overall tune
  • Maximizes the transfer of energy
  • Hardly likely to develop cracks and other issues


  • Its simplicity does not allow it to enable professional plays

A Complete Buying Guide of Best Field Hockey Sticks

 Level of the player

When selecting a hockey stick, the level that a player is a very key factor. There are three basic levels of playing; Beginner, Elite, and advanced. If you are new to hockey and just starting, it is unnecessary to go for those expensive high-end sticks. A simple stick will suffice until the time comes when you have gained skills and need a better stick.

On the other hand, advanced players should be precise when choosing their sticks; these are because they use their sticks frequently and will need an excellent match on their experience and enhance their performance.

 Stick Requirements Based on the player’s position

Field hockey stick choice varies depending on the position in which a player plays. A forward player would need a shorter stick so that they can have the ability to flick the ball when and dribble down the field.

A player who plays on the defense side mostly opts for a longer hockey stick; they usually need to have a more extended reach and drive the ball down the field far from the goal. Forward players normally use hockey sticks that are lighter in weight; midfielders prefer medium-weight sticks, and defensive players will go for heavier sticks.

 Outdoor vs. Indoor

The most crucial point to consider is the difference in the use of outdoor or indoor field hockey sticks.

An indoor hockey field has a small-sized field compared to an outdoor field, the game is fast-paced, and thus indoor hockey field sticks are light in weight and flexible. The toe and shaft of the stick are thin, which helps in keeping the game fast. There is very little power utilization when using these sticks.

Contrast, the outdoor field stick is thicker and heavier, which gives the players the ability to drag the ball on the field. The stick provides power to even play well in the long grass. So, for players to get the best hockey field sticks, they should differentiate each stick’s different conveniences in different fields.

 Considering the height of the player with the Length of the stick

The Length of a hockey stick depends typically on the player’s height. This is not exclusive because some players might prefer shorter or longer sticks depending on the position they are playing. Generally, the best hockey field sticks should come up to the hip when resting on the ground. Longer hockey sticks are better than shorter ones as they can be trimmed.

 Materials of stick

Usually, hockey sticks come in three materials: Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar, or aramid. Each of these hockey materials has its pros and cons.

Carbon: Sticks made of carbon are normally great for advanced hockey players. The sticks made of carbon are durable and light and can still make power shots. Carbon has one downside, though, which is it is not easy to control and needs lots of practice for efficient use.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is the right choice for beginners; fiberglass is durable and easy to control, thus making it easy to control. This makes it less difficult for those who are trying to learn field hockey. The stick is also affordable.

Aramid or Kevlar: Kevlar is the heaviest material of them all. The stick is easy to use, just like fiberglass but has a unique feature that enables them to absorb vibrations. This feature ensures that the stick will not jar the arm.

 Weight, Bow, Head Shape, Heel, Toe

When choosing a stick, the right weight depends on a player’s position, personal preference, and play level. There are three types when it comes to weight which is: light, medium, and heavy. Lightsticks are an excellent choice for an offensive player who is always on the move. A medium-weight hockey stick is suitable for the defensive player due to its agility.

Bow choice is according to player preference because it is just a bend on the hockey stick. The head shape choice will largely depend on the field, whether indoor or outdoor if indoor, go for an indoor field hockey stick with a maxi head. If outdoors, go for a stick whose head can maneuver in the grass. The heel choice is purely on the player’s preference.

The toe part of the hockey stick determines the stick’s curve level and greatly affects a player’s strike rate. Smaller toes provide great movements but have power limitations, while more extensive toes have restricted activities with great power.

Features To Consider In Good Field Hockey Stick

Here are features to consider:

The toe design

Weight of the stick

The Length of the stick

The material of the stick

Composition of the stick

Parts of a Field Hockey Stick

The hockey stick is made of various parts that play different functions. They are:

The shaft: it is also called the grip or handle, it is used to hold the hockey stick

The Toe: The toe is the upturned edge located at the bottom of the stick

The heel: it is the part that joins the toe and the head

The head: it is at the end of the stick opposite the shaft. One side of the head is rounded, and the other one is flat and is known as the face

• The scoop is a small groove that is about 2mm thick and is located at the stick’s head.

• The bow is a slight bend on the hockey stick when looking at it from head to toe.

The Main Parts of Your Curved Piece!

Three parts are part of the curve of the stick. They are:

Head: the curved part whose right side is called the face.

Toe: The bend which joins the shaft and heel

Stick Sizing Chart

This is the standard chart used when choosing a hockey stick length according to the player’s height.

Stick length Player height(inches)










4’0’’ and under








The Weight Matters

The weight of the field hockey stick matters a lot; when selecting the perfect weight, a lot has to be considered, like the player’s position, indoor or outdoor, and personal preference, of course. The weight could vary from 535g to 680g. Here are some clearer scenarios that will guide you when choosing a stick:

Heavier sticks: Heavy sticks are designed for defensive players; the weight is crucial because it increases the player’s power while hitting the ball to a farther distance.

Lightweight sticks: These are designed for attackers; the stick allows for rapid backswings and control during play. It is for a player who is in a position that needs a fast response.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Indoor field hockey stick needs to be light in weight instead of an outdoor one. This is because indoor field hockey is a swift sport and their field is smaller than the outdoor field; thus, a player will need a stick that they can use and maneuver easily.

The Bow Type of Your Stick

The bow is a bend on the hockey stick when looking at it from the shaft to the head. The bow can range between 20mm-25mm; the more significant the bend, the easier the lifts, aerials, and drag flicks. On the other hand, the less the bend, the more control the stick will have, and the flick will be limited. These are the different types of bends that a player can select from:

• Standard bow: It is also called a regular bow, it is 20mm, and its highest bow point is in the middle. It is perfect for every game.

• Mega bow: it is 24.75mm, the bend is placed near the stick toe, it gives power to the player when lifting and drag-flicking the ball. It is said to be perfect for players who are on an advanced level.

• Low bow: It is 25mm, and it is closer to the head of the stick; it allows for full control, drag-flicking, aerials, and ball-lifting. It is used mostly by elite players.

Stick Length

The perfect length of the stick is in comparison to the height of the player. Though some players prefer long sticks, here are some rules for determining the stick’s Length by placing it on the ground and then grip reaching your face. The stick’s considered right Length is long enough to reach between the nose and chin.

Here is the complete length guide following this method:

Short: The stick is considered to be short when it cannot reach the chin.

Average: The stick is considered average when it is just long enough to touch the chin floor.

Long: The stick is considered to belong when it can touch the nose or above it.

Stick Toe Design

The toe of the stick determines the level at which the stick will curve. It impacts the strike rate that a player will have. These are the various toe designs.

Short: This toe design is perfect for high speed and has better control. This toe is superb for stickers.

Midi: This toe design is excellent for midfielders and beginners; this is because it provides excellent control, and room for improvement and has a large spot for hitting.

Maxi: This toe design has a great combination of a big surface and hitting power. it is suitable for drag flick and injection; thus, it provides a good play experience at a defender’s hand.

Hook: The toe design is a full J-shape; it has a huge surface area and is best for control and drag flicks. It is perfect for grass fields, especially with layers that have an upright playing style.

Common Mistakes When Purchasing Field Hockey Stick

Buying hockey sticks of the wrong Length, especially much shorter sticks can prove challenging to use.

Buying sticks meant for indoor hockey for outdoor hockey.

When Buying a stick of material like carbon it is difficult to control on a certain level of play.

Buying expensive sticks, thinking they will be best for you without considering other factors.


1. What are the best field hockey stick brands?

The best hockey field sticks brand includes Grays, Adidas, STX field hockey sticks, TK, and Dita sticks.

2. Why is field hockey goalie sticks curved?

The stick’s design enables the goalie to prevent the ball from passing under the stick handle effectively.

3. What features should I consider when purchasing a new field hockey stick?

When shopping for a new stick, consider: the level of play, position, the height of the player, budget, and what skills or play you will want to be good at and focus on.

4. What is the low bow hockey stick?

A low bow hockey stick is a type of design on the hockey sticks considered suitable for elite players and not beginners. It allows for drag flicks and aerials.

5. Is your field hockey stick the right size?

Usually, a hockey stick with the right Length should lie on your hips when placed on the ground. This is just one simple basic way of determining; there are others.

6. What are the differences between indoor and outdoor field hockey sticks?

First, the indoor field hockey and outdoor hockey field difference is the field size; this causes the stick to be a bit different.

An indoor field hockey stick is light and flexible because it is usually fast-paced, and there is a need for agility. The outdoor field hockey stick is much heavier because the field is bigger, and the field sometimes might have grass to maneuver the stick must have some weight.

7. What handed hockey stick should I use?

Normally, the top hand on a stick gives all the touch and control, so it is the dominant hand.

If a player holds the stick, putting the right hand on top of the hockey stick and the left hand down, you are a left-handed shooter.

When a player holds the stick with the left hand on top and the right down, the player is a right-handed shooter.

If a player is right-handed, they will use a left-handed stick, and vice versa

8. What is the most expensive field hockey stick?

The Sharpe Hockey stick is the most expensive; in 2006, it was valued at $2.2 million, and currently, it is valued at approximately $4.4 million.

9. What’s the most significant difference between carbon and fiberglass?

Sticks made of carbon are lightweight and durable and used for power shots and are mostly used by advanced players, but it is not easy to control while fiberglass material is light and easy to control.

10. What is the simplest position to play on field hockey?

The wing is the easiest to learn

11. Can both sides of a hockey stick be used?

Not both sides of the stick are used as ice hockey has strict rules

12. How much does a good field hockey stick cost?

A hockey stick’s cost depends on the person’s budget and what they would like to achieve with it.


Getting the best field hockey sticks is every player’s wish; though not easy, it is doable. A right stick greatly contributes to the performance of the player on the field. So, before settling for a stick, it is good to consider the factors mentioned above.

There you have them! It is our hope that our in-depth reviews of the best field hockey sticks above are truly eye-opening for you. All we encourage you to do now is proceed hastily and make a pick from the list we have belabored above. How soon do you plan to set out for purchase? Kindly let us know…

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